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Author: Colton Geschwandtner

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The Desert Tiger Podcast features various musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians, and people chasing their dreams. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!

The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!
123 Episodes
This week R&B / Hip-Hop artist Ceesar joins the DTP to discuss his new EP 'Hustle & Passion'! Ceesar talks about his decision to pursue music just 2 years ago after building himself up as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. What inspired him to make this change of pace, what has it been like growing himself as a musician and songwriter while finding his unique sound, and we dive into the meaning of some of the singles on his new album like 'Day 2 Day' & 'About You'!
Dan Sequeira & Graham Jantz of Waterfront join the DTP today to give you all an ‘Encore’! Encore is Waterfront’s 2nd single and it just dropped today, and Graham & Dan are taking us Behind the music with not only Encore, but also the groups 2019 debut single ‘Loose Cannon’. Dan & Graham also talk about their backgrounds prior to Waterfront, what brought the group together, the bands first performances, how their 2020 plans have adapted, fan free hockey, and what does the future look like going forward!
Sacha is a Canadian country musician who is forging her own path, setting a positive example while still making sure to take the time, to have a good time! Sacha joins the DTP to discuss her new EP 'The Best Thing' as well as it's latest single 'Cheers' and its fantastic music video. We also discussed her upbringing in small town Ontario, performing and speaking to school students, breaking stereotypes, how she has grown since her first 2 EP's, and much more!
Rosh Grove joins the DTP to talk about 'Weakdays'! 'Weakdays' is a trio of EPs Rosh is releasing in 2020, and the 2nd installment 'WEAKDAYS: Friday Vibes' recently dropped. We dive in to the details of 'WEAKDAYS: Friday Vibes', as well as the first part of the series 'WEAKDAYS: Thursday Feels' We also discuss Rosh's beginnings as a songwriter, from a school project that started it all, through his time as R.T.B.theWriter, to the decision to move forward as Rosh Grove and what exactly  that shift meant going forward for his music! We also discussed Rosh's experiences as an actor, from studying at York, performing on live stages, and how acting has influenced his work as a musician.
Canadian Rock n Roll legend Kim Mitchell joins the DTP to take you behind the music with his new single 'Wishes, reconnecting with former band mate Greg Wells for his upcoming album 'The Great Fantasize', his unforgettable guitar tone, his time in Greece before starting Max Webster, the transition to a solo career, his work with Pye Dubios and what he feels made their songs special, reciting 'Diamonds, Diamonds' with the Barenaked Ladies, and so much more!
Aaron Pollock joins the DTP to take you behind the scenes of his new song 'I Don't Drink Whiskey Anymore'! We also discuss Aaron's growth as a songwriter and some of the steps along the way that lead him to where he is now, his work with different charities, the importance of mental health and how writing about it has helped him, as well as some of his other tracks like 'Wildfire' which released earlier this year!
Troy Kokol returns to the DTP! This time around we discuss his new single 'Like A Record', and its accompanying music video. Last time Troy joined us we talked about how he learned claymation to create his 'Lightbulb' music video, and once again he has applied his drive to the visual narrative of 'Like A Record'. This time though he challenged himself with a different technique, learning rotoscoping in order to help bring the visual narrative of this song to life! We also discuss what the last year has been like since we last connected, talking about Troy's work as a producer and a songwriter!
Tanner Cyr returns for his third appearance on the DTP and he brought along HIH band mate Leonard Fowley to help break down their upcoming album 'Fear Of Missing Out', and their new single 'Darker Days'! What did Leonard think when Tanner brought him and the band a multi page breakdown of his next vision? What has the process of bringing it to life been like? How does the story continue to unfold from here? And why did the band decide to cover the Ghostbusters theme song? It's finally time for the story to begin, so join Tanner and Leonard as the give you a behind the scenes look at 'The Fear Of Missing Out'
Nice Horse is wild: wildly talented, wildly entertaining, fun, fresh, fierce, and feisty. They’ve established themselves as one of the most buzzed-about and fast-rising groups in the Canadian music industry. Katie Rox, singer, guitarist, and banjo player for country & western band Nice Horse, joins the DTP to discuss how a vacation side project eventually began to gain an undeniable amount of momentum, the group's brand new single 'Cowgirl', and spreading strong positive messages with country music!
