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After attempting to blow up Lord Shelley’s plane, Isaac and Gabriel head back to Exile Island unsure if their efforts were successful. Without warning, Gabriel becomes gravely ill. Lord Banks and the others are trapped in another bunker when demons bust down the door. King Asilas gathers his army of demons and something incredible happens, to the astonishment of Lords Hemingway and Oreb. Features the song “Lilith” by Holizna.Get King Asilas Merch HERE.Support the show (
Episode 71: Pulse

Episode 71: Pulse


Isaac comes up with an incredibly risky plan to destroy Lord Shelley's plane and wreck his father's plans. However, fate is never kind to those who wish to derail destiny. Lord Hemingway finds himself in a life or death situation and Lord Banks and Monica are shocked by the return of those they left for dead. The king breaks down in his admissions about his role in Lord Capone's chaotic life. Get King Asilas merch >>>>HERE.Support the show (
Episode 70: Dog Fight

Episode 70: Dog Fight


Oreb and the others try to gain access to a jet and a cache of Orion weapons, but find resistance from possessed friendlies and a midair attack. JJ and Cody find themselves locked outside the bunker as demons close in. Isaac makes an unlikely alliance with someone very close to the king. Features the song “Deliverance” by Wikka.Support this podcast by visiting our merch storefront on TeePublic. And also buy a box of BUILT BARS, the best protein bars in the world!Support the show (
King Asilas has an eye opening discussion about his role in the world with the Archangel. Although in a weakened state, Cody makes a dark declaration which makes JJ sad. Lord Oreb and the others realize they need to land their chopper at a different base and get access to a plane that will take them back to the original states. But they know there are great risks and many dangers ahead of their journey. Isaac makes a bold gamble and confronts the king at the Grand Castle, but his pleads were met with anger and threats from his unrecognizable father. Features "Haunted" by Restless Spirit.Watch "The Beggar" on our PATREON!Support the show (
Oreb has a mid-air battle with a demon in the cockpit of a chopper. Lord Banks and JJ locate a vehicle and take an abandoned clinic to recuperate. But terrifying creatures are closing in on them once again. The Alpha Omega readies up his angel army for a showdown with King Asilas. The king also readies up his human army and gives a speech about the merging of demons and humans for the ultimate battle. But the Spartans will have to make one final, biological change that will affect them for the rest of their natural lives. Gabriel and Isaac use the time of the king’s speech to break into his office and find evidence that validates Isaac’s suspicions. Oreb, with his injured hand, makes it make to the others on base.Get BUILT BARS, the preferred protein bars of King Asilas!Support the show (
The king and Lord Oreb come to the conclusion Gabriel has betrayed them, but are unsure why. The reality of Capone’s death begins to set in for the king, who mourns his dear friend in a strange way. Lord Banks and the others decide to look for a different bunker as Cody’s condition worsens. Monica stays with Cody while Lord Banks and JJ venture into the dangerous unknown. Lord Oreb and the others eventually make it to a small air base, but only find one functioning chopper. Not everyone can fit into it. Isaac comes up with a plan to eliminate his father, but he seems to be the only one convinced the plan has any chance of success. Features the song "Leading the Lost" by No Hope.Join our PATREON page today!Support the show (
Lords Oreb and Hemingway use mysterious means to get Lord Shelley to go with them, but they have a far bigger problem in terms of transportation. On Exile Island, Isaac tells Jacob what has been taking place at the Grand Castle and says he believes the king has murdered the queen. In South Carolina, Lord Banks, Monica and JJ try to figure out their next move while dealing with Cody’s failing health. During prayer, Asilas is visited by the Archangel, who tells him his dear friend Lord Quintin Capone is dead. Isaac and Jacob ask Gabriel where his loyalties lay. His answer baffles them.*** This episode features the song "Immortal" by Analog. This song is performed vocally by Tony Hatzigeorgalis, who has been cast to play "King Asilas" in a film in 2022. The title of the film is to be released at a later date, but Hatzigeorgalis has already agreed to play the part as the king and is studying the audio drama to prepare himself for this role. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months. ***Don't forget to get some BUILT BARS, the most incredible protein bars in the world!Support the show (
Episode 65: Resistance

Episode 65: Resistance


King Asilas has to bring himself to do something unforgivable to the queen. But Prince Isaac is awaken by a terrifying nightmare that reveals what his father actually did to his mother. He confronts the king, and the Asilas is forced to arrest him and put him in the “dungeon.” In jail, Isaac meets Britney, who tells him of his father’s secret side. Gabriel, after meeting with the king, finds himself wandering in the castle and discovers the dungeon. There, he has to make a decision that will force him to take sides against the king. In China, Lords Oreb and Hemingway locate Shelley, but find she will not be going anywhere with them willingly. Features the song “No One Cares About What We’ve done” by Zach Bellas.MERCHBECOME A PATRONSupport the show (
Tom Novak interviews a retired General, who has choice words about the state of the kingdom and King Asilas himself. Lords Oreb and Hemingway inch their way closer to Shelley, but are once again attacked–this time by demons. Oreb, however, has a secret, alien weapon. Lord Banks and the others find that their escape tunnel has caved in. But something far more ominous is happening on the surface. The king gives his first speech to the demon army, but he doesn’t get the reception he was expecting. Beals reveals to him the reason why. The king is then left with a choice between his family or his destiny. Features the song “Fade Away” by Painted Mirror.The best protein bars in the world are BUILT BARS.Support the show (
Episode 63: Exiled

