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Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast

Author: Mike Gutterman

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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman and Andre Domingues.
277 Episodes
Mike welcomes on cocoa captain David Mihaly (IG theoldcameraguy, youtube theoldcameraguy) to fill the shoes of a missing Andre Domingues to help with this week's guest, Sam Heaney (IG samheaneyy)!  Sam is an Englishman now living in Seattle, WA USA.  We talk about his photography and processes as well as British and American stereotypes!
A Mike solo show with a call in camera review from Eric Dan (IG 35mmlove, about the Leica M2.  Also, is Mike losing his romance with metal bodied classic mechanical cameras?
Mike and Andre welcome on Stephen Byrne (IG floralaggressor,!  We talk about shooting abandoned buildings, street photography, intimate photography of loved ones, and other topics!
Mike welcomes a British invasion in a rare afternoon recording time!  Simon Forster (IG simonforsterphotographic, twitter @SimonFor, www.classiclensespodcast, FB groups: large format photography podcast, Photography with Classic Lenses, Classic Lenses Podcast) on as Cocoa Captain with Ted Smith (, IG tedsmith_photography, FB tedsmithphotography) as our guest!
Mike talks about the future of solo shows for this podcast and has a call in camera review from Jess Lantz (IG lantzjess) for the Canon A1.  Finally, talk about success and failure regarding the two street photography shots he is actually proud of!
The September Round Table episode!  Mike and Andre welcome Kevin Lane from the "Uncle Jonesy's Cameras Podcast" (IG ujcpodcast, IG kevinlane, Facebook page: Uncle Jonesy's Cameras Podcast, Blog: and Ted Vieira from the Photography Matters Podcast (, Youtube Ted Vieira, IG tav_photography).  We bring several hot topics to the discussion including answering a call in from Stuart Webster and an email from Sean Portnoy (IG grooves1200)!
Andre talks about his experiences shooting a Leica M2 with no built-in light meter and his plans to test the meters in all his film cameras to prep for a big increase in slide film shooting.  Also, Bill Smith (IG wbsmith200) from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (IG classiccamerarevival) calls in with a review of the Nikon FE2.
Mike and Andre welcome Wendy Gunderson (IG filmroadtrip, myirietime,, on the show!  Wendy is a fantastic travel photographer so obviously we talk about that, but she is also an attorney so she addresses many legal issues for photographers about your rights concerning your photography.Carolyn Wright  - Photo Attorney Stock - Known Image Restrictions: Stock - Property Release: Stock - Model Release: of Terms for photo licensing:  information -  US Copyright Office: registration - US Copyright Office: to Copyright registration - free to download: (Note: Since the creation of this guide, the registration of published photographs is limited to 750 photos and the Copyright Office provides a template for the photo names - for more information, see the website of the Copyright Office above)
A rushed Mike solo show!  An email from Mike Kukavica (IG drunken_darkroom) about John Gregory's "A Light in the Dark" Podcast and getting darkroom printing advice.  Next, a call in camera review from Jason Konopinski (IG grainmatterphotos) for the Canon P.  Finally, Mike's thoughts on shooting his first roll of Lomography Lady Grey 400 film!
Mike and Andre are joined by David Mihaly (IG theoldcameraguy, Youtube theoldcameraguy) where we talk all things film photography and producing youtube content!
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Alex Casares

great minds think As long as your fulfilling your need to create that's all that really matters and if others appreciate your work then that just a bonus. Not to mention if I wanted to play the social media game I would have to quit my job in order to find the time. I checked out your Instagram it's cool 👍📸👍

Jan 10th
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