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Author: Chris Lackey

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The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast has been creating podcasts and audio productions since 2009! Each week, hosts Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey discuss a piece of weird fiction. Talented voice actors bring the text to life. Music and sound effects create atmosphere while occasional guest experts show up to make things classy. HPPodcraft is the gold standard in literary podcasting.
244 Episodes
Episode 522 - Sredni Vashtar & Tobermory Listen on Patreon We're kicking off a whole month of delicious Saki and we're starting with the hits - it's Sredni Vashtar & Tobermory! Special thanks to reader Dylan Hoover, a node in the Tulpa Hivemind! Next up: Gabriel-Ernest and The Music on the Hill
Episode 518 - The Hound of Death Listen on Patreon Special thanks to patron Stewart Huntsman, who put us on the scent of The Hound of Death by Agatha Christie! Music from this episode is by Repairer of Reputations from the new album Millvale '02! And while you're grabbing that, don't forget your Halloween soundtrack MONSTER CLASSICS! Extra special thanks to reader Kayla Murphy! Next up: Christie's The Call of Wings
Episode 514 - The Picture of Dorian Gray - Part 1 Listen on Patreon It's finally time to unveil THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY by Oscar Wilde! We're joined by a special guest - television writer and Skins creator Jamie Brittain! Exquisite thanks to reader Greig Johnson! Music in this episode: Ballade No.1 Op.23 by Chopin and In the Dark by Bix Beiderbecke.
Episode 510 - The Aquarium Listen on Patreon In honor of the new HBO show, we're plunging back into Lovecraft country with the mythos story The Aquarium by Carl Jacobi. We read this story in Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos. Special thanks to our reader Heather Klinke! Next Up: O, Christmas Tree by W.H. Pugmire and Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Bandcamp Friday!

Bandcamp Friday!


Bandcamp Friday! TODAY ONLY, Bandcamp is waiving their fees in support of artists hit hard by the pandemic. That means that when you buy MONSTER CLASSICS today - 100% of your purchase will go to making rent on the Manor. You can get it now at for $7 (or more if you’re feeling generous). We appreciate each and every monstrous sale! Reviews from listeners: “...a big, spooky ball of fun”  “ delicious sugary monster breakfast cereal for my ears…” “…delicious pitch black gothy screaming Halloween fun! I love this album." JOIN US and thank you for your time! Sincerely, Pitch Black Manor
Episode 506 - Queen of the Black Coast - Part 1 Listen on Patreon THEW-LY kicks off with the Conan classic Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard! Special thanks to our reader - Joshua Bentley! Catch him singing here in the new video for Just Another Werewolf Love Song! Email to be notified first when Monster Classics releases later this month! Next up: More CONAN!
Episode 502 – Sticks

Episode 502 – Sticks


Episode 502 - Sticks Listen on Patreon Join us as we gather up our thoughts on Sticks by Karl Edward Wagner, available in The Book of Cthulhu 2! Special thanks to our reader, Erik Peabody – audio producer extraordinaire! Check out his goods and services at And if you dig Going Down by PITCH BLACK MANOR, get early access to their upcoming album MONSTER CLASSICS - email us at! Next up: The Veldt by Ray Bradbury
Episode 500!

Episode 500!


Episode 500! Listen on Patreon We've put together a very special variety show to honor our milestone podcast, featuring guests Kenneth Hite, Grieg Johnson, Heather Klinke, Rachel Lackey, and... Andrew Leman? Featuring the voice talents of Levi Nunez and Chris Sarandon! And for the first time in 25 years, a world premiere performance by the greatest goth band of all time, PITCH BLACK MANOR!! For early access to their upcoming album MONSTER CLASSICS - email us at!
Episode 498 - The Colour Out of Space Revisited Listen on Patreon We're making a journey back to woods no axe has ever cut - it's The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft! We're talking the story and the new film adaptation by Richard Stanley. Tenth anniversary posters, t-shirts, totes and more available now - grab 'em! Thanks to Andrew Leman for the reading on the original episode! Next up: The Dunwich Horror Revisited
Episode 494 - Smoke Ghost Listen on Patreon A month of puttin' on the Fritz Leiber blazes up with Smoke Ghost! Support our sponsor: The Thornclaw Manor Illustrated Poker Deck and Art Book! Special thanks to our reader Mike Mason of Chaosium! Next up: Terror from the Depths!
Episode 490 - Good Lady Ducayne Listen on Patreon MARCH IS FOR DRACULAS! Join us as we slurp up Good Lady Ducayne by Mary Elizabeth Braddon! Special thanks to our reader Kristyna Baczynski - check out her excellent comics and illustrations! And don't forget to tune into the new episode of Quiet & Bold: THE INNSMOUTH BRIDE! Next up: Luella Miller
Episode 486 - In the Court of the Dragon Listen on Patreon All hail The King in Yellow! We're kicking off this month with a super-sized episode on In the Court of the Dragon, and we're joined by special guest Robin D. Laws! Check out Robin's new RPG The Yellow King at Pelgrane Press! And have a listen to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff! Special thanks to our wonderful reader, Wyatt S. Gray! Here are some photos of The Court of the Dragon in Paris. Next up: The Demoiselle D'ys
Episode 482 – Enoch

