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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)
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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)

Author: Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP

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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast) is for ATHLETES by ATHLETES. You were born an Athlete, You'll die an Athlete, it's in your DNA. Tyler Robinson, Owner/Strength & Conditioning Coach @ Krave Gym & co-host Jordan Hildreth talk about what it means to live like an athlete. Whether you have a Krave Gym in your state or not learn how to JOIN THE TEAM!
123 Episodes
The Team (along with this week's Krav"ing") decides Zach's fate.Thankgiving Krav"ing"WOW: OpportunityAthlete ShoutoutsSupport the show (
KRV Team is starting new segments. Make sure to vote on our social media this week to kick off our new segment next week.The Team goes over 3 coaches topics1. Core training2. Calorie burn is not the end all be all of a good workout.3 5 Tips to Better RecoverySupport the show (
This episode we talk about LIVE to LIFT Season @ Krave Gym as well as answering some questions from you!Tips to not overeat on the Holidays.Changes in business and personal lives with Covid.What Supps to take to maximize strength for the season.Support the show (
The Gym Closet it Back! Support the show (
The team talks about the last 3 WOW Effort, Focus, and Resilience. Jordan and Dan have terrible phones, and they all go over week 7 of Pizza Gate.Support the show (
The guys have shitty cell phones so they can't join today. Amber fills in and talks about Gratitude and Effort! Don't miss this talk!WOW 15:00--- Gratitude 15:00--- Effort 18:30Homework 27:06Couch Potato 31:40Sports During Penguin Talk 36:30Support the show (
The guys are joined by Coach Dan H. and Amber to talk about perspective.Krave Update 6:00MVP Members 8:55WOW Perspective 20:00Athletes in the wild 33:00Coach Potato 40:25Today I Learned 51:20NEW SEGMENT *Florida Man* 53:50Support the show (
The guys (and Amber) talk about how quarantine life is going so far and about how AMAZING Krave Athletes have been!Krave UpdateToday I Learned 21:30Couch Potato 22:30WOW (Word Of the Week) 38:00Support the show (
The guys talk about some of their recent setbacks and how they plan to overcome them.Support the show (
The guys talk to guest (host) Amber Robinson about international women's day and what it means to her and how her life has been effected by positive women in it.Support the show (
The guys recap this Make A Move Season and dive head first into Strength In Numbers Season. They also announce for the first time Jordan's new business!Make A Move Season Recap 3:00Strength In Numbers Season Preview 9:00Our Duty 30:36Today I Learned 38:44World Pandemic Talk 40:20Jordan's New Business Venture 43:40Support the show (
The guys welcome Amber Robinson into the Gym Closet to answer some questions about her training and nutrition.FooDuty  2:00TIL 13:20Q & A Amber's Training 17:20HIIT, MISS, LISS 31:40Injury Prevention 43:15Nutrition Talk 46:30ARL Yappy Hour 51:30Beiber in WDM 53:08Support the show (
The guys talk about the power of bad and what the negativity effect can do in team atmosphere.  Again reaching the conclusion of Anti-Grumpyfuss Hypothesis.Power of BadToday I LearnedCouch PotatoBangersSupport the show (
The guys talk about mamba mentality coined by Kobe Bryant and how he lived like an athlete after leaving his sport.Team By Aristotle 1:30Foodie 3:50Mamba Mentality 7:30Support the show (
The Guys talk about the benefits of Krave's T.E.A.M. program and coin the term Anti-Grumpy-Fuss.Weekend Recap Wind Run Life Lessons 7:56T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More 10:535 Elements and Benefits of Team Training 20:00What makes a Great Teammate 24:30Anti-Grumpy-Fuss 24:57Today I Learned 32:27NFL Playoffs 33:37Foodie or Duty 40:00Support the show (
The guys talk about being patient with your goals and how one step may turn into 17 and that's ok.Weekend RecapPatience and breaking out of Microwave/Amazon Prime Culture 14:00Today I Learned 33:32Couch Potato 34:31Foodie or Duty** 40:47Support the show (
The guys catch up after their break and talk about all the Krave events over the holidays.  Tyler previews the season and goes over all the the goals and details of Make A Move 2020.Couch Potato (Holiday Edition) 3:00Make A Move Preview 25:00Athlete Shout Out 34:00Support the show (
Had a great conversation with Billy Weathers the founder of BWell Foundation. Sweat Respect 5k August 29th 2020 Krave Gym WaukeeHeat 1 8am Heat 2 10amBWELL FOUNDATION the show (
The guys talk about why New Years Resolution suck and goal setting is the mind set you need going into the new year. Tyler's Life Chaos Update 2:00KravesGiving 7:57Live to LIFT Season Championship 10:28New Years Resolutions SUCK 12:50Goal Setting 16:007 Steps of Goal Setting 17:00Speaking things into Existence 52:00Support the show (
The guys interview entrepreneur Scott Krava and talk about where DRMN BG brand has come since the last episode (36) where they talked about starting your own business. College Talk 2:45Scott's move to Philly 6:00DRMN BG Culture 15:00Transparent Brand Owners 17:40Creative Process 18:25Evolution of DRMN BG 19:45Advertising the Brand 22:55Inspiration (No Original Thoughts) 27:40Helping One Person 29:05Drink out of the Mug 34:00Community 35:00Fitness 39:001% Better 46:00 Support the show (
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