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Welcome to my channel. My name is Marcus I read school papers, cause where do school papers go, just go back to the computers there written on to never be read again. so i thought that's dum the people took time to write those papers and are interesting papers, lets read and talk about them, there good. Listen at your own risk ;)
I did fix the audio you can hear it better now. Hope you enjoy


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-Drew-Space ep.24

-Drew-Space ep.24


Guest Drew Mong the man!! We talk about his paper on space how you can understand what we know about space without having a space degree jk like astrophysics degree. Enjoy recommended book if your interested in space is: Neil Degrasse Tyson Astrophysics for People in a Hurry:
Guest JUSTIN!!! we talk about how he goes at school, and theater play he was in. Then his poetic papers that are very good "In are Own Time" "Do You Need a Reason" Some advice at the end for school. Enjoy:) starts reading paper around 20:00
guest King Jorgen we talk about thouest CSU application paper and funny quips. Just kidding about the king stuff though I do believe he is someone very wise. enjoy :p
Guests Hunter and Jonathan. We talk about the cosmere, Brandon Sanderson's other books, Mistborn movie, balls, and a lot more. Enjoy
Listen to Tiffany's story on how she ever so gently fell off a long board, and had to go the dentist. while after how one of her siblings enjoyed Tiffany's pain, with love though so it's okay.
Tiffany read's her paper "Seven Chairs" fictional short story. Where a person with amnesia wake's up in a Forrest, with a mysterious note that says "If you desire to be reunited with your family, you have to find 7 chairs. HERE IS YOUR FIRST CLUE: The first chair is where the tree tops get a peek of the sun"
Online Education ep.18

Online Education ep.18


Online education benefits for people in developed country as well as undeveloped. benefits developed countries 1. For people who are to busy to make it to in person classes, but want to further they're education. 2. Your more comfortable at home rather not be in a class room. 3. Place or degree program you want to study is to far away for you benefits undeveloped countries 1. have a education available to you, that would not be other wise 2. MOOCs courses for teacher or professions that you want to know more about to help with they're jobs. 3.With these higher education they can use to help people to move further in how to develop their countries
Paper written by Jonathan, about why this generation is so Me Me Me focused. How technology has played a role in this mindset as well as Parents, Adult, and role models including celebrities. While all these things have had a great affect on us it's still our responsibility to decide what choices we're going to make in response. email:
John Winthrop ep.16

John Winthrop ep.16


This is one of my papers on different kinds of liberty, Federal and Civil liberty, moral, and natural liberty. I mean, I don't know about all those but "Give me Liberty or give me Death! The good and the bad that come with that liberty.
cause the confederates should have one right ? one what? one won, nope, won right? there you go. hhmmm Strangely quite. at the beginning I am being sarcastic, I apologize if you thought I was being serious. paper is interesting to see how victories can have just as a bad affect as good. The confederates won the battle of Manassas/Bull Run early in the war which affected how the South went at trying to win the rest of the war poorly.
Rome's government, America's government all though have many similarities, also are a lot different then people might think.
guest Tiffany my sister, where we discuss my paper in witch I'm selling a magic home. What would your magic home be like? mine has robot butler.
champagne, cocaine , gasoline one of these your child can take for a toothache COCAINE!!! least you could in 1800s and 1900s so go to your nearest druggests and get your cocaine drops for that nasty toothache. Feat. Jonathan my brother this is his paper he was nice a nuff to read and be on the episode
Robert E Lee, McClellan, and Ulysses S Grant the people who effected the outcome the battles of the Civil War the most.
What!!! i want one I think i could get really into golf if I got a driver that shot a twelve gauge round, I'll take two please. There is someone who made a real patent for twelve gauge golf club i would like to shake that persons hand say thank you, that's so creative and cool. This paper on how I would do a sales pitch for this patent of twelve gauge golf club to investors for money. would you like to invest?
The intrigue about the case of the CHICKENS DEATHS!!! Don't laugh this is very serious story :( come at me or your a chicken bakbak you see what I did there
compare and contrast on two people who made a big impact at the same time, what the differences in what these two people believed. Plus I always pictured Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin, as like kinda quirky guys who would be fun to hang out with, you know, if you had the chance. Ps when I say " This is one of my good papers" it's still a pretty crappy paper:) Enjoy
This is a analytical essay about a book (Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians) and how the author Brandon Sanderson wrote the story, how he brings you into the book's world.
Story about my hunting trip when my Dad and I got lost in the woods, and whats fun about hunting. I'm little off on this one I just got my wisdom teeth out so Drugs!! Drugs, or no i'm just little off ;);)
The different challenges of learning how to Snowboard and Ski. From someone who snowboards, so don't take my word on the challenges of skiing or do? Haha jk I do not know anything about it.
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