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Deep, meaningful "no holds barred" conversations about the Conscious Life and about what it means to be human.Jeff Krisman has conversations with spiritual practitioners, healers, and teachers about their evolution and about what they are learning on their journeys.He also has conversations with people from all walks of life who have gone through deep transformation who share their life journeys and the most formative lessons learned along the way.There is nothing that is too deep, too dark, or too heavy.These are not the typical conversations that you hear on podcasts......these are conversations that are spontaneous, unpredictable, and that can take sudden twists and turns that go places that are unknown before the journey begins.These journeys have no map to find out the way to the destination as the destination will only be known after we arrive there.Real Conversations And Real StoriesThought ProvokingConsciousness AlteringEnlighteningNo LimitsNo Scripts
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Jeff sits down with Meg Sutherland as she shares deeply about her inner journey through the process of creation of The Victory of Greenwood project and what it all means to her personally.  She also speaks very compellingly about her own evolution through this process.To learn more about The Victory of Greenwood project and the book, visithttps://thevictoryofgreenwood.comMeg Sutherland is a communications and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Much of her focus has been on helping area non-profits that provide assistance for women, children and minorities. Most recently, she co-founded Spark Collaborative which supports creative projects with some element of social responsibility. The most recent of these is the Victory of Greenwood where she performs extensive research, editing and grant writing.Her pro-bono work has included providing public relations services to TulsaNow and as a storyteller for Code for Tulsa (a local brigade of Code for America). She was also instrumental in the creation of Tulsa Little Jam, a video and podcast series showcasing area musicians and performers, which launched in Tulsa in 2018. Meg graduated, cum laude, from Langston University in 1996 with a B.A. in Psychology. She has two adult sons and resides in Tulsa, OK.The Victory of Greenwood​ endeavors to tell the story of Greenwood from the perspective of the heroes and entrepreneurs who built Greenwood and then rebuilt it after its destruction. Historians have published many books and articles about the days surrounding the 1921 Race Massacre, but Tulsa knows very little about the founding of Greenwood. We as a city know even less about Greenwood's reconstruction. Against all odds, the neighborhood was built again, better than before, and became known as “Black Wall Street”.The name Victory of Greenwood is attributed to Timantha Norman, executive editor of the Tulsa Star. She and her staff have been wonderful joint partners throughout the process of writing this article series and book and we're grateful for their collaboration.We began publishing a series of articles in the fall of 2019 with the goal of sharing Greenwood's story from the perspective of its founders and significant historical figures. The project will cover Greenwood’s early history, the 1921 massacre, Greenwood's rebuilding, and its prosperity through the late 1960s, focusing on the neighborhood’s great nationwide legacy. Every day that we work on this project, we uncover a piece of history that Tulsa has not seen for decades-in some cases for over a century.The article series will be published as a book in May, 2021. We are producing a series of events, a video series, a podcast and a web-based interactive timeline and archive, and will be contributors to the collections/exhibits housed at the Greenwood Rising Museum.We have listened to our city’s conversation about the massacre and about Greenwood’s history and legacy for the past 20 years and we believe that it is incomplete. This project, for us, is an attempt to tell the story of Greenwood’s triumphs so that as a city we might learn from and be inspired by the people who rebuilt the neighborhood in spite of the tremendous challenges they faced.Greenwood’s history is incredibly rich, multifaceted, and fascinating. By learning the individual human experiences of Greenwood residents, Tulsa can begin to come together as a community promoting growth, cooperation, equity and respect for all its citizens. Perhaps other communities will look to Tulsa’s efforts and be moved to strive for their own growth and reconciliation. The Victory of Greenwood continues.
