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Author: Colton Geschwandtner

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The Desert Tiger Podcast features various musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians, and people chasing their dreams. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!

The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, wrestling referee, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!
70 Episodes
Troy Kokol has built a solid reputation in the music industry as a songwriter, winning awards and helping artists break onto the charts for over a decade now. In fact one of the first songs he wrote together with his wife Joni became an immediate hit, pushing the duo to the front of the country music world. Troy will tell you himself he would go on to build his wings on the way down, strengthening his skills as a songwriter and learning how to produce and mix tracks for the artists he was working with. Troy eventually started to collect some tracks that sounded strongest with his own voice, and decided to begin recording them for release. Almost a decade later Troy has final spread his wings as far as he can, finally leaving the comfort of his 9 to 5 to focus entirely on the foundation he has built himself with his art. This decision has also allowed Troy to release his second album ‘Lonely Ghost’, a pop charged folk album guaranteed to get you moving. Troy also continues to expand his talents, recently learning claymation and animation. Which he promptly put to use on his music video for his latest single ‘Lightbulb’. Like the song, and the album it comes from, Troy did 100% of the work that went into the video, from writing the script, making the figures, and all the filming and editing.   Join Troy Kokol as he shares his experiences of building his wings on his way down, and then using them to carry himself as far as possible!
The Apollo Suns are rising brighter then ever after making Dawn Offerings. Not the sacrificial kind, but based on how good their new EP 'Dawn Offerings" is, you might start to question just what goes into the fusion of rock, jazz, and funk, that is the Apollo Suns. Ed, Glenn, and Anatol, join the DTP to discuss the growth the band has experienced since releasing their first EP 'Each Day A Different Sun' in 2017, and how Ed's vision for the group is complimented by the experience members like Glenn and Anatol bring to the table with their music schooling. We also talk about the back to back Western Canadian Music Award's Instrumental Artist Of The Year Award nominations the Apollo Suns have received, as well as what winning in 2018 meant to the band, and to the members personally. So come journey with the Tiger as we walk with the Apollo Suns! Want to support the show? Get A Shirt! Follow the DTP on Spotify! Check out our Website! Subscribe to the DTP on iTunes! Follow Desert Tiger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Delii 2 Dublin have built a solid reputation for good vibes and great dance music since the release of their self titled debut album in 2007. Sanjay Seran and the rest of D2D have always carried a positive message with their music, but with their upcoming 2019 release ‘We Got This’, the group has shifted that message to the forefront. Teaming with certified hit song maker Gavin Brown, Delhi 2 Dublin has evolved their songwriting to a level that they feel is truly special. Taking steps away from the west coast bass driven sound they have been known for, ‘We Got This’ has a strong pop influence that still holds the key elements that have always connected D2D to their audience. Their messages of acceptance, friendship, culture, good times, and love ring stronger than ever, with songs like ‘Home’, and ‘My People’, the group strives to prove that no matter the background, beautiful souls light up the world wherever they are. Sanjay Seran joins the DTP to discuss Delhi 2 Dublin’s 2019 album ‘We Got This’, working with Gavin Brown, and the long process the group put into making sure that the album captured the spirit they have experienced with their travels.
Jeff Burrows has been sailing through dark waters as a member of The Tea Party for nearly 30 years now, and the wind in their sails continues to blow strong with the release of their latest single, Black River. Their 2014 album Ocean At The End saw the band return to not only the stage, and studio, but also the charts in Canada and Australia where their fan base stayed strong through a 10 year album release break. After finally easing a long standing tension, The Tea Party decided that their song crafting methods felt as powerful as ever, and that the dark waters that surround them could never sink their ship. Jeff Burrows joins the DTP to discuss the latest single ‘Black River”, what the relationship dynamic in the band is like a few years after getting back together, plans for their thirty year anniversary, and what other treasures they have waiting for their fans! Follow the DTP on Spotify! Check out our Website! Subscribe to the DTP on iTunes! Follow Desert Tiger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
I Am, Kim Churchill

