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Author: Mike Anthoni

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Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show is a place for motivation, encouragement and empowerment. Check out this podcast and leave a message or a comment and if it is good I will work it in my show. Click on the link below. Thanks and God bless.
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The mouth is a powerful tool for good and for evil. This episode is about controlling what we say out of our mouths. As people we can speak very hurtful things to out fellow man but I believe God wants to speak words of life. The Bible says Death and Life is in the power of the tongue. So let us speak life on each other.  Check out my website where you can get the latest episodes and more... Send in a voice message:
Disarming Fear In Your Life

Disarming Fear In Your Life


Sometimes in life we will face great challenges. Fear is one of those great challenges we will face. Fear can paralyze you and cause you to be counter productive. Mike Anthoni in this episode shares with us some tips to disarm the fear in our lives. Also check out the special guest artist Virtuous. --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is part 2. of my interview with the Writers, Actors, Directors and Producers of the film Heavenly Deposit. George Vincent and Rick Irvins.We talk about some industry tips for future producers and how God bless them through making the movie Heavenly Deposit. Check out the website And check out my website --- Send in a voice message:
This is just an excerpt of the upcoming interview Part 2. of How God Brought it Altogether to the movie Heavenly Deposit. Part 1. is available to hear now check it out. check out see a more in depth view of the awesome film.--- Send in a voice message:
I had a great interview with writers, directors and movie producers George Vincent and Rick Irvins. These guys just released Heavenly Deposit on May 28th. This was a great interview to hear how the movie came about, how the movie is truly changing lives and more. Click the link in the bio to listen to How God Brought It Altogether... The Movie Heavenly Deposit.--- Send in a voice message:
A Little Tongue In Cheek...

A Little Tongue In Cheek...


Every believer at some point in their lives wonder is compromise acceptable. This short moment is just a little tongue in cheek from Mike Anthoni. King David looked at the wicked and saw them prospering but had to remember that it is God who has the final say.--- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, “Living Your Best Life Pt. 2” Mike Anthoni encourageous the his listners to stand firm and fight for their best life. We must understand that our best life is found in God and we must get busy living it.Mike Anthoni also shares with his listeners part 2. of a powerful message entitled, “Living Your Best Life.” Rev. Nicole Walker gave us awesome tools on how to live our best life now.Our best life is truly found in God. Please follow us at Making An Impact Website.Check out this Christian movie trailer at Impact News Please subscribe to the podcast at Making An Impact Website.--- Send in a voice message:
Living Your Best Life Pt.1

Living Your Best Life Pt.1


Are you living your best life? In this episode Mike Anthoni is sharing a life changing word by Rev. Nicole Walker entitled "Living Your Best Life." So many people miss the blessings of God because they choose a life that is mediocre. God wants to bless us and he will when we learn to live our best life.--- Send in a voice message:
Hey check out this new podcast episode, "What Is Your Dream Worth To You?" Also, there is a wonderful song entitled Yesterday by the artist Joan Joyce. Please check her out and support her @joanjoysing on Instagram. We can allow our greatest struggles to rob us of our dreams... But will we stay the course? Click the link in the bio to hear this episode in its will bless your life. Thank you to our sponsors as well. God bless you..all. Please leave me a comment on what you think of this podcast.😊🕴🗣--- Send in a voice message:
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