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A podcast with 2 musicians in their 30's with families try to figure out our place in the musical landscape.
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We had the pleasure of having Brad Cox back in the studio for a second time to discuss his writing process as an artist and novelist.  The recent release of "Addicted to the Down" by Veteran Avenue as well as the release of the the third installment of "Children of the Program - A-Immortal" made for great topics of discussion.Stay tuned at the end of the episode for the Newest Veteran Avenue release, "Addicted to the down"
"You, Your Lists, and Why" available Sep 26thFrom Studio B this episode focuses on the big things that are coming your way.  New Weatherly release, continuation of Old Man Jones, and final productions on "Story the madhouse.
If you haven't done so yet please check out Old Man Jones's newest single, produced and engineered by Weatherly Productions, "Never Drink with the Dead".  We are currently working on future releases so keep an eye out for announcements.Story hour at the madhouse work has finally picked up as working in person safely becomes an easier task.  We will have more details and content soon for you.Enjoy the rest of the podcast's ramblings of work flow, gear, and whatever else we wanted to talk about.Easter eggs? hmmmmm contest time.
Weatherly has finally ventured to Deep End Studios to sit down with the one and only Tony Correlli.  With his vast influence of the arts, Tony has made large stamp on the industry from production, engineering, performing and designing the, very often seen, GranelliG5790.  And that barely scratches the service.He has produced an engineered many of our favorite artists like his own project "Steep Steps" with Athena Hiotis. Think Again "Keep Hope Alive", Numerous projects with Brad Cox "Veteran Avenue" being the latest, Ainsley Mcgray, Tim Lochemy, and of course our friends in "From Nothing".Please enjoyLike and subscribe in all the places.Keep making music!    
Still amidst covid concerns and social distancing we find more opportunities to talk shop.  In the episode we focus on discussions regarding our work flow and utilization of versatile gear in a home
We hope you are all staying safe.  Obviously we are remote again but we have some exciting new things we wanted to announce.  We will be posting more information on the projects discussed in this episode but for now check out the newest series inside The Weatherly Report, "Tales and Tunes". Keep writing and for any of your audio needs check out our services atAllthingsWeatherly.comKeep making music!
Welcome to Tales and Tunes, a Weatherly Report special episode.  In this series we will be going in depth about 1 song in our catalog.  Sit back and enjoy.  Stay to the end to hear the song featured in this episode.This is "New Story"
Welcome to Tales and Tunes, a Weatherly Report special episode.  In this series we will be going in depth about 1 song in our catalog.  Sit back and enjoy.  Stay to the end to hear the song featured in this episode.This is "She's Been Seeing Me"
So the world is a little altered at the moment.  On a positive note there is a lot of really great artistic things going on since everyone has so much time on their hands.  Except essential personnel.  Weatherly thanks you!Career musicians were truly reaching greater numbers in the local scenes.  They need your help.As always Pig hog Cables, Curt Mangan Strings, Acon Digital
With the steady stream of studio work and shows we wanted to take a minute to catch our breath.  New gear and gigs, though one of the most enjoyable things in the world, inevitably lead to constant evolutions.  Inspiring and influential if you ask me.Also check us out February 29th in bel air With From Nothing and The Mayan Factor.Special sample of episode 1 "Stisters".  Our new friends Jen and Mary had us put together their intro music.  Fun getting back to the roots of 1/2 of Weatherly.  Check them out at Stisters Podcast.As always Curt mangan, Pig hog Cables, Acon Digital, and Music land in Bel Air.
Episode 36 - The Octobers

Episode 36 - The Octobers


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Husband and Wife singer/songwriting duo, The Octobers, in the studio to get a glimpse into where they came from and what's to come after being wowed by them at the Band Together Spotlight series Showcase.  As alway, Vagabond Sandwich shop and Dan Houtz have been an integral part of us finding new inspirations and influences.  Gianni and Elaina truly have a gift and something grand to offer the folk/indie/bluegrass community as well as showing a wonderful diversity as songwriters and performers.  Enjoy!Theoctobersband.comAnd more about us on
Episode 35 - Quick Update

Episode 35 - Quick Update


Busy couple of weeks ahead.  Heartly House Charity 11/16!!!  A brief recap of what has been going on and of course some gear talk!
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Baltimore singer/songwriter/performer, Tim Lockemy.  Definitely discussing his musical career as well as getting a sneak preview of something new (22:33 marker) we talk Tim's newest endeavor, "Path to Contentment".  A podcast to tackle everyday life situations in order to find balance where he shares personal situations and life events as examples of how to overcome obstacles and grow in a positive way.  Check it on all your streaming platforms
We had the pleasure of bringing KC, Guitarist of Baltimore based band Temple of Ellora, into the studio for some gear run down, production insights, and what is store for us Temple fans.  Check out their latest music video for "Burn Yard" on YouTube.  
After a little hiatus we are back.  After a successful full band gig for the first time with Weatherly we are back at work.  Special thanks to Colin and Nick for their hard work in helping us put together a great live set.Back to the grind of Producing, Mixing, and Mastering.
After another successful sound and recording gig we took this time to reflect on some of the amazing local musicians that we get the pleasure of enjoying regularly.6/29/2019 Breathe 379 day at the center and the music behind it.Like and subscribe!!!!!
Weatherly had the pleasure of sitting down with When Thunder Comes while they rehearsed for the 6/15/2019 Hebron Homestead Acoustic series put together by Megan Leigh.  It was very insightful to learn the evolution and experience of a group with a long history.  As well as what is next.  
With new additions to the Weatherly family, both gear and living, and old health issues being resolved life has gotten in the way of work.  In this episode we go into detail of what we have been doing during these new adjustments and whats to come.  And as always a little (lot) of gear nerding.
A very excellent conversation with vocalist Megan Leigh.  With her work with Eli Lev, The Henchmen, and a solo career, Megan has rapidly made a name for herself in the scene, deservedly so.
Latest Releases and an in depth discussion of some of our work floor, gear, and ideals of being artists and producers.All things Weatherly - You tubeWeatherlyReport@aol.comSubscribe!!!!!!
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