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We're Robin and Laura, two experts-in-training on life's big questions and little concerns. Join us each week as we tackle big ideas from organizational leadership, advice on everyday life, news you should know and adventure updates from ice swimming to Ironman.
87 Episodes
Sabbatical Life

Sabbatical Life


Robin talks about her new sabbatical life, Laura discuss elective options, conferences and next steps and Robin dives for crabs
Robin and Laura talk about the air quality in Portland and adapting to life in an emergency, Right Speech and how to use it, and the troubles an tribulations of lost packages...
Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations


Another week another issue compounded by the world we live in by 2020. How to have a fierce conversation in 2020.
2020 is on fire, literally and figurately, storytelling and fab hair!
Drunk Bear

Drunk Bear


Laura is back in school, reflections on Covid life, and Robin talks about a drunk bear adventure
Globalism because Laura is taking classes again! Ironman because Robin is still upset... And why ladders are important.
Elder Millennials

Elder Millennials


Elder Millennials, Ironman or Not, Anchor Away!
Catching up and talking about life. cuz we are Experts of TOMORROW!
Robin's a little confused about hot takes, but we do them anyway. Laura brainstorms the top three reasons people get divorced. We talk about praise, love languages and what makes people feel appreciated. And it turns out that Robin sprained her back.
Laura shares four ways you can become more resilient, Robin asks for help dealing with meanieheads at networking events, an impeachment update and what happens when building an endurance base starts feeling like a hopeless case.
Australia's on fire; do we care about more than koalas? January finds lap swimmers everywhere at their most outrageous. Sometimes group mentality is group mixup, and we end up doing what everyone thinks everyone else wants to do -- but no one actually wants to do. And how much care do we need to put into personal grooming, anyway?
Laura discovers that details matter in her advanced research methods course and explains what you can expect when you're reconnecting with a friend after a long (loooong) time. Robin discovers that new memes came out while she was in Tahiti for six weeks, and talks about slowing down and culture shock after coming back to the U.S.
Reward folly, the societally unacceptable side of excitement, failing at a new sport and learning to use a pole spear. We recorded this episode before Robin's sabbatical. Spoilers, she's back in the states now ;)
After two years of being your favorite non-medical, non-experts, we've decided to shift gears. Stay tuned to find out what's next in Season 3.
This week's health news:
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