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Author: Colton Geschwandtner

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The Desert Tiger Podcast features various musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians, and people chasing their dreams. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!

The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!
86 Episodes
Growing up, being raised, and living in any form of isolation can happen for various reasons, and depending on your environment, normal can be a very different experience from what you perceive or what we see in popular culture. Most of us grew up surrounded by music, but imagine it is only of a specific variety, hymns and choirs thrive in your neighbourhood, but at the same time the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley himself, somehow has not broken through as a household name in this community. This was a reality for Danny Blueberry, who wouldn't find the cry of an electric guitar until one fateful day in 1977, when the classic riff of Walk This Way by the legendary Aerosmith just happened to just be playing on the radio, and this would change Danny's life forever. Now with rock and roll driving his passion for music, Danny couldn't get enough, writing and playing as much as possible while being a lonely rebel in a very strict religious community. He knew he wanted to pursue this dream, but was afraid of the cost and possibly losing the community he was raised in. He recorded a dozen of the songs he had written in the early 90’s, but outside of a very small run a cassettes, he wasn't sure how to manoeuvre the Beast known as the music industry. After a few life changing events that would end up leading to the launch of Blueberry Guitars, Danny Blueberry founded he wanted to take these songs to stage, and much to his surprise, after years of not playing these songs, his a home city of Montreal embraced his sound so much so that the songwriter has even added a few is sold out shows to his resume. Now Danny is ready to share these tracks, written in his years of isolation as a rebel striving to learn more about the modern world around him, with the world he now finds himself surrounded by.  Danny's debut album ‘Isolation’ features these twelve tracks, plus four other songs that capture the growth that this blueberry has gone through in the 25 plus years since originally recording the other dozen songs that go on this album.  Danny Blueberry joins the DTP to talk his upbringing in the strict Orthodox Jewish community of Montreal Canada, what it was like to find rock and roll, how he listened to music while he was going to community schools, the writing of the album ‘Isolation’, and what it finally feels like to release the songs to the world!
Davey White and Pterodactyl Problems are out to prove that Rock and Roll is a Drag, but not in the way that you think. No, this party goes a far too hard for it to be considered tedious, or slow, by any means.  Combining their sonic blend of jazzy blues infused metal and rock, with a DJ curated dance party, and the East Coast's finest drag queens, Rock and Roll is Drag is just one of the many key swoops that Pterodactyl Problems plans on making in their quest to revive rock and roll from the edges of extinction. The group, which started as a middle-school connection of like minds with different influences, just couldn't lie down and fossilize. After the members would reconnect a few years after graduating, finally deciding to record the songs they wrote together when they were teenagers. They then began evolving with new music on their latest album, Esoteric Hobbies which released earlier in 2019.   Davey White, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Pterodactyl Problems joins the DTP to discuss what brought this High School band back together, their latest album ‘Esoteric Hobbies’, and of course the most rockin’, badass party that you may possibly ever find in the T.O.!
Lilith Fair was a groundbreaking traveling music festival that ran from 1997 to 1999, built as a response to radio shows and concert promoters who refused to feature two female musicians back-to-back, the festival featured only a female solo artist and female lead bands of various backgrounds and genres. During its final year, Bif Naked was lucky enough to be included in an event like nothing she had ever experienced before that moment. At the time Bif was still in the beginning stages of her legendary music career, having released her second album ‘I, Bificus’ in 1998, she was already nationally touring, but almost every tour she found that she was the only female on the road. So imagine how refreshing it was for Bif to step onto the stage at Lilith Fair surrounded by other strong empowering women. Bif continues to inspire and influence numerous people with her strength and ability to apply and adapt. The musician, actress, author, poet, and cancer survivor continues to strive forward every single day. Making music with her husband and their group Snake & the Chain, as well also preparing to release a novel of poetry in the very near future. The powerhouse and unstoppable force known as Bif Naked joins the Desert Tiger Podcast to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Lilith Fair, her legendary music career, her work as an author, and her upcoming novel of poetry!
Shelby Cinca is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Swedish Columbia Records with the release of a 24 track compilation album entitled Slow Blade. Strongly believing that the slow blade penetrates the shield, which has more than resonated in Shelby journey to this point, the label continues to thrust of forward will still paying homage to its roots and influences. First tearing his way on to the music scene with the post-hardcore / math rock group Frodus, Cinca would stumble upon a and nanoloop compilation in the early 2000s that would shift his artistic direction. What began as a tour bus pass time of making music with Gameboy sounds, it would begin to break through with Shelby finding himself in the Myspace / Blog house movement before it's twilight. From their Swedish Columbia would continue as a connection of like minded individuals between D.C. and Sweden, exploring and expanding into new territories eventually penetrating its way into a new realms with connections to the cult classic video game Hotline Miami and its sequel.  Swedish Colombia's releases are more than audio homages to the sounds of the 80s and video game soundtracks, as the label tries to create a connection with more than just a playable product with their physical releases, adding depth through retro-styled cases, elaborate artwork, and even board games. Shelby Cinca joins me on the DTP to discuss finding that nanoloop tape in Germany, his transition to electronic music, Dune, wrestling, and 10 years of Swedish Columbia Records!
