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Author: @philcampbell & @dayleeo

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extracting the negative and replacing with a fix of positivity. adapting to change and remixing digital tools and batting those life curve balls into better life decisions with a side order of blockchain crypto coliving on the steem blockchain → tweet @ → and → discord → → donations welcomed Support this podcast:
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hey, we kinda took a bit of a dip there, time out, mental reboot,  end of a year long project and perspective and back to reality again  with another podcast. we went all over the map about mental energy, why  we do it, do we need to be managed and i think dayle talked about  tectonic plates a little bit too.--- Support this podcast:
how we managed to even get this podcast out tonight after the day  we both had is pretty amazing to me, but we got it done, wake up  tomorrow and crush the productsense about all the steemhunt IEO updates  and new bonus system, bear with us with this episode we turned and  flipped frustration around today -- plus we have bread to roll out! :)  #grassroots life! :)--- Support this podcast:
just shooting the shiz this morning trying to catchup with our podcast cycle, very difficult when it's warm and lovely and all you wanna do is drink corona and hang out in a swing in the sun, ya know? but we made it and we hit temporal ethics, we made it up. we like it.'people are people so why should it be, you and i should get on so awfully' -- depeche mode ;)--- Support this podcast:
went all over the place this week, i think it's because we are  both busy in different ways this week, we are a bit behind (sorry about  that) just a random episode, thank you to the seven people globally that  listen to our rants and raves. .. also, we discuss this. . it kinda  get's heated.. Support this podcast:
super random, mid day stream, props to @dayleeo for keeping us on track with these.We're trying to make that InstantPot life happen.. maybe even for St.Patricks Day!We've reduced theme prices by more than half, and announced the next theme we've been working on. https://ihaz.carrd.coEngrave blogs for steemians - when they launch their theme marketplace we'll create matching blog themes for your carrd sitesSTARTUP CEMETERY about time delegationtheme buildingnew skills learning'where you frequent' community building instead of forcing it--- Support this podcast:
Skills?new bread process for parathaWorld News?South Korea has 4.8 gig internetzLessons/ Things you learned about yourself? relationship between intuition and nature vs nurture judgementsThings you're in the process of improving or tightening the bolts on?asset management, digital tools course, portfolio presentation, new site for, new design and new templates coming soon!--- Support this podcast:
we have a website now! -- -- both of our casts are there!today we wanted to get an early start on this one because we  missed out doing it yesterday, it's a rainy kinda day today as well so  although we start with rain it does get quieter as we move through the  cast -- as usual, end of february and things are starting to pick back  up, but dayle had a great topic for us to talk around today.It's the end of February and client budgets are taking about as long  to thaw as the winter ground. What do you do in the mean time? In  between the pockets, powerups and upgrade portals the Universe puts in  your path."Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."--- Support this podcast:
how's it going? enjoying your week. We've been head down, tinkering and playing with creative projects this week, compiling OBS sources from scratch and compiling ideas for landing pages for our projects. All good thou, feb is nearly at the end and i love going into March, are you ready for a new Month or What?!--- Support this podcast:
we had a heck of a hectic week, pushed a MVP product, updated and used our templates on for our tshirts store and for our podcasts -- we did not get to product sense yet but we will get this done before the end of the week! :)http://ihaz.carrd.cohttp://ampsteem.comhttp://beeb.eehttp://unfr.eewe got so much pushed! :)--- Support this podcast:
it's been another packed week of project work but we are breaking  the back of it now, lots of things done, half way with the templates and  ready to push that micro  #steem  business up, look at setting up for our decentralized online  business and just a generally upbeat and focused time -- i like it when  things are like this.--- Support this podcast:
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