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6 Figure Creative is a podcast that helps freelance creatives earn more money by doing what they love. If you’re trying to avoid the never-ending grind of a 9–5, or just want to earn more money doing what you do best (creating), 6 Figure Creative is your new favorite show! Join host Brian Hood and his guests as they explore topics such as mental health, finances, sales, marketing, time management, the digital nomad lifestyle, and more.

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What if breaking the rules and embracing your uniqueness could revolutionize an entire industry? 🤯 Meet Paco de Leon, a trailblazer who defied conventional wisdom and turned the world of finance on its head by being unapologetically herself. As the author of Finance for the People and founder of The Hell Yeah Group, Paco has leveraged her personal brand to create an irresistible appeal that sets her miles apart from the competition. Her unconventional approach has landed her features on TED, New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, NPR, Vice, Bloomberg, Good Morning America, and countless others. How did Paco achieve such success in an industry as notoriously bland as finance? She wholeheartedly embraced her uniqueness and used the 80/20 principle to make everything she touches turn to gold. Feeling like you're putting in endless hours of work but not gaining any traction? Let Paco de Leon be your guide! Join our conversation to make this year a resounding "Hell Yeah!" year 🚀 In this episode, you'll uncover: How Paco's unique approach distinguishes her from "regular" bookkeepers 📚 The secret to maintaining a low client number while maximizing revenue 💰 How to repel the wrong clients through strategic branding 🚫 Running a thriving business without constant self-promotion 🌱 The art of practicing energy efficiency in your brain 🧠 Utilizing processes and procedures to scale your company 📈 Learning business skills from playing in a band 🎸 Overcoming fears and obstacles in your entrepreneurial journey 👊 Crafting a career-focused marketing plan for long-term success 🎯 For full show notes, visit
The Freelancer's Guide to Escaping the Hourly Grind and Scaling to $10k Months with Package Pricing From Hourly to $10K: The Package Pricing Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Freelance Business You’ve probably heard my rants on hourly vs. project-based pricing before… Yet you're still charging by the hour or day. I've heard all the excuses at this point" “Well yeah Brian, project pricing works for some people, but not me.” “What if I spend too much time and I lose money?” “What if my client wants all this extra random stuff done after we start the project?” “I do WAY too many things to bundle them into one project price!” Well, Brandi Mowles, from the Serve Scale Soar Podcast, is here to show you that you can simplify your packages, without a bunch of added work... and the best part is that you can do it more profitably than hourly projects. Brandi debunks the common myths, mistakes, and reservations freelancers have on switching from hourly to package pricing, and helps them hit the $10k per month mark without a team. If you’re ready to get out of the day-to-day hourly grind, and truly soar in your business, listen in on my conversation with Brandi Mowles! In this episode you’ll discover: How to make your marriage last (hint: pick the right person) Why package pricing is advantageous if you set it up properly Avoiding the pitfalls of package pricing What "package hacking" does for your business How to set your pricing for packages Using "up to" language in your pricing What's the most important to you? Why package pricing should not be based on your time Raising your prices on existing clients For full show notes, visit
Writing all of the different elements for your website is one of the most painful things... especially if you're trying to create a website that turns strangers into clients. Unless you are a copywriter, typing out a persuasive sentence feels like: “Selling out” “Overstating your achievements” or “Being another sleazy salesperson” When these thoughts pop into our heads, it’s important to realize “persuasive” does not mean “sleazy.” Converting the strangers on your website into paying clients is a massive step towards getting out of the feast-or-famine lifestyle, and you can do it without compromising any of your values. Whether your website conversions are floundering, your about page is blank, or you just can’t get that client to respond with a testimonial, Delia Monk has answers for us! As an expert in conversion-focused copy, she helps us turn all of our boring, vanilla website copy into personality-driven, radiant, and most importantly, high-converting websites. Listen to my conversation with Delia to take the next step toward building your new 24/7 lead-generating machine! In this episode you’ll discover: Why copywriting is incredibly important for your website's conversion rate Common copywriting mistakes on freelance websites Making yourself shine to stand out from your competition Turning testimonials into copy for your website Discovering why clients come to you Reasons to avoid stuffy, corporate copywriting How to resuscitate your about page Using stories to sell your services Staying current on copywriting trends For full show notes, visit
