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Author: Joel Moutray

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The Empower Good Podcast is a weekly show designed to empower your personal influence for good. Each week, Joel Moutray, the host, will be interviewing guests who are mastering the art of influence and are taking their talents public so they can do more good!
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Loosing your job is one thing, but quitting your job is a whole other ballgame. That is exactly what Ostap Dzyndra did. He did not however to make a fortune like most entrepreneurs do. His story is touching and what he is now doing will for sure inspire you! Listen to find out!
A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of hanging out with @trevorktyson. His story of overcoming anxiety and depression is motivating beyond belief!
@ashkatch is such a beautiful human! She has helped inspire me to where I'm at in so many ways! This episode will definitely help you be empowered to help others by turning your passion into a calling. Enjoy!
In this weeks Audio Blog I break down share the REAL why of why I'm podcasting! If you want to do good, but are not sure where to start, or what to do, LISTEN to this one! At the end I break it all down!
@isaacweins is definitely an awesome human! He's only 25 years old, but still owns his own business that not only directly impacts the environment for good, but also helps veterans get back on their feet after they get back from deployment! I know you will be inspired! Also, check out @cheapseatssociety for more information on an awesome sustainable living event happening Aug 25 in LA.
Seriously! I know many of you are struggling with different things! Im no different! In this episode I open up and get real vulnerable about some recent ups and downs I've had. I promise you it will touch your heart!
Stoked about this weeks episode! Recently I was featured on the Sound Matters Podcast With Tom Leu where he interviewed me! Here is the replay from his show. Enjoy!
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Whats cool about Adrian Vasques' story is that he didn't move from California to NYC for his own success and happiness, but instead so that he can support his family! By the end of this podcast you will be inspired to not only self educate and embrace the process, but also to strive to act on your dreams in order to impact more people for good!
This episode is literally one of my best edits yet! In addition, my guest Gabriel Desanti brings so much insight and expertise in the areas of photography and videography. He seriously practices what he preaches, and sets the standard high. Finally, he shares game changing advice to grow your social media following! ENJOY!
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