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Middle Finger Happiness

Author: Sharon Lee Zapata

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Wash your dirty hands - grab a snack. Listen up, bitches... This is MIDDLE FINGER HAPPINESS. Not your daddy's podcast. Creative writer, author, artist, entrepreneur Sharon Lee Zapata has no eminence front just earbud paraphernalia you fucking crave. Let's go
41 Episodes
Off-the-cuff podcast tonight in the art studio with anesthesiologist and a heart surgeon all consuming cocktails! #austineastciders
Ashley Duzich is the only certified RAGE YOGA 🧘‍♀️ instructor in the U.S. - welcome to the free judgment zone. Liberate yourself with head banging fucking foul language and 🍺 beer! Cheers! bitches
It’s summertime and I’m a bad mom... sometimes. I don’t “entertain” my kid because I’m not fucking Bozo the 🤡 clown
So, If you’re thinking about becoming an independent filmmaker?!... listen up & get inspired. AND Learn why Australians don’t like “Outback Steak House”?! 😁
🔥Meet Brain Martin from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 he’ll have you grinning from ear-to-ear as he traces his Scottish boyhood motives to go to the pub... And how he took up photography. Broaden your outlook on your own creativity as he shares his distinctive talent as a kickass photographer... and so much more 🔥!! (Thank you Brian for the awesome author photography you did on my book MIDDLE FINGER HAPPINESS!)🖕
The side effects of having Marissa & Rome on today’s podcast: 😁 laughing your ass off, with these two kickass entrepreneur shape shifters who are bringing their own fucking awesome ‘GROW-IN’ business opportunity to one of Houston’s Food desert areaS. Today, on Cinco de Mayo meet Juice Caboose!🔥
No f*cking fear from the cover-girl: my book Middle Finger Happiness! Susan Graham! Her sense of adventure for life is a must listen to episode... We should all be ‘more Susan’ 🔥❤️
Too good tonight! Thank you Laura Laureles, Founder of Shear Beauty 🔥for your intake on Guido, Buzz Feed and so much more!😜
Catch up with Tiffanie! Single kickass mom, and her passion for 🐶 dogs, community and her new endeavor PAWZUP
Connie, Founder of Houston Latina Bloggers & Creator of Momma of Dos.. real talk on real life🔥
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