DiscoverDrew Talks Business- investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, starting or growing a business, & finance
Drew Talks Business- investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, starting or growing a business, & finance
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Drew Talks Business- investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, starting or growing a business, & finance

Author: The best podcast for investors, entrepreneurs, & business leaders

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You know all those topics that you wish they'd taught you in school? Well we've got you covered. Tune in and follow along as we help you 'adult' better.

Sit down with Drew and guests as they cover some of the best topics and ideas for bettering your business and quality of life.

Some episodes will cover broad topics such as starting a new business, improving an existing one, creating side hustles, marketing in today's digital age, personal finance including investment decisions, and different methods of self improvement. Some episodes will cover niche topics and industries like; day trading the different asset classes (stocks, options, futures, ETFs, etc), how to master the art of the first impression, and how to apply different psychology breakthroughs to your marketing campaigns.

Regardless of your experience level, all of our content will be aimed at helping you improve your bottom line. Many of the episodes will include guests, while some of them will be solo. Our host, Drew Marshall, is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and family man. He has almost a decade of experience investing in different asset classes and has passed the FINRA Series 3 & 34 examinations. He's also invested in a few start-ups and has founded a couple companies of his own, all of which have helped him hone skills in a wide range of industries, from online marketing to manufacturing and retail/e-commerce. Drew is also a top contributor to "FX Trader Magazine", which is a quarterly digital and print publication aimed at helping readers understand the current global investment climate in order to better predict moves in the currency market as well as global bond and equities markets.

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In today's episode, we're joined by Will Turbitt of "Demand The Truth". Will host a radio show on that's very thought provoking and interesting to say the least. He tries to gather and relay the truth to all of his listeners concerning political events, news, economic events, and more. He also does a lot of live interviews and shows on his Facebook page, which is how I found him. I thought his opinion and views were too interesting to pass up and hopefully you find it interesting as well. He touches on everything from political corruption to cover-ups and fake news. Coinbase referral link: Goldmoney referral code: drewtalksbiz Goldmoney referral URL: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast!
Are you interested in being a scalper or day trader? What are the differences between day trading and swing trading? Or what about investing and trading? Well today's your lucky day as we learn the difference between them all, including how the IRS taxes capital gains as well as some other handy information. Also, I was finally able to get a Patreon account set up for anyone interested in that... and I also have a special promo code for anyone interested in opening a Goldmoney bank account! Hint: it's "drewtalksbiz"
In today's episode we explore the difference between traditional and online marketing, as well as the different methods of each and which is the best in certain situations. Are you thinking about advertising online, but aren't sure which platform is best for you and your product or service? This is the perfect episode for you because Drew explains the differences between the major options and gives some examples of which is best in different situations. You'll also get to learn a lot about the psychology of marketing and how to use it to your advantage. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments including what we should do with our extra iPhone X! Subscribe if you're not already and tweet us for anything you may want to share with us.
Today we get to sit down with Bill Cox, the author of "Catalyst Traders"; a new book that teaches readers how to make massive amounts of money by trading opportunities created by new laws and legislation that our governments pass. Topics range from cannabis stocks and new laws about legalized cannabis to past opportunities in ethanol and the Brexit vote in the UK. Whether you're new to investing, or a seasoned investor, this episode provides a fresh take on making money in the market and how to find high probability trading ideas. Email: Also, don't forget to use promo code "DREWTALKSBIZ" when you buy Bill's new book at I hope you enjoy, and as always leave your feedback in the comments.
Today, we just explore a little about the topic of a balanced portfolio.. How to determine what's right for you, what factors should influence change, should you be more conservative or can you afford more risk? Which assets are risky and which ones offer a safe haven? From stocks, options, ETFs, Mutual funds, futures, emerging markets, bonds, savings accounts, and everything in between... find out what is right for you. Today, we tackle all that and more as we sit down over some fresh coffee andrew unwind after a morning in the market. As always, leave your feedback in the comments and you might be featured in the next show. If there's enough comments, I might just decide to do a call in show..
In today's episodes we build on episode 3's topic of compounding interest by exploring credit, debt, the importance of your FICO and how to improve it. Whether you have bad credit, no credit, no clue, or just don't want to ruin your good credit; today we explore how top fix bad credit, build credit, and when to use credit versus when to pay cash. Plus, some tips and secrets to building credit the fastest way possible so that yippy can get the best interest rates on all your loans, lines of credit, credit cards, and mortgages. Be sure to leave your questions and feedback in the comments and I'll cover them in future episodes.
I think the title explains it all.. Just a short little introduction to the Podcast so you can learn what to expect so you don't have to waste time figuring out of its for you or not.
A short, solo episode introducing the difference between interest and compounding interest. Interest and compounding interest can either be tool for building wealth or a great way to go (or stay) broke. We learn about the difference between the two, when it applies, and how to use it to your advantage. The formula I mentioned in this episode is: A=P(1+r/n)t A= Amount P= Principal r= interest rate (as a decimal) n= number of times interest is compounded per year t= time (aka how many years) Hope this was helpful! Be sure to comment any questions or comments you have and I'll either reply to the comment or mention it in a future podcast.
In today's episode, we sit down with Jake Chumbly. Jake is the owner of Rock Ridge Vapor in Lebanon, VA. He tells us about how the idea of this successful retail location came to him and his wife, the hurdles they faced in the new industry, where the journey has landed them, and what he foresees in the future (hint: it isn't vape related). I always enjoy getting to talk with Jake and hope you all enjoy it as well.
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