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Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.
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Guests featured today: Andrew Huberman, Dr. Mark Hyman & Rich Roll. How much does the body control the mind, and the mind control the body? Today, we have 3 SOG favorites giving their own take on the mind-body connection and how they approach holistic health in their own lives. Andrew Huberman dives into the profound connection between the brain and body, revealing how our nervous system shapes our mental states. Dr. Mark Hyman shares his transformative journey of healing trauma to find true happiness and love. And Rich Roll inspires with his incredible story of overcoming addiction and embracing a life of continuous growth. This episode is packed with actionable insights to help you transform your life – now, let’s dive in!In this episode you will learnThe brain and body are deeply interconnected, influencing each other continuously.Emotions and states of mind involve both brain activity and bodily responses.Depression and anxiety can be mitigated by understanding and leveraging the brain-body connection.Breath control is a powerful tool for managing stress and altering mental states.Holistic health involves addressing emotional traumas and adopting practices that enhance both mental and physical well-being.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Full length episodes featured today:Andrew Huberman – Mark Hyman – Roll –
In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis sits down with the legendary Goldie Hawn. Goldie shares her wisdom on maintaining a successful career in Hollywood while nurturing long-lasting relationships and raising healthy children. She emphasizes the importance of family as her greatest legacy, the significance of self-love, and the necessity of being present and connected with loved ones. Goldie also delves into her passion for mental health and mindfulness, discussing the creation of her MindUP foundation aimed at helping children develop emotional regulation and resilience. Her stories of perseverance, love, and finding joy in the simple things inspire listeners to embrace happiness and authenticity in their own lives.Check out The Goldie Hawn Foundation | MindUPIn this episode you will learnHow Goldie Hawn balanced a successful Hollywood career with raising a loving family.The importance of self-love and how to project it onto your children.Strategies Goldie used to stay present and connected with her kids despite a hectic schedule.Goldie Hawn's MindUP foundation and its impact on children's emotional regulation and resilience.The significance of finding joy in simple things and building happiness from within.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Eckhart Tolle – Byrne – Maxwell –
Today, I'm thrilled to have the brilliant Dr. Tara Swart with us once again. As a neuroscientist and expert in manifestation, Dr. Swart brings a unique blend of science and spirituality to the table. In this episode, we'll dive into the science of manifestation, exploring how neuroplasticity allows us to rewire our brains to achieve our dreams. Dr. Swart will break down the practical steps you can take to manifest your goals, discuss the critical role of belief and self-worth, and reveal how gratitude can transform your brain's chemistry. Plus, we'll uncover the fascinating connections between our sense of smell, emotional memory, and cognitive function. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that bridges the gap between the mysteries of the universe and the science of the brain.Buy her book for yourself and a friend! THE SOURCE - Open Your Mind, Change Your LifeIn this episode you will learnThe practical steps to apply the science of manifestation in your life.How belief and self-worth influence your ability to manifest.The importance of gratitude in shifting your brain's chemistry from stress to trust.The impact of smell on emotional memory and cognitive function.Techniques for olfactory enrichment to improve memory and cognition.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Eckhart Tolle – Byrne – Maxwell –
Have you ever wondered what truly makes someone confident, even in the face of insecurities and challenges? Welcome back to The School of Greatness, in today's masterclass episode, we're diving deep into the essence of true inner strength with some of the world's top experts.Ed Mylett shares his journey from insecurity to self-assuredness, emphasizing intention and purpose. Mel Robbins reveals how to harness the power of visualization and celebrate small wins. Matthew McConaughey explores shedding external identities to find true inner light. Get ready for an inspiring journey as we explore how faith, purpose, and the right mindset can transform your life and help you achieve greatness. Let's dive in!In this episode you will learnHow to build self-confidence through intention rather than achievements.The importance of living with purpose and serving others to enhance confidence.Techniques to overcome imposter syndrome and insecurities.The impact of childhood experiences on adult self-perception.The role of faith and intention in maintaining confidence and humility.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Full episodes featured today:Mel Robbins – Mylett – McConaughey –
