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Author: Layci Nelson

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Quick, applicable podcasts challenge business owners to manage like they mean it.
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If you knew what you know today would you still hire them? Listen in as Layci walks an owner through the process of deciding if a person needs to be fired or if another solution is possible.  Find the EOS People Analyzer/GWC here:
Dear Layci. . .

Dear Layci. . .


Listen in as Layci gives feedback to a gym owner who wrote in asking what to do about a Coach who really hates doing Zoom sessions.  Her response may surprise you.  Do you have a scenario you want Layci to troubleshoot?  She will always keep you anonymous.  Send it to: Subject line: Dear Layci 
Kids In Lockdown

Kids In Lockdown


Leading at home and leading at work are definitely not the same animal. However, all people long to be heard and understood. Today I asked my kids 8 and 9 what they need and to share what this experience has been like for them. Some of this was hard to hear, but I am so glad I asked. A few things really stood out to me. 1. The frustrations they have are not that different from mine. 2. They are grieving the loss of life as we knew it 3. They need my undivided, full attention in larger doses now than before. 4. They are extremely gracious and compassionate little people.
Have you ever had a meeting go completely off the rails? Do you feel like you have meetings and nothings gets decided? You might be using this style too much.
What happens when you take the time to make your employees feel seen and valued for simply being human?
Are you building relational capital with your team that creates a win for you and your business or are you just a cheering section?
Being a Visionary is required to take your team to higher levels. However, it’s one leadership tool, not THE leadership tool. Do you know how to use it wisely and when to put it away?
Building your team with the right people is one of the most important jobs you have as a leader. However, many owner’s go into the interview process underprepared and spend the next 6 months dealing with a hire who was not the right fit, or worse, was toxic. In this episode Layci covers: ☑️ Identifying the top 5 criteria for the job. ☑️ Getting your team on board ☑️Interviewing for an outcome not simply ability to complete tasks. ☑️How to organize the flow of the interview questions ☑️Different styles of questions to use to draw out specific things you should be looking for Join Layci and a bunch of gym owners over in the Facebook group Transcend to learn more about this and all this leadership, management and HR for your gym.
You are busy. You know you need to move more but it can feel overwhelming. Layci explains why CrossFit is her favorite way to get fit and yes, it really is for everyone. If you want to learn more about how this fitness style helps her be a better leader and just get better at life, check out her column Beyond Fitness in the Yakima Herald Republic.
The Burnout Fix Diet

The Burnout Fix Diet


Before you try the next diet fad in, listen to this. Layci talks about the basics of solid eating habits and how to make small changes that can make big differences. How does your nutrition stack up?
Fixing Burnout: Sleep

Fixing Burnout: Sleep


Part 2 of a four part exploration of burnout and what to do about it. Think you sleep enough? Know you don't sleep enough? This episode has immediately applicable tips for you.
Am I Burning Out?

Am I Burning Out?


Learn the 3 major flags for burnout and determine if you may be on your way. This is the first of 4 podcasts that will touch on how to identify burnout and what to do about it.
Performance Evaluations have a reputation for being a huge waste of time. I agree. They usually are, but not for the reasons you might think.
Layci Nelson talks about 2 types of policies that we don't think about until we really need them. Do you have a Social Media Policy? How are those Emergency Response Procedures looking? These policies can keep your doors open and literally save a life.
Leadership Is Lonely

Leadership Is Lonely


Join Layci as she shares some of the ugly parts of being a leader and truths she has learned to help navigate the waters. Leading can be lonely, make us guarded and feel like we are in a constant defensive posture. It can also be a catalyst for knowing our worth and cultivating deep life long relationships.
Millenials make up the majority of the workforce. We all have to figure this thing out. Check your stereotypes and move your business forward.
Most Common Illegal Policies in Employee Manuals; Do You Have One?
Employee manual? Do I have to?
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