DiscoverThe Commerce Marketer Podcast: Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More
The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Talking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Retail, and More

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Step into The Commerce Marketer studio as we chat with experts across the retail industry about email marketing, eCommerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. The conversation is full of helpful information you'll certainly find useful in your own endeavors and we’ll have a little fun as well.
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In this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Mark Brazil, co-founder of the canvas art company Ikonick, to discuss how he created a multimillion-dollar business in less than two years by combining email, video, social, and influencer marketing. Mark begins by discussing how different social engagement patterns among genders impacted their paid marketing strategy (3:08), going on to describe how storytelling changed their social and email marketing — and their definition of success (8:10). Mark explains storytelling’s impact on email conversions and how they measure the success of those email campaigns (16:40). He details how they approach content and social strategies and why influencers are crucial, and he offers a surprisingly successful marketing tactic for growing your social presence (24:06). Mark then tells the story of his partnership with entrepreneur and author Gary V, and shares a final piece of advice for growing and scaling a business (34:00). For More:Greg ZakowiczTwitter: Bronto Marketing PlatformLinkedIn: Website:’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe. 
Jennifer O’Connor of The University of Kansas Bookstore describes the bookstore industry’s evolution (4:30) and how they drive in-store traffic with social media (6:18). She details ways to overcome email segmentation challenges by using other digital marketing channels (13:40) and compete with larger retailers, who can offer larger selections and discounts (17:25). She also shares ways to integrate social media with email marketing campaigns (20:00) and lessons from their first Facebook Live event (22:30). In the final segment, O’Connor shares their six-month email marketing roadmap (24:23) and marketing strategies for the busy season (27:00), closing with the rationale behind their delivery program expansion over BOPIS (28:40).For More:Greg ZakowiczTwitter: BookstoreWebsite: BrontoLinkedIn: Website:’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe.
In this episode, co-founder of the influencer marketing agency Viral Nation Joe Gagliese discusses the ins and outs of the billion-dollar influencer marketing industry. Joe sheds light on influencer marketing misconceptions and explains how a brand should determine whether influencer marketing is a good fit for them (9:10). He explains what the process of working with influencers looks like (11:30) and the challenges of working with both micro and macro-influencers (15:00). And the money — Joe describes the different payment structures you can use and how company size impacts this (19:00). He also breaks down pitfalls to be wary of (23:20), the nuances of working with influencers (28:50), and the importance of analytics (32:25).For More:Greg ZakowiczTwitter: Nation:Website: Joe@ViralNation.comOracle BrontoLinkedIn: Website:’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe. 
In this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Cassidy Stockton and Kevin Irish of Bob’s Red Mill to discuss their use of content, email, social media, and influencer marketing to keep engagement high and drive sales, revealing the strategies that keep their product top of mind with in-store shoppers (7:49). And when it comes to email, they explain segmentation strategies (9:40), balancing content and incentives (10:45), and their automated message success (16:20). Cassidy and Kevin also share the importance of their content marketing strategy (21:20) and how they leverage that content in their social marketing (27:20). Finally, they break down how their customer service tam drives content development (30:00), and how they tie UGC into abandoned cart messages (34:50). For More:Greg ZakowiczTwitter:’s Red MillWebsite: (Cassidy): (Kevin): BrontoLinkedIn: Website:
In this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Be Argov, president of International Wine Accessories (IWA), to discuss how they built their email program from the ground up using lifecycle email marketing to drive nearly half of their 2018 email revenue. We cover the strategies behind triggered campaigns and how to avoid the pitfalls of email fatigue with segmentation. He describes the mistakes they made with their lifecycle campaigns and what he learned from them, detailing how metrics inform their post-purchase strategy and how they approach VIP customers.For More:Greg ZakowiczTwitter: ArgovEmail: Ben@IWAwine.comLinkedIn: BrontoLinkedIn: Website:
Whether you’re a B2C or B2B retailer, having a considered Amazon strategy is critical for your business. In this episode of the podcast, B2B & B2C ecommerce strategist, advisor and author, Brian Beck discusses how to create an Amazon strategy that helps you successfully compete on — and even against — Amazon. He also details the B2C and B2B nuances, challenges that come with selling on the marketplace, and when avoiding the platform makes the most sense. You’ll hear about:· Why you should have an Amazon strategy, even if you don’t sell on the marketplace.· How Amazon product searches impact retailers.· Ways to determine your key differentiators and why they’re so important.· How products’ categories impact your strategic approach.· Ways to compete with Amazon when you’re both in the same product category.· How post-purchase email messaging fits into your Amazon strategy.To contact Brian or learn more about his services:Email: Brian@Enceiba.comWebsites:
Retailers need to build emotional connections with their customers, but too many still rely on marketing tactics designed around transactions, not relationships. In today’s competitive retail environment, this style of marketing and lack of consumer engagement will fail to create loyal customers.In this episode, Steve Deckert, co-founder of, will discuss transactional actions within email, social, and loyalty programs, along with ways to turn those actions into emotional ones. Step into the studio where we’ll discuss:· Foundational elements needed to create emotional connections with consumers.· Why many loyalty programs fail and how to transform them into ones that customers love.· Which incentives can help create positive emotional connections.· Ways to align a brand’s identity with the consumer’s identity.· Keys to finding the right balance between transactional and emotional rewards.To contact Steve, or to learn more about  Twitter: Twitter:
As today’s consumers continue to expect fast and free shipping, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), also known as click-and-collect, is increasingly becoming a focused strategy for retailers. From pickup lockers and curbside delivery to in-store counters, BOPIS allows consumers to receive their orders quickly while helping keep retailer delivery costs under control. In this episode, Charles Dimov, vice president of marketing at Order Dynamics, will discuss what consumers expect from BOPIS, how gender, age, and income level impact usage, where BOPIS is heading, and some key findings from their report, “The Rise of The Click and Collect Super Consumer.”Step into the studio where we’ll also discuss:• Which consumer groups use BOPIS more and why?• The impact BOPIS has on customer average order value.• Elements needed for a good BOPIS customer experience.• Surprising correlation between BOPIS usage and the frequency of returns.• How BOPIS usage correlates to returns.To contact Charles, or to learn more about Order Dynamics:Order Dynamics:• Website: • Twitter:• Email:• Twitter:• LinkedIn:
Did you know that having good email deliverability does not mean your emails reach the inbox? Email deliverability has many components that factor into a message reaching the inbox.Understanding email deliverability is crucial, yet many marketers do not fully understand what goes into it.This episode features Chris Kolbenschlag, Oracle Bronto’s director of deliverability, who tackles the myths, best practices, things marketers shouldn’t do and other elements around email deliverability.You’ll hear us discuss:· What email deliverability is and the factors that impact it.· The fundamental elements of good email deliverability.· The myths around subject lines, including specific words, emojis, and punctuations.· Whether IP reputation or domain-based reputation is more important.· Whether sending transactional and promotional emails through same IP is a good idea.· The differences between B2B and B2C deliverability.To contact Chris, or to learn more about Oracle Bronto:Email: Chris.Kolbenschlag@Bronto.comWebsite: http://www.Bronto.comTwitter: contact Chris, or to learn more about how Oracle Bronto can take your email to the next level:Email: Chris.Kolbenschlag@Bronto.comWebsite: http://www.Bronto.comTwitter:  
  “The landscape has totally changed, and it becomes harder and harder to fight for that real estate in the inbox.” As a retailer, how do you solve this challenge? Kyle Randall and Nate Martin work in a niche industry notorious for email deliverability issues, and they’ve not only overcome these issues, but built an email marketing program that engages their audience in a way that’s impressive to any retailer.In Episode 45 of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I welcome Randall and Martin, both from the adult novelty retailer Fort Troff. We’ll talk about how they built a successful email program from the ground up, which lifecycle messages are the most successful, how they approach email testing, and what niche marketing can teach you about marketing to a wider audience. You’ll hear us discuss:· The business-altering impact of successful email inbox deliverability.· How testing incentives and removing personal biases is critical to their success.· Most important KPIs they are looking from an email standpoint.· How they used dynamic content in emails to increase inbox deliverability while staying true to their brand.· How customer service plays a crucial role in customer loyalty.To contact Kyle or Nate, or to learn more about Fort Troff:Kyle Randall: kyle@ceruzziconcepts.comNate Martin: nate@ceruzziconcepts.comI welcome your feedback, invite you to share any topics you’d like to hear more about, or let me know if you're interested in becoming a guest. | SPONSOR:This episode is brought to you by:Oracle BrontoThe Bronto Marketing Platform powers personalized multichannel content that generates the higher engagement needed for retail success. Keenly focused on the commerce marketer, Bronto continues its longstanding tradition as a leading email marketing provider to the global Internet Retailer Top 1000 and boasts a client roster of leading brands, including Rebecca Minkoff, Timex, Lucky Brand, Theory, Brooks Sports, Ashley HomeStore and Christopher & Banks. For more information, visit
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