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Author: Nippon Tradings International (NTI)

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From Japan Real Estate market fundamentals, with a special focus on investment - through guides, tips, tricks and interviews with industry experts - this podcast is your one-stop-shop for audio content related to one of the world's most exciting (and profitable!) property markets.

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Business call with a Hong-Kong based entrepreneur who is in the market for an older countryside home to turn into a guesthouse. We talk all things related to compliance, management, permits, staffing, and much, much more.
Our favorite finance & economy macro expert, researcher and analyst, Dan Gallucci, comes back to tell us about how various APAC countries are handling the pandemic. We talk GDP, import, export, tourism, jobs & global financial shifts.
We review the current state of Japanese Real Estate Investment Trusts in 2020 - how are they doing overall? Which sectors are doing better than others? What does the future hold for these exciting investment vehicles?
We take a series of in-depth, thorough questions from a new potential investor - covering everything from location selection through financing, tenant profiles, property management, and much, much more.
Listen to the Experts!

Listen to the Experts!


When investing remotely in a country as alien as Japan can be, it's crucial to A) pick the right professionals, and B) listen to their advice. We examine why that's so important, and what happens when one doesn't.
A mashup & taste of Priti Donnelly's "Japan Property & Business News Podcast"
With the COVID effect still in place, prices in most areas around Japan are still quite soft, which leads many to seize this moment in time to secure their dream beach side, river side or mountain side holiday home at an affordable price. We speak to a new client with exactly this plan in mind - in beautiful Kyushu, one of Japan's most spectacular areas.
Long chat with Ujwal Velagapudi, of "The Global Uj" podcast - we talk current and past market trends, financing options, attractive investment locations, the challenges facing foreigners investing in a foreigner-shy country like Japan, and the advantages of using a buyers' agent and proxy.
We speak to 3 entrepreneurs from the USA who are learning about Japan's real-estate property market, planning to kick off their army/navy personnel rental business near Yokosuka base, an hour south of Tokyo.
Conversation with new client, an experience US investor, taking his first steps in the world's 2nd biggest property investment market
In this episode we talk to a lovely US-based couple, in the market for a remote, mountain-top home, with easily accessible "onsen" access - which could potentially be turned into a guest-house in the future.
We re-visit the US army/navy personnel rental business plan - this time speaking with a new investor based in Aomori, and in the market for his first rental property.
We chat with a new client living in Dubai, and in the market for a home away from home, in the world's biggest metropolis.
Long chat with a pair of young US military staffers, in the early stages of setting up their Japan real estate property business.
We review the new national legislation due in 2022, which will affect unit owners in co-owned buildings aged 40 years and beyond.
We continue our chat with Daphne Thomson, global investor taking her first steps in Japan's real estate property market.
A chat with a seasoned global investor, taking her first steps in Japan's real estate property market.
Portfolio Structuring

Portfolio Structuring


We talk to a new client from Canada, in the process of examining his long-term purchase and portfolio structuring options (cash/financed, units/buildings, locations etc).
While the pandemic HAS created a vibrant buyers' market in Japan, there are also head-winds involved, for some investors more than others. In this episode, we review the downside and disadvantages of the current situation, and list potential workarounds and solutions.
We speak with a new client about all things related to investing in small residential and mixed purpose buildings in Japan's major cities - prices, deal samples, financing, taxes, corporate VS individual ownership, and much more.
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Excellent podcast I think he looks at the unique Japanese investment situation and analyzes it well.

Nov 26th
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