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AD Was Made for This

AD Was Made for This


The Lakers go up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals on a legacy-defining shot by Anthony Davis. Join Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie for an in-depth breakdown of his incredible playoff run and what the Lakers need to look out for moving forward. Talen Horton-Tucker loves orange juice.
Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie shares his the grand unifying theory of Steve Balmer & the Clippers, as Alex "Expert Analyst" Manessis joins us for this very special pod trolling the LA Clippers. Luke "Coach" Walton looks ahead to the matchups against the Nuggets, revels in the Houston and Clippers defeats and considers the Lakers chances to take home the Bubble Chip™. Driven Over Given.
From Alex Caruso's dagger defense and 3s to Danuel House's dramatic exit of the bubble, Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie are here to keep you in the loop. Dig into the Lakers' adjustments against the Rockets, and how their trials and tribulations are developing the team.
The LA Lakers bounce back against the Houston Rockets in epic fashion. Join Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie for a breakdown of what changed between Game 1 and Game 2, as well as brutal takedowns of the Rocket's jerseys, Giannis, Nike and the NBA Bubble Barbershop. It's a Rondo conspiracy, ya'll!
Luke “Coach” Walton, Jonathan “Analyst” Gillie and Alex “Color Commentator” Manessis break down the Lakers’ complete domination of the Portland Trailblazers in Game 4. Other topics include: Is Dame a superstar? Would you rather (listen to) Mark Jackson or Chris Webber? Is LeBron in a black jersey invincible?    The team also takes a look around the league as we enter the next phase of the NBA Playoffs.
Following the game 3 victory against the Portland Trailblazers to go 2-1, Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss Playoff LeBron, Playoff Rondo and Playoff Mark Jackson. Two out of the three aren't what they're cracked up to be.
The Lakers CRUSH the Portland Trailblazer to even up the series 1-1. Listen in as Jonathan “Analyst” Gillie and Luke “Coach” Walton break down the Lakers’ bounce back, their chances at a championship and sing a rousing rendition of “I Love LA.”
UGH. Join Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie from outside the bubble as we look at the Lakers and what they need to improve. Come miserate with us. #BullyKCP back to greatness.
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie break down the Lake Show's chances at competing with their playoff matchups.
Luke and Jonathan discuss the Laker's season opener, the Swag-time Warriors, Lonzo Ball's performance, and Dwight Howard's farming career.
Lakers Season Preview

Lakers Season Preview


Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie preview the upcoming Lakers 21-22 season, with an eye to how LeBron, Westbrook and AD can be most dominant, who the top role players will be, and how the Lakers match up with the rest of the league in the short- and long-term.
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the preseason foibles of the 0-6 Lakers. What lineups are and aren't working? How can the Lakers make up for their injuries? Does LeBron care more about the Cleveland Browns more than the preseason (yes)? All that and more in this special recap episode. Who's ready for some real basketball?
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie reminisce on the 1 year anniversary of the '20 championship, debate the importance of the Vegas mini-camp, break down the Austin Reaves signing, celebrate AD's wedding, and solve the mystery of why the Clippers need SO MANY TOILETS.
This pod gets HEATED, as Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the recent additions of Deandre Jordan and Rajon Rondo, their expected roles, and the best way for the Los Angeles Lakers to become NBA Champions once again. We also say a fond farewell to Jared Dudley and Marc Gasol. For more Lakers, be sure to follow us on social media. Visit for the deets.
Lakers Free Agency Recap

Lakers Free Agency Recap


Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie do a deep dive into the Los Angeles Lakers new roster—essentially a brand new team. Discover the new players as we dig into their offensive and defensive potential, possible lineups, and how to best optimize the new Big Three: LeBron, Westbrook, and Davis.
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie react to Russell "Brodie" Westbrook joining the Lakers, alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. We break down Russ' game, say our fondest farewells to KCP and Kuzma, look ahead to next season, and project the Lake Show's salary cap implications—and who else we can get on the team.
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the latest news and rumors from around Laker Land, the NBA Finals, and a little Olympic Basketball!
...for smoking weed in Texas. Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gille provide their professional opinion on this breaking news, as well as other offseason drama, possibilities and probablities.
Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie react to the untimely Lakers playoff ending, reflect on the season, and look ahead to brighter days in Laker Land.
Will LeBron lead the Lakers to victory in Anthony Davis’ injury? Luke “Coach” Walton and Jonathan “Analyst” Gillie preview this game that’s #onbron—now that Anthony Davis is likely out for Game 5. Will the Lakers rebound? What’s their best lineup in this situation? How much wine will LeBron drink pre-game? Trusted analysis—it’s Luke Walton Talks Lakers.
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