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@FusionFFB puts in the time consuming Fantasy Football content so we can break it down for you, bite size, with all the perspectives so that you can make up your own mind or know where to learn more. Support this podcast:
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Neal from @ClockDodgers joins me to Agree to Disagree on an array of topics with plenty of passionate hot takes and soapbox sermons along the way. --- Support this podcast:
We talk about players to add for before they show out in Week 3 and  everyone else wants to add them. Also get you set up for streamers for  Week 4 and players I want to buy or sell going into Week 3. --- Support this podcast:
Don't overreact to Week 1. Don't wait to react to Week 2. PREact with Next Week Tonight. --- Support this podcast:
Week 1 hasn't happened yet but I'm still here getting you ready for Week  2 with waiver adds, streamers and trades to make to put your fantasy  football teams in the best position. Check in on the recap somewhere around: 31:25  Or find it in video format: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
Next Week Tonight is getting you ready for Week 1 with moves to make going in. Who will be the hot adds after Week 1 you can make now? Who are the players to be ready to trade? All that and more this and every week on Next Week Tonight. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 96 Costly Mistakes

Ep 96 Costly Mistakes


Sometimes the best picks are the ones you don't make. Who am I avoiding at cost this year that I think are losing propositions. Remembering the real point of drafting onesie positions in the late rounds, not just because your picks are amazing. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
I compare ADP to my Singularity projections and find some real values spread throughout the first several rounds who can return a lot of points at their cost.  I also dig into what it takes to find a Tight End Breakout and who is my pick for this year. --- Support this podcast:
All 32 in 100 minutes. Hitting the major relevant players and whether they are buys or sells, fades or sleepers. I'm not here to be the pod spending 90 minutes on a division, I'm here to digest stuff enough for you so I can give it to you with the relevant players and points at 3  minutes per team ARI 1:11 ATL 13:43 BAL 16:40 BUF 20:04 CAR 22:05 CHI 26:50 CIN 30:04 CLE 33:38 DAL 37:17 DEN 39:58 DET 42:32 GNB 45:25 HOU 47:15 IND 52:11 JAX 54:19 KAN 56:41 LAC 1:00:00 LAR 1:03:25 LVR 1:06:25 MIA 1:10:33 MIN 1:12:49 NOR 1:14:31 NWE 1:17:15 NYG 1:19:16 NYJ 1:21:25 PHI 1:22:27 PIT 1:25:05 SEA 1:26:37 SFO 1:29:51 TAM 1:32:48 TEN 1:36:11 WAS 1:38:34 --- Support this podcast:
I go over additions to the Singularity projections, primarily the new Draft Ranks tab. I talk about how I blended an efficiency based projection method with my projections to give another perspective on player ranges of outcome, found under the Fantasy Points Per Weighted Opportunity (FPPWO) column in the Singularity. Download the Singularity spreadsheet or simple PDF at I also introduce the next episode that I'm releasing as its own where I go over all 32 Team Snapshots. --- Support this podcast:
Get the 2020 Singularity at  --- Support this podcast:
Part 2 with John Hogue @SuperFlexDude We talk QB2s and the receivers tied to "bad" QBs. Then we get into the future of Superflex and how SFBX scoring could impact it as John helps me refine my FusionFlex format for the upcoming charity league. If you're interested reach out to @FusionFFB or --- Support this podcast:
John Hogue @SuperFlexDude comes on to talk Quarterbacks and remind us not to have a scarcity mindset.  In Part 1 we discuss: Is Aaron Rodgers still elite? Will Tom Brady return to the heights of past seasons? --- Support this podcast:
Getting back into the swing of podcasts. We talk about taking fun seriously, San Francisco players, Tight Ends (NFL), the evolution of QB in Superflex with SFBX scoring, and how I'm going to be helping you all gain winning edges over your league-mates this year. Maybe I should have led with that... --- Support this podcast:
@FAmmiranteTFJ accepts the challenge to defend his Fade Ekeler take. A lot of solid blows by each side but the winner is still undetermined.  --- Support this podcast:
Mitch Sorenson @DynoMC of the @DynastyTheoryFF podcast accepts the challenge to defend his ranking of Vaughn over Akers.  Who wins this 3 round main event? --- Support this podcast:
Josh Crocker @jccrocker joins me to discuss some recent MFL Auction drafts we've been in and some thoughts and tips we had to share. We also get into some more Agree to Disagree debates. Hilarity ensues. Come kick back, relax and join us for a fun conversation. Thoughts or questions? DM me on Twitter @FusionFFB or email --- Support this podcast:
We covered the top 24 in the last episode, but who are some names to know after you get into the 3rd round and late? Waiver pickups? I've got you. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 35 Rookie Toolbox

Ep 35 Rookie Toolbox


A few offseason Dynasty tips and then I share my toolbox of resources for studying the incoming rookies. I also premiere my "Dual Monitor" segment, taking a break from football for a few minutes. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
A look back at 2018 hits and misses and more importantly how I got them. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
Starting off 2019 with a look at some overlooked trade targets for the offseason. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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