You are AMAZING at what you do as a creative. You create stunning designs, produce incredible music, or breathe life into visual media like photos or videos. Paid ads aren’t for you, right? The truth is, paid ads can work for anyone, including freelancers.  This has been proven time and time again, in industry after industry… Paid ads are one of the quickest ways to multiply your income and bring in more clients. The beauty of paid ads is that you have complete control over them. It’s not like referrals, where you’re sitting around waiting for someone else to send you clients. It’s not like cold outreach, where you feel like you’re spamming people. It’s not like social media, where you’re relying on the algorithm gods to put your content in front of people. By using paid ads, you can take matters into your own hands and steer your business in the direction you want. If you’ve tried paid ads before and they “didn’t work,” don’t give up just yet.  In this episode, I debunk 6 paid ads myths that are holding you back from using this powerful lead-generation tool. In this episode you’ll discover: The pros of paid ads Why survivorship bias is bad for business How paid ads can boost your business with real leads Why it's your fault if a client hires someone else and has a bad experience "Paid ads don't work for me" - nah, you just didn't try The perks of Client Financed Acquisition Building a long-term snowball using paid ads Looking to other industries to learn how to use paid ads for your business For full show notes, visit
I know the internet hasn't shut up about AI over the past couple of months, and you're probably thinking “dammit Brian, not another person talking about AI." But, hear me out... Right now, AI isn't something to be afraid of, but actually, a tool that can be used by freelancers in a bunch of ways... Having trouble figuring out how to fire a client politely after too many red flags? AI can help you. Are you struggling to come up with ideas for what to post on social media? Again, AI can help you. Trying to write an effective, non-cringe "about me" section for your website? AI can help you with that, too! Of course, you could always do this stuff on your own, but why make things harder for yourself? It’s a hell of a lot easier to let AI do all the heavy lifting and simply go back to tweak some words here and there. Instead of jumping on the pity party bandwagon of: “ChatGPT is going to take our jobs!” Or brushing it off as: “This is just another crypto phase…” The truth is, AI is here to help you, not to replace you (at least, not yet🤖). Ready to take advantage of the opportunity that AI tools like ChatGPT can offer your business? Join me as I walk you through 9 ways to make ChatGPT and other AI tools work FOR you as a freelancer, not against you. In this episode you’ll discover: Why AI isn't the end of the world for most freelancers How to use ChatGPT to respond to emails Using AI to help choose your business name Coaching AI to give the output you want The power of AI in SEO Creating social media content using AI Crafting excellent ad copy by using Chat GPT For full show notes, visit
If I were to ask you to think of the most bizarre marketing ideas you could think of to get clients, what would you say? I'd almost guarantee it doesn't include any of these: Fax machine marketing… Writing sea shanties… Performing puppet shows in client meetings… Cold outreach with homing pigeons??? These ideas are ridiculous, right? Well, the creative marketing agency Dingus & Zazzy doesn’t think so. Their mantra is "no idea is a bad idea until we try it". And you might say: “There is no way these methods would work, they’re way too far out there!” And to that, I'd say JUST LOOK AT THE NUMBERS… Dingus & Zazzy are bringing in over $500,000 per month in recurring revenue. Yes, you read that right… per MONTH. And this isn’t just a good month. This is automatic, recurring revenue every single month! Whether you have aspirations of earning $500,000 per month, per year, or even $50,000 per year, this conversation has applications for your creative business at any level. Listen in on my eye-opening conversation with Becca Kingsbury, co-founder and COO at Dingus & Zazzy, about her mastery of the recurring unlimited business model, hiring over 150 creative employees, and scaling to nearly 8 figures per year by using… interesting marketing methods. In this episode you’ll discover: The reasons for Dingus & Zazzy's zany name Offering unlimited work to your clients as a form of differentiation Finding your pricing by shooting in the dark Hiring the right people to support your company culture Encouraging your staff to solve problems proactively Using whacky ideas to make people remember your When it's time to fire the customer Calling your clients proactively to keep them active Focusing on your newest clients for smooth onboarding For full show notes, visit
