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Author: Suzanne Stabile

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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!
103 Episodes
In this podcast episode, Suzanne tackles 3 questions about relationships: Dating from an 8 Marriage from a 7 Life after Divorce from a 1 "Each heart must make its own choice. Each choice has its own experience. Each experience has its own purpose. And, AFTER that comes the new lens." We hope you enjoy the show!   GRIEVING AND THE ENNEAGRAM an online teaching event with Suzanne Stabile February 26-27th 2021
The Enneagram Daily Reflections series continues! Sean Palmer joins Suzanne and Joel on the podcast to talk about his new book, 40 Days on Being a 3. This conversation was recorded at The Micah Center in front of a small audience during the LTM All Day event and is packed full of great conversation, knowledge, and wisdom. “For a three, there’s no such thing as self promotion. That's just called sharing.” “After lots of enneagram work, reality hit me. I rarely shared how I was feeling, because I didn’t really care how other people were feeling.” Join Suzanne for Grieving and the Enneagram an online teaching event February 26th and 27th! You can find information and registration at
Kelly Harp joins Suzanne and Joel in this really cool episode of TEJ Podcast! Today's show was recorded Live outside of Fabled Bookshop and Cafe in Waco, TX, so you'll be able to hear the cars, the train, and the city in the background while they talk about enneagram 4s, the gifts they have to offer us, how the Heart Triad uses emojis, why Suzanne is limited in her social media access, and more! (More includes wrapping up with questions from the audience at the end!) You can find more about Kelly and Clint and their work at and Kelly is a great follow on Instagram @kellygharp If you are going through Waco, or you're local, you MUST check out the Fabled Bookshop and Cafe! Kimberly, Ann, and their crew are incredible hosts, the coffee is delicious, and the book store wonderful. You can also visit them online at  Big thanks to Craig Nash for helping put this show together! Check out the Texas Hunger Initiative and show your support if you get the opportunity   Holidays and the Enneagram with Suzanne is available! You can get your mp3 at or today, and be sure to give it a listen or two (or 5!) before you and the family get together again. You won't regret it! Thank you so much for joining us on The Journey, and for your support of LTM, Suzanne, and the podcast!
Putting together this podcast, I must have heard 100 times in my head Ross (Friends reference here!) say to Rachel, "Nobody like change!" Season 3, Episode 16 if you're looking for something great to watch. - Joel here. Well today we get to hear from Enneagram NINEs, and see if they agree, disagree, and why or why not. From career changes to getting a new cell phone, you share with the other listeners your thoughts and feelings in this episode of Others on the Journey. You'll hear in the introduction that you can use the code GODMOTHERFREE at for a free enneagram number ornament with any purchase! After hearing 9s talk, if you want to hear Suzanne's teaching about enneagram 9s from her Know Your Number workshop visit use the code CHANGE for a free download of her Know Your Number: Enneagram 9s mp3 (to be clear, not the Know Your Number mp3) between now and Christmas Day. You'll also find her latest recording of Relationships and the Enneagram when you're there! Several Enneagram 9 listeners also wrote in about change, and you'll find that on the podcast page at if you want to learn more. Thank you for listening and for your support of the podcast!
Some people say that the best part of LTM workshops or Suzanne's Enneagram events is the Q&A time, and that is hard to argue with! Thank you all for submitting your questions, and keep 'em coming. Today Suzanne and Joel talk about parenting a 7 child as a 1 parent, negotiating conflict in all relationships and specifically a 7 and 8, anxiety disorders and 6s, 1s and anger and resentment, and more! Some of that "more" is talking about 9s and change. We want to hear from you NINES! Visit and leave a voicemail about your thoughts and feelings on change. Some healthy and less healthy ways that you address it, and we will put them together for our next episode of Others On The Journey! PLUG TIME Advent is just around the corner. If you don't know what that means, then you'll want to check out the new 4 week video series with Joe and Suzanne! What is Advent? Why do we celebrate it? How can we celebrate it? This series is put together for individuals to go through alone, or in small groups. Be sure and visit beginning November 25th for more information and access!
Correction! The Reverend Doctor Chad Mustain! Enneagram 1, Chad Mustain, joins Suzanne on the show today. And if you would like a really cool listening experience, listen to today's show, then go back and give Episode 21 a listen when Chad's wife Heather (6) was on the show! Chad shares what his inner critic is like to him, the greatness of "Vacation Chad", and the importance of intentionality. Very cool backstory: Chad initially was not about the enneagram, but he came around. It is great to hear how his Journey began, and what it looks like today both professionally and personally. PLUGOLA LTM ALL DAY! A fundraiser at The Micah Center and streamed Live on Facebook. Join Suzanne and Life in the Trinity Ministry for 12 hours of community, teaching, music, interviews, enneagram talk, and fun! When: Saturday, November 7th from 10A - 10P (CST) For more information visit and follow LTM on Facebook @LifeInTheTrinity We hope you can join us November 7th and that you enjoy today's show!
