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The Ozro Hepworth Show is the place to be to level up your self-confidence so you can sculpt the life of your dreams. Subscribe to the podcast to learn practical methods to help you eliminate self-doubt, fear of rejection, and much more.
22 Episodes
In this Episode I speak with the participants of the make positivity latter challenge that took place in February 2018.
In this episode I share some hard truths that came up in 2017. I also speak about some lessons learned + celebrating my JAR OF AWESOME!
In this episode, I speak about Susan Keans amazing TED Talk, “The Power of Introverts.” I also share my beliefs around harmony and balance. That is, how many is a more admirable pursuit then balance.
In this episode, I speak about the neurotransmitters serotonin and oxytocin, and connect how they can influence gratitude.
In this episode, I introduce some amazing Lucky charms. Is individuals are creating some fantastic waves over on Anchor.
In this episode, I speak about the connection between state and story. I also gave a few practical tips on how you can change your state to change your story.
In this episode, I speak about the importance of giving voice to your truth and expressing your authentic self. I also offer up some suggestions on how to deal with the haters.
Today’s episode, we hear from Maria, Furan, SeekingPlumb, Emere, and more. The The Lucky Charms ☘️ Mash Up Show is a mash up of the call ins from the Lucky charms of the Anchor Nation. PLUS, my commentary and feedback.
In this episode, I speak about empathy, the need to be right, and how we can use empathy to make positivity louder.
In this episode, you’ll meet a lady from Japan, a triathlete, a guy named Nikki boy (jk Nick Diaz), as well as other amazing people.
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