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An original podcast from Katee Forbis featuring motivating and inspirational messages and guests from different walks of life. Katee and her guests share stories, advice, songs that motivate them and more...with a little bit of edge. Check out and follow Motivated AF with KF on Instagram for more!
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Ep. 44 - A Conversation with Will Coleman & Cole Giovannetti
On this episode I am talking to former Memphis Tiger, and current fitness instructor/expert, Will Coleman, and the CEO of Diversifit, Cole Giovannetti! You may remember Cole from episode 10. Cole's company, Diversifit, works with Will Coleman, so I had them both on to talk about that and a lot more. We talk about how Will grew up, and how he ended up in Memphis. Will was actually the only player that John Calipari recruited to Memphis who actually STAYED in Memphis when Cal picked up and went to Kentucky, taking all his 5 star recruits with him. Will felt like staying in Memphis was the best decision for him, and he goes into why on this episode. I also ask him how he feels about paying NCAA players, his former coach, Josh Pastner, his pro career overseas, and why staying in Memphis with his daughter ended up being a top priority, even if that meant having 3 or 4 jobs at a time. Will talks about his home life growing up and what is was like to grow up with a Dad that had a military mindset, and he talks about a time period in his life where he was getting into trouble and how he learned a hard lesson by…. well… getting his ass kicked. We also talk about Will and Cole’s favorite motivational music and so much more! This episode is a really good one, and I’m so excited for y’all to hear it!Follow Will & Cole on Instagram:@WillColeman & @ColeGiovannettiFor more info on Diversifit, visit www.diversifit.ioContact Katee Forbis:Email: podcast@kateeforbis.comWebsite: www.kateeforbis.comFollow Katee on Instagram & Twitter: @KateeForbis
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