Today on the DTP Country artist Matt Lang joins the show to talk about his new EP ‘More’! ‘More’ has and already received over 2 million streams, charting in multiple categories on Itunes,  and it’s latest single ‘Getcha’ it is currently the # 1 added song for country radio in North America. ‘More’ is Matt’s first album since signing to the Jayward Music Group, and his second EP song in the English language, as Matt actually hails from Quebec so French is his first language. He has been progressing his knowledge and skills with English so that he can continue to grow his career as a country musician, and this shows as he has contributed lyrics to more songs than with his first, self titled EP. Matt also recently played ‘Country-to-Country’ a massive country music festival in Berlin Germany! Having happened right before travel bans were implemented he had a first hand view of the growing country music community in Europe. So come on and ‘Getcha’ just a little ‘More’ Matt Lang, as he takes us behind the scenes of his new EP, his continued growth as an english singing country musician, the Country to Country music festival, and much more!
Fonkynson’s sound has always continued to evolve, but now his message is clearer than ever as he is taking a new perspective on his future house vibes with his new album ‘Falling’. Definitely full of good grooves and dance floor worthy rhythms while taking a bit more of a mature approach in expressing himself & the world around him. ‘Falling’ also sees Fonkynson beginning to collaborate with more vocalists, having only done so once before, this new collection of expression features an eclectic group of voices. Fonkynson joins the DTP to discuss his evolution as a producer and DJ, his new album ‘Falling’, what some of the tracks mean to him, how he found the singers who helped to bring it to life, and we also dive deep in to the albums artwork which also features a collage of strong imagery.
Kellie Loder recently released a powerful new music video for her track "Molded Like A Monster", and it happens to land at a time where its message might just ring its loudest. Not only does the track tackle the mold our environments and communities build around us, but the mold we seem to place on other people as well. The accompanying video shares strong images of youth seemingly trapped in the molds that may form their future. We not only speak about some of the mold of society, but also some of the molds the Kellie herself has had to break through in her own journey and as a musician, learning to embrace herself while growing in to the person she strives to continue shaping herself as!
Any history of The Wolfe Brothers that doesn’t begin four generations ago isn’t quite complete. The revered country duo, comprised of brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe, have become renowned over the past few years for their jaw-dropping live shows and slow-but-steady ascent to Australian country music’s upper echelon. Part of their rise has been due to talent, and a lot of it due to hard work. But the truth is that music is in The Wolfe Brothers’ blood.  Their father, the man who encouraged them to start playing and helped facilitate their first shows in their early teens, was a rock drummer. His father played saxophone, touring around the brothers’ home state of Tasmania with a family band. And his father — Nick and Tom’s great-grandfather — was a fiddle player. So to say that The Wolfe Brothers’ story begins anywhere except four generations ago would be disingenuous; it would be ignoring the tides of history. If the musical gene was already in Nick and Tom’s DNA, it was their parents who brought it to full bloom. Their father guided Nick to the guitar and Tom to the piano, and their mother filled the family home with music, exposing her children to 90s country staples like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus. It was almost an inevitability that the Wolfe family home would produce two of Australia’s finest country musicians. And The Wolfe Brothers are continuing to produce amazing tracks, adding their latest single ‘No Brakes’ to their catalogue and kicking off the decade with their sites on continuing to make their mark on other shores while continuing to make their mark at home with the start of Wolfe Fest in January of this year! Nick and Tom Wolfe join the DTP to discuss making their debut in Canada at the 2019 Calgary Stampede, staying connected with their dedicated fan base, and their new song ‘No Brakes’, among many other topics!