The Take sees a trio of New York hardcore veterans combining with the idea of putting the punk back into hardcore, going back to their roots while letting out a strong Oi or two. Comprised of Scott Roberts (The Spudmonsters, Biohazard), Will Shepler (Madball, Agnostic Front), and Carlos Congote (Royal Hounds, Legion 76), The Take are fresh off the release of their debut Self Titled full length album, and are quickly finding their way into mosh pits and pubs all over with powerful anthemic tunes Born out of the desire to just enjoy playing and making music, the group was a long distance project between Will Shepler and Scott Roberts who spent a few years crafting the tracks found on the S/T album. Swapping recordings online or travelling when able, the group originally planned to include Craig Setari of Sick Of It All, but began to move forward when schedules were unable to match up.  The group would eventually recruit Carlos Congate on bass, finally rounding out the band, and allowing them to start playing shows and touring, bringing their style of hardcore punk to all the blue collar fans of the style all over. Fresh off a tour of the Netherlands, Scott Robert’s joins the DTP to discuss how he was brought into The Take, what it was like to finally write with no direction again, and the bands full length self titled debut album!
Time can be a funny thing, sometimes you never know how something will work out, what an idea will become, or just what ends up repeating and what doesn’t. Take for example The Spoons, the 80’s new wave group is considered one of the most influential Canadian acts of the time, releasing anthemic pop tunes, recording a movie soundtrack, multiple Gold albums, and being featured on the first episode of Much Music ever released, the band has had its share of successes.  Fast forward to the present and the group is still gaining recognition for it’s music videos, even in a time where Much Music itself does not play many of themselves. Returning to the studio after a recording hiatus, the band has recently released their seventh studio album, New Day New World, garnering attention not only for the way they continue to connect with their infectious music, but also with the story telling narratives of the videos that accompany their songs. The Spoons music video for their latest single ‘The First & Last Time’ has been receiving praise from film festivals world wide, even earning the videos director a Best Director award for a music video at the Indo Global Film Festival. The first in a 3 part mini series, the video focuses on a paranormal aspect and begins a story that carries through 3 videos, 2 of which have yet to be released. The Spoons are also one year away from celebrating their 40th anniversary since starting the band, so when better of a time then now to return to form, especially with the continued rise of the Retro 80’s movement, to bring back those classic do do do’s you remember so well!
Sleepcircle is a pacific northwest infused rock band from Vancouver, BC. Influenced by the music of the 1990’s grunge and hard rock movements, their sounds hits a familiar chord, while staying unique through constant evolution. The initial idea of Sleepcircle was formed by fellow music students and guitarists Paul Wilson and Kavian Iranzad in 2012, and would go through a few transformations before releasing their debut EP ‘Dead Wait’ in 2017. Coming off the recent release of their debut full length album ‘From The Heavens, Through The Window’ Sleepcircle continues to show that falling asleep in a comfy rut is just something they don’t know how to do. The albums latest single ‘Bring It On’, as well as it’s accompanying music video focus on Mental Health. With the song itself focusing on entertainers we have lost to battles with personal demons, such as Amy Winehouse and Chris Cornell, while the video focuses on the importance of reaching out to those friends who maybe aren't in the best situation, and maybe they don’t want to send the message themselves. Paul Wilson of Sleepcircle joins the DTP to discuss the bands shift in sound and vision going into ‘From The Heavens, Through The Window”, the albums singles and the messages behind them, what ‘Bring It On’ means to Paul, and much more!
A Constellation is known as a collection of stars, a group with relative qualities, or a pattern or arrangement. Like many words it has many definitions, all of which can be applied to the Constellation Sensation Ryan Orion. As one of the few touring professional wrestling managers in Canada, Ryan continues to add to the collection of over 25 superstars managed to an impressive resume. The patterns and arrangements definitely apply to the vibrant, and intense, outfits Orion wears while taunting wrestlers, refs, and fans alike. The passion for entertainment and beautiful costumes has also led Ryan to find community in the world of drag. Ryan is currently preparing to debut Kalora Form for the world to see, continuing to truly embrace and explore the fem king goddess within.    Ryan joins the DTP to discuss how the Constellation Sensation has grown in and outside of wrestling, how it has not only given the opportunity to express but inspire, the birth of Kalora Form, and finding a sense of community between both these worlds!
Bay Ragni has always had a strong love for entertainment, whether it was music, movies, or wrestling. His passion for the industry was so strong that Bay always knew he wanted to be involved in some capacity.  Bay’s love of pro wrestling led him to eventually joining Eastern Championship Wrestling, a company he would return to after it made the change to the Extreme ECW that is known so well. With this return Bay became known as Chubby Dudley, a member in what was considered the promotions top stable. Years after giving the pro wrestling world a rest, Bay’s love of entertainment would strike again, in the form of his award winning radio show, Totally Driven Entertainment. Which he has evolved into a network with multiple shows and hundreds of episodes and interviews. Bay was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis, but even given this condition, he continues to push to create memories for himself and with fans, as he continues to produce awesome interviews, spends time with his loving family, and has even returned to the pro wrestling world through commentary and conventions! Bay Ragni joins the DTP to discuss how his love of entertainment led to him becoming a pro wrestler, ECW and Chubby Dudley, Totally Driven Entertainment, living with sarcoidosis, his return to wrestling, and so, so much more!!!
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