Welcome back to The School of Greatness! Today, we have the pleasure of hosting the incredibly inspiring and multifaceted Dany Garcia. Dany is the Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, a portfolio of brands at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.She oversees a vast portfolio including Seven Bucks Productions, ZOA, Teremana Tequila, the Project Rock line at Under Armour, Acorns, Atom Tickets, and Salt & Straw. Dany shares her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a powerhouse in multiple industries. She discusses her early aspirations, pivotal moments that shaped her career, and her unique approach to success. Dany opens up about personal challenges, including her early divorce from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and how this experience ultimately strengthened their relationship and fueled their growth as business partners today.In this episode you will learnThe significance of aligning your actions with your ultimate purpose.How to create and protect your unique path to success.The importance of having a strong support system in both personal and professional life.Strategies for maintaining discipline and focus in pursuit of your goals.How personal challenges can catalyze growth and transformation.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Gary Vee – Jakes Roberts – Maxwell –
In today’s episode, we have the incredibly insightful Scott Donnell joining us. Scott has spent over a decade studying more than a hundred multi-generational high net worth families, uncovering the secrets to building and maintaining wealth that lasts. In our conversation, he shares powerful lessons on why focusing on heritage over inheritance is crucial, how to instill the right financial values in our children, and the impact of money on our mental health and relationships. Get ready to learn practical strategies that will transform the way you and your family approach money.Join Scott and the Dinner Table CommunityIn this episode you will learnThe difference between heritage and inheritance and why heritage is more important.Strategies to teach children about value creation and financial responsibility.The impact of money on mental health and relationships.How to heal from money traumas and develop a secure attachment to money.The significance of generosity and stewardship in creating a lasting legacy.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Dr. Becky Kennedy – Sharma –
Today, we have a powerhouse episode featuring the legendary Tony Robbins and the brilliant Dean Graziosi. We're diving deep into the secrets of success, from mastering your morning routine to transforming your mindset and creating unstoppable momentum in your life. Get ready to uncover the habits and strategies that have propelled these two icons to greatness.As you listen, I want you to think about this: What is one small change you can make in your daily routine that could have a profound impact on your productivity and overall happiness? Let’s dive in and discover how to unlock your full potential.In this episode you will learnThe impact of a disciplined morning routine on productivity and mindset.The power of gratitude and its role in combating negative emotions.Key money lessons from Tony Robbins on mastering core businesses and giving back.The importance of innovating and progressing during challenging times.How to create habits that align with success and fulfillment.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Full-length episodes featured today:Tony Robbins – Graziosi –
Today, we have an extraordinary guest who embodies resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Michael Rubin, the CEO of Fanatics and a serial entrepreneur, joins us to share his incredible journey from academic struggles to building a multi-billion dollar empire.In this episode, Michael reveals how he turned early failures into stepping stones for success, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact through his philanthropic efforts. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business leader, or someone looking to be inspired, Michael’s story and insights are sure to motivate and empower you.In this episode you will learnHow Michael Rubin turned early academic struggles into a successful business career.The importance of resilience and learning from failures in entrepreneurship.Strategies for building and leading successful teams.Insights into living a life of service instead of scarcity and competition.The significance of staying humble and continuously striving for excellence.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Patrick Bet David – Anderson – Maxwell –
Welcome back to The School of Greatness! We have a very special episode for you today. For the first time ever, we're in the studio with two incredible relationship experts, Sadia Khan and Matthew Hussey, to explore the reasons you're still single and how to navigate the complexities of modern dating. Sadia is a psychologist and relationship coach who works with people around the world, and Matthew is a New York Times bestselling author renowned for his work in helping individuals build healthier relationships. Both are SOG fan favorites, so I'm thrilled to moderate this enlightening deep dive on relationships. Follow the show and stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this round table discussion with Sadia and Matthew, now let’s dive in!In this episode you will learnwhy you might be sabotaging your own relationships without even realizing it.the surprising truth about emotional availability in men and women today.the addictive emotions that keep you stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns.the red and green flags that can make or break your dating social media and hookup culture are impacting your chances for lasting love.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes from Sadia Khan and Matthew Hussey:These Dating MYTHS Are DESTROYING Your Love Life (What A Healthy Partner REALLY Wants!) | Sadia Khan – Hussey's Expert Tips for Attracting and Maintaining True Love – you signed up for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's live event  yet?