I see a lot of creatives comparing themselves to their successful peers, saying things like: “Oh they have more experience than me, that’s why they can charge higher prices…” “They have a bigger network than me, that’s why they have more clients!” "They niched down, but I don't want to do that because it's not fun". While having experience, a network, and a niche are helpful to becoming a successful creative, I want to show you an example of how those things are NOT all required when you're early in your career. Meet Joana Galvão. Joana is the owner of the incredibly successful GiF Design Studios. When she launched her freelance design career straight out of college, her calendar was booked solid for 6 months... Without years and years of experience… Without a long list of contacts and relationships built up over time… Without niching down... Now that we have those excuses you had out of the way, listen in on my conversation with Joana to break down the concepts of lead generation, referrals, and how to thrive as a creative! In this episode you’ll discover: How Joana launched her brand new freelance career with a calendar full of paid projects How she earned $2k in ten days to pay for an unexpected expense The problems with accepting any request a potential client has How to stand out (and get clients) as a generalist in a "red ocean" How she's turned "word of mouth" into a strategy Asking easy questions to get a response The $60k cold email Forming strategic relationships to grow your network Handling cash flow problems in your business Asking for referrals the right way Ways to keep yourself accountable as a business owner For full show notes, visit
I know, I know, as soon as you hear “SEO,” you throw your headphones across the room and continue on with whatever fluffy, fun creative task you’ve been working on the past eleven hours. While the technical jargon of SEO, marketing, and web traffic sounds boring as all hell, I’m here to suggest that you give it a chance. The reason you should take a second glance: Infinite… Money… OK, that's an over-exaggeration. But just think about how many problems would be solved for you if you had 1,000,000 people coming to your website Every. Single. Month. You'd never need to worry about making ends meet again. No more fumbling around on social media. No more endless barrage of cold email pitches. If you are diligent about the SEO practices in this episode, you can develop completely organic traffic to your website (that means NO paid ads) and even monetize the visitors that show up through affiliate marketing. Having worked with Disney, Omega, Nintendo, and many more big brands, Jacob Cass is THE guy to listen to when it comes to the secret sauce behind SEO. If you haven’t quite hit that 1 MILLION site views per month milestone (like Jacob has), give this episode a listen! In this episode you’ll discover: How Jacob became a digital nomad before it was cool Growing your business with focus and intent Using affiliate marketing to boost your income Scaling your business with SEO Researching keywords for SEO ranking The tools you can use for SEO ranking Understanding domain ratings Determining your entrepreneurial personality For full show notes, visit
After covering the marketing, sales, and problem-solving skill stacks last week, we should be ready to knock our creative business out of the park, right? Not quite yet... There are a few more “non-creative” skill stacks that are essential to get right if you want to be a well-rounded and effective freelancer in 2023 and beyond. Some creatives may look at these skills and say… “These things don’t inspire me.”  “I only need to get better at my craft.”  “I’m bad at these, so I can’t improve them!” If that sounds like you, then all I can do from the comfort of my sofa as I type this is facepalm. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Do you, your income, your business, and your clients a favor by at least giving this episode a shot.  I wholeheartedly believe investing time and energy into these 5 skill stacks will improve your relationships, increase your productivity, and help you earn more this year. In this episode you’ll discover: Focusing on a wide band of skills rather than the selfish "I band" Making friends and maintaining relationships The skill of having self-awareness Combining focus and discipline The dilemma of opportunity cost Using tools to manage your time Why you need systems and processes Understanding your business's key performance indicators Knowing how and when to hire staff For full show notes, visit
Every year, I'm going to bet that your niche is getting more and more competitive. There's always another music producer, photographer, designer, copywriter, developer, or videographer popping up out of nowhere... And the scary part is... They're actually really good at what they do. What can you do to stay ahead of the competition? Get better at your craft? Probably not... Instead, you need to become a "Full Stack Freelancer" if you want to be a successful freelancer in 2023 and beyond. There's a laundry list of other "noncreative" skills that will do so much more for the success of your business, and in this episode, I’m going to delve into 3 of my most essential skill stacks to put you on the road to becoming a competent full stack freelancer this year. 🤘 In this episode you’ll discover: Becoming a full-stack freelancer The foundation of being a freelancer Honing your marketing skills Copywriting for small businesses Basic design for freelancers Understanding paid ads and funnels The strategy behind your business' marketing plan Confidence and conviction Persuading leads that you are the best option (because you are) FITFO in your full stack For full show notes, visit
What did I learn building a BRAND new 6 figure income stream last year? Of course, the idea of building a new 6 figure income stream sounds great right?… until you’re a year in and still not making the progress you wanted to. It feels like paddling toward an island that never seems to get any closer. Why not chuck the paddle and give up? The good news is you’re not alone! I’ve been there, and no matter how bad it feels, slow and steady still wins the race. “But Brian, you’re already successful, how can you relate to us beginner business owners?” Well, I just started a BRAND new income stream in 2022, and I want to let you in on 9 specific actionable lessons that I learned (and re-learned) while building it to 6 figures. Enough generic “here’s what I learned in 2022” talk, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of exactly what I had to learn from $0 to 6 figures revenue in 2022! In this episode you’ll discover: Why slow and steady wins the race Removing yourself from bad friendships Choosing the right pricing The wins paid advertising can provide Fixing the bottlenecks you're facing Keep growing your skills! Don't run your business alone Spend time creating a plan For full show notes, visit