The lines between pop culture and counterculture have a tendency to blur, collide, and cross over each other. Sometimes cyclically as what was once old becomes new again, and sometimes born out of the natural flow of nature and time. What connects these dots, and just how have these niches grown and evolved as technology grew with them? This is the question that continued to grow between PR powerhouse Chrissy Newton and badass media swiss army knife Marie Nicola, the hosts of Alt.Pop.Repeat! Both have been strongly connected to Pop Culture through their work and social media, while still finding themselves strongly connected to various counterculture ideas that upon further research, they found reached much further then once previously thought. This is where the idea for Alt.Pop.Repeat was born, the universe had brought these 2 powerhouse creatives together so that they could combine their years of experience like Voltron and take on all sorts of topics, like UFO’s, what is punk anymore, and astrology among many other topics with various pop culture celebrities, influencers and commentators. So far in season one they have featured the likes of music legend Bif Naked, youtuber Matthew Santoro, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, and Canadian media icon George Strombolopolous, with more amazing guests on the way as they aren’t even half way through the season. Marie Nicola and Chrissy Marie join the DTP to tell us about Alt.Pop.Repeat! Along the way we end up discussing covid, aliens, cartoons, nostalgia, awkward teenage phases, tik tok, and all sorts of other counter culture goodness!
There was no other choice. Sometimes the love of music is so deeply ingrained--the need to express yourself so keenly felt-- no matter the cost. Coming out of Campbellford,Ontario, he started early. Some kids treat piano lessons like a chore, but he treated them like a lifeline. A way out. He grew up and fell in love with bass. Soon studying every aspect of music and lyric writing. He found himself deconstructing sound, what worked and owhat didn’t. Like so many frustrated small-town kids, he found a voice in influences--Eminem and Rage Against the Machine, Nas and Marilyn Manson. When he grew up,he got out, and he started creating a voice all his own. Moving to Toronto, Krosst Out began to work obsessively, both in the studio and on stage, finding the sound that has become uniquely him. Slowly, he became known as the live performer who could convert a crowd in a hurry. Doing the rounds in small clubs and performing in front a drunk audience more times than he could count. Krosst Out has found himself crisscrossing the country, performing in venues from British Columbia,to Quebec, to New Brunswick, and back again. Bringing an energy and a passion, so even the people in the back with no idea who he was sure knew by the time he hit the last note. Now his upcoming album, Phone Calls With Ghosts, will serve as a reminder of what he’s achieved and how far he still wants to go. It is the culmination of the sound and ideas he’s been developing since he first tentatively touched a piano key in Campbellford all those years ago. Where hip hop krosses punk. Where introspective writing krosses party anthems.Where a small town upbringing krosses big city ambition. Where the work so far krosses the work still to come. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Krosst Out, and please give it up for his new single ‘Edges’
Soul-rich Canadian R&B alt-pop artist Ezra Jordan has recently released his debut EP 'Cheap Therapy', and the new album is exactly that, as it was created and inspired by the falling out of a relationship and the positive growth that was driven from that moment. Originally a pianist with no true intentions of singing, it was another form of adversity that inspired Ezra to find his vocal range. A water skiing accident that had the potential to turn fatal had left this lifetime musician without the ability to express himself through the keys, and through this a new passion was born. Considering what Ezra has achieved since beginning on this new path, it's safe to say that the decision was definitely the right one. Having amassed over 4.5 million streams before the release of Cheap Therapy, and being a finalist on season one of The Launch just to name a couple of those accolades, Ezra continues to pave a path that he once never saw himself embarking on! Ezra Jordan joins the DTP to discuss finding his voice while recovering from an injury, what he learned from his time on The Launch, and the growth that came with ‘Cheap Therapy’ Follow Desert Tiger on , ,
