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It's episode 153! We talk about Creep, a resident favorite that proves once again that comedians are indeed some of the creepiest people alive. Enjoy!
This week we're talking about Gremlins.You might find yourself saying, "Guys, you know this is a Christmas movie right? Why not save it for December?" When have we ever been conventional?
Oh, lawdy. We're kicking off this month with one of the most beloved '80s vampire films of all time, The Lost Boys. Join us as Alex fawns over a 17-year-old version of Jack Bauer, we discuss the Greased-Up Sax Guy's ties to a famous singer, and more!
Title says it all. Sit down while we spend 3 hours talking about our top 5 favorite films of 2021 -- and in some cases maybe 2020? Who knows? Time is weird.
This week we talk about Body Bags, a mid-90s anthology that started as Showtime's response to Tales from the Crypt. We'll be taking a break over Thanksgiving, but we'll be back in December so get your butts ready.Stay safe, and eat plenty of turducken.Check out our Discord:
Discord: week were talking about Jason Goes to Hell, a polarizing film among franchise fans. Of course Palmer's got something to say about that and his bold statements might find you never trusting his opinion on film ever again. Not that you ever should've in the first place.
Discord: start our month-long Thanksgiving theme by celebrating one of the best and most indulgent tropes in horror: film's that feature a coroner eating food while examining bodies.We kick things off talking about the '90s classic film Arachnophobia. 
Discord: week's a long-running Halloween special. We talk about all the IATSE/Alec Baldwin nonsense, discuss the latest horror headlines, and jump into a long-form and spirited discussion about Halloween Kills while Palmer tries to remain sober enough to not get himself into total trouble.
Discord: week we talk about Halloween: H20. How does it fare on Palmer's 2000s-era radar? Tune in and find out.
Twitch: week we discuss Gravy, a little horror comedy that manages to have some very quotable moments. 
Twitch: week we talk about a little flick called The Guest. Check out our live streams on Twitch!
The gang had a rough week and tried to tackle this with no script. Antics occurred and lessons were learned. Enjoy the chaos.Discord:
In case you wanted to watch Fists of Jesus:
Surprise! We're back and finding out footing. Expect new episodes weekly and a streaming format coming in October.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy our final episode of 2020.
Due to some family issues with Palmer, Sam takes the reigns on the show's script navigating us through the best horror headlines of the past couple weeks and leading us through this episode's main event: His House.We discuss some heavy politically-related topics with this one, so be warned.Resources:
It's our final episode before Halloween! This week we talk about ways to stay COVID-free while trick-or-treating, the best horror headlines we can find, we try the Ghost Pepper donut from Dunkin, and discuss The Mortuary Collection, a new anthology film now available on Shudder!Enjoy!
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