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Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast

Author: Mike Gutterman

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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman and Andre Domingues.
262 Episodes
Mike welcomes Michael Bartosek (IG mbartosek, Etsy handrolledfilm) on as Cocoa Captain for a MIA Andre Domingues and guest Robert Lainez (IG and robertshootsfilm,!  We address questions from the Negative Positives Facebook group to Robert and throw a lot of people under the bus!
A Mike solo show!  He receives awesome zines from Sherry Christensen (IG ruralrouteonefilm, embrace_the_grain) and Wendy Gunderson (IG filmroadtrip,  Also, prints from George Griffin (IG flaneurwithacamera, onthestreetspodcast).  Next, he talks about an amazing package of Fujifilm goodness from Brandon Remler (IG brandonremler), and a call in camera review from Angela Solis (IG thisisgela_s) about the Konica Recorder AA-35.  Finally emails from Aaron Alfano and Ben Mills (IG hipshootfilm, twitter hipshootfilm).
The August round table discussion!  Andre and Mike welcome Dustin Cogsdell of the Grainy Dayz Podcast (IG fortheloveofgrain, grainy_dayz_podcast) and Matt Melcher of the Box of Cameras Podcast (IG mattmelcher, box_of_cameras) and Jiminy Cricket.  Topics include whether it is okay to hate things in the film community, what if the film industry fails, shooting dead formats, photography as a healing process, and the stigma of shooting in Auto mode on cameras.
Andre gives his first impressions of the HP Envy 5055 with the Instant Ink Program and highlights his plans to tackle his print exchange backlog.  The gents over at the Homemade Camera Podcast announce their first community zine and welcome Cameradactyl's own Ethan Moses as a co-host.  Eric O'Hara calls in with a review of the Pentax Spotmatic.Homemade Camera Podcast Zine link:
Mike and Andre talk to Bryan Caporicci of The Business of Photography Podcast (IG bcapphoto,,!
A Mike solo show.  Announcing the winners of the July dad jokes contest!  A call in camera review from Ian Barnaby Nutt (IG barnaby_nutt) for the Canon EOS 5.  Finally, how a zine from Jamie Marcellus (IG jsmarcellusphotography) has Mike questioning why he has avoided having modern automobiles in his photos.
Mike and Andre have Em from and co-host of The Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on to judge the film podcaster's submissions to the Negative Positives Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge!  Which podcast won the bragging rights to the challenge?  You will have to listen to see!
Andre talks about the difficulty in choosing between one camera, one lens and "a bag full of shit".  Dad jokes from Jr Wyatt and Dustin Cogsdell and a call in camera review from Jess Lantz of the Zenit E!
The Negative Positives Podcast Round Table Episode #2!  Our panel includes Matt Jones (IG mjones41) and Edward Conde of the Grainy Dayz Podcast (IG edwardconde_).  Our topics include your photography end game, magic and superstition vs. science in analog photography, and traditions in film photography vs. modern technology.
A Mike solo show!  He receives a print from Stanley Phillips (IG stanleyphillips6), dad jokes for the July dad joke competition, and an email from Kenny Tuomi about Negative Positives stickers.  Next, Mike talks about his experiences shooting film on his Florida vacation.  Finally, a call in camera review from Ian Barnaby Nutt (IG barnaby_nutt, for the Mamiya C330 Pro F.
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Alex Casares

great minds think As long as your fulfilling your need to create that's all that really matters and if others appreciate your work then that just a bonus. Not to mention if I wanted to play the social media game I would have to quit my job in order to find the time. I checked out your Instagram it's cool 👍📸👍

Jan 10th
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