Episode 482 – Enoch


Episode 482 - Enoch Listen on Patreon It's Blochtober in January! Tune in as we dig into a little story by Robert Bloch called Enoch! Special thanks to our reader Levi Nunez. Check out Loot the Body! Here's that Robert Bloch album Gravely we we mentioned. Next up: IT!
Episode 478 - The Phantom of the Opera - Part 1 Listen on Patreon ANGELS!!! We are so happy to be here with you over the holiday season and hope you'll enjoy The Phantom of the Opera with us. Although Fifer prefers this translation. We borrowed from both the translations throughout - most of the readings are from the Penguin edition. EXTRA special thanks to our reader Jaime Andrews! This is the Greg Hildebrandt Phantom of the Opera that we referenced! Next up: More PHANTOM!
Episode 474 - The Pit and the Pendulum We're kicking off POEVEMBER with Mr. EAP's classic The Pit and the Pendulum! Check out A Potted History of Cthulhu Games from Auroch Digital - an episode of the How to Make a Game podcast! Special thanks to our fantabulous reader - Eric Curtis Johnson! Next up: Metzengerstein
Episode 470 – The Jar

Episode 470 – The Jar


Episode 470 - The Jar Listen on Patreon We're hitting Halloween season with a journey through The October Country by Ray Bradbury, starting with The Jar! Check out this week's sponsor Repairer of Reputations - specifically their new record Innsport '86- featured on this week's show! And for October only, check out their album of horror music covers - The October Country! Special thanks to reader Levi Nunez - do NOT miss his new Loot the Body music video inspired by Robert E. Howard's famous Conan story - The Tower of the Elephant! Next week: Skeleton
Episode 466 - The Battery Listen on Patreon Patton Oswalt returns to help us connect with the Michael Shea story The Battery! Warning: some language and themes not appropriate for younger listeners. Can’t get an affordable copy of Copping Squid? Check out Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea! Next up: The Loved Dead by C.M. Eddy and H.P. Lovecraft!
Episode 462 - The Invisible Man - Part 1 Listen on Patreon We're back at long last! It's The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells! Audio will improve throughout the month... Thanks to reader Greig Johnson. Listen to Dr. Snake and the Snake Doctors! AND MEET US AT NECRONOMICON! We have a live show on Saturday at Noon, and then a party at 8:30 PM the same night! GET INTO IT!
Episode 458 – The Pool

Episode 458 – The Pool


Episode 458 - The Pool Listen on Patreon Patton Oswalt is back to talk Michael Shea in the summer party classic The Pool! Warning: some language and themes not appropriate for younger listeners. Don't forget to pick up your copies of The Ghost Box and The Ghost Box II from Hingston and Olsen! You deserve it! Can't get an affordable copy of Copping Squid? Check out Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea! Next up this month: On the Slab by Harlan Ellison
Episode 434 - The Screwfly Solution Listen on Patreon Listen in as we discuss The Screwfly Solution by Raccoona Sheldon! Special thanks to our reader Heather Klinke! This author is actually Alice B. Sheldon, also known as James Tiptree, Jr. Check out her story on NPR.  Attack of the Crab Monsters by Lawrence Raab. Cute Aggression!
Comments (27)

Robert Jasterbowski

to lop output be l pop ll

May 2nd

Tanveer Shahi

next decade huh!

Jan 2nd
Reply (1)

Anthony C

more like cnn poisoning. .......was nice listening to you guys. bye.

Sep 17th

XxXx xXxX

When I hear all the podcasts, I hope they include everything from the Eldrich Tales and Dunwich Horror and not just the Necronomicon

Sep 4th
Reply (1)


This is my absolute favorite podcast ever! It's all iI listen to at this point lol

Aug 24th

Stephanie Harrison

I found your podcast and I am loving it. It's just what I've been looking for.

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

ElizaBeth Marshall-Smith

.....And Poe gets blamed for imitating Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry style....

Jul 29th
Reply (1)

Jim Hallam

the Monster chart is from a movie from the 70's called The Monster Club

Jul 19th

John Lupine

Glad to hear you fellas were both disturbed by, yet enjoyed, Screwfly Solution. The other fans who recommended it were right. Fits in well with this show.

Jun 10th


thanks for this

Nov 4th


You guys mention that the end of the story seems like a reunion of sorts. Juan Romero returning to his original form. I kind of saw it as Juan being driven toward the open abyss like a madness to be a sacrifice. The Hindu ring awakened because the abyss opened and the mystical or magical powers within seeped out.

Oct 13th


I felt that The White Ship was a story about a watchman who fell asleep on the job, had a great dream, but like dreams, the world intrudes and becomes part of it just as you wake up... this being the white ship breaking on the rocks because he failed to keep the lighthouse lit.

Oct 13th

Dave Rokita


Sep 26th

Alan Murphy

Stalin killed mostly his own people. Hitler did target Jews (of many races) but also ethnic minorities and many more including Eastern European people... Jewishness is a religion and not a race...

Sep 18th
Reply (3)

Chris Wolf

skip to 14mins

Jun 29th

Aske Munk-Jørgensen

Completely stoked, Anthony's voice acting in this episode is so great!

May 13th

David Dominguez

Good work guys! I loved the book as it was something different from what I've heard about the story.

Apr 24th

Ezra Fickov

this show kicks some spooky bum!

Jan 30th

Aissa Perez

some of your epoisodes are missing, where can I listen to them?

Dec 19th
Reply (1)
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