DiscoverWhiting Wongs with Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao
Whiting Wongs with Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao

Whiting Wongs with Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao

Author: Jessica Gao, Dan Harmon, Starburns Audio

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An honest conversation about race and writing between two people who think very highly of themselves. Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao know they won't solve racism in Hollywood, but they still like to talk about it. Sometimes with guests!
28 Episodes
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Zing Grem

for some reason this podcast likes to crash the castbox app. it keeps stopping saying I'm not connected to the internet and refuses to keep playing the episode. I have to restart the app. doesn't happen with any other podcasts though, very strange.

Jan 25th

Robert Phillips

Zing Grem seems like most podcast I really like give me this issue. did anyone find a fix by chance?

May 8th

Kelly Stratton

Zing Grem having the same issue. I find if I download before listening the problem doesn't occur, so it's likely something to do with the stream.

Jan 28th

Shane Leatherman

I love you so much, Dan. I listen to every podcast I can find with you on it, and R&M is my favorite show. That said, maybe don't get shithouse bombed before discussing such heavy/important material? (or maybe always get that way first? What do I know, I don't have your success) Jessica is amazing too, (hope you're back for R&M S04) thanks for the podcast!

Jan 12th

John Reese, III

Dansplaining why not getting picked on was traumatic. 10/10 tho

Dec 15th

Odin Hoh

based on the first episode: Enjoyed this but Dan talks way more than Jessica and its kind of irritating how unequal the air time is especially if we're talking race. I'm sure he doesn't mean to talk over her but sometimes he does that regardless without realizing. and Dan's stuttering is very jaunting from the man flow of the conversation; a loose script may have helped this.

Dec 13th

Andrew Grace

Odin Hoh Keep listening he addresses the problem and doesnt talk as much

Dec 16th

Damian Sechelski

I'm digging it, I just finished the second episode and I wanted to tell y'all I listen to y'all everyday after work and it's nice to have something to look forward to, and I love you're point of view

Nov 9th

Daniel Tremblay


Nov 4th
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