In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis brings together four renowned relationship experts to share their wisdom on creating and sustaining meaningful love. Esther Perel, a psychotherapist and best-selling author of Mating in Captivity, explores how to build strong foundations for relationships. Gary John Bishop, a New York Times best-selling author of Love Unfu*ked, uncovers his secrets to thriving in love and keeping it alive for decades. Jillian Turecki, a certified relationship coach and podcast host, reveals the biggest relationship mistakes and how accountability can transform our connections. Eric Barker, author of Plays Well With Others, explains how to find true love and express emotions in a healthy way. This episode is packed with actionable advice and profound insights that will help you nurture healthier, more fulfilling relationships.In this episode you will learnHow to build strong foundations for meaningful love.Secrets to keeping a relationship thriving for decades.The biggest mistakes to avoid in relationships.How accountability can transform your connections.Keys to finding true love and expressing emotions healthily.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Full episodes featured today:Esther Perel – John Bishop – Turecki – Barker – you signed up for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's live event  yet?
In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis speaks with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a renowned gastroenterologist, gut health expert, and best-selling author known for his work in making gut health education accessible. Dr. B explains the critical connection between gut health and mental health, noting that our intestines are home to 38 trillion microorganisms that significantly influence our immunity, mood, and overall well-being. He highlights how adding more plant diversity to our diets can heal our microbiome and emphasizes the importance of facing emotional wounds to achieve lasting health. Dr. Bulsiewicz provides practical advice on enhancing gut health, shares insights into what your poop reveals about your health, and explains how breathing exercises can alleviate constipation. Together, they explore how nutrition, exercise, and emotional healing intertwine to unlock true wellness.Check out Zoe’s podcast: up for Zoe: Zoe’s METHOD Randomized Control Trial results: this episode you will learnHow your gut health impacts your brain and mental health.The top 5 foods to add to your diet to heal your microbiome.What your poop reveals about your health.How facing emotional wounds and trauma is key to healing your body.The power of breathing exercises in improving gut health.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Glucose Goddess – Michael Greger – Pollan –
Today, Lewis is joined by the extraordinary Dean Graziosi, a renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and transformative speaker. Dean, known for his book Millionaire Success Habits and his work alongside icons like Tony Robbins, shares his strategies for bridging the gap between current realities and aspirational goals using courage and precise tools. He explains how to turn disadvantages into superpowers, revealing the mindset shifts and non-negotiable habits that can help anyone dramatically enhance their personal and professional life.Sign up for Dean's life-changing event!In this episode you will learnHow to go from being broke to a millionaire, breaking down the first three crucial steps to shift from scarcity to abundance.The three non-negotiable habits of millionaires and the mindset issues that prevent people from making money easily.The importance of "money therapy" and how understanding past money traumas can lead to greater financial freedom.How successful people live by a unique set of rules and habits that avoid mediocrity, and how these can be applied to your own life.The pivotal role of the stories we tell ourselves, and how shifting these narratives can help uncover one's true purpose.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Tony Robbins – Perkins – McConaughey –
Have you ever felt lost in life and unsure what path to take forward? In today's episode, three experts share transformative methods and tactics to help you heal your mind and find your true self. Gabor Maté, a renowned speaker and best-selling author, delves into why you may feel lost in life and how to find your path forward. Mariel Buqué, a Columbia University-trained psychologist and intergenerational trauma expert, teaches how to regulate your nervous system and heal your soul. Muniba Mazari, an artist, humanitarian, and global motivational speaker, inspires you to become the source of your own joy and discover true self-love.In this episode you will learnWhy you may feel lost in life and how to find your path forward.How to regulate your nervous system and heal your soul.Ways to become the source of your own joy and find true self-love.Strategies to heal your mind and uncover your authentic self.Practical tactics for continuing your journey toward mental and emotional wellness.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Listen to the full episodes featured today here:Gabor Mate - Buque - Mazari -