Jeff sits down with Michelle Bias as she shares deeply about her work with people, about her own Journey and evolution, and about some very important lessons that she has learned along the way.To learn more about Michelle and her work, visithttps://www.michellebias.comIf you are in a session or a workshop with Michelle, you’ll find she brings spunk, experience, non-judgment, and integrity. She will guide you towards creative ways to look at life to see where old paradigms and worn-out narratives can be shifted and integrated. Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an undergrad in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences. She is a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Certified Astrologer, EFT practitioner, Karmic Theory Konnector, Writer, and Artist. She has a private practice and works with clients in the Tulsa area as well as remotely across the U.S via Zoom. Why does systemic work matter? I know first hand the impact this work has had in my life. It is powerful. If an individual is willing, it can be the catalyst for new growth and perspective. I love guiding people to a place in their life where they can access more resources and support. I want more ground to stand upon for all people. I love to see people stepping into the bright, shining lights they are. Regardless of how one finds a road towards healing, it is important to remember that everyday you have a choice. My commitment to myself and others: To be the best me I can be. I am a teacher and mostly, I am a student. In case you are wondering, yes, I have a coach. I have mentors, and I have teachers. I would not be here showing up in this way if I didn’t. A few other things about me: I’m a public speaker, facilitating TeamBuilding workshops for businesses and organizations. I co-founded OK, So Tulsa’s Storyslam in 2013 (which became a non-profit in 2020) and before covid, co-hosted the event each month.
Jeff sits down with Carissa Pankey as she shares very deeply about her experiences with the creative process, with awareness, and with presence at a deeper Conscious level.
Jeff sits down with Christiaan McPherson as he shares deeply about his Journey, evolution, and lessons learned along the way.He also speaks about what his work as the General Manager of H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House means to him at a deep level.Christiaan also speaks about the benefits of floatation therapy, about float culture, and he also takes a deep dive into the world of tea.To learn more about H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House or to contact Christiaan directly, visit
Jeff sits down with Nicole Chrisman as she shares very deeply about her work, about her Journey, and about her evolution and lessons learned along the way.To learn more about Nicole and her work, visithttps://www.brandiechrisman.comNicole Chrisman is an Evidential Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Author dedicated to bringing departed loved ones and those in the living together since 2008. Spiritual development, particularly the study of Mediumship and Intuitive abilities has been the center of her purpose driven passion her entire adult life. She is considered to be one of the “movers and shakers” of Mediumship in the Midwest. Combining fifteen years of training and personal study, she has been helping others connect to the other side professionally for over a decade. Known for her straightforward and compassionate approach Nicole provides for a unique and accurate experience.She has worked to develop her gift at Arthur Findlay College, workshops and personal development and had the pleasure to work along side other well known mediums in her field.Currently, Nicole has also been called to teach others how to connect with their spiritual gifts and incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives by focusing on family, personal spiritual development and overall well being.It is her goal that in sharing her own spiritual gifts, teaching others and encouraging continual growth she will help individuals embrace their spiritual potential.Nicole is also a loving and dedicated mother to her three amazing children and resides in Tulsa, OK with her soul partner.
Jeff sits down with Joe Moody to hear him share deeply and compellingly about his Journey, about his evolutions, and some of the most formative lessons that he has learned along the way.To learn more about Joe, his work, and to access his articles that are published on Medium, visit
Jeff sits down with Madeleine Besson to hear about the connection between her artistic work and Consciousness and about her Journey and evolution. She also reflects very deeply about the significance of her experiences when she lived in the United States for 5 years.To learn more about Madeleine and her work, visitInstagram: @madeleinebessonYoutube: https://www.madeleinebesson.comMadeleine Besson is an actor, singer, musician, composer, sound healer and artist. She has been immersed in theatre, cinema and music from an early age. Her first acting job was at eleven years old in “La Belle Verte”, later on interpreted the lead part in the sequel of the original French movie “Three Men and a Baby”, “18 ans Après”. She studied theatre at the LAMDA school in London. Trained in violin, piano, classical singing and guitar from an early age, she then studied jazz and contemporary music at the Cmdl in Paris and at The New School in New York, before recording her first album in Bristol Uk and Paris France and touring all over France and Germany. She composed music for several plays and films, as well as playing in short films and theatre productions. She recorded her second and third albums in Nashville where she lived for five years touring all around the States. She started creating sound healing channeled transmissions and meditations in 2020 and painting with her own natural pigments. She is currently working on several acting and music projects.
