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Author: Ben Rogers

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Welcome to Performance Medicine Audio, hosted by Ben Rogers. On this podcast you'll find #Dictations, a show where Dr. Tom Rogers is interviewed each week on the trends in health and wellness as well as healthcare. You'll also find a mix of interviews where I go out and have in depth conversations with health and wellness experts.
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In this episode of #Insights, Ben talks with Betsy Johnson of Betsy's Nutritional Consulting. Betsy is an ISSA certified nutrition coach, and has a passion for exercise and nutrition. In this conversation, Betsy talks to us about how to make healthy eating a lifestyle that works for you. Want more of Betsy? Here are the best places to connect with her: Website: https://betsynutrition.comFacebook: @betsynutritionKnoxTNInstagram: @betsynutrition
In this episode of Carb Watch Wednesday, our friend Andy talks about healthy alternatives to soda. 
In this episode of #Dictations, Dr. Rogers talks with Renee Thompson of Thompson Insurance Group. This conversation is all about better understanding Medicare plans, and the options that are out there.You can find learn more about Renee on her website:
In the first episode of #Insights, we interview Dr. Cole Hosenfeld of Apple Healthcare Group. In this conversation, we explore the differences between Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell, as well as innovative models that can help patient care. Links mentioned in the episode:
Good afternoon and good carbs! Welcome to Carb Watch Wednesday wherewe discuss all things carbs. Today's topic is pumpkin spice latte.Yes, the PSL. #basic but #delicious. But is delicious worth the priceof carbs? One medium sized PSL is 52 grams of carbohydrates! Remembera low-carb diet is usually around 50-60 grams of carbs per day whileketo is around 20-25 grams. ONE PSL would meet your carb limit for 2entire days on a keto diet. Worth it? Maybe, maybe not. Though coffeemay not seem like an unhealthy choice, the additives in the fancierdrinks and the inflammatory properties found in the drink bases (i.e.milk) may do more harm than good. Try another alternative. Regularcoffee with heavy whipping cream and pumpkin spice sweet leaf stevia.1 tsp of heavy whipping cream has 0.5 g of carbs while coffee andstevia are considered "free" foods!Remember, if you don't watch your carbs. Your carbs will watch you.
In this episode of #Dictations, Dr. Rogers talks with Physical Therapist Ernie Dickson about innovative physical therapy. We used to think about physical therapy as heat and ice, range of motion, and a few exercises.Innovative physical therapy is totally different. It's getting to the root of the problem. It's curing somebody instead of just temporizing inflammation.In this episode you'll learn about techniques that can help get to the root cause of the problem like ultrasound guided dry needling. 
In this episode of Carb Watch Wednesday, Andy discusses sweet potatoes and white potatoes. Why does everyone say you should eat sweet potatoes? Is it the carb count? Find out in this episode of Carb Watch Wednesday! 
#Dictations: Gluten Shield

#Dictations: Gluten Shield


In this episode of #Dictations Dr. Rogers talks with Steve Nice, one of the founders of Gluten Shield. In this conversation you'll hear about the origin story of Gluten Shield, as well as Dr. Rogers talking about gut health and how you can use a product like Gluten Shield to better digest your food. 
This is the first episode of our newest show "Carb Watch Wednesdays" with Andy Rogers PA-C. In this show we are going to be discussing mindful eating, mostly in the form of counting carbs. How many carbs were in that burger you ate last night? How many carbs are in an apple, or a slice of bread? This show will be full of those types of practical tips for the mindful eater. 
In this episode of #Dictations Dr. Rogers talks with Dr. Paul Gorman, a hand specialist in the Tri Cities. In this conversation, you'll hear from two physicians who have been practicing medicine for over 30 years discuss the changes they've seen and been through in healthcare. You'll learn where they think medicine is going, and what that means for patients and doctors. 
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