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Author: Dr. Dan Davidson

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Dr. Dan Davidson, chiropractor at Back Resort, Salem VA shares tips on health, exercise, nutrition & posture. Support this podcast:
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Your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in your body. It is like a "Nerve Information Highway" and is a vital component of peak health. Are your nerves transmitting like high speed broadband ... or like an old school dial-up connection from last century? Today we can stream high speed HD video and Netflix binge - that's closer to our health potential. Nervous system compromise from spinal misalignments can slow down the nerve transmission and signaling to your entire body. Chiropractic can give you a healthy upgrade to your Ni Fi (Nerve Information) restoring nervous system health potential. Connect with Dr. Dan at - Call our station from within the Anchor app or at 855 5PODCAST (855 576-3227) to share your questions, comments and kudos - leave a message and join in on the conversation! (Photo credit - / Music - Back Resort / 1216 Electric Rd. Salem, VA 24153 / 540 389-2225 / --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Dan Davidson shares asks if you want your health and body to end up like a "Classic Car" or in the junkyard. He challenges us to all take care of our body and health with prevention and maintenance at least as good as we take care of our stuff. Learn more at --- Support this podcast:
Announcing Massage To The Rescue @ The Back Resort - 5 Massage Therapists 6 full days a week! Experience the Ultimate "Massage-Chiro Combo!! / --- Support this podcast:
What's Your Health Plan? Choose between Prevention, Intervention and Apprehension - Have a purposeful health strategy! --- Support this podcast:
3 Things To Do For Pain - Ignore, Cover Up Or Pause To Find The Cause - Chiropractic, massage, orthotics, rehab & nutrition --- Support this podcast:
E01 Intro Back Resort Podcast - Chiropractic Health With Dr Dan Davidson --- Support this podcast:
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