Jeff sits down with Ashley Ludman to hear about her Journey, her evolution and healing, and some of the most formative lessons that she has learned along the way.To learn more about Ashley and her work, visithttps://ashleyludman.comAshley Ludman is a breathwork therapist and educator. Graduating with a degree in Occupational Therapy in 1995, her experience in neurotrauma and acute care rehabilitation informs her current offerings. In 2001, she opened Seaside Yoga, in Wilmington, NC, while training Yoga teachers and specializing in Yoga Therapeutics. In 2010, relocated to Nosara, Costa Rica, where she now lives and offers Breathwork Facilitator Training Programs both through the distance and at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.
Jeff sits down with Lisa Ann Catano as she shares deeply about her Journey and evolution.To learn more about Lisa, visit contact Lisa,Email:
Jeff sits down with Jaileen Shoemaker as she shares very deeply about her Journey, her evolution, and about why her work with others is so healing and so important to her.To learn more about Jaileen and her healing services, visit contact Jaileen(785) 404-8164jaileenshoemaker757@gmail.comTo book an appointment with Jaileen JaileenI consider myself an Earth guide and Spiritual Ascension Coach. I facilitate sacred space for healing and evolution. I do energy and light work. I am a certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master and a Certified Be Free Breathwork Facilitator.
WATCH ON YOUTUBE sits down with Louise Livingstone from the Heart Sense Research Institute as she shares very deeply about her Journey and evolution and about the work that she does with individuals and organizations to empower them to return to the heart and to reconnect to life.Her next Introduction to Heart Sense course is beginning online on Monday 13th September. For more information see the following link -“Imagine that the heart is trying to speak to us; how would we understand its language and receive its message? How might we cultivate the ears to hear the heart’s voice, and focus the eyes to see the heart in its authenticity?”  --Louise Livingstone, 2019About LouiseIn the early 1990s, I developed a condition called myocarditis which enlarged my heart and left me with numerous physical ailments. Deep in my soul, I knew that my heart was urgently trying to speak to me, making me aware that I had been ignoring my heart's wisdom and guidance for many years.  This experience transformed my life, and I began a long journey of recovery; learning to listen to the soft whispers of my heart's wisdom and guidance. This meant un-learning almost everything I was taught about the world through the contemporary Western approach towards knowledge; along the way gaining an MSc in Holistic Science from the Schumacher College, and a PhD in Transformative Education from Canterbury Christ Church University. My PhD thesis drew on the discourses of transformational learning, depth psychology, holistic science, cultural history, esoteric wisdom and religious philosophy. I am the founder of the Heart Sense Research Institute. My work aims to re-imagine the long-forgotten wise and intelligent heart for contemporary times; illuminating through research, contemplative action and nourishing dialogue how the heart as a focal point of compassion, love and kindness, and as an organ of perception and wisdom, is a valuable and vital ally in our world of increasing global challenges, injustice and inequality. I particularly work with people to empower them to access their heart's wisdom in order to engage more meaningfully with life.
