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Author: Mike Ward and Simon Hoban

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The TV preview podcast that knows you may have better things to do.
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Mike Ward and Simon Hoban return after a ridiculously long gap with a brand new and extended Telly Dot Click. Talking points include Apollo 11 moon landing memories, being allowed to stay up late to watch it – and what else was on TV that night? (You'd be surprised...) Also: is cricket too random? Are we secretly bored with animal documentaries? Will VAR wreck football? (Yep). And could putting BBC Parliament on pay-per-view solve a national crisis at a stroke? It's a tremendous episode, even if we do say so ourselves.
I know, I know, it's been way too long. We're sorry. But we're back at last with another Telly Dot Click. We're talking Line Of Duty, Ricky Gervais, After Life, Our Planet,,Netflix, Binge Watching, Box Sets, Hard To Please OAPs and one or two other things that make very little sense. Please enjoy and share. Or just share, if that's easier. Thank you.
Good grief, it's an actual new episode of Telly Dot Click. Who'd have expected that, eh? We're talking about the new Alan Partridge series, the new Martin Clunes series (the sitcom one, that is), plus TV medical chappy Michael Mosley's strange Junk Food Experiment thing for ITV.
It's back! At long, long last, Mike Ward and Simon Hoban return with a brand new half-hour dollop of your favourite vaguely TV-themed podcast. Talking points, in no particular order, include Inside No.9, Doctor Who, On The Buses, Robin's Nest, Man About The House, Alone At Home, classic ad slogans, steeplechase, puns, blocked ears and falling over.
Mike Ward and Simon Hoban return with Telly Dot Click's unbelievably special World Cup edition.
You thought it would never happen, but here it is at long last – the glorious tenth episode of Telly Dot Click. We're talking comedy, quizzes, the Eurovision Song Contest and goodness knows what else.
Yes, Telly Dot Click is back. Hurrah etc. And our talking points this week? Well, since you ask, they include (if only fleetingly) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Electric Dreams, Britain's Brightest Family, Troy: Fall Of A City, Bullseye, Call The Midwife, Civilisations, The Ruth Ellis Files, augmented reality and smartphone addiction.
Telly Dot Click ep8

Telly Dot Click ep8


Goodness me, this week's Telly Dot Click podcast has a special guest – and a humble apology to make to him. That guest is #Mastermind contestant @JazzyJon, the chap who chose Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners as his specialist subject and attracted a fair bit of flak on Twitter for doing so. Our co-host Simon Hoban was one of those who took a pop that night, and now feels, well, really bad about it. But will Jon accept his apology..? Elsewhere, we preview shows including the National Television Awards, and BBC1's new Saturday night thingy All Together Now. Please share, subscribe and enjoy.
Yes, we're back. Hurrah etc. And we've loads to talk about, which is probably just as well, including new dramas Kiri and Next Of Kin, the return of Silent Witness (and its resemblance to Wagner's Ring Cycle, obviously...), the start of ITV's new quiz Britain's Brightest Family, and why BBC2's Inside No.9 may well be the only television programme you ever really need to watch. Enjoy!
All you want for Christmas is our Telly Dot Click special, whetting your appetite for this year's top festive televisual treats, right? Yep, we guessed as much. So go on - pop on those new headphones, take the dog out for a walk, grab a few minutes' peace and enjoy.
Britain's most honest TV guide, looking ahead this week to ITV drama Bancroft, the end of I'm A Celeb, the last gasp of this year's Apprentice, the final of Strictly, the concluding part of The A Word, plus that consumer-type thing where Phillip Schofield and his pals test Christmas stuff. Oh, and who's going to win Sports Personality Of The Year? All this and much, much, much, much more. Also, some talk about pillows and bees.
Another blooming corker of a Telly Dot Click podcast, even if we do say so ourselves. Hear us natter about The Apprentice, Holby City, The Gadget Show, Peaky Blinders, The A Word, Love, Lies & Records, I'm A Celeb, Blue Peter, The Year In Music, the list really is endless. Until it actually ends, that is. And then it's not.
In this week's Telly Dot Click we look ahead to some of Channel 4's Rise Of The Robots season, plus the current glut of consumer shows, plus how BBC2's Peaky Blinders gets creatively violent with scones. Oh, and apparently there's the final of The X Factor. So that'll be nice. Be warned, though: we may stray a wee bit off-topic. It's a habit of ours...
Elizabeth And Phillip, The Martin Lewis Money Show, Peaky Blinders, The Apprentice, Jamie And Jimmy, The A Word, I'm A Celebrity and lots more – all coming to your television set jolly blinking soon, if not on it already, and all tenderly and thoughtfully mulled over, sort of, in this week's podcast
Telly Dot Click ep1

Telly Dot Click ep1


I'm A Celebrity, Children In Need, Peaky Blinders, Gone To Pot and a whole lot more, all lovingly previewed in this week’s brand new podcast.
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