Get ready to dive into a captivating conversation with the dynamic and unapologetically real entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, widely known as Gary Vee. Through an engaging dialogue, Gary shares personal anecdotes, valuable insights into his business journey, and thought-provoking wisdom on embracing emotional growth and self-awareness. Join us as we uncover the multifaceted world of Gary Vee, getting into topics ranging from accountability and gratitude to the future of attention and social media impact. This is an incredible episode full of authenticity, inspiration, and valuable life lessons.Buy Gary's book, Day Trading Attention, for yourself and a friend!Pre-order Gary's new children's book, Meet Me In The Middle, today!In this episode you will learn:Gary's upbringing and the impact of his early sense of responsibility and financial burden.The need for individuals to fall in love with the middle ground and the importance of instilling positive virtues in children.Overcoming natural instincts and habits in order to improve mental well-being and productivity.The influence of toxic or enabling people in one's life and the impact of family and friends on behavior and mindset.Gary's perspective on Generation Z, work ethic, and the impact of upbringing on instilling a strong work ethic.The transformation in Gary's approach to retaining underperforming employees and his reflections on being a competitive and confident individual.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Chris Bumstead- Williams- Lynch-
Today, Lewis Howes reconnects with his long-time friend and renowned poet, Adam "In-Q". In-Q discusses his recently released Never Ending Now Poetry Journal, a collection of poems and prompts designed to guide readers through a journey of self-discovery, healing, and creativity. Lewis and In-Q delve into the power of poetry as a transformative tool, touching on how writing has helped In-Q process emotions and trauma while finding peace and purpose. They explore themes like self-love, vulnerability, and creativity as In-Q shares poems about love, loss, and personal growth. Adam passionately advocates for the power of vulnerability and empathy through storytelling, believing it to be the key to transforming our collective future. Get ready to be inspired by his insights on how creative expression can be a profound force for healing and connection in today’s world.Buy The Never Ending Now Poetry Journal for yourself and a friend!Listen to In-Q’s album, The Never Ending Now!In this episode you will learnHow creativity can be a powerful tool for healing and personal transformation.The importance of writing prompts and journaling in uncovering and processing emotions.Ways to approach love and vulnerability in relationships, both with oneself and others.How to navigate challenges and conflicts in relationships by understanding non-negotiables.Why embracing authenticity and leading with love can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Eckhart Tolle – Byrne – Maxwell –
Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs and achieve the goals you've always dreamed of? In this episode, former Navy SEALs reveal their powerful strategies to help you conquer obstacles and unleash your full potential. David Goggins, a best-selling author and former SEAL, teaches you how to reframe your mindset to attain your biggest goals. Jocko Willink provides invaluable insights into becoming a better leader who can support others and defeat self-doubt. Meanwhile, Jason Redman guides you through a process to overcome any challenge, no matter what you've been through.Have you heard? David Goggins will be speaking at Summit 2024! Buy your tickets TODAY!In this episode you will learnHow to shift your mindset to unlock your full potential.The principles of leadership that empower yourself and others.Strategies to conquer obstacles and thrive in any situation.Techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.The importance of resilience in overcoming challenges.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960Full episodes featured in today’s mashup:David Goggins - Willink - Redman -
Welcome back to The School of Greatness! Today, we're joined by Dr. Frank Anderson, a leading trauma expert and psychiatrist. Dr. Anderson opens up about his challenging journey, growing up in a traditional Italian American family that was both intensely loving and painfully unaccepting. From enduring six years of conversion therapy starting at just six years old to breaking the chains of generational trauma, Dr. Anderson's story is one of courage, healing, and the transformative power of embracing one's true self. Today, he's here to share insights on how to navigate through personal traumas and to help us understand the profound impact of acceptance and love. Get ready to dive deep into a story of resilience and transformation with Dr. Frank Anderson.Buy his book for yourself and a friend! To Be Loved: A Story of Truth, Trauma, and TransformationIn this episode you will learnThe challenges of growing up in a family with conflicting messages of love and acceptance.How enduring difficult childhood experiences can impact one's self-perception and mental health.The importance of embracing one's true identity despite societal pressures.Strategies to overcome personal traumas and foster resilience and healing.Why acceptance and love play crucial roles in personal growth and transformation.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Dr. Becky Kennedy – Byrne – Joe Dispenza –
