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Zen Founder: Startup. Family. Life. (@zenfounder)

Author: Rob & Sherry Walling

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If you like Mixergy, Reboot, Jerry Colonna and other podcasts that focus on the mental and emotional side of startups, you'll love Zen Founder. Join Rob & Sherry Walling on this weekly show about staying sane while starting up. Sherry (@zenfounder) is a psychologist with expertise in trauma work and has endured 16 years of marriage to a serial founder. Rob (@robwalling) is a serial entrepreneur best known for email marketing software Drip and MicroConf.
261 Episodes
Sherry starts a new series of episodes, with co-host Alon, that provides guidance, support, and strategies for their community of entrepreneurial friends. They talk with friend Eric Rosenberg who struggles with his weight and has recently started a new diet program. Some of the things they touch include valuing yourself, self-discipline, finding balance, taking time […] The post Episode 262: Diets, Control and the Holocaust appeared first on ZenFounder.
With the continued chaotic state of things and the US election thrown in the mix now, Sherry talks about the ways in which our bodies handle stress. The way we respond to stressors that are outside of our control is hardwired. When the body is overwhelmed it stops doing fight or flight and moves into […] The post Episode 260: Stressed and Numb-Not the Only Options appeared first on ZenFounder.
Sherry returns after a brief break from the podcast to talk about burnout. Having been feeling it herself she talks about the effects burnout can have on our neurological health and our bodies. While most people think burnout is the result of working too hard too long,  it can also stem from a sense of […] The post Episode 259: Back From Burnout appeared first on ZenFounder.
Sherry interviews Dr. Michael Freeman, a psychiatrist, psychologist, consultant and former CEO. Dr. Freeman has done extensive and ongoing research of collecting data on the mental health of entrepreneurs. In this conversation they talk about what he has learned  over time in the mental health field about the entrepreneurial mindset. They discuss the biological and […] The post Episode 258: The Entrepreneur Personality with Michael Freeman appeared first on ZenFounder.
Covid has forced parents into a unique situation in that whether you chose to home school your kids or not, its something everyone is now dealing with.  Parents now have a higher demand on their time than ever before with this new model. Sherry and Rob talk about some of the best practices surrounding the […] The post Episode 257: Sanity Strategies for the New School Reality appeared first on ZenFounder.
In this episode Sherry interviews successful entrepreneur Aaron Houghton. Aaron started his first business at age 17 and sold two companies to private buyers for $169M before his 30th birthday. Despite all this success Aaron realized he still wasn’t happy and in fact the years of growing his businesses took a toll on his health […] The post Episode 256: Post Exit Panic with Aaron Houghton appeared first on ZenFounder.
Wildfires, hurricanes, civil unrest, Sherry asks the question: “How do we keep going when the bad news seems endless”? There is a real importance of returning and re-grounding to what is controllable to each of us. This sense of specific targeting a deep connection to your own self is a really helpful counterbalance to the […] The post Episode 255: So Much Bad News appeared first on ZenFounder.
After a brief break from the podcast to put the finishing touches on her upcoming book, Sherry returns to talk about the balance between our internal disciplinarian and nurturer.  Leaning into our own self discipline is important right now because there is so much chaos and disruption in the world and in our personal lives. […] The post Episode 254: The Disciplinarian and The Nurturer appeared first on ZenFounder.
In these current times people are feeling nostalgia for a time before the pandemic, when you could give hugs, gather with friends, attend concerts, and just be in crowds. Looking back feels different than it did before covid as does looking toward the future. Sherry talks about mental health and our relationship with time. She […] The post Episode 253: Time Travel and Mental Health appeared first on ZenFounder.
Rob takes over the podcast this week. He talks about 5 things he’s learned from over 20 years of entrepreneurship in dealing with his own psychology. He admits to making much more mistakes on the personal side than the business side of things and hopes this episode can be of service to anyone juggling the […] The post Episode 252: 5 Tools Rob Uses to Manage His Own Psychology appeared first on ZenFounder.
Sherry interviews Jonathan Stark, former software developer and author who is on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. They discuss at length a book by Alfred Adler as it pertains to its application to entrepreneurs and mental health. The book talks about the basic theories that guide Adler’s work including the struggle […] The post Episode 251: The Courage to Be Disliked, a Conversation with Jonathan Stark appeared first on ZenFounder.
Rob joins the podcast again to talk about his current endeavors. They talk about the effect the pandemic has had on the MicroConf conferences, TinySeed batch two updates, and overall stressors.  They also discuss the idea of Rob entering a different phase of his career, from scrappy builder to more well established with a deeper […] The post Episode 250: On Mentors, Giving Back, and Catching Up with Rob Walling appeared first on ZenFounder.
The current state of the world has caused a major shifts in our lives. There has been a shuffling of our businesses, financial situations, lively hoods, relationships and it has been leaving people feeling confused on what they want. Its a value question. what you do want? whats do you fight for? what will you […] The post Episode 249: What Do You Want? appeared first on ZenFounder.
In this episode Sherry talks with Pam Sherman., who she met during a TEDWomen conference in which Sherry had been invited to speak. Pam is an attorney, actress, writer, and leadership consultant who teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to be fully emotionally present within the context of their leadership. They have a in depth conversation […] The post Episode 248: Emotional Leadership with Outlaw Pam Sherman appeared first on ZenFounder.
Sherry talks about change and the different types of change. Inside out change is change in our behavior because of our thoughts or feelings. Sometimes inside out change isn’t enough and that’s were outside in change and social pressure comes into play. This is the type of change we are seeing in the wake of […] The post Episode 247: The Ghosts of the Past appeared first on ZenFounder.
As the smoke clears and the chaos subsides Minneapolis slowly starts to return to normal. However the message cannot be forgotten as it is too easy for the well off to pick back up their daily routines and just forget. Sherry talks about the issue of privilege and she shares some personal stories in which […] The post Episode 246: White Privilege and an Open Heart appeared first on ZenFounder.
In light of the tragic death of George Floyd, Minneapolis has erupted in protests and riots. This senseless loss of life from a psychological perspective causes grief, fear, and anger. A deep fracture of the basic sense of trust is at the heart of this type of turmoil. Losing trust in our leaders can lead […] The post Episode 245: The Deep Need For Trust appeared first on ZenFounder.
In this episode Sherry interviews the founder of The Hustle, Sam Parr. Sam shares his story which has a common theme of being able to shift and pivot as times change. Themes that really hold true today more than ever. They also explore the downside of “hustle”, what it costs to your personal or family […] The post Episode 244: Hustle, Hotdogs and Reinvention with Sam Parr appeared first on ZenFounder.
In this episode Sherry talks about mothers, motherhood, entrepreneurship, mental health, and all the energy that goes into forming something or someone important.  Mothers assume many different roles and shift back and forth between them in order to respond to what is needed. They are the original entrepreneurs, so take time to pause and notice […] The post Episode 243: The Original Entrepreneurs- A Celebration of Mothers appeared first on ZenFounder.
This week Sherry interviews Dr. Dan Engle, a Psychiatrist and Neurologist who specializes in Transformational Medicine. He is someone who is at the forefront of emerging science of plant based medicines effectiveness in treating many kinds of mental health challenges. They talk at length about MDMA assisted psychotherapy and the breakthrough science around it. Dr. […] The post Episode 242: Psychedelics and the Future of the Mind with Dr. Dan Engle appeared first on ZenFounder.
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