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Author: Greg Gates Jr

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Join me as I chat about money stuff! I’ll talk money, until the dishes are done for the #DailyDish on Instagram Live. I'll also chat with all sorts of people on the podcast. I talk with experts & amateurs, because we all deal with cash money. Let's get #MoneyWoke & build #WealthHealth! Earning more, investing, saving, & dealing w/debt. It's time for Free Fun Financial Education!😃 The audience drives the content, so always Ask Me Anything, and let's chat. Want any specific financial topics discussed? Let me know🙂.
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If you put it off until the last minute, it only takes a minute to do. One of my favorite saying when I was in school. When we have NO deadline, procrastination becomes easier. How can we recognize the places in our financial lives that we are consistently avoiding? How can we set up ways to break these patterns? Join me for the live version of the #DailyDish on Instagram Live @GregChatsCash! Let's get #MoneyWoke & build #WealthHealth with a #CashStronghold
Another great conversation about what following your passions looks like. I dropped by the Royal Barbershop in Ukiah, Ca to talk money, art, professions, and true hustle with 3 great barbers. Listen to 3 people loving what they do, & looking to promote others to do the same. Join me with Josh @j.d_barber, Mark @scissorfacethebarber, & Jake @jakebartleythebarber (all on Instagram) on the latest GregChatsCash Podcast. Let's get #MoneyWoke!
Here are a few different ways to use numbers, when hacking your money habits. Join me today on the Daily Dish, while I talk about money until my dishes are done. Using number tricks like the $5 bill challenge, thinking 24/7/365, thinking in threes, and the rule of 72, we can be more money conscious and gamify our spending habits! #MoneyWoke. Have any questions or feedback? Any topics that you want to hear on future episodes ? Hit me up anytime on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and twitch! I am always @GregChatsCash
Do not use this information to invest. Do not consider this information a quality definition. Why are you even listening to this episode? Well, if you do, I'm late for work and chatting about basic ideas of stocks, stock markets, and simple investing strategies that work for the vast majority of us. Hint, it's index funds. I also randomly talk about a few stock market related words that you might have heard before. Questions, comments, outright disagreements with my vague and unreliable responses and answers? Hit me up anytime @GregChatsCash! #MoneyWoke #CashStronghold
Why do they call it a 401k? What a boring name from a line in the tax code. Let's call it a "pay less taxes now, maybe get more money from your employer, & grow your wealth through tax-deferred investing account..." Too long? Well, if you know anything about me, I'm long-winded. Join me as I talk about ways to start investing in the stock market with your 401k and the advantages of low cost, well-diversified, index funds. I hope to make it less painful than it sounds. Also, to clarify something I didn't know at the end of the podcast, you can start taking money from your 401k when you reach the age of 59 and a half without tax penalty. There are some other ways to access the money before that, but that stuff's real boring. Invested like it's spent! #MoneyWoke if you're returning listener, thank you so much! I'm told I should ask people to leave a rating and review. So if you got a sec...
Warning: this episode contains tips and tricks around credit card hacks for cash Rewards. this is not something you should be doing, if you're carrying credit card balances. This episode, I share some of the tips and tricks I've used to get hundreds of dollars in bonuses working with credit cards over the years. Are you dealing with credit card debt? Hit me up, because I want to help you figure out methods tips and ways to deal with your debt. That'll be an episode for another day! Thanks for joining me on the GregChatsCash Podcast. Please Subscribe, & review, if you have been listening for a while. If you're new, welcome! Let's get #MoneyWoke! See y'all at #FinCon18
Join me today, as I share the story of the time I got hit by a truck in a hit-and-run accident, when I had no insurance. We don't expect accidents. We don't often plan for the expenses afterwards either. Thanks for joining me today! Let me know anytime what topics you'd like to hear more about on the podcast. Feel free to hit me up anytime @GregChatsCash on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, FB, & Twitch
Prefer spending as little time as possible looking at budgets & numbers, this back-of-the-envelope budgeting method may be a great way to get started! Join me on the #DailyDish @GregChatsCash, talking about money stuff until my dishes are done. Today, budgeting with the F.R.U.I.T.S method allows us a better understanding of where our money goes.
You don't want to have to figure out what you need to grab, in an emergency as you evacuate. Today on the #DailyDish, I share some valuable lists of papers to consider grabbing when we need to leave home in disaster evacuation situations. One thing I forgot to mention, the importance of paper cash as well! Many times an emergency situation local businesses and services may not be able to use ATM debit or credit cards. Once again a #CashStronghold of money saved for emergencies and opportunities, can really support our selves and our family in stressful situations. Thanks for joining me! And please let me know what you think of the podcast so far. I'm always looking for feedback, questions, and future topics important to you! If you'd listen to seven or more episodes, please leave a review and a rating! If this is your first episode I hope you enjoy! Hit me up anytime @GregChatsCash!
How we get better at video games and how we get better at personal finance share some things in common. Join me today on the Daily Dish, talking about money stuff until my dishes are done. It's always ask me anything, so hit me up anytime @GregChatsCash on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch, and Facebook. If you're a fan of the show, please leave a rating and a review. Also, let me know. How can I make a better podcast for you?
Tracking our money, and using forced scarcity are two great methods to building wealth health. Join Greg on today's Daily Dish at @GregChatsCash. Talking about money stuff, until the dishes are done! Want to try some online free tracking tools? Mint and personal capital are two that offer some free tracking services.
Join in today's #DailyDish to learn about a great book with short precise responsible Financial ideas. All the financial advice you'll ever need on one index card. The index card by Helaine Olen & Harold Pollack. Some of their advice may be situation specific, but all of it is responsible. Get #MoneyWoke & build #WealthHealth with me @GregChatsCash
Awareness of our #WealthHealth starts through habits. What can we do today, to make better money choices for the future? Join me for the #DailyDish, as I talked about different ways to quickly save, consider expenses, think about paying down debt, and reaching out to others for support and guidance. #MoneyWoke @GregChatsCash. Hit me up with questions anytime
Debt is a four letter word. Join me on today's Daily Dish, while I talk about the differences and similarities between some of Robert Kiyosaki and Dave Ramsey's personal finance philosophies. The Daily Dish @GregChatsCash, talking about money stuff until the dishes are done. #MoneyWoke
To build financial success, strength, and flexibility, a CASH STRONGHOLD is a necessary financial tool. Having access to cash money, in emergencies and unique opportunities, can bring peace of mind in stressful situations, and give you leverage in financial opportunities and transactions. Join in today's #DailyDish here, or on Instagram Live @GregChatsCash. Want to here about a certain topic? Let me know! Leave a review and lemme know whatcha think!
Making money moves are not always about getting cash back immediately from what you do. Join me on this #DailyDish, while I talk about money stuff until my dishes are done on Instagram live. Today I discuss how money moves can be strategic to build social capital, reduce current financial stress, and invest for the future. These types of money moves become long-term investing strategies to become more #MoneyWoke and build #WealthHealth. Like the podcast? Tell 7 friends about it! Leave a review! Or just keep coming back to hang with me @GregChatsCash! I appreciate your time 😊
I learned a lot from watching the Pro Gamer Ninja, this weekend . We can learn a lot from watching professionals. It is important to recognize the differences between the pros and us. Professional gamers and professional stockpickers both have time, experience, tools, and resources that may not be accessible to most of us.
No matter what you want to do, start. Today I spoke with Ricky Bravo all about his journey and hustle becoming video content creator on YouTube and Instagram making amazing music videos with upcoming artists, brands, modeling, and hardcore video editing. Some of his quick tips include making sure to focus on getting the work done everyday, keeping at it to build something for the future, ignoring the hate, and working with what you have. Entrepreneurs and people wanting to start your own brand of business listen up. Ricky is killin’ it, and he’s just getting started.
Just Start. It's as easy to do, as it is to say. If building your own project, personal skills/talents, brand, social influence, or business interests you, or if you're just looking to change the world, you MUST start somewhere. Here's the good news, no one is an overnight success. 1st drafts don't get hung in museums. Start with no one watching; you become good at it, when they begin to pay attention.
Twitch Gaming & Live streaming Influencers share ideas and tips about how to successfully grow a following on Twitch. There are countless similarities between their advice and how we deal with personal finance. Join me for this DailyDish, while I force this metaphor on the fly. Talking about money stuff until the dishes are done. If ya like the show, let me know!☺
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