When this episode opens, you hear Hunter and Suzanne talking about how beautiful this book is. Let's be clear. This is a BEAUTIFUL looking book, and what is on the inside is BEAUTIFUL, and it is written by a BEAUTIFUL human being. Hunter Mobley joins Suzanne to talk about his book, 40 Days on Being a 2, the first of 9 books released in a series by Intervarsity Press, Enneagram Daily Reflections. Hunter shares how he came to be involved in the project, his process in writing the book (spoiler alert!! TWOS talking about journaling!!), and he and Suzanne discuss a few of the days prompts, as well as Hunter's favorite. Over the next year, Suzanne the series editor, will have each of the author's on the show to discuss! PLUG TIME! October 16-17 Enneagram Stances online with Suzanne Stabile Register, join us for Enneagram After Dark each night, and rewatch the teaching through the month of October!  
Another lover of stories on The Enneagram Journey! Let's talk today about the importance of bringing up and finding balance in Thinking, Feeling, and Doing. Let's talk about enneagram 7s and grief. Lets talk about gratitude journals and who doesn't need them! Let's discuss the enneagram, race, culture and context. And, lets all go get a copy of All The Colors We Will See and talk about it some more.   When we're done talking about these things, how about we get together and talk Enneagram Stances on October 16-17 online during Suzanne's and Life in the Trinity Ministry's virtual workshop: Enneagram Stances! Visit ?! 
The year is 2020. Quarantine. Dispute at the house with your partner. Where do you go and what do you do?! Lets talk about how Andrew and Braden Bowles deal with it! And while we're at it, lets talk about enneagram 9s and 6s in relationships, sharing a line on the 'gram, and the importance of our mental health and what tools are out there to help.
There isn't enough time in a podcast or space here to adequately say how much we love Christine Min! Christine was born in Los Angeles and is a life-long Angeleno except for three years spent in Washington D.C., where she attended Georgetown Law and met her husband, Michael. Christine is an attorney and most recently worked as the in-house counsel for a venture-backed sustainable beverage company. She currently provides legal counsel for corporate clients, and also works with mission-driven executives to help grow and develop their teams and businesses. Christine also serves on the board for the Disability Rights Legal Center. Her husband Michael (also an Enneagram 8) works in finance. They live in West LA and are currently sheltering at home with their two young children, who are 9 and 7 years old, and with Dustin, their 4-year old rescue dog from Korea. Christine is Korean-American -- her parents immigrated from Korea over 50 years ago.   “People who are thinking dominant, are lazy thinkers. And people who are feeling dominant are lazy around emotions.” -Suzanne  
Do you have an enneagram one in your life that you want to understand better? Are you figuring out your enneagram number and still unsure if you're a One or not? Do you love listening to 20 minutes of good people sharing parts of their Enneagram Journey? Then this episode is for you! Others on The Journey part 2 is hearing from Enneagram Ones and what their Inner Critic is to them. It is definitely not a universal experience as you'll hear! If you want to read more submissions that were written in, check out While you're there, be sure and click on the link for your new Enneagram Face Mask! Thank you for listening, for your engagement and enthusiasm, and for your continued support of Life in the Trinity Ministry and The Enneagram Journey podcast!
Let's check the voicemail and answer some questions! Everyone says this about their podcast or show, but it is for sure true in our case, what makes The Enneagram Journey podcast so wonderful is you the listener. Such great questions, keep 'em coming! Today's topics include: Numbers that share a line on the enneagram Veterans, Trauma, and the relationships with our stress and security numbers Enneagram and Parenting ONEs and their voices, prayer and prayer beads Are you triggered by other's who are your stress number? And more! Be sure and join Suzanne, Dr. Barbara Rila, and Rev. Dr. Andy Stoker for 2020 Enneagram Bootcamp! Thank you for listening and making LTM a part of your Journey! Keep doing the work!
What is above "bonus content"? That is what this is! Enneagram master Russ Hudson walks listeners through the 9 numbers and their Virtues and Passions. "If you've really found your core Passion, you'll be with it for the rest of your life." - Russ And, Ennegram 7s, Joel did you a solid and asked Russ to start with your number! Be sure to stick around though for the other 8, because it is all GOLD. PLUG! Be sure and sign up for the 2020 Enneagram Bootcamp online! Visit The Enneagram, Family Systems, Trauma and Grief with Suzanne Stabile, Dr. Barbara Rila, and Dr. Andy Stoker As always, thank you for listening, for leaving a review and rating and visit the podcast online at !