It's officially 2023, and this is the time of year everyone starts looking to the future of what's possible. Is this the year you finally leave your day job behind? Is this the year you finally crack $100k in revenue? Is this the year you finally break $100k in profit? Whatever your goal, one of the most helpful things I can do as a podcaster is show you someone who's accomplished all of these things in a relatively short amount of time. Lydia Kerr of Telltale Design Co made the transition from "side hustle" to $20,000 per month in less than 4 years of starting her design business.  In this interview, you'll hear her story of how she launched Telltale Design Co while working a full-time day job, and she replaced that day job income within just a few months of freelancing, and ultimately how she made the shift from "low-dollar $500 project" freelancer to a "premium-priced $10k project" business owner. In this episode you’ll discover: How Lydia went from 0 to full-time in a few short months Growing your business to multiple six figures in under five years The difference between living in a small town or big city Why your $500 client will never be your $5,000 client Using social media to promote your business Working within clients' budgets Being honest with your clients Creating mutual respect with clients What tools to use for your business For full show notes, visit
I'm sure you already know how easy it is to get bogged down by the day-to-day tasks and admin work that comes with running a freelance business. You probably don't know all of the amazing tools out there that (when used correctly) will help you focus on what you do best... Create. By leveraging the right tools, you can increase profits, reduce frustration, and create a sense of calm in your workflow. From project management and invoicing tools to marketing platforms and collaboration apps, we'll discuss my top 11 favorite tools every creative freelancer should have in their toolkit. Whether you're just starting out as a freelancer or you're looking to take your thriving business to the next level in 2023, this episode is for you. Listen now to learn how these tools can help you streamline your workflow, stay organized, and grow your business. In this episode you’ll discover: Why you should invest in the tools you need The toxicity of the blue-collar mindset Solving internal communication for your team Staying on top of client relationships the easy way How to keep productivity high as a freelancer Bookkeeping made simple Choosing the best payment provider Saving hours per week on audio/video editing Using your external brain to stay organized For full show notes, visit
The sad reality for most freelancers is that they're just offering the same "copycat" services as everyone else around them. Because of this, they're stuck in a competitive hell. This is called a "commoditized service". Think about how you buy a commodity like salt and pepper... You look at the shelf and buy the first thing you see that matches your pricing expectation. As far as you're concerned, all the options are pretty much the same. This is what it's like for freelancers. Anyone who's looking to hire a freelancer can literally "shop" for dozens of different creative services where thousands of freelancers are competing with each other. In the perfect world, you'd find a way to stand out and become a "monopolized service", but that takes a LOT of time, effort, and energy to develop the necessary skills. The good news is that you can still thrive in an extremely competitive industry, and this week's episode will give you 6 ways to get more clients even as a copycat freelancer. In this episode you’ll discover: Why you need to stand out as a freelancer The dangers of rock bottom pricing in commoditized services Reviews vs. testimonials Providing a premium service for your customers Finding clients who know, like, and trust you Digital relationships The value of good copywriting for your business Funnels for freelancers For full show notes, visit
Have you ever checked a price for a flight, only to come back later and see that the price increased (or decreased) significantly? This is something called "dynamic pricing", and it's what some of the largest businesses in the world do to maximize their profits. This is a technique I learned in 2015 when using a new "dynamic pricing" tool on my Airbnb, and it added a 20% boost to my rental income. It worked so damn well that I brought the same idea to my freelance business that same year. If you're looking for clever ways to give yourself a pay raise, maximize your income, and fight against inflation by using supply and demand to your advantage, this episode is for you. In this episode you’ll discover: Why you should go fill out our feedback form right now Using dynamic pricing to make the most profit for your business How to determine your pricing based on timing and schedule Why it's ethical to charge annoying clients more Why last-minute projects are often the worst to work on Filling your last-minute schedule gaps with "fire sale" rates Who to blame if you get called out (hint: it's Brian) Why you deserve this! For full show notes, visit