I Am, Kim Churchill


Kim Churchill has spent most of the last decade as a nomadic bard. |Making his mark as a busker after years of classical training, Kim quickly took to the road playing every town that would have him, no matter the distance. This mindset has allowed Kim to eventually progress onto the stage and into the studio, where suddenly the road wasn't the only thing calling as the sea and the sky longed for his tales. After Finding radio success a change of pace was necessary, leading Kim to reflect and to temporarily set his feet in one place. Just long enough to come to the studio with a new found drive, feeling lighter then ever before, knowing he no longer needed to chase After The Sun Kim joins the DTP to discuss his latest project, four EP's written and recorded in 4 different countries, lightly connected by what they mean to Kim. The first EP entitled "I Am" releases this month and Kim dives into it's creation process as he shares his journies and experiences with you!
Since arriving in Canada, Exco Levi has been helping shape the NARRATIVE of the countries growing Reggae music scene. Bringing the spirit and energy of his native Jamaica and mixing it with the community of his new northern home, Exco has become one of the most celebrated Canadian musicians of the last decade. Holding the highest winning percentage in Juno Award history at 5 wins to 7 nominations, Exco’s drive to spread a message of love and freedom has also earned him the 2019 Black Business & Professional Association’s Harry Jerome Entertainment Award. Further cementing Levi’s vision for inspiring a better world everywhere he goes. Exco Levi Joins the DTP to discuss following his passion to a new home, and the opportunities it has blessed him with. We also discuss his latest album Narrative, the progression of his music, and what being honoured by the Juno’s and the BBPA’s has meant to him!
Tom Stephen is the author of the new novel “Best Seat in the House”, which is an inside look into Tom’s time as both drummer and co-manager of The Jeff Healey Band for over a decade. Tom hopes to spark the process of getting his late, great, bandmate Jeff Healey into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame by reviving and sharing many of the stories and experiences that they shared together. From meeting each other as teenagers, being nominated for a Grammy award, and being featured in the timeless film Roadhouse, the trio achieved legendary feats for a small blues rock group from Toronto. Tom brings fans through many of the groups highs, as well as there lows as Tom refuses to hold back on anyone, including himself, noting his actions as an eventual wedge in their relationship. Tom joins the DTP to discuss ‘Best Seat in the House’, and shares some of the stories it contains, as well as some of the things he has learned since its release.
They say if the road isn't what you want it to be, that you should work to shape it for not only yourself but for others.  D.O. Gibson has been living that mindset since taking his first steps into the rap game in 1999, constantly challenging himself to create better opportunities. Whether it was open mics with live bands, breaking the world record for longest freestyle, or making his own label and helping showcase fellow musicians in the Netherlands. In fact D.O.'s relationship with the Netherlands has grown so much that he now considers it his 'Second Home', which also happens to be the name of his upcoming album, on which he working with Netherlands based producer Tantu Beats. When D.O. isn't laying down some tight wordplay, you can usually find him touring across Canadian schools speaking with student about topics like leadership, bullying, and peer pressure with his Stay Driven presentation, which has received high praise and feedback from faculty, parents, and students alike. Join D.O. Gibson as he takes you through the progression of his career as a rap artist, how he relates it back to young minds, and his upcoming album "Second Home" Learn More about D.O. Gibson! Follow the DTP on Spotify! Check out our Website! Subscribe to the DTP on iTunes! Follow Desert Tiger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
After 'A Storm You Can Weather' past guest Tanner Cyr returns to the DTP to discuss how his band has evolved from a solo project into the new group, Homeless In Hawaii! With new experiences you can find new knowledge, and sometimes even new friends or band mates. When Tanner last joined us he was one month away from his first true tour, and in the process of creating his 3rd album, 'A Storm You Can Weather'. Since then Tanner has managed to tour in support of the album a second time in 2018, which saw his live performance grow from a duo with now Homeless In Hawaii guitarist Leonard Menon, to a four piece stage show capable of recreating and enhancing the material. A new band, an evolving sound you might even call 'super', teamed with the same relentless creative passion that Tanner and Homeless In Hawaii are becoming known for. Find out more about Tanner and Homeless In Hawaii! Follow the DTP on Spotify! Check out our Website! Subscribe to the DTP on iTunes! Follow Desert Tiger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Sometimes you need to take a moment to appreciate your achievements while still moving forward. With his platinum selling, Juno Award winning debut album Symphony In Effect turning thirty this year, Maestro Fresh Wes is celebrating over 3 decades of turning records into history with his latest release 'Champagne Campaign'. Even with all the experiences and blessings Wes has recieved, the songwriter, actor, and author, is driven to continue raising the bar for himself, taking time to show he can hang with whatever flow is on the table. Drawing you in with his signature style , while embracing the world of trap, 'Champagne Campaign' is a clear indication that even with being in a comedy show, collaborating with jazz and rock musicians, and writing motivational books, the coach still has a multitude of plays left to call as he continues to adapt and grow his vision. The God Father of Canadian Hip Hop joins the DTP to discuss the process behind 'Champagne Campaign', working with and mentoring younger artists, his time playing Paul Dwyer in comedy series Mr.D, his book Stick To Your Vision, and much more!
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