Well, if you wanted a WEALTH of enneagram knowledge and wisdom, just put Suzanne Stabile and Russ Hudson together! Enneagram 5, author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram, incredible teacher, and incredible human, Russ Hudson joins Suzanne to share what he has learned teaching different cultures around the world about the enneagram, what enneagram wisdom offers us during these times of social distancing and quarantine, and what he wants people to know about Fives. If listening to this episode leaves you wanting more, then check out episode 89! Russ walks us through the 9 Passions and Virtues. If listening to both leaves you STILL WANTING MORE! Then sign up for the 2020 Enneagram Bootcamp online! Visit The Enneagram, Family Systems, Trauma and Grief with Suzanne Stabile, Dr. Barbara Rila, and Dr. Andy Stoker. As always, thank you for listening, for leaving a review and rating and visit the podcast online at !
This episode is fantastic. That is the preview. Meet Jamie Grace, Enneagram 7, singer, song writer, artist, mother, daughter, sister, wife, and all the things! Jamie and Suzanne talk about life as an enneagram 7, as a young black woman, what it was like being diagnosed with Tourette's, OCD, anxiety and ADHD at a young age. Be sure and stick around until the end of the episode to hear a clip from Show Love, a song from Jamie's and Morgan's new EP, Songs For Our Children. You can find it on iTunes and in Apple Music! And find out more about Jamie and where she is going to be touring at  
On May 7, Joey (8) and Billy Schewee (9) joined Suzanne, and then later Joe, to talk about parenting, relationships, the enneagram, struggling, and being vulnerable during the pandemic. Their conversation was so great, we decided to flip it for the TEJ Podcast! Episode 86 is the second part of their conversation, and it includes: 6s and Authority 9s and Orientation to Time Relationships when you share a line Forgiveness Could you be a 7 or an 8? 3s, expectations, and goals 2-8 Mother-Daughter Relationships We hope you enjoy this episode, and join Suzanne for upcoming conversations with Nadia Bolz-Weber, Jamie Grace, and Russ Hudson!
If you are in any sort of relationship with an enneagram 8 or 9, you want to hear this podcast episode! On May 7, Joey (8) and Billy Schewee (9) joined Suzanne, and then later Joe, to talk about parenting, relationships, the enneagram, struggling, and being vulnerable during the pandemic. Their conversation was so great, we decided to flip it for the TEJ Podcast! In episode 85, the first of two episodes, we learn about: Enneagram 8s and 9s and co-parenting. It's not always so easy! "Scene Control" for 8s Vulnerability vs. Transparency 9s, parenting, and energy Advice for relationships between 2 mothers and their 8 daughters. "I have the highest expectations of you without wanting to be close to you. And that's where the problem comes." - Joey (8) And a very cool and special ending to today's episode from our friends Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips!
Welcome back to The Enneagram Journey Live! Join Suzanne, Jon Singletary (3), Laura Addis (3), Heather Mustain (6), Craig Nash (6), Jill Herrington (9), and Brett Gibson (9) during this 2 part series as they discuss life on the central triangle of the enneagram. Or the "3-6-9 train" as Father Rohr calls it! Episode 84 is part 2 of this panel discussion, so if you missed the first half, be sure and go back and listen to Episode 83. How are you in a group? If you could choose to go be with your enneagram triad or enneagram stance, which would you choose? Let's hear about "inner committees", how important efficiency is for some, and making school lunches! "It's easy for me to just go through life, just doing things, and not being known in what I'm doing." - Jill, enneagram 9
What does it mean to have the same dominant and repressed center of intelligence? Let's find out! Join Suzanne, Jon Singletary (3), Laura Addis (3), Heather Mustain (6), Craig Nash (6), Jill Herrington (9), and Brett Gibson (9) during this 2 part series as they discuss life on the central triangle of the enneagram. Or the "3-6-9 train" as Father Rohr calls it! What does "later" mean to each number? Why is it so hard to determine if your enneagram number is a 9 or 1? How important is Google to 6s? How much do you use it? Be sure to come back for Part 2 on Episode 84!
We are excited to offer a new series of episodes starring you the listeners! Others on The Journey will feature a question presented to Suzanne during a traditional Q&A podcast episode, her response to the question, and then responses from listeners who are on their own Enneagram Journeys. Suzanne often says, she knows the enneagram really well (yup!), but nobody can talk about an enneagram number as well as that number can. And, a main goal and mission of Life in the Trinity Ministry is to grow community. We are excited that Others on The Journey will be an example of both! We start this series hearing from Enneagram Fours, how they feel and what they think about conflict. Be sure to tune in to upcoming Q&A episodes with Suzanne and share your thoughts for upcoming OOTJ episodes at !
Comments (22)

