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@FusionFFB puts in the time consuming Fantasy Football content so we can break it down for you, bite size, with all the perspectives so that you can make up your own mind or know where to learn more. Support this podcast:
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Ep 52 The Draft Episode

Ep 52 The Draft Episode


I do a mock draft from the 2 spot with my Drafting From: The Whiplash draft prep article to show you just how it can help your nail your own draft. Check them out now Support this podcast:
Podcast Profile with John and Mitch from the Superflexology Podcast. Check them out on Twitter @Superflexology @TheBauerClub @DynoMC--- Support this podcast:
I go over several names at different points in drafts that the Singularity highlights as possible great values that can really help you win leagues. Contact me about the charity prize league with the Mike Evans signed jersery: or Twitter @FusionFFB. Check out the Singularity on the site Support this podcast:
Football is back! Enjoy it! Also, FusionFFB's 2019 fantasy projections are out: The Singularity! I go over a bit of what's in it. The Singularity is on sale $5 at Support this podcast:
More details on situations like Melvin Gordon and an interview with the author of the Bitter Pills articles on, @BerylJoffre.--- Support this podcast:
"But how could we know" *I lose my mind* There may be some yelling. Melvin, and Guice and Sanders, oh my!--- Support this podcast:
Josh Crocker joins me to talk about players with forgotten injuries and playing a new game: Agree to Disagree--- Support this podcast:
I sit down with Neal Maligno of Clock Dodgers to get to know the man, the voice, the beard, and everything about his podcast Clock Dodgers.--- Support this podcast:
Ep 44 RB Wellness Checks

Ep 44 RB Wellness Checks


Checking in around the league on incumbent running backs for how they are doing after free agency and the rookie draft.--- Support this podcast:
Quickly hit the WR ranks before exploring how we can think about combined rookie draft ranks depending on what we are prioritizing. Finish up with some rants on current "news". Join the GroupMe chat, DM @FusionFFB on twitter or email for the invite.--- Support this podcast:
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