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Vancouver-based podcast featuring local movers + shakers speaking the unspoken.
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On today’s episode I’m joined by good friend, Adri Koc-Spadaro.Here’s what I love about Adri…. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. And we discuss literally (okay, figuratively) everything. From energy work, to Snoop Dogg to regrets to kink, nothing is off the table.TO LEARN MORE @adri.lovesyou@adricreative@cmmngrndyvrHello Aura - film aura photographySUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FI  
On today's episode, Yabome shares deeply about safety and certitude, racism in the Vancouver school system and black history month not being just about the month.I am deeply honoured to have a seat at the table with Yabome. Please consider purchasing her self-published books available on Amazon. To find out moreBOOK - Ancestries: a short story collectionKO-FI - support this podcast 
SUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A Snob : the 10 best Coffee Shops of 2019On today’s episode I’m joined by longtime friend, Anna McMillan.We follow along Anna’s unique and eclectic professional journey and learn how she went from tracking wolves to curating art to co-owning the coolest cafe in Vancouver.Anna shares candidly about burnout, the gentrification of Strathcona and creating meaningful impact with physical spaces.Tune in to hear more and learn the history (and future plans) of The Cookie.  
A short and sweet episode of me reintroducing myself and this podcast.SUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FI  
Jen's famous playlistSUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FIOn today’s episode, I’m joined by two of my favourite humans, Justine Sones & Jen Kasuya.We banter (surprise, surprise) then dive right in. Jen shares where she’s at with baby #2 and how things have materialized this time around. We jam on the falsities of connection on social media, our disassociation and disconnection in the early days of child rearing and anger. Oh yes, moving through emotions.
MacLean's federal election platform guideCBC Vote Compassgovotecanada.caPodcast: Safe SpaceSUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FIOn today’s episode I’m re-re-rejoined by Justine Sones. This time, we’re stepping away from our usual Motherhood Unfiltered lens and bringing you politico feels. That’s right. We’re talking about the upcoming Canadian federal election.To begin, we discuss strategic voting and the super block of Gen Z and Millenial voters and from there we focus on two platform topics; the environment and indigenous affairs. Needless to say, if we tried to break down each parties’ platforms we’d be recording until the elections.Following this, Justine takes us through the roles of emotion and logic in arguments so that you have tools to hear what politicians are actually saying and not get stuck in the roundabout fallacies.To close out our chat, Justine leaves us with a fitting poem by Nikita Gill.
On this episode, I’m joined by longtime friend, Billy Gollner.We discuss why music requires excellence and not “talent” and how reality singing shows perpetuate fears of singing. We go back in time and share what drag race means to us and how seeing RuPaul living his truth sparked Billy to find his.TO LEARN's YouTubeSUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FI
On this episode, I’m joined by Jacqueline Jennings.We discuss ceremony, Dior’s recent appropriative campaign and ensuring ‘decolonization’ doesn’t become the next buzz word.TO LEARN Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall KimmererPODCAST: That's Not How That WorksSUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FI
On this episode, I’m rejoined by good friend, entrepreneur and rad-ass Mother, Justine Sones. We catch up on the past 6 months since our last episode and answer all your burning questions. TO LEARN MORE @justine.sones HAMYAW - Hilary and Margo yell at websites Self-helpless podcast SUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY BUYING A KO-FI
On this episode, I’m joined by Cicely Blain. Activism is in Cicely’s blood and they share stories of their grandmother protesting against nuclear weapons and how this shaped Cicely into who they are now. Cicely uncovers the current racial landscape of Vancouver and the fad of “fast-fashion” D&I. We address tokenization, isolation and exclusion in fitness spaces. We finish off with recapping our views on pride week, Cicely giving updates on her upcoming book release and the very real stress and burnout that comes with activism. TO LEARN MORE Cicely Blain Consulting @cicelyblainconsulting Stratagem Conference - workplace justice re-imagined - Sept 27-29 2019 *BUY KILTER&MINT A COFFEE
On this episode, I’m joined by bakit and shop tlk co-founder, Sara McCabe. Today, we have a not-so-serious chat on a multitude of things. And, just like Sara, this conversation is a total swiss army knife; a tool/conversation for every occasion. We discuss the why of Bakit (pronounced ‘bah-kit’), the evolution of Conference Call (the podcast formally known as Shift Talk) and Shop Tlk (Sara’s retail consulting lovechild with friend Suraiya Nanji). Sara & I mull over the extroverts extremists, show-ponying and the evolution of podcasting. @saracmccabe *BUY KILTER&MINT A COFFEE
On this episode I’m joined by Feeding Mama founder Mona Stilwell. What I loved most about sitting down with Mona is hearing about her non-linear professional past and journey into Motherhood. Mona shares how her Mother’s gift of a postpartum chef gave her more than sustenance and describes how she then took a Chinese tradition and created a meaningful way to nourish new parents. *Note I nearly ended the interview early, but Mona kindly reminded me that we had only talked off air about how she became a Mother. Keep listening past the 45 min marker because its exceptionally moving. * @feedingmama *CHECK OUT MY PATREON
On this episode, I’m joined by Jeremy Vaughan. Jeremy is a Vancouver-based personal trainer and movement coach who is much more than what meets the eye. Jeremy only recently started opening up about his incarceration in a US federal prison and I had the pleasure of sitting down to hear his story. Jeremy's stint in prison shaped him into who he is today. Literally and figuratively. @jvmovement604 *CHECK OUT MY PATREON Ben Owens Photography
Vivian Man - kyth & kyn

Vivian Man - kyth & kyn


On today’s episode, I’m joined by Kyth+Kyn founder Vivian Man. Vivian & I shoot the breeze on serial killers, tea and life growing up in North Van. Throughout our chat, there is a reoccurring theme of honouring, preserving and sharing culture. We discuss blending tradition with modern day needs and how Vivian is producing a product that is a true representation of herself. *CHECK OUT MY PATREON
On this episode, I’m joined by Anna Farant. Anna is the co-founder of All City Athletics, partner of Alliance Boxing Promotions and sits on the board of directors for Boxing BC. Anna shares the recent news about All City Athletics having to close its current location and how the community is rallying to support. We talk about protecting energy, what makes us sad and what scares us (it’s not what you’d think). We jam on harm reduction vs abstinence, interventions at the Cecil and key moments in time. Anna opens up about her relationship status, protecting her energy and what the future holds. Alliance Boxing Promotions - May 24th boxing event All City Athletics Book: In the Realm Of the Hungry Ghosts - Gabor Maté KILTER&MINT PATREON
Today’s guests are two-thirds of the trio behind Flax Sleep. Meet Anna Heyd & Vivan McCormick. On this episode, Anna & Vivian share how their 3-way friendship grew from sourdough and craft club to running a successful, independent, female-driven Canadian business. The ladies share the intricacies of their business, the dynamics of working with best friends and discovering optimal personal productivity. Show notes: KOHO - use my promo code KILTERANDMINT at sign up to earn up to $60 (and get really good at saving!) KILTER&MINT PATREON jkasuya's bangin' spotify playlist @flaxsleep
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