Episode 63: Exiled


Beals has a heated exchange with Asilas, and then takes him to the pits of Hell where the king finds a familiar old friend, who gives him a startling revelation. In the mountains of China, Lords Oreb and Hemingway are attacked by the fabled Yeti. Lord Banks and the others find themselves trapped in a bunker with no way out but a mysterious tunnel as demons and cannibals try to break in. Jacob struggles to understand how he ended up exiled on a deserted island. Features the song “Sanctify” by No Hope.GET MERCH ON TEE PUBLIC.Support the show (
The Alpha Omega visits the king, but the conversation ends with a stark warning. Lords Oreb and Hemingway make it to China, near the mountain range where Shelley is believed to be hiding. The king tries to make one of the women in his harem to throw herself over the roof of the castle. Lord Banks, Monica, JJ and Cody make their way to a secret bunker in South Carolina, but find themselves in a frightening circumstance. Lords Oreb and Hemingway close in on Shelley’s hiding spot, but something dangerous is pursuing them. Features the song "Dreaded Farewell" by Moderator.Watch our first short movie at Become a patron for as little as $1. It's the most bang for your buck anywhere.Support the show (
Episode 61: Dark Abyss

Episode 61: Dark Abyss


King Asilas seeks refuge in the “safe room” as demons overtake the Grand Castle. However, an angelic event occurs over the skies of America, perpetuating a series of horrifying mysteries worldwide. Lords Oreb and Hemingway are sent to retrieve Lord Shelley from the mountains in China, while Prince Jacob finds himself in exile. The king then caves to his carnal desires, but does something unspeakable to the women. Features the song “Nothing Personal” by Lack of Afro.Get King Asilas merch at the show (
Episode 60: Rapture

Episode 60: Rapture


Try BUILT BARS. The preferred protein bar for exercise enthusiasts! Pope Innocent XIV heads to Galilee to give his “sermon on the mount,” where a group of assassins wait for him. Monica and her handlers make it to the shores on South Carolina where they stumble upon Cody and JJ’s impromptu wedding. All witness something incredible in the skies above. Features the song “The King in Yellow” by Ah Pook the Destroyer.Support the show (
Episode 59: Inferno

Episode 59: Inferno


Capone has a fiercely intense meeting with Malcolm Banks that doesn’t end well. Another shocking attack on the Grand Castle appears to be much more than the king can handle, but something immensely grim happens that leaves everyone running for cover. Dr. Liverpool is called to examine the corpse of a giant and is aghast by what he learns. Monica is smuggled out of the European territory, but her journey home is mired with uncertainty. The Pope reaches Galilee and is met by a flood of people. Features the song “Standing There” by Steven Fisher (Cerebral Tone).Try BUZZSPROUT!Get your King Asilas merch at the show (
Episode 58: Giants

Episode 58: Giants


Dr. Liverpool and his team make a terrifying discovery underground. A horde of cannibals and giants attack the Grand Castle and threaten the king inside. However, Capone leads a team of Spartans to defend the castle. The Pope and Cardinals make their pilgrimage, but encounter nomadic gangs and cannibals along the way. Cody and JJ make it to Washington, D.C. looking for Cody’s father and end up in the fight for the lives. Features the song “Let It All Krumble” by Lyndol Descant.Support the show (
Try BUILT BARS. The preferred protein bars of exercise enthusiasts! Monica makes a daring plan of escape. Oreb’s team brings back mysterious technologies from Antarctica and the images it displays leaves the king and his inner circle confused. Major volcanic eruptions add more calamities as the king continues to lose his grip on the world. Millions go missing and news reports makes it impossible dismiss the disappearances. Asilas, under pressure, launches a nuclear weapon once again in a desperate attempt to keep his control. Features the song “Fire” by The Inventors.Support the show (
Try BUILT BARS. The preferred protein bar of exercise enthusiasts! Capone tries to negotiate with the Drax to get back King Asilas's grandson. JJ and Cody have to resort to "drastic measures" just to get enough fuel to get to their next destination. Jacob and Oreb get ever closer to making their devious plan against the Pope a reality. Tom Novak loses his cool on set, and Beals has an interesting debate with an A.I. system. Features the song "Shock the Liar" by Jonathan Norris.Subscribe to our YouTube channel: our t-shirts, mugs and more HERE.Support the show (
Episode 55: Burning

Episode 55: Burning


KING ASILAS MERCH HEREDeath lurks around every corner throughout the kingdom. JJ and Cody arrive in New Eden only to find themselves in a fight for their lives. The Pope and Cardinal discuss martyrdom. King Asilas’s disregard for the concerns of the people sends the High Council into a panic, as tribalism becomes a real threat to his authority. Lord Capone is given a horrific task.  Features the song "Help Me" by Tim Yurkovitch.Support the show (
Cannibals terrorize the kingdom with impunity . The world falls in disbelief over what is discovered under the Antarctic ice. Beals and an extra-terrestrial discuss the return of “The Son of Man.” JJ and Cody head to Ohio and have an unbelievable close encounter. Princess Monica has her baby boy, but is kept from being near him. Featured song “Don’t Fear the Sun” by Maxthor.Get the best protein bars on the market: BUILT BARS!Support the show (
BUZZSPROUT. Dr. Liverpool warns Lord Oreb that the ice in Antarctica is melting and sea levels will rise. King Asilas sends a team to investigate the newly exposed areas of Antarctica. JJ and Cody leave the west coast and head to Kentucky, but have another frightening experience when they arrive. Princess Monica and Malcolm have a heated, but revealing exchange. The king becomes increasingly unstable, as he faces ghosts from his past.T-Shirts, Mugs and more HERE!Support the show (
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