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The Rise of King Asilas

Author: JV Torres

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When America faced its ultimate crisis, the second civil war, a leader emerged that unified the fractured country. However, in order to reunite all the warring states, he had to restructure the government and restore order. In doing so, the country changed from a democracy to a monarchy. Reluctantly, General Asilas Roman became America's first king. This is the story of King Asilas, an American patriot who became the center of the country's most definitive time in history and the people he trusted during his reign as America's first absolute ruler.
91 Episodes
King Asilas enters the cyber world of Esther to challenge her to a battle to the death. Oreb is distraught by the destruction of Esther, but simultaneously in disbelief Asilas was able to enter the computer world using his experimental contraption. Monica meets with the king to plead for Jacob’s position in the war battle, but the king was not impressed with her argument. The angel army begin their march toward Asilas’s base and everyone gets ready for the long awaited battle. BUY MERCH HERE.Support the show
The king has a lucid dream where he converses with Dr. Ezekiel and King Hussein in a therapy session. The Archangel and Alpha Omega discuss the fate of man and their willing blindness. Jacob professes his undying love to Monica and they marvel at their baby. The queen regains her sight, but not before she realizes the necessity of love in one’s heart. Features the song "Brash Aim" by JVMP. Download their music HERE.This episode brought to you by the textbook "I Want To Learn English" for beginner adult and young adult English learners. Buy a copy on Amazon by clicking HERE.Support the show
The king launches missiles at the angel army base, but they send three missiles of their own, which sets the entire base into a frenzy–and the queen unleashes rage toward the king for this impromptu attack. The angels appear to be on the move to attack, but suddenly retreat and the queen uses this opportunity to rally up the demons. The king retreats to his private quarters, and in his stressful moment, summons his consort Natalia. However, the queen walks in on their courtship and unleashes even more rage and fury which results in an untimely death. In haste, the queen summons Beals. A move she quickly regrets.Check out The MisEducation ProjectSupport the show
A soldier tries to assassinate the king in his sleep, but the Queen intervenes in the most drastic way. Monica once again engages Esther in a battle of wits pertaining to fate and the supernatural. Oreb, out of frustration, asks the queen to speak with Asilas and get the war started. Jacob gets into a physical altercation with a sergeant who challenges him to a hand to hand combat drill for entertainment. In spite of this show of strength, the queen insists Jacob be places at the rear flank, but the king objects. Oreb, on the other hand, impressed, gives Jacob a very special, and deadly gift. Visit our website at Get MERCH click ---> HERE.Support the show
Episode 84: A Way Out

Episode 84: A Way Out


Gabriel tells Jacob he will make sure no one in the future forgets about him or his father. Monica goes psycho on Britney and accidentally shoots her. Queen Ana and Oreb plead with the king to allow Esther to be reactivate in order to help them with their war calculations. The king summons Princess Monica to face questions about her role in Britney’s death. Esther plays mind games with Oreb and Cody and JJ are trapped by a hoard of cannibals in the Grand Castle. Check out our MERCH on our TEEPUBIC storefront. Click HERE.Check out our sister show Unknown and Mysterious Creatures and support the show by becoming a Patron.Support the show
Jacob meets with Russel to make the exchange, but not before they exchange words and reveal a bit more about the nature of the human/Drax relationship. Gabriel is asked to go back to the Grand Castle to retrieve a cooling unit before time runs out on the vials of the king’s blood. Cody and JJ are worried about the sounds of cannibals in the castle and have to find a safe place to hide. Jacob gets to training late which causes a stir, especially with the king. Tom Novak’s radio station is surrounded by cannibals and his final call with the king is heartfelt. The king’s machines once again are commandeered and begin attacking the human’s army. The king has no choice to deploy a global EMP.  Featuring "Under No Nation" by GOAT. Check out Unknown and Mysterious Creatures!Support the show
Prince Jacob finds himself back at his father’s side and even training to lead the charge in the war. Esther goes rogue and disables the king’s machines, putting the king’s wits to the test. Unbeknownst to the king, Jacob, Dr. Slaughter and Monica try to find the time and the means to make the exchange of exotic elements and the king’s blood in exchange for the baby. Monica accuses Britney of trying to make moves on Jacob in her presence and the drama becomes toxic. Features the music of Paradox Obscur.Check out YCosplay 25% OFF.Support the show
Episode 81: Switch