Today, Lewis sits down with best-selling author Neil Strauss to explore the complex world of relationships, infidelity, and personal growth. Strauss opens up about his own journey from infidelity to intimacy rehab, sharing powerful lessons on rebuilding trust and nurturing secure connections. He delves into the psychology behind cheating and the signs that can indicate whether a partner might be unfaithful. Strauss provides a candid look into his most secure and insecure moments in adulthood, discusses the challenges of monogamy, and reveals the keys to a healthy relationship. Drawing from his experience interviewing extreme personalities, he sheds light on persuasion, manipulation, and how to identify red flags in potential partners. After today’s episode, be sure to check out Neil’s new podcast, To Die For!In this episode you will learnHow to identify red flags that suggest a partner might be unfaithful.The essential principles for fostering trust and intimacy.Why commitment can be challenging and strategies for overcoming fears.Insights from Neil Strauss’s journey through intimacy rehab.How to spot manipulation and protect yourself in relationships.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Matthew Hussey  – Duhigg – Shetty –
Are you ready to transform your communication skills and build deeper, more meaningful relationships? In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis explores the art of communication with three exceptional guests. First, Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and bestselling author, reveals insights from his new book "Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection," sharing practical tips on how to enhance your communication skills for deeper connections. Next, relationship coach and author Matthew Hussey discusses the secrets to successful relationships, emphasizing the power of authenticity, the importance of giving up superficial attention, and distinguishing between impressing and connecting. Lastly, actress and advocate Jameela Jamil shares her compelling strategies for effective self-expression and advocacy, demonstrating how mastering communication can empower us to speak up for ourselves and inspire others, leading to transformative changes in our personal and communal lives.In this episode you will learnHow to unlock the "secret language" of effective communication for deeper connections.The role of authenticity and vulnerability in successful relationships.How to distinguish between impressing and truly connecting with others.The importance of giving up superficial attention to attract what you truly need.How effective communication can empower personal advocacy and inspire transformative change.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960You can find the full episodes from guests featured today here:Charles Duhigg – Hussey – Jamil –
Today, Lewis sits down with neurosurgeon and author Dr. James R. Doty to explore the fascinating science of manifestation and how it connects to our beliefs, emotions, and actions. Dr. Doty breaks down the difference between the law of attraction and manifestation, shining a light on the immense power of our subconscious mind. He shares how heart vibrations are stronger than brain waves and explains why changing decades-old belief systems is so challenging. Dr. Doty opens up about overcoming limiting beliefs, the crucial role of positivity in shifting our mindset, and how our thoughts and emotions directly influence what we manifest. He also digs into the importance of love versus lack in driving impact, why synchronicities matter, and how we can balance being unattached to outcomes while staying open to magic.Buy his new book for yourself and a friend! Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation and How It Changes EverythingIn this episode you will learnThe difference between the law of attraction and manifestation.How to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate empowering thoughts and emotions.The role of positivity in shifting attitudes from victimhood to empowerment.The significance of love versus lack in driving meaningful impact.How placebo research and flow states can positively influence the manifestation process.For more information go to more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960More SOG episodes we think you’ll love:Eckhart Tolle – Byrne – Maxwell –
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