Watch on youtube, Writer and Intuitive Coach, Monika Carless lives on the magical shores of Vancouver Island, B.C. guiding creatives, earthkeepers and witches on their sacred journey through life. Her heart song is being of service to the Consciousness, while leading a life of simple pleasures.With over 300 articles published in various magazines, Monika is the author of The Dark Pool trilogy; a tale of erotic pagan mysticism and conscious relationships. Her next book, Transforming Mother Wound Healing Pathways for the Wild & Sovereign is due for release in 2021."My writing as a spiritual midwife rests on the deep belief that humanity is destined for compassion, empathy and unconditional love. I seek to offer opportunities to understand ourselves in new and inspired ways.” Connect with Monika via her website,, or FB and InstagramOne of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.”― Clarissa Pinkola EstésMonika Carless, She/HerCertified Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Way of the ShamanCoaching Women to Wild, Fearless AuthenticityFeatured @ Elephant Journal , The Urban Howl   *I gratefully acknowledge the Lkwungen People on whose traditional and unceded territory I live, work and play, and offer thanks and reverence to the ancestors, supernatural ones, hereditary leaders, matriarchs and creatures for their stewardship of the rich resources and cultural teachings of this beautiful land, Southern Vancouver - Work With Me/The Dark Pool Trilogy/Blog
Jeff sits down with ecstatic vocalist, innovative composer, teacher and invoker of the sacred, Suzanne Sterling, as she shares deeply about her journey and her work in creating and performing healing music and in facilitating sacred and participatory ceremonies for large gatherings and festivals worldwide. As a voice for joyful and sustainable activism she has created trainings and curriculums for numerous communities, is co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World® with other yoga luminaries, Seane Corn and Hala Khouri.Suzanne’s musical explorations in the realm of electronic dance music, devotional chanting and songs of the ecstatic soul have brought her to the forefront of the “kirtronica” sound (Conscious Dancer magazine named her a “kirtronica pioneer”) and have led her to enjoy mainstage billing at festivals such as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Burning Man, Power to the Peaceful and The World Festival of Sacred Music (hosted by the Dalai Lama). Suzanne has performed and toured internationally both solo as well as with well-known electronic dance act Medicine Drum, innovative electronic dance act Alcyone (System Recordings NY) and acoustic trio Kali’s Angels.Her music has been commissioned for film, theatre, and DVD, including “Gifting It,” an award winning documentary film about the Burning Man Festival, and the bestselling, award winning “Vinyasa Flow Yoga I and II with Seane Corn” produced by Gaiam Inc. She also created the soundtrack for a postnatal Yoga DVD entitled “YogaBonding” and appears in the DVD “Yoga from the Heart” with Seane Corn and produced by Yoga Journal. Most recently completing a three DVD set to accompany Seane Corn’s Chakra Flow DVD series.Her latest performances are a thoroughly modern exploration of devotional music and have been known to have an audience on their feet in a matter of minutes. She has been called a soulful and groove-loving musical priestess – refining and reinventing the ancient traditions of ecstatic prayer through the voice. Her first solo album “Bhakti” reached #1 on the New Age radio playlists and she was chosen as “Best Spiritual Artist” in the 2008 Norbay Awards sponsored by the North Bay Guardian. Her latest album “Blue Fire Soul” (produced by Christopher K) is an album created specifically for yoga classes and will be available soon.As well as performing, she facilitates retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and brings a special blend of music, yoga, sacred ceremony and activism to events as far reaching as yoga retreats, emerging culture conferences, and music festivals – most recently as featured artist and teacher at several Yoga Journal Conferences, The Esalen Institute, The Omega Institute, The Global Sound Conference, and Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. Suzanne has also been a ritual designer and priestess for many years and has developed curriculums, teacher trainings and apprenticeship programs for numerous communities nationwide. She offers year long apprenticeships in Ritual Skills in both SF and LA and is part of the faculty for YogaWorks’ internationally respected Teacher Training Programs in both SF and New York.
