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The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice and is tailor-made for entrepreneurs. This programme gives great insight and tips to those who want to grow their ventures, as well as those who wanting to take the step towards entrepreneurship.

The show is hosted by Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, an internationally well-known business guru.

A Tiso Blackstar Group Production.

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59 Episodes
Is there a “stress off” button? Yes, there is. And not just one. Richard Sutton, Health Educator, keeps it real with practical tips on what to do when the stress gets too much.
It's really important to select your target market correctly before you even start the process of sales. Kumaran Padayachee, CEO of Spartan SME Funding, unpacks the why and how.
Nick Sproule, CEO of Blackstone Futures, is running a successful business and wants to expand. Allon Raiz guides him to look at it from a different angle and then decide on the when and how.
Directors Jono Leaf-Wright and Ashley Kotzin from Action Sports SA, get guidance from the panel on how to attract more clients to their sport facilities during office hours. There is a big possibility that you may actually break your business with new ideas. Lee Naik, CEO: TransUnion, gives great insight into when you should hold back a bit. An app called Khula! won the MTN Business App of the Year competition. The interview with this lively group of determined young men is not to be missed!
Jandre de Beer and Gilbert Kumpukwe from V8 Media joins Allon Raiz as his guests. They are in a phase of rapid growth and Allon guides them on systems & procedures, as well as client selections. There are many different styles of leadership. Are you set in your style or can you jump from style to style depending on the leadership required at the time? Nolitha Fakude, Director of Companies, gives great insight into this matter. Monalisa Sam, MD of Tungwa Retail Holdings, gives tips around the different types of advertising platforms available to you and how to choose the right one to suit your budget and intended reach.
MTN Business heard their clients. Some need more data, some more phone time, some want to transfer balances to others. Megan Vercueil, Head of Mobility: MTN Business, unpacks their exciting new offering “Made for Business”.
Many business owners and leaders struggle to find the balance between working and making time for family, for exercise and simply for me-time. Lee Naik, CEO: TransUnion, unpacks his approach to finding this balance.
Caleb David, founder and CEO of Versatile Commodity Traders, gets guidance from Allon Raiz on how to secure more loyal clients in the petroleum industry by changing his outlook on what type of company he is running.
Portia Mngomezulu, MD of Portia M Skin Solutions, gets guidance from the panel on how to navigate the road of expansion and rapid growth. Influence = to deliberately and purposefully use you energy as a leader judiciously. Join us for more words of wisdom from Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA). Kumaran Padayachee, CEO of Spartan SME Finance, unpacks what funding leverage means and how small business owners can use it to their advantage.
David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange, gets guidance from the panel on how to mitigate the imminent arrival of an international competitor. Lee Naik, CEO: TransUnion Africa, unpacks the words “tough times” and gives tips on how leaders could steer the boat through turbulent waters. Monalisa Sam, MD: Tungwa Retail Holdings, shares her experience of becoming a first-time mother and the challenges of getting back into the work space.
Cezanne Britain, Founder: Britain Renecke, has a legal practice that mostly relies on word of mouth referrals for growth. Allon Raiz gives her tips on how to grow her network to speed up the process. Lee Naik, CEO of TransUnion Africa, unpacks what an A-team exists of, how to choose the team and how to nurture them to full potential. Paula Sartini, CEO of BrandQuantum, unpacks what the initial purpose of a tag-line is and how tag-lines evolve and change as the business grows.
Hudson Raath, founder of Enterprise Ethanol, has an unusual leadership style whereby he lets his staff determine their own leave and encourages them to work from home first to avoid peak hour traffic. Can he be called the ideal boss? Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa, joins us to share his take on why leaders should have integrity and what this word means in the world of business. Bronwyn Echardt and Lerato Ramasodi joins us to unpack the entrepreneurial value of attending a Pitch & Polish workshop. Book your seat!
Junior Mmotla, founder of Mamagasehome, adapted his clothing range successfully to make provision for a different market, but selling his range online proves to have some challenges. Niki Seberini, a mind freedom fighter, unpacks the need to be right and how people can become addicted to winning an argument, irrespective of it being in the office or at home. Kumaran Padayachee, CEO of Spartan SME Finance, unpacks the somewhat complex process of mezzanine funding.
Lois Bright, founder of Initiate International, joins Allon Raiz to discuss time management, cash flow challenges and the difficulties of being a good manager. Belinda Mapongwana, founder of Mapongwana Attorneys, left a job at a high-profile law firm simply because she believed in herself and didn’t doubt for one moment that she can make it on her own. Kumaran Padayachee, CEO of Spartan SME Finance, gives a straight-forward breakdown of the expectations of different parties when it comes to funding.
Mic Mann, co-founder of Mann Made, unpacks cryptocurrencies; where it started and what the future may hold. Xolani Luvuno unpacks his psyche of steel to get off drugs & alcohol and set his sights on finishing the Comrades Marathon on crutches. Part 2/2 - “Addicted to running”. Pieter Faber from SAICA unpacks the new deadline of 31 October for tax e-filing submissions & also gives tips on submitting supporting documents separately to speed up processing.
Mic Mann, co-founder of Mann Made, unpacks blockchain, a complex technology that’s currently shaping the future. Xolani Luvuno won the hearts of millions of South Africans when he completed the Comrades Marathon on crutches. Join us for part 1/2 titled “Life on the streets”. Dr Ryan Van Den Bergh from MTN joins us to share the outcome of successful pilots MTN SA conducted to test the imminent 5G technology.
Geoff Saner, founder of Creative Incentives, joins the panel for insight on how to adapt his 30-year old business to be more in line with recent views on incentives and the value they bring. Adam Craker, CEO of IQbusiness, shares that it’s not a waste of time or resources to do good to smaller businesses because it eventually drives growth. Bongeka Nodada from SAICA, unpacks how the changes to IFRS9 and IFRS15 are going to impact on your business. Do you have debtors? Then you shouldn’t miss this interview.
Debbie Waller Nafte, MD of Swift Momentum - Jozi, joins Allon Raiz to unpack the challenges in the world of the IT & Tech recruitment space. Adam Craker, CEO of IQbusiness, unpacks how to use a company as a force for good and how businesses of all sizes can do this. Lindile Xoko from MTN Business and Andile Khumalo from MSG Africa, share exciting news about the change in format for “I’m an Entrepreneur” workshops on offer for the rest of the year.
Yashmita Bhana, CEO of Nihka Technology Group, joins Allon Raiz to unpack her journey during growth phases. It’s not always easy to let go when employees felt like family but more formal structures are now a necessity. Mathe Moshoeshoe, founder of Moshoeshoe Properties, unpacks how she made loads of money, lost it all, the emotional impact of this situation and how she pulled herself back into being successful. Dr Nik Eberl, CEO of Reciprocation Marketing Academy, gives insight into why you should log on to LinkedIn on a daily basis and put out posts, publish articles and connect with like-minded people.
Taryn Gill, founder of The Perfect Hair, joins Allon Raiz to unpack her journey into the retail space. Mathe Moshoeshoe, founder of Moshoeshoe Properties, unpacks how she saw the gap in the market and took it, leading to great success in business. Stay tuned for part 2 where it all went pear-shaped and Mathe had to bounce back. Dr Nik Eberl, CEO of Reciprocation Marketing Academy, gives insight into what your LinkedIn profile should look like, especially your profile photo.
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