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Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast

Author: Mike Gutterman

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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman and Andre Domingues.
292 Episodes
Mike talks about receiving Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog) new handmade zine and discusses the origin of "Facecasts" on the Facebook group that was coined by Stephen Rea.  Also, Stanley Phillips (IG stanleyphillips6) donates a prize to the 300th giveaway coming soon.  Next, we have a call in camera review from Tony Blatcher (IG spiralnightmares) for the Pentax Zoom 280P.  Finally, Mike talks about how everything we do in life is to create memories and the power of photography to preserve those memories.
Mike and Andre welcome to the show, Stanley Phillips (IG stanleyphillips6)!  We talk about his path to photography and his experience of pursuing a degree in photography.  Also, there is some talk about cheap beer!
Mike gets a black friday deal on the Impossible I-1 Camera, reads emails from Gregory Parker (IG about getting good blacks on HP Instant Ink Printers, Toni Skokovic (IG junctionrails) about the podcast, Kevin Dillon (IG ricoh_shooter)  about prints through Winkflash, Daniel Novak (IG danielnovakphoto, sends a donation from the profits of the 135mm Project Zine to the podcast, and Neil Piper of the Soot and Whitewash Podcast (IG neil_piper, IG sootandwhitewash) sends a call in about his new Facebook group "126 Shooters".  Next, we have a call in from Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve) about the photographer, Don McCullin.  Finally, Mike talks about how documenting your life is important even if it is on a crappy camera!
Mike and Andre welcome Betsey Karl (IG the.bkp, Facebook Betsey Karl Photography) as our guest on the show!  We learn about why she started to shoot film, how she pushes herself to keep learning in photography, and her perspective of shooting sports photography on film!
Mike reads an email from Greg Parker (IG about 4x6 lab prints and reads an email camera review from Jim Graves (IG _jimgraves) about the Nikon F801/8008.  Next is a call in camera review from Bill Smith from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (IG wbsmith200, IG classiccamerarevival) about the Rollei 35.  Finally, Mike talks about the winner of the free lab prints he received and gets an awesome message from Ted Vieira from the Photography Matters Podcast (IG tav_photography,!
Our scheduled guest fell through tonight so Mike and Andre welcome Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog) to bail us out!  We use this opportunity to announce changes to the podcast coming in January!  Finally, we talk about new film coming soon from Fujifilm and Lomography!
Mike reads an email about episode length and talks about free prints he received from York Photo and Snapfish for his family photo album project.  Next up is a call in camera review from Alessandro Cornacchia (IG alessandro.cornacchia) for the Olympus Pen EE-3.  Also, Mike talks about how seeing old digital photos has opened his mind to adding a little digital photography into his process in the future.  Finally, an announcement about Daniel Novak (IG danielnovakphoto, making the 135mm Project Zine available for purchase to the general public!Get the 135mm Project Zine
Mike and Andre welcome Jake Rose (IG jakerosephoto) on the Podcast. We talk about Jake’s photography, some Leica and Rollei snobbery, Andre tries to sneak in watch talk, you know.. the usual. Nobody reads these show notes anyway, just check it out!
Mike talks about future round table episodes, future guests and episode length.  Next, a call in camera review from Bill Smith from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (IG wbsmith200, IG classiccamerarevival, about the Leica M4-2.  Finally, Mike talks of recent troubles with his Epson V800 scanner!
Mike and Andre welcome Dan Tree (IG dantreephoto, FB Dan Tree Photography) on the show!  Topics include cameras, film, darkroom work and tips, shooting models, and photo projects!
Mike welcomes on Matt Jones (IG mjones41) who joined him in a year long torture test of photographic prints.  We discuss what we discovered from hanging a variety of prints in a window exposed to full sun for a year.  Also, we discuss Matt's experiences of being in Egypt for work and his observations on photography there.  Finally, we have a call in camera review from Alex Luyckx from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (IG classiccamerarevival, IG alexluyckxphoto) for the Minolta XE7!
Mike welcomes on a cocoa captain in Jason Konopinski of the Ultra Low ISO Club Podcast (IG grainmatterphotos, Etsy GrainMatterPhotos, with guest Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve)!  Topics include the standard gear talk and additional talk of the importance of shooting loved ones, mundane photographs, and self portraiture among other things!
Mike talks to Michael Raso (podcast: Film Photography Podcast,, youtube: filmphotographytube, IG filmphotographyproject) of the Film Photography Project about 10 years of the FPP and all things movie film!  Also, a call in camera review from Alex Luyckx (IG classiccamerarevival, IG alexluyckxphoto) of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast for the Nikon FA.
Mike and Andre welcome on Chris Visser (IG _visstopher_) (podcasts: "Reel Time", "Saltmates", and "Worth Playing For") onto the podcast for another long episode of nerdy film photography talk!  
Mike mentions the Ilford film news, talks with Em from Emulsive (IG & Twitter emulsivefilm, about the Emulsive Secret Santa 2019 registration, and has a call in review from Bill Manning of the Studio C41 One Hour Photo Podcast (IG studio.c41, IG bmphoto_ga, about the Pentax 67 90mm Leaf Shutter Lens!
Mike welcomes on cocoa captain David Mihaly (IG theoldcameraguy, youtube theoldcameraguy) to fill the shoes of a missing Andre Domingues to help with this week's guest, Sam Heaney (IG samheaneyy)!  Sam is an Englishman now living in Seattle, WA USA.  We talk about his photography and processes as well as British and American stereotypes!
A Mike solo show with a call in camera review from Eric Dan (IG 35mmlove, about the Leica M2.  Also, is Mike losing his romance with metal bodied classic mechanical cameras?
Mike and Andre welcome on Stephen Byrne (IG floralaggressor,!  We talk about shooting abandoned buildings, street photography, intimate photography of loved ones, and other topics!
Mike welcomes a British invasion in a rare afternoon recording time!  Simon Forster (IG simonforsterphotographic, twitter @SimonFor, www.classiclensespodcast, FB groups: large format photography podcast, Photography with Classic Lenses, Classic Lenses Podcast) on as Cocoa Captain with Ted Smith (, IG tedsmith_photography, FB tedsmithphotography) as our guest!
Mike talks about the future of solo shows for this podcast and has a call in camera review from Jess Lantz (IG lantzjess) for the Canon A1.  Finally, talk about success and failure regarding the two street photography shots he is actually proud of!
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Alex Casares

great minds think As long as your fulfilling your need to create that's all that really matters and if others appreciate your work then that just a bonus. Not to mention if I wanted to play the social media game I would have to quit my job in order to find the time. I checked out your Instagram it's cool 👍📸👍

Jan 10th
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