The message of this week's episode is simple... Raise your gosh darn rates. There are way too many dangers of perpetually undercharging for your services (which we discuss in this episode). There are also so many benefits to your life/business when you charge more that you can't keep putting off rate increases. You might even need to completely restructure your services so you can charge more, but the effort is worth the result. In this episode you’ll discover: Why low prices are a red flag for clients Low rates = bad clients The threshold of raising your rates Lifetime client value and your business Why being business-savvy makes you a better creative The importance of understanding your market and clients DON'T RUSH your work Why ignoring people outside your network is a fatal mistake For full show notes, visit
If you've been stuck at 4 or 5 figures per year as a freelancer, there's likely one ingredient that is holding you back from growth. Without this ingredient, it is 100% impossible to get clients, grow your income, and get past the 6 figure mark (if that's your goal). In this week's episode of the 6 Figure Creative Podcast, my buddy Mark Eckert and I map out the path you can take to overcoming all of the hurdles between you and this incredibly important missing ingredient. In this episode you’ll discover: How to move from four/five figures to six figures+ Why you aren't full time yet How to revamp your entire public-facing identity as a freelancer The difference between advertising vs. content marketing and why this matters for freelancers Why you should be producing more than consuming How sticking to a schedule or routine can tie all of this together For full show notes, visit
Is your income in a constant feast-or-famine cycle? Some months might look great... But then all of your projects seem to dry up, and you're left scrambling for clients. This sort of cycle can be brutal for your business, personal life, and mental health, but this cycle doesn't have repeated for the rest of your life. There are likely 3 things keeping you trapped in this vicious cycle, and this episode breaks down how to finally break the cycle. If you're ready for more consistency, dependability, and stability in your monthly income, add episode #227 of the 6 Figure Creative Podcast to your podcast queue ASAP! In this episode you’ll discover: How Brian scored $12,000 flights for $200 Why you're comfortable in your day job Taking responsibility for your business' success (or lack thereof) What's keeping you on the feast-or-famine rollercoaster The best solution to an inconsistent business How to work smart, not hard The key to consistent client acquisition For full show notes, visit
So you made it to $100,000+ per year... Congrats. Too bad you made so many sacrifices that you're constantly stressed out, you're missing out on time with friends and family, and you resent your business. The irony is that you became a freelancer because you hated your day job and you wanted to work for yourself. Now, you feel like you have 50 "little bosses", and you hate your life a little bit more with each new client you gain. If this sounds like you, it may be time to put boundaries into place to get to that sweet spot between hitting your income goals while also enjoying your life and business. In this week's episode of the 6 Figure Creative Podcast, I give you 6 different boundaries you should have with your clients so you can actually stay happy, healthy, and profitable. In this episode you’ll discover: Maintaining mental and physical health while you're running a business How to handle revision requests without losing your mind Eliminating one of the most painful freelance experiences How to keep your clients from taking advantage of your kindness Boundaries for corporate/agency clients Using boundaries to avoid scope creep Avoiding stress with payment issues How to learn more about building your client acquisition machine For full show notes, visit
If you've ever felt like your freelance life has been a neverending feast-or-famine roller coaster, chances are you're missing one (or more) pieces of a full client acquisition machine. You've likely "dabbled" with bits and pieces here and there, but you've never fully built each of the individual parts and refined them to the point where everything is working as a well-oiled machine bringing you high-quality clients every single month. In this week's episode of the 6 Figure Creative Podcast, I break down each of the major parts of your Client Acquisition Machine, as well as what specific numbers you should be aiming for as a benchmark. If you've ever wanted more stability and predictability in your business, and you want a clear roadmap for how to make 2023 your best year ever, this episode is for you. In this episode you’ll discover: How to solve a consistency issue in your business Why dabbling is slowly destroying your income stream The foundation of your Client Acquisition Machine Creating a transformational outcome for your clients Building your Marketing Mothership Your responsibility to sell to those who need your service The parallels between software and freelancing Nurturing your leads for a long-term relationship Fine-tuning your Client Acquisition Machine For full show notes, visit
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