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with comedian Mona Aburmishan as she shares very deeply about her Journey in comedy, about her evolution, and about how she has connected with Source and with higher Consciousness through the performance of her craft.To learn more about Mona, her comedy, and her work, visithttps://monacomedy.com is an international comedian based in her hometown of Chicago.She performs, emcees, and produces comedy shows, competitions and events in major clubs, theaters and universities around the world. In addition to comedy, Mona is a sought-after speaker for her expertise in using stand-up comedy to bring joy and affinity to various socio-political topics in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Most notably, Mona is America’s first internationally honed stand-up comedian. Similarly, she is the first Arab and Muslim woman to perform stand-up comedy in the nation’s most prestigious institutions: Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC as well as private events for diplomatic agencies.She has a Master’s in International Development and is fluent in English, German and Arabic and performs in these languages. Living and working around the world, Mona uses her global insight and homegrown Chicago-style urban & sub-urban perspective, that offers a fresh look at shifting frustration into funny.In addition to regularly performing in the US, Canada, EU, UK and the Middle East, Mona is a sought-after headliner on the African continent. Becoming a regular in the South African market, Mona works regularly with comedians and multi-media personalities throughout South Africa’s major cities: Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. As for Northern Africa and Middle East, Mona was a featured guest on the wildly successful “Al Bernameg” with host Dr. Bassem Youssef’s ground-breaking satirical news program (once North Africa’s version of “The Daily Show”); as well as headlined Comedy Central’s Season 2 and 3, Premier “Comedy Central Present: Stand-Up Al Waggif” filmed on location in Dubai, UAE - featured throughout the Middle East and Africa. She was the first female to headline this revolutionary series produced by Viacom.State side, Mona is a regular host and headliner throughout the Midwest, Northeast, South and West Coasts of US. While touring Mona always checks in with Chicago based media was a consistent featured guest on “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez” Chicago’s #1 late-night radio show WGN 720 Radio as well as a regular feature on Chicago’s #1 daytime talk show, Windy City Live!Globally, Mona launched Class Clowns® “Comedy & Culture Series” a stand-up comedy, improv, spoken word & writing workshop for CORPORATE AMERICA looking to reinvigorate and pivot their corporate family into a productive 2021. These workshops are dual-development model whereby the same workshop will be offered to a community group, school or charity of the company’s choosing.She is currently working with the University of Chicago to teach medical students comedy skills to relate better to their patients and overcome racism and income disparities“Leadership isn’t just the person on stage talking into a microphone, it’s everyone aroundthat person making sure the microphone is on and the person is seen & heard!”Mona is also a trained and professional medium and channeler.
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with intuitive artist and spiritual teacher Jo Jayson as she shares very deeply about her practice, her work, and her Journey.To learn more about Jo and her work, visithttp://www.jojayson.com born Jo Jayson is a self-taught, intuitive painter, teacher and author. She is internationally known and acclaimed for her work on the Sacred Feminine and is the author of the award-winning book ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’ and the accompanying oracle deck. Through her paintings she teaches self-healing, and self-development to women worldwide, and she sells her paintings, prints, guidance cards, and meditation tools internationally. She has lived in New York for over 20 years and continues to expand her work on the Feminine with a new Zodiac series in progress.
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Wendy De Rosa, author of Becoming an Empowered Empath, as she shares very deeply about her Journey and evolution and about some very formative lessons that she learned along the way.Visit her online athttp://www.wendyderosa.comFacebook:  Twitter: Instagram:  YouTube:   LinkedIn: Wendy De Rosa is the author of Becoming an Empowered Empath. The founder of The School of Intuitive Studies, she has been helping people develop intuition and experience personal transformation for over two decades. Wendy is a popular faculty member at the Shift Network and has filmed two programs for MindValley’s spiritual growth channel. She lives in Longmont, Colorado.
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Maja Metlicar as she shares very deeply about her Journey, her evolution as a human and Divine being, and some very impactful lessons that she has learned along the way through beginning to work as a practitioner years ago.Maja is a Source codes keeper, spiritual activator and frequency holder. Through her presence and her voice she facilitates the unlocking of dormant codes held within one’s DNA, unleashing a deeper layer of their highest embodiment potential. She feels & reads individual, collective and cosmic frequency, and works multidimensionally. LIght Language, light codes, awareness and anchoring in love as a state of being, are her modalities. That said, her service goes beyond labels. What she essentially does is create and hold a safe container for one to experience themselves in their most authentic and brilliant truth. Connect to Maja through her website:
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Kimberly Palm as she shares very deeply about her Journey, her work, and about the most important realizations that she has had along the way.To learn more about Kimberly and her work, visithttps://spiritualgrowthjourneys.com
TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW, GO TO INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS PODCAST CHANNEL OR VIEW DIRECTLY AT sits down with Lukaijah to hear him share very deeply about his Journey, evolution, and work with people regarding soul purpose and divine union alignment.To learn more about Lukaijah and his work, visithttps://www.lukaijah.comTo learn more about Divine Union Alchemy, visithttps://divineunionalchemy.comTo contact Lukaijah directly,
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