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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.
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Retail --and all businesses — cannot run without their employees. Hiring the right people is just the first and important step. Retaining the right talent, navigating complex HR laws and regulations, and managing them efficiently and productively is another massive challenge, especially the larger the company. Rob Sanchez spoke  with a few experts on this topic at HR Retail. This conversation with Elizabeth McLean,  General Counsel and Compliance Counsel for GoodHire (the only company in the industry with built-in, localized adverse action workflows to help take the stress and worry out of the employment background check process), is the first of three interviews, presented as an important resource for running your business.
Acquiring and keeping customers in both online and physical environments is something Sarmad Saghir, VP of Acquisition for Adore Me (a sleepwear and activewear company offering a monthly lingerie subscription service), knows something about. He joins Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Catherine Schepis (American Fashion Podcast, and Lean Canvas Advisory). Recorded in the MouthMedia Network studios. To hear more from speakers like Joe and Sarmad, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC.In this episode:Adore Me’s goal to bring high quality underwear and lingerie to everyone, no matter what their shape, size, or race, and how they plan to scale their marketing channels with streaming, TV, mail, as well as influencers and traditional display to meet this goal as effectively as possibleHow Facebook’s algorithms have lost brand’s some of their flexibility and ability to leverage the platform as effectively as possible with the proliferation of blind spots for marketersThe importance of differentiating dissatisfied customers versus customers at the end of the lifecycle with a subscription-based service like Adore Me, and how to either win those customers back or know when it isn’t worth the effort to retain that customerThe value of associates in brick and mortar stores and the engagement opportunity that provides versus the tendency for the modern consumer to want to avoid interpersonal interaction, especially with online-online and subscription model sales platformsCommunicating with customers, and how building and maintaining loyalty is all about honesty and accountability throughout, especially in situations where the brand may be at faultHow Adore Me assess who may be a valuable customer, and the surprising homogeny between a-la-carte customers versus subscription model customers or elite try-at-home customersAdore Me’s plans to assess the wants and needs of its customers who opt into each transactional model to better leverage each for its strengths and target customers who may be wary of a subscription modelMaintaining a brand identity across all platforms, from social media accounts to advertisements to website landing pages, and balancing what the metrics are showing people want and what the brand’s stated identity isHow Adore Me is branching out into physical store locations and navigating brick and mortal sales by testing and learningWhy Facebook is still a better short-term marketing performer for Adore Me than TV spots, but why the drag time of TV ads makes the metrics harder to analyzeHow Sarmand uses data as well as the experiences of his colleagues to navigate the tricky seasonality of lingerie and swimwearWhat Sarmand’s hypothetical dream marketing plan for Adore Me would entailThe importance of making online quizzes worthwhile for the brand and the consumerPlus, some off the grid questions with Sarmad where we learn about what he looks forward to at the end of the day, what he does to relax, and a moment he resisted the urge to give up on something
How a women’s apparel brand like Cynthia Rowley adjusts with the identity of women in 2019, and also how they stay relevant and keep up with the conversations in consumers’ lives. President and CEO Allie Egan joins Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Catherine Schepis (American Fashion Podcast, and Lean Canvas Advisory). Recorded in the MouthMedia Network studios. To hear more from speakers like Joe and Allie, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC.In this episode:The importance of taking the data points about the average consumer’s needs and beliefs and making the brand’s point of view clear through its actions, such as having Halima Aden as a Muslim American model Being open and engaging in conversations with consumers when campaigns take an unexpected term, and how honestly and accountability should be values of any brandThe importance of keeping track of supply for brands that sell primarily directHow Cynthia Rowley uses data points to make changes to distribution, production, and supply chain to fill consumer demands and to create limited editions of popular styles to bring in new customers as well as repeat customersThe struggle for brands to produce the quantity and quality digital content to keep the brand’s message clear without getting stale, and how Cynthia Rowley’s studio spaces and influencer network allow for a wealth of relatable content to be produced without having to plan out tightly structured contentHow big data can potentially be used to marketing or customer service actions, and how the evolution of data collection has influenced decision makingWays chat bots and video calling can extend the brand’s ability to provide recommendations, convenience, and a deeper human experience between the consumer and brand when engaging with direct salesThe importance of referrals and word of mouth growth for a brand like Cynthia Rowley, and how Allie plans to utilize affiliates, influencers, and