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...That's When You Get a Dog

Author: Renay Rich

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...That's When You Get a Dog, is not a show about dogs, we just figure sometimes life is hard and having a dog makes it better. When you're over 30 key questions always come up, each episode Renay Richardson will focus in on one question and hear stories from women with direct experience and those with expert opinions.


Single Ladies Call to Action!!!

00:00:37Update: 2017-12-13

3.5 The Debrief

00:25:39Update: 2017-12-12

3. My Body's Nobody's?

00:33:21Update: 2017-12-051

2.5 The Debrief

00:28:21Update: 2017-11-283

2. Can I Live?

00:29:52Update: 2017-11-212

1.5 The Debrief

00:22:58Update: 2017-11-141

1. To Breed Or Not To Breed?

00:27:38Update: 2017-11-072

...That's When You Get a Dog Trailer

00:00:53Update: 2017-10-231

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