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Raymond and Brian have lived remarkably unremarkable lives. And now as an experiment, they're going to be trying a variety of hype trends!

Let's see if they live through the hype or live through the gripe!
45 Episodes
29: Unhyped Dark Hype

29: Unhyped Dark Hype


Wow. This movie is a great way to end the month of spoop! Go and listen and be scared!



Wow uh, Raymo and Brian continue on their month of technological horror and wellp, this episode is scary. Not scary as the way you'd think, just scary cause it's bad. Time to go onto a chatroom about this and complain! OOOooOoO!



man this movie sucks
Guess what, Hype or Gripe is back for the spookiest holiday of the year! Well, truth be told the whole year is spooky but they're back with a vengeance with a reboot of the podcast! To start of the scary season, the boys watch A.M.I and learn about the evils of technology! OooooOOoOOO! So how do they like the movie? Does it instill the fear of the future in them? No. No it doesn't but it doesn't mean that it isn't entertaining! (at least Brian says so) Enjoy the latest episode!
We are back and we come to you with tidings of good will! Raymo prepares this episode for some tasty Christmas treats! How will it fare for them? Check it out on the latest episode of Hype of Gripe
Welcome to our second Halloween episode of the year! This time we do an escape room...! A SPOOKY ONE! Do Raymond and Brian make it out? Do they ESCAPE? Do they SPOOKY ESCAPE? Well, listen to find out! Also, many many references to Saw this time around. Maybe for next year...
23: Hypenatic

23: Hypenatic


We're back and at it again, but this is quite a thing to jump back into. Today's episode is recently released horror thriller "The Fanatic" staring twice nominated actor John Travolta playing a ... well, fanatic. This movie is also the start of our halloween hypes but it scares us in a different way. To make things worse, well, why don't you listen to find out?
Raymond has come back from his travels from Europe and with him he brought many a snack or two! What are the hypiest snacks there? Well, let's see if Raymo and Brian enjoy their overseas treats. Also, listen to the end for a special surprise! Two of them! Go and listen now!
We're finally back but this time we start off the new year strong! This time Ray and Brian get to finally finishing their most beloved film franchises, Twilight. Not only one, but two of the movies this time! Back to back! Listen in as they talk about the agonizing moments in the movie and their look back into their thoughts of the Twilight franchise. Let's see how it turns out! I mean, this is the last movie right? They won't have to watch anything after this right?
And now time for our annual Christmas episode! This time we go through the trial that Raymond has dubbed, the gripelet! We watch four different Christmas movies to get in the jolly merry Christmas mood! Or do they? Check out this episode with the spirit of Christmas! The spirit of Christmas meaning alcohol and lots of it. Merry Alcoholidays everyone from us at Hype or Gripe to you!
This episode of Hype or Gripe, Raymond and Brian do the impossible! Wait, sorry. I meant EAT the impossible! This time they eat the mysterious and now trendy, impossible burger! Sink your teeth into this deliciously fresh episode of Hype or Gripe!
It's nearing the day of Halloween and Raymond and Brian have a final Halloween hype! This time around they go to the old spooky "abandoned" Cooper murder house. OooooOOOOOOO! What do the boys have to say about this hype this time? Well, check it out on the latest and last Halloween Hype of 2018!
This whole month of October has been full of ridiculously scary adventures. Let's up the terror factor with one of the scariest horror movie franchises known to man. Twilight. This time we watch the 3rd movie and... well, it was so scary Brian can't sleep anymore. Well, enjoy this extremely scary episode of Hype or Gripe.
So on the second Halloween special, the boys go to a very spooky place that shares them to their very core...! Or at least, Brian. Today's episode is about the Museum of Death and all the terrors that it holds! From serial killers to grizzly gory pictures, the boys take a look at death! This episode is so spooky that listener discretion is advised.
In this episode of Hype or Gripe we pay our respects to the late and great, Burt Reynolds, by watching one of his most famous movies Smokey and the Bandit! Go every east down and bound and enjoy this weeks episode!
Wellp, this years Halloween came early! Isn't that great? Yeah. But what isn't great? Being spooped out of the bright daytime! Find out what Raymond and Brian get into this episode which also kicks off our first Halloween special! Listen at night for ultimate spookiness! Or day time, if you're like that. That's fine. Enjoy!
16: Twihype New Gripe

16: Twihype New Gripe


The boys are at in again but this time they've decided to continue on the Twilight movies. Come and see how painful it was for them to watch the second movie, Twilight New Moon. Dear god, there are three more painful movies left...
After trying out DnD for the first time, Raymo and Brian invite guests over to give their insight about their campaign! Well, this episode would make more sense after listening to part 1. If you haven't yet, listen to that first! Also, thank you to Jon, Aino, and Connie for being guests this episode!
Hark! Who goes there! In this episode of Hype or Gripe, we go into a mystical world of DnD! Ray- er, Gorak McGorakson and Br-, I mean, Feyline the Elf are joined with many adventurers to their journey! Is the party successful? Roll a D20 to find out! Check out this episode of Hype or Gripe!
2: "Citizen Hype"

2: "Citizen Hype"


Ray and Brian are back at it again, and this time it's the timeless classic film, Citizen Kane! Does it live up to the hype of over 70 years? Or does it have gripe written all over it's face? Find out in this episode!
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