Episode 81: Switch


Jacob learns of his brother’s fate, but before he could become grief stricken, Princess Monica reveals something emotionally horrendous that makes the prince’s mind go into a tailspin. Beals confronts the king about his insane stunt that ended up costing the Knight Spartan Nabal’s life. The king’s personal physician, Dr. Slaughter, is kidnapped by Gabriel and brought to Jacob to persuade him to help him and the princess get their son back from the Drax. They ask the doctor to literally put his life at risk by smuggling nine vials of the king’s blood for the Drax. He agrees only because it would be a personal favor for Princess Monica, which makes Jacob suspicious of their past together. Features the song "Turn the Dark On" by From Apes to Angles.Don't forget to check out Unknown and Mysterious Creatures!Support the show
Prince Isaac is once again put before everyone and proclaimed a traitor to the crown. He’s put to a gruesome death, which shocks everyone on the base. Asilas is then visited by the Alpha Omega and the woeful king begs for forgiveness. Afterwards, the king speak with Lord Oreb who tells him all is not lost and to let his remaining son Jacob back into his circle. Hemingway meets with Russel and the Drax make a strange and improbable demand before they are willing to hand over the king’s grandson. In the king’s physical and cognitive ambivalence, he inadvertently kills Hemingway and does one of the most heinous things he’s ever done as king to counter the blunder. Features the song "The Monster" by Man Destroyed Man.CashApp us some coin at $kingasilas or go to our PayPal page HERE.Support the show
Episode 79: Baby

Episode 79: Baby


Lord Hemingway and Spartan Suarez meet with the Drax Russel hoping to strike a deal for the king’s grandson. Things heat up when Britney strikes a nerve with Princess Monica when Britney’s admiration of Jacob brings unbridled suspicion about her true motives. Queen Ana asserts herself as the absolute commander of the demon army, but in private something dire is happening to the king and she worries of its implications to the war. Asilas considers letting Prince Jacob back into his inner circle, but requests a meeting with Prince Isaac before he’s let back in. Isaac goes reluctantly, unsure of what the king will do to him.Get King Asilas Merch HERE at the show
Lord Oreb sends Spartans on a mission to infiltrate the angel army base only to find their efforts meeting a horrific fate. Cody and the girls encounter dangers stemming from their need to refuel their vehicle. Jacob is suddenly awakened by the spirit of Queen Rebekah, who gives him an unbelievable piece of advice. Cody and the girls arrive at the Grand Castle and Princess Monica is reunited with Prince Jacob. However, Britney crashes the sweet moment and leaves Monica wondering who this strange woman is with her husband. Tom Novak invited General Sherman to speak live on the radio, but the General has to overcome a hoard of cannibals. Features the song “Wolves” by The Understudies.Get King Asilas MERCH by clicking HERE.Support the show
TRY BUILT BARS. King Asilas gives a speech to his human and demon army, revving up the ultimate war with the Son of Man, but is challenged by a skeptical soldier. Cody, JJ and Monica make their way out of the Carolinas and head toward the Grand Castle, but the road is long and perilous. Infighting begins to unravel the war plans in Asilas’s inner circle. Prince Jacob tells Gabriel, Isaac and Britney they should head to Megiddo against the odds to win back the king’s favor, but Isaac is deeply troubled by this notion. Features the song "Animals" by Emblems. Support the show
King Asilas condemns Prince Isaac to die, and Gabriel to dispatched to help him. However, saving Isaac only presents greater problems to solve. Lord Banks and the others continue to have difficulties finding shelter and their frustrations boil over into great strife that will leave one of them dead. Queen Ana takes lead of the demon army and the march begins towards Israel and Megiddo.  Beals relishes in the fruition of King Asilas's final ascension. Features the song "House of the Rising Sun" by HoliznaCCO.Support the show by becoming a patron, CLICK HERE.Support the show
The king tries to introduce Natalia to Shelley, but his threesome plans don't go the way he wanted. Prince Isaac sneaks away from his brother and Britney in order to disrupt his father’s wedding ceremony. Although he succeeds in the disruption, he fails at everything else and his taken to the gallows. Prince Jacob and Britney make it to the castle only to find Isaac in utter peril.Get some cool King Asilas MERCH HERE.Support the show
King Asilas and Lord Shelley gleefully address their generals and followers at the Grand Castle only to be challenged by one among them. Gabriel and Isaac sneak into the Grand Castle to witness the king behaving in the most shocking way. Lord Banks, JJ and the others find themselves trapped in another bunker with a limited supply of air and time running out to escape. Back on Exile Island, Jacob makes a bold, new plan and returns to New Eden in secret with Gabriel and the others only to discover something immense taking place. Features the song “Bubble” by The Upstarters.Become a PATRON today. And don't forget to buy some King Asilas MERCH.Support the show
After attempting to blow up Lord Shelley’s plane, Isaac and Gabriel head back to Exile Island unsure if their efforts were successful. Without warning, Gabriel becomes gravely ill. Lord Banks and the others are trapped in another bunker when demons bust down the door. King Asilas gathers his army of demons and something incredible happens, to the astonishment of Lords Hemingway and Oreb. Features the song “Lilith” by Holizna.Get King Asilas Merch HERE.Support the show
Episode 71: Pulse