social media to get the word out organically to build the brand’s stature organicallyHow first-order profitability has given Cynthia Rowley the flexibility to grow and make actions that aren’t necessarily scalable at its own pace while focusing on brand loyalty and referralsWhy strategic parameters with tight guidelines along with a focus testing and analysis has evolved into a successful network of influencersAllie’s background in the beauty industry and extensive digital/e-commerce experience, and how her partnership with Cynthia’s artistic and active lifestyle backgrounds intersect and why their partnership is so strongNew ways the brand has been connecting with their consumers, such as the new podcastPlus, some off the grid questions with Allie about how she got started on the path her career that led her to being a brand manager, how that work is like running a marathon, and her intensive note-taking
The very successful Chubbies brand (most radical shorts known to mankind have arrived to take men out of the "Capri" age of shortswear) has truly evolved over time, with thoughtful strategy in growth and marketing.  Founder/CMO/CTO Tom Montgomery shares an inside look into the thinking, strategy, and ambition of Chubbies with Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Catherine Schepis (American Fashion Podcast, and Lean Canvas Advisory). Recorded in the MouthMedia Network studios. To hear more from speakers like Joe and Tom, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC.In this episode:How Chubbies has evolved over time, from a brand focused on men’s shorts and embracing the weekend as an escape at the start of the brand in 2008 during recession, to adjusting itself as a full clothing line including tops, outerwear, and branding reflecting the current working world where we can work 24/7 if that’s what’s necessary and the “weekend” is less concrete a concept for someWhy community is so important to Chubbies, and how the brand embraced social media from the start and utilized its marketing budget to be able to compete with much larger brandsThe importance of being a part of the community you create around your brand, and not being content with setting it up and stepping backUtilizing relatable concepts of wellness, healthy mental space, and relaxation to build a healthy, positive, and inclusive communityHow Tom utilizes data and assessment of social media engagement to refine future content to keep the community activeKeeping the brand ethos alive through content that isn’t intended to drive sales or advertise product, such as the “Weekender” emails that are sent out on FridaysHaving fun with content, such as the time Chubbies published an open letter to Abercrombie & Fitch urging them to stop selling cargo shorts or realizing it was cheaper to produce and mail out beer koozies to grow the fanbase that it would be to “buy” Facebook fansWhy the biddable marketing landscape on Facebook has been advantageous to Chubbies, and why that has made other attribution models more challenging on other social media platforms How Chubbies has tested the implementation of influencers, and why this year has been a stronger year for engagement through influencers, and why it’s important for Chubbies that influencers act more like fans of the brand than salespeople giving out promo codesTesting new channels, through pulse testing and holdout groups, and what Tom is looking for when testing these channels’ attribution statisticsHow the data from social interactions are used to monitor the content and product Chubbies is releasing to adjust marketing or even adjust product linesThe value of user-submitted photos wearing the products, and how these customer photos led to Chubbies breaking away from just producing shorts and to vary the brand’s color palette Plus, we go off the grid and find out about some of Tom’s best/worst vacation experiences, his favorite Chubbies product that didn’t connect with consumers, and why it’s important to stay humble
Bob Lamey from Shopbop shares thoughts on his former and current companies, on location at Remode with host Natalia Makulova.
What is a Radical in retail? Industry heavyweights Robin Lewis (Founder and CEO of The Robin Report, author, speaker, and consultant for the retail and consumer products industries) and Steve Sadove (former Chairman and CEO of Saks and former President of Worldwide Beauty Care and Nutritionals at Bristol-Myers Squibb) stop by to discuss the state an d future of the retail industry, and give insights into The Radical Awards (created to recognize to recognize the individuals who are transforming “old world” retailer models, brands and other consumer-facing businesses).  Hosts Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez, along with guest host Ilan Tito, join.In this episode:About The Robin ReportThe relationship between Robin and SteveWhat led Steve to his current role and what’s catching his attention currently in fashionThe new experience of retailHow multibranding has changed the way retailers are selling to consumersOn what is the biggest difference between a legacy retailer innovating and a start-up trying to innovateIf it’s more radical be an innovator to force others to change or more radical to lead the charge of changeIf diversification of radical activity is importantHow a CEO can stay honest and keep moving with the consumerGetting to know a little more about Robin and Steve outside of their businesses 
When advertising with cross-channel marketing, a real problem can be a consumer encountering irrelevant ads that distract, redirect, and create other friction with that consumer’s attention—— with an application of the right science artificial intelligence, and using real time data, those marketing efforts can bee nimble enough to adjust and react as the consumer makes her online journey. Adlