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Solid Joys Daily Devotional

Author: Desiring God

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Solid Joys is a daily devotional written and read by John Piper. These short and substantive readings will feed your joy in Jesus every day of the year. Discover more from Piper at
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In Jesus Christ we who are born of God have the unspeakable privilege of knowing Yahweh as our Father.
The Only True Freedom

The Only True Freedom


Only Jesus, the Son of God who died and rose for us, can make us truly free.
Sit down to the feast of joy in Christ and worship the King of Glory. The banquet hall is very large.
To see God, and know him, and be in his presence is the soul’s final feast.
Two things have to be true if your joy is never to be taken from you. One is that the source of your joy lasts forever and the other is that you last forever.
If we live by faith in God’s promise of future grace, it will be very hard for anxiety to survive.
God will see to it that you are not tested in any given day more than you can bear.
God will certainly take his energy and creative skill and use it to care for his children who will live forever.
Jesus helps us to fight the good fight against unbelief and to be free from anxiety.
How to Fight Anxiety

How to Fight Anxiety


The way you fight the good fight for faith is by meditating on God’s assurances of future grace and by asking for the help of his Spirit.
Grace Must Be Free

Grace Must Be Free


If you treated your salvation no longer as a gift, but as a purchase, God would no longer be the free benefactor.
How to Repay God

How to Repay God


You can’t give anything to God or do anything for God that he hasn’t first given to you and done for you.
Fear not. Your adversaries can do no more than God grants. And he will grant you the faith you need. Those are gospel promises.
Nothing will separate us from the love of Christ because Christ is alive and is still loving us right now.
God loves us so much that he will not allow our preciousness to become our god.
In the old covenant, the gracious enabling power to obey God was not poured out as fully as it is since Jesus.
The “I Will” of God

The “I Will” of God


If you feel vulnerable, you can say to God, “Lord help me. I’m not even sure how to pray.” Trust that he will respond and will help you.
This is one of the beauties of the biblical doctrines of grace: their worst devastations prepare us for their greatest delights.
God is never forced into a situation where he must do something in which he cannot rejoice.
The Lion and the Lamb

The Lion and the Lamb


The worth and beauty of the Son come not just from his majesty, nor just from his meekness, but from the way these mingle in perfect proportion.
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Paulo Francisco

I love this man indeed. God bless this amazing work.

Jun 12th


Everything I need daily to as a reminder that God is in control. Love John Pipers devotionals.

Nov 5th

Coe Lamoureux


Jul 24th
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Samuel Moses A

Excellent thought. Removes all anxiety

May 26th

Richard Tummond

This one of my favorite devotionals. John Piper does a great job putting together biblical truths in an enlightening and easy to digest way.

Apr 13th
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