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@FusionFFB puts in the time consuming Fantasy Football content so we can break it down for you, bite size, with all the perspectives so that you can make up your own mind or know where to learn more. Support this podcast:
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Streamers, Adds, Buy, Sell, Come get a week ahead of your leaguemates --- Support this podcast:
Neal from @ClockDodgers joins me to Agree to Disagree on an array of topics with plenty of passionate hot takes and soapbox sermons along the way. --- Support this podcast:
Come hang out as I talk a little Superbowl and the outlier that was the 2020 league stats. I tease the Format Beater tool a little. It will help you compare positions and positional rank scoring in various different scoring settings or your very own. Here's the video for a better explanation. Format Beater Tutorial Use the Format Beater Tool Find this and more at --- Support this podcast:
Getting you thinking about how to approach the next couple months for the upcoming RB and TE free agents. --- Support this podcast:
Lots of top WR free agent options this year! We put plans in place for how to approach the coming rollercoaster. --- Support this podcast:
There are several starting QBs entering free agency and a couple more asking to be traded. How should you approach them going forward in your dynasty teams? Hold? Buy? Sell? Also, some dynasty theory about trades and vetos. Don't be Robinhood. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Edwin Porras of Fantasy Points and the Injury Prone Podcast joins me to share insights into players that may be getting discounted due to injury perception that does not match with reality. Find Edwin on Twitter @FBInjuryDoc Fantasy Points: Podcast: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
We go back a year and cover last offseason's episodes. Best takes, worst takes, critique the process and point out some of the evergreen episodes you can still go back to today. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to 2021! But we're not done with 2020 yet. We still have things to learn and apply to next season.  Casual episode where I talk about what's coming in the next few months and talk a little Fantasy Philosophy with some concrete examples in the 2020 player points. I'll be back with more in depth process evaluation and guests in the coming weeks. --- Support this podcast:
Sit starts for Week 15 for many of the dilemmas I'm facing in my teams that you may be sharing. What to do with QBs like Newton in Superflex. RBs like Melvin and WRs like Gabriel Davis or Michael Pittman. Join me on Twitter @FusionFFB or on Discord chat for personalized questions: --- Support this podcast:
Happy Thanksgiving! That's right we're diving into Week 12 a week ahead of the competition as usual. --- Support this podcast:
Streamers for Week 11, a week ahead of the game. Also a few players to check are rostered. --- Support this podcast:
Streamers and Trades a week ahead ~TRADE EPISODE!~ Just like I hinted at a couple weeks ago I put the effort into finding league winners for you guys. Like, subscribe, review, all that. Follow on Twitter @FusionFFB --- Support this podcast:
On to Week 9! Streamers and Adds, plus I look at some not so obvious trades for redraft and/or dynasty. Might not be popular... --- Support this podcast:
A day late and a few streamers short, but I've got plenty of Tight Ends. Also plenty of trades to go after or avoid. --- Support this podcast:
Here we go again! Time to get you ready for Week 6. With all the injuries and Covid uncertainties its more difficult than ever to pick for Next Week, but it's also more beneficial than ever. You need contingencies ready to go, you can't wait to see whats available next week. Join me as we pick streamers, adds and trades and dig into what patterns to look for in a streaming RB matchup. --- Support this podcast:
The Bye Weeks are coming, Packers and Lions off. Come get some Pre-Week 4 adds, Week 5 streamers and some trades to make. Next Week Tonight, keeping you a week ahead of the competition.  Join the FusionFFB Discord Chat Server:  Also check out Thrive Fantasy and use code "FusionFFB" to get an extra $20 when you deposit $20 or more. --- Support this podcast:
We talk about players to add for before they show out in Week 3 and  everyone else wants to add them. Also get you set up for streamers for  Week 4 and players I want to buy or sell going into Week 3. --- Support this podcast:
Don't overreact to Week 1. Don't wait to react to Week 2. PREact with Next Week Tonight. --- Support this podcast:
Week 1 hasn't happened yet but I'm still here getting you ready for Week  2 with waiver adds, streamers and trades to make to put your fantasy  football teams in the best position. Check in on the recap somewhere around: 31:25  Or find it in video format: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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