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The Earliest Breakfast Game Show

Author: DamnitLeanne

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Maybe not the smartest game show. Maybe not the greatest. Definitely not the best prizes. But the earliest. We record at exactly midnight, just to be sure. If you like breakfast, and you like improv, and you like games, then this 45 minutes of silliness and fun chats will be right up your alley. And don't forget; the Earliest Breakfast Game Show is the most important podcast of your day.
33 Episodes
Join our dynamic duo and special guest and comedy darling, Billie Duncan, on another episode of The Earliest Breakfast Gameshow, where we mix cocopops with beer and talk shit for an hour. Get some quality lockdown survival tips from Billie, rocket facts with Amy, and get ready for the investment pitch of a life time in new game, Dragon's Tank. Don't forget, friends, that the Earliest Breakfast Game Show is the most important podcast of your day. 
Alright kids, were back at it again with another Mortal Kombat actor, Roy Phung!This week we are driven Round the Twist, remembering one of Australia's greatest kids tv shows.We hear Roy's best tampon joke, twice. Amy struggles to remember the name of the 'nasty man',  and gives herself a point still. We decide who was the most Laddo Daddo, and we find out the truth about the Pants Baker, Bronson, first and last of his name. 
Even through turmultuous Australian internet, and a zoom link that barely linked, the Damnitleanne Duo managed to make funnies with our good friend Ben Maio Mackay!We dig deep into what Wish has to offer, and are left wondering what Mel Gibson is up to.Did you want to know about the Cop who didn't have much time? And the Criminal mastermind you never expected?  Well... we've got news for you, in this weeks serving of the Earliest Breakfast Gameshow!
Choose your fighter! After being an extra on the Mortal Kombat film, Josh brings some of his new acting buds on to the pod, and what follows, is pandemonium. We visit Michelle's partner for a joke, discuss poor behaviour on the set of the film, and find out what atrocious items are making their way around on Wish lately.Finish him? We did! With a wonderful insight into a concert pianist in the Maldives. 
Our resident gameshow hosts bring in a repeat offender, Joshua Kapitza!We delve deep into the spooky lore of Goosebumps! Or as Josh seems to call them  Ghost bumps. We learn how R.L Stine wrote each book, we let Josh K and Amy audition to be actors in an advert. Then finally we spin you a story, using a compass, and chicken feeding in an opium den. Bon Appetite!
The DamnitLeanne Delinquents, host themselves!Josh tells us about how he's falling apart, we both dive head first into using zoom back before it was cool, Amy interviews Death's Scythe, and we find out how a rattlesnake creates a fishless tuna-bake. (?!)
The Damnitleanne Duo host the Brohoney Boys in a fight to the Death! Except noone dies, but they learn! We discover things we never knew about P!nk, drag racing, Brad Pitt, Australian Prime Ministers, and the future of the TARDIS. 
Our Duo return with Steve Brady of Giant Nerd Productions to find out what dog names Josh likes and what famous Ryans Josh knows. Jose returns to talk us through his new business, and we find out about our new worst enemy, Raelene.
This week we find out how goats invaded a town, how duct tape can be used to make suits and how great Adelaide is!
This week we hit the big league, and get ourselves an intern. Shane Brown joins us to show off his Christopher Walken impression and his knowledge of Blade 1. Amy insists Jason Statham was in the film. This episode brought to you by
We get a double serving of Joshs this week and even a visit from Amys childhood Nanny. We discover alot about space, do alot of running and write the first episode of "Alfred and Chloe run for local government"
Captain Josh takes us on an exciting flight through 3 wonderful games. With a special guest robot and an over excited science fiction fan, this episode is not to be missed. Just like amys mums jam
Back at the Adelaide fringe the next morning, Josh hosts an entirely new panel of guests who bicker among themselves, arm themselves with nerf guns and shoot each other to score points. The audience joins in too but Andrew Silverwood realises his true calling as an army sniper.
Part two! For part 1 refer to Episode 19 Thanks again to: Justin Matson, Mema Sifa, Cam Venn, Brendan Hay, Bill Egan, and Steve Brady Video available on our Youtube channel Enjoy the second helping, of the most important podcast of your day.
Our first Live Episode of Adelaides Hungriest podcast, The Earliest Breakfast Gameshow! It wasn't the coolest, the smartest, OR the slickest. But it sure was the earliest! (Recorded at midnight) This mornings cereal was Milo cereal, with no milk or bowls... Filmed at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe, with special guests: Justin Matson, Mema Sifa, Cam Venn, Brendan Hay, Bill Egan, and Steve Brady Video available on our YouTube channel This is Part 1 of the night, with Part 2 soon to follow. Make sure you get a full helping of the most important podcast of your day.
This week we popped into our good friends Simon Kither's recording studio (hence the beautiful sound quality) and found out about his arch nemesis, Bald Jason. Bille was hosting, and we discussed how safe hamsters are in Amys pockets, Todd told us about "the muggers" and Billie brought "the nothing" to our attention. Josh sooked and was terrible at keeping score.
This week we started our day with a hearty meal of Chocolate Cake and coffee alcohol... We discovered a lot about scat, whale song, and the going price for used Brussel sprouts. Join us, It's the most important podcast of your day after all.
This week we learned alot about Bees, Doctor Who, and how the girls like their omelettes. Also our first bleep. Brought to you by Lonely Kids Club
Oh boy.. This week we learned alot about Todds childhood, and we have advice for this cereal company. Stay tuned for the end of the ep with a fantasic Bono related pun.
This week we had to broadcast out of a secret military bunker from the 30s. Or atleast that's how it felt with Josh in charge of the equipment. BUT WE GOT BOOZE! and we learnt a lot about Ringo Starr...
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