Episode 71: Pulse


Isaac comes up with an incredibly risky plan to destroy Lord Shelley's plane and wreck his father's plans. However, fate is never kind to those who wish to derail destiny. Lord Hemingway finds himself in a life or death situation and Lord Banks and Monica are shocked by the return of those they left for dead. The king breaks down in his admissions about his role in Lord Capone's chaotic life. Get King Asilas merch >>>>HERE.Support the show
Episode 70: Dog Fight

Episode 70: Dog Fight


Oreb and the others try to gain access to a jet and a cache of Orion weapons, but find resistance from possessed friendlies and a midair attack. JJ and Cody find themselves locked outside the bunker as demons close in. Isaac makes an unlikely alliance with someone very close to the king. Features the song “Deliverance” by Wikka.Support this podcast by visiting our merch storefront on TeePublic. And also buy a box of BUILT BARS, the best protein bars in the world!Support the show
King Asilas has an eye opening discussion about his role in the world with the Archangel. Although in a weakened state, Cody makes a dark declaration which makes JJ sad. Lord Oreb and the others realize they need to land their chopper at a different base and get access to a plane that will take them back to the original states. But they know there are great risks and many dangers ahead of their journey. Isaac makes a bold gamble and confronts the king at the Grand Castle, but his pleads were met with anger and threats from his unrecognizable father. Features "Haunted" by Restless Spirit.Watch "The Beggar" on our PATREON!Support the show
Oreb has a mid-air battle with a demon in the cockpit of a chopper. Lord Banks and JJ locate a vehicle and take an abandoned clinic to recuperate. But terrifying creatures are closing in on them once again. The Alpha Omega readies up his angel army for a showdown with King Asilas. The king also readies up his human army and gives a speech about the merging of demons and humans for the ultimate battle. But the Spartans will have to make one final, biological change that will affect them for the rest of their natural lives. Gabriel and Isaac use the time of the king’s speech to break into his office and find evidence that validates Isaac’s suspicions. Oreb, with his injured hand, makes it make to the others on base.Get BUILT BARS, the preferred protein bars of King Asilas!Support the show
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