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Discussing Everything Business & Content...presented by...Sue-Ann Bubacz of: As a content creator, I craft and produce high quality, unique web content to help you connect with people and grow your business. If you need content assets for your business...
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Yolanda McAdam of YSocialMarketing and Suite532 talks "Lead Magnets," an important first step in your relationship-building journey. Step-by-step details and best-in-class tips so tune in! And join How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog, an immersive learning adventure with Ryan Biddulph and me! 
Welcome to the first MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS podcast of 2020! Make sure to stop at the NEW podcast website,, for Show Notes, reference links, and more... In this episode, a few quick updates for you plus a concept by Chris Brogan you may want to adopt to get your new business year off to an awesome start. This is my third year to work with Chris's 3-Word strategy to keep top priorities front and center throughout 2020. You may want to try this 3-word exercise for your business (or life) too! On the next episode, I'll explain my picks for this year...Enjoy and thanks for listening. Sue-Ann Bubacz of Write Mix for Business is your host for the MSSYBiz Podcast so please subscribe to her website:)
The need to grow your business with appreciation starts with the most insignificant contributors to your company and what about your blog? Are you creating a "blog portal" or "content hub" for an activity center on your website?
Stepping outside of your comfort level in business, and personally, is an opportunity to learn and grow. Innovation starts with a desire to improve and evolving businesses are the ones who have staying power over time. Thanks for listening, Sue-Ann
In this episode, the question is about why you work--are you working for money first or do you look at money as a necessity and not the main focus in doing business?
Ode to Magical Writing Mugs featuring Henrietta by @HennekeD of Enchanting Marketing...a little rap ditty to sum up some of the fun the writing community around Henneke's blog has been having since the introduction of her NEW writing mugs, available from Zazzle. A great gift for your friends, creatives, and writers:) Enjoy and have a little fun, Sue-Ann,
MIX/SIZZLE&SHAKE Your Business by starting a business content evolution and coddle up to SERP's while you're at it. How? Relevance, Authority, and User Interaction Signals are your keys for powering up your content so people love it!
Listen to the latest episode of Mix/Sizzle&Shake Your Business and think about the power of words and using them for good in your business and life. Sometimes you need to learn to trust yourself to do your best in business an honor what understand and know. Does Masloff's Hierarchy play a part in your personal biases? Hmmm.
Episode 74

Episode 74


On this "Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media Episode with Lisa Sicard," we are talking Twitter for Business and this time, looking at tools within the Twitter Platform. To check out more about this episode, or to catch up on others, visit the website. Thanks for listening:) 
Teaching is sharing and love is in season...please take a listen 👂 and be your best you moving forward... visit for more on the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast! Thank you:)
Ryan Biddulph and Sue-Ann Bubacz invite you along to our new learning quest and blogging adventure, How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog, OPENING SOON and you won't want to miss this, we's the signup: Thank You:)
Thanks for listening to the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast... visit the podcast site @ Best wishes for the rest of your year:) Thank you! 😊🎧💛🎤
In Episode 3 of Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa Sicard, we talk about Twitter for Business, Part 3, "Tools for Twitter" in particular. But, beware, Twitter Rules breakers can end up in Twitter Jail and you may end up there even with no infraction at all, as Lisa explains. Plus Lisa shares ideas on tools to help you understand and get to know your connections on Twitter better. And a whole lot more!! Tune in...or check out the Podcast website for subsequent Show Notes or for other links and details. Thanks for listening!
What do you need to know to work for yourself as a freelancer, small business owner, or Solopreneur? Being realistic helps set you up to fly not flop and 6 more freelancer checklist items! Thanks for listening. 🎧
Twitter for business is the topic as we bring you Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa Sicard to warm up your fall with a summer feeling episode, #Twitter Part 2. Lisa has more good tips to add to our last discussion about how she uses Twitter for Business.  We talk about "to follow or not to follow" and other hot scoops to liven your Twitter feed and make it more engaging.  Plus a couple of off-twitter Twitter tips are thrown in along with a cool story about how the Queen of Twitter, Madalyn Sklar of #TwitterSmarter, is truly a customer-led business model.  Hmmm. Tune in or follow the plot on The MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE BUSINESS Podcast website,! Enjoy and thanks...
Quick update for you about your business blog and writing too to level up your blog success! MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS...
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