Dana Joye Boes Pope

Thank you from another 9. This conversation was so very helpful.

Jun 3rd

Carrie Meyer Berndt

I am sharing this with all of my people! some of them don't think the enneagram is a thing...this should convince them otherwise. I love you Suzanne!

Jan 29th

Robyn Brown

this podcast is amazing! I have shared it with so many friends! I am an independent hair stylist and often end up playing an episode for a client after mentioning the enneagram! thank you for all the hard work you and your team do! Add more dates in Atlanta! I will be coaching my high school swim team at our state competition in February, so I won't make it 😭 but I will have my Bible study group give me all the highlights! ❤️ robyn b.

Dec 1st

Vickiana Franco

I just discovered the Enneagram through my church and knew I was a 9 but knew that didn't fully describe me. Thank you so much for having this conversation because I just resonated with all of it. At one point I had tears in my eyes because I felt so fully understood and not alone! I also never quite had the words to describe my motivations and uniqueness which also affected some personal relationships unfortunately. I will listen to this over and over. Again I can't thank you enough for this conversation.

Oct 9th

Tanya Mathias

THIS has been the best episode to unpack how I am as a female 7 who is also a Christian single in my late 30s who works in advocacy/ speaking. THANK YOU

Sep 28th

Andy Byerley

I'm no longer able to see the episode feed. anyone else not able to see it?

Aug 30th
Reply (7)

Tina Twedell

Excellent podcast!

Aug 9th

Michelle Debrunner

these two were on half of my regular podcasts all around the same release date... kind of annoying.

May 10th

Karen A. C. Goode

I love this episode. Jenny is beautifully insightful and articulate and self aware. But...please don't call her "Suzanne's other daughter". it just seems so diminishing

Mar 12th
Reply (1)

Sarah Muela

Love love loved this. Jenny was speaking my language! I'd never understood how I could be outwardly calm and seeking peace and yet so fiery on the inside. And the thinking switch, oh yes, makes a lot of sense. I will switch thinking off when I'm around people I don't trust. I can almost be two different people based on whether I trust you and feel as though you value me or not.

Feb 23rd

Michelle Debrunner

I've listened to all of the episodes, and this is my favorite so far! She touches on so many cultural and spiritual issues we deal with.

Feb 2nd

Joelle A Godfrey

Thank you. Your discussion about how 5s need to think through a thing before they understand how they feel about it actually made me feel better. I'm not the only one!

Jan 2nd

Cara Hugo Meintjes Hartley

Future orientation leading to forgetting of moments and things that matter to loved ones = yes! "the spiritual discipline of boredom" = so real.

Nov 5th

Elizabeth Filipe

marvelous episode about different types on the road to understanding eachother!

Apr 9th
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