Ludic showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness. With the energy that comes with Ludic’s sound, you quickly understand that it’s probably one of the best ways to describe this trio that has been classified as Alien motown and SOULFUNKJAZZPOP (yes that is one word, all caps). A little over a year since releasing their first track together and the group has already begun to gain a heavy momentum behind them. Being named top 10 in CBC’s most recent Searchlight competition, receiving over 1 million Spotify streams, and opening for high level acts like Catfish and the Bottlemen to name a few of their feats. Add their new single ‘Love Me Like’ to that list, as it's about to accomplish being jammed stuck in your head. The group is made up of the Cunningham brothers Max & Rhett, along with Ayla Tesler Mabe, all accomplished multi instrumentalists that continue to prove their consistency with writing addictive tunes, brought together by a local jam session.  Ayla Tesler Mabe has built herself quite a reputation with her guitar skills as well, learning from the Musician Institute of Hollywood, earning the chance to work with prestigious brands like Fender, and even building a Youtube following with over 14 million views. Ayla Tesler Mabe of Ludic joins the DTP to discuss how she met the brothers Cunningham, and how together the have been spreading their style of spontaneous energy with songs like their new single ‘Love Me Like’
Andrew Cassara is a Canadian-born Pop/Rock recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario. Teaming with the team at SGMGroupArtists, Andrew has been developing his talents with great devotion and an unwavering work ethic.   Since 2013, he has consistently released new music while performing live both domestically and internationally, and he is establishing an ever-growing worldwide fan base after touring through places like South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, and Japan.  Andrew released a compilation of his early work entitled ‘The Big Bang’ in 2018, showcasing where he started as he began to move into a different style of music that felt more true to the heart.  That transition has now culminated in the release of Andrew’s first full length album ‘Freak On Repeat’, a funk driven ride that will leave wanting to come back for more, feeling exhilarated all over again. Now it’s time to finally share this full embracement of the new sound with his fans and followers worldwide, while helping lift their spirits with undeniable dance floor grooves. Andrew Cassara joins the DTP to discuss being signed to his record label at a young age, finding the bravery and comfort to sing, and all about his new album ‘Freak On Repeat.
Raised in a musical family, crafting songs has always been an important aspect of Raina Krangle’s life. The singer-songwriter has released an album of children’s music dedicated to her son in 2008, as well as an album of much more personal material entitled ‘Solstice’ in 2012. Recently though, Raina has learned just how far music can reach, and just how much it can heal, as a recent at work injury left this teacher with a mild traumatic brain injury. Using yoga, nature walks, journaling, meditation, music therapy, and studying music’s effects on the brain, Raina began to create new songs to help her express her healing process as well as her dreams. One of those sleep driven visions was the fuel for her most recent single ‘My Beautiful Dear’, it left her scrambling to remember as much as she could, and then became a homage to her parents 50+ year relationship. A wonderfully built song that will move your heart, and maybe even your tear ducts, ‘My Beautiful Dear’ is the first track from Raina’s upcoming 8 track project ‘Headbangers - A Musical Recovery From Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’, that will also also include a collection of memories and treasures to connect the listener with Raina’s journey of healing! Raina Krangle joins the DTP to talk about how a dinosaur inspired her children's album, her path of recovery, and her new latest song ‘My Beautiful Dear’!
Olivia Lunny is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg with a sound that fuses catchy pop melodies and alternative waves. Writing music since the age of twelve became Olivia’s way of journaling and a creative outlet to express her feelings. Her evolving sound harnesses a mellow vibe with velvety vocals and ambient guitar sounds, combined with elegant lyrics exploring universal topics such as heartbreak and navigating the uncertain waters of entering adulthood. Releasing her debut EP at 17, Olivia quickly began to make a name for herself, being nominated for a WCMA for Pop Artist of the year in 2018, and following it up with the opportunity to be included in season 2 of CTV’s hit show The Launch. Not only did Olivia get the chance to learn from experienced legends of the music business while on the show, but she also won her week, earning the right to record and release ‘I Got You’. Since the song's release, it has received almost 1 million streams on Spotify alone. Now with another solid stride in the direction Olivia felt her heart pulling her towards, she is using the lessons she has learned to continue on this path, and the journey now has another large stride with her new single ‘Think Of Me’. A catchy tune just in time to pick your spirits up as spring flowers start to bloom, and we say goodbye to winter’s gloom.
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