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Author: Colton Geschwandtner

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The Desert Tiger Podcast features various musicians, athletes, artists, authors, comedians, and people chasing their dreams. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these passionate individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!

The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!
170 Episodes
Electro Pop artist Melotika joins the DTP to go behind the music of her latest single ‘Beautiful Disguise’! We also discuss deciding to leave university to study music, how Melotika became a solo project after starting as a duo, moving from Montreal to Toronto, how her sound has progressed, singing the topline to Lazer Squad’s Eternal Eclipse, an upcoming album, and much more! ----- Check out Melotika on Spotify @ Follow Melotika on IG @ ----- Grab some merch to support the show -
Innovative Canadian electro pop artist Russell Louder, released their debut album ‘Humor’ today, and they join the DTP to go behind the music! We discuss the art of storytelling that ‘Humor’ explores and what inspired that direction, the 4 year process of crafting and curating these songs, finding that feeling of ‘Home’, and so much more! ----- Listen to Russell on Spotify -   Follow Russell on IG -   ----- Grab some merch to support the show -
One of country music hottest rising stars, Lainey Wilson, released her highly anticipated new album ‘Saying What I’m Thinkin’ last week, and she joins the DTP to go behind the music of this powerful new collection of tracks. We discuss how Lainey had the chance to work with legendary producer Jay Joyce, signing with Broken Bow Records, the success of her track ‘Things A Man Oughta Know’, the importance of family, how her mom snuck on the album, holding on through the tough moments, and much more! ------------ Listen to Lainey on Spotify! Follow Lainey on IG @ ------------ Rep the DTP @ Follow our social media, find the podcast in video and much more @
Matthew Zeitler joins the DTP to go behind the music of his new single ‘Love’s Dead’! We also go behind the process of finding his sound and voice, working with various collaborators, embracing his creative energy, an upcoming EP, marathon songwriting, and so much more! --------------------- --------------------- Rep the DTP @ Follow our social media, find the podcast in video and much more @
D.O. Gibson returns for a round 2 with the Desert Tiger Podcast, and this time we go behind how D.O. and the team at Northern Power Summit adapted the 2021 rendition of NPS to a 3 part online experience that can be attended by anyone. With part 2, Black Canadian 365, coming up on Feb 20th 2021, we dove into its theme of celebrating black excellence in Canadian music history.  We also spoke about how D.O. has continued to spread positivity to school students across Canada, the book he has been working on with 'On This Grind', upcoming music, and much more!
Pop artist Mauve joins the DTP to discuss her new single 'Starting Over'!  She also takes use behind how her sound has shifted from her debut EP 'Palette', the support of her family and how they helped her create the music video for 'Starting Over', an upcoming EP, how music makes her feel more confident, and much more!  ---------------------- Follow Mauve on IG @ Check out Mauve' smusic @ --------------------- Rep the DTP @ Follow our social media, find the podcast in video and much more @
The Northern Nightmare Camaro Cope joins the DTP to take us behind what exactly has brought him back to the Okanagan after announcing his departure last year. We also dive in to his road in the world of wrestling to this point, from training, challenging some of the regions most storied competitors, travelling to Japan to wrestle for Wrestling Doutonbori World, the current status of Cope’s Consumption, where his relationship with Big West Wrestling turned, and much more! ---------------------- Follow Camaro Cope on IG @ Check out Cope's Consumption @ Find some of Camaro's match's by subscribing to Big West Wrestling @ --------------------- Rep the DTP @ Follow our social media, find the podcast in audio and much more @
Canadian dark pop artist Rayne's recent single 'Envious' was picked up by KISS 92.5 in Toronto, and she joins the DTP to take us behind this compelling track.  We also talked about , how she crafts her own lyric videos, opening for Billie Eilish before even releasing a track, her upcoming debut EP, and so much more!  Check out Rayne on Spotify @ ---------- Merch @ Video version @
Emerging singer songwriter Christian Tropiano joins the DTP to take us behind his debut EP ‘Handshake’! We discuss the moment he told a boss it was now or never to pursue his dreams, how he has truly been crafting this EP for over 6 years, the only track that isn't about his own experiences in ‘Try Out For Heaven’ and so much more! --------------- --------------- ---------------
Johnny Sinclair, Bass player for alt-country group Tucker Lane, joins the DTP to take us behind the music of their sophomore album “Random Fireworks On A Beach Obscured By Trees’! We also discuss the band growth since their 2015 debut album, the campfire session series they have been releasing on you tube, a few of the singles from the new album, and the music video for ‘Ghost’ among many other things! --------------- --------------- ^15% Off Sale Until End Of January 2021^ --------------- Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:
Kathy Valentine, bassist of The Go-Go’s, joins the DTP to take us behind “All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir”, an autobiography she released in 2020 highlighting before, during, and after her time in one of the most successful all female groups of all time! She also discusses the soundtrack she released that accompanies this memoir, and possible plans to write more in the future! --------------- --------------- --------------- Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:
Canadian pop artist Cassie Dasilva joins the DTP to take us behind the music of her new single ‘Unsolicited Contact’! Cassie has been turning heartbreak and introspection into pop anthems since bursting onto the scene in 2018, and after crafting her sound over the the past few years she is finally preparing to release her debut EP, which is being kicked off with this new track! We talk about the text message that inspired this fun track, the vibrant music video for ‘Unsolicited Contact’, her upcoming EP, and working with more feminine energy with her music! All this and more, as we put our paws in the sand with Cassie Dasilva!
Soulful R&B singer Jesse Maxwell joins the DTP to take us behind the music of his latest single “Undone”. “Undone” is a relatable song about coming to terms with the parts of yourself you have yet to love and accept. It also happens to be the lead single off of an upcoming EP that Jesse plans to release in 2021! Jesse also talks about his growth towards being more open with his music, his 2020 debut album ‘Radio Silence’, and his recent home studio performance videos! All this and more as we put our paws in the sand with Jesse Maxwell!
Legendary singer and 4x Juno award winner Billy Newton Davis joins the DTP to take us behind his new EP ‘Have We Met?’! With ‘Have We Met?’ Davis brings new energy to some of his favorite classics, recorded live off the floor as he returns to his roots with a jazzy soulful spirit.  Billy shares some of the powerful memories he has that connect him with this collection of songs, the process of recording ‘Have We Met?’, and we also chat about his continued work with causes that are close to his heart! All this and more as we put our paws in the sand with Billy Newton Davis!
Derek and Andy of ‘The Slime’ join the DTP to take us behind their latest EP, ‘Coming Soon To An Alley Near You’!  In 2020 The Slime released two EP’s and we dive into the transition between them as the group cemented it’s lineup and evolved in their songwriting process. We also chat a few of the songs like the title track and Life Of Agony, and even jump into the world of horror movies briefly. All this and more as we journey through the sand, Slime style!
It's all 3 parts of of our Ask gee Anything series from our Youtube! Part 1 - Booking Guests & doing research Part 2 - why the name ' Desert Tiger', why i quit drinking Part 3 - How difficult was it to quit drinking, biggest regret, wrestling related questions! If you have any questions for a future edition of AGA, either comment them below, or email me at --------------------------
Pro Wrestler Justin Cider made his debut in 2020 for Big West Wrestling, and since then has gone on to gain quite a bit of momentum, quickly gaining the support from the fans of the Okanagan! Some would say Justin started late in the business, but he will tell you there was no time more perfect for the entrepreneur and father of 3 to finally find his way through the ropes and into the squared circle! We discuss the road that finally led Justin Cider to pursuing a life long dream, from the challenges he faced as a youth, how his family have helped him on the path, and bringing pro wrestling back to Kamloops among many things!
Hello Ambush! After 2 release dates off with Christmas and taking some time off after an accident, Colton Gee returns for an episode of Stripes where we dive a bit in to what I hope to do in 2021 with podcasting, music, wrestling and beyond!
For over the last decade and a half, Kellindo has been gracing studios and stages with his powerful guitar magic, performing with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Prince, and assisting Janelle Monae with her Grammy nominated albums and with bringing her epic live shows to life. The time for Kellindo to begin crafting his own sound came in 2018, and a handful of grooving singles later he is now progressing towards his first album and rock opera! The latest opus from this upcoming collection, 'Long Gone', is a catchy riff driven track that will pound its way in to your head while you jam out to it. Kellindo joins us to discuss all of this, as well as growing and balancing his solo work with his session work, what inspired him to write a rock opera, the first single he released for it 'Games', as well as many other topics!!!
Nicole Simone joins the DTP to take us behind her new web series 'On A List', and Late July's upcoming album 'Oceania'!  'On A List' is written, co-directed, and self produced by Nicole and she plays Olivia, a young woman who creates a list of experiences both good and bad to try with someone while getting to know them better, and that’s where Harry enters and the story takes off! ‘On A List’ also features a soundtrack of orchestral pop music from Late July, both from the start of the project to her latest singles like ‘Echoes’, all featuring Nicole’s powerfully haunting vocal presence.  Nicole also discusses her charity Redemption Paws which has rescued over 500 dogs in 2020, her favourite holiday memories, and balancing all of the incredible things she does! All this and more as we put our paws in the sand with Nicole Simone on the Desert Tiger Podcast!
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