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Chistopher Calicott, a VC at Trammell Venture Partners, joins Pierre and Bitstein for a wide-ranging conversation on bitcoin, startups, and Texas.
Bitstein and Pierre discuss the debate between gold and bitcoin held at Mises University 2022
Bitstein and Pierre riff on the bitcoin price and Lightning
Join Christian Keroles, Michael Goldstein, and Pierre Rochard as they discuss Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami. Get bullish!
Noded 80 With Maciek Laskus

Noded 80 With Maciek Laskus


Maciek Laskus from comes on Noded to discuss credentials, identity, reputation, trust, tribalism, and social media with Bitstein and Pierre.
After a 1 year hiatus, Noded is back! Bitstein and Pierre discuss NFTs, transaction fees, and financial planning with Morgen Rochard, best selling author of Personal Finance QuickStart Guide! Follow Morgen on twitter:
Noded 78 With Mason Jappa

Noded 78 With Mason Jappa


Mason Jappa from Blockware Solutions came on to discuss the latest trends in bitcoin mining and the services his company provides. Find him on twitter:
Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, joins Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein to talk about Bitcoin, finance, and politics.
Jimmy Song, Gabe Higgins, Derek Waltchack, Robert Breedlove, J.M. Bush, Julia Tourianski , Lyle Pratt, and George Mekhail have written a masterpiece on Bitcoin from a Christian perspective. "Thank God for Bitcoin explores the ways in which the current monetary system is broken and what can be done to fix it. It explores the creation of money, its corruption and its potential redemption. It looks at how Bitcoin is redeeming the ills of our corrupt monetary system and how the ongoing transition to sound money is a source of hope for a broken world."
U.S. Representative Warren Davidson from Ohio's 8th Congressional District joined Michael and Pierre for a second episode of Noded to discuss political philosophy, legislative process, regulatory actions, and monetary economics as they relate to Bitcoin holders and node operators.
Attorneys and legal scholars JP Schnapper-Casteras (@jpscasteras) and Misha Guttentag (@MishaGuttentag) join Michael Goldstein (@Bitstein) and Pierre Rochard (@Pierre_Rochard) on the Noded Bitcoin Podcast to discuss policy, regulations, and legislation related to Bitcoin.
Pete Rizzo ( on Twitter dot com) is Editor-At-Large Kraken, a global bitcoin exchange. Pete is also the co-founder of Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers and the former editor in chief of CoinDesk. He joins Bitstein and Pierre to discuss an article he wrote in collaboration with Aaron van Wirdum focused on a historical moment in Bitcoin node software development, read it here: Here is Pete's twitter thread about it: Intro:
The Bitcoin Rabbi! Pomp Podcast #385: Michael Saylor On Buying Bitcoin With His Balance Sheet Lanlaude How Do You Lead UP the Chain of Command? - Jocko Willink
Justin Wales: Why Auditing is Important Money How To Be Aggressive When It's NOT Natural - Jocko Willink
Join Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein for a conversation with Preston Pysh, host of The Investor's Podcast. Intro with Powell: Ending with Jocko:
Find the show valuable? Become a patron! Recorded on 2/25/2020 Michael Goldstein chats with the Bitcoin Rabbi about his experiences as a merchant using the Lightning Network, as well as Bitcoin and Judaism and other traditional wisdom. Twitter: The Bitcoin Rabbi: Michael Goldstein: Intro with Hans-Hermann Hoppe:
First half is Pierre on River Live, second half is Pierre and Francis Pouliot on Swan Signal.
Rebroadcast of Pierre on TF Podcast:
Find the show valuable? Become a patron! Recorded on 2/20/2020, but the episode still has a high correlation and cointegration with good content. Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard chat with Marcel Burger about stock-to-flow and Bitcoin econometrics. - Crypto Asset Management: Twitter: Marcel Burger: Michael Goldstein: Pierre Rochard: Intro with Neel Kashkari: Ending with Jocko and Tim Ferriss:
Noded 0.65.0

Noded 0.65.0


Recorded on 2/11/2020, this time capsule from the past will bring you back to what life was like three weeks ago. Re-experience the 5 digit euphoria with hosts @pierre_rochard and @bitstein! Find the show valuable? Become a patron! Intro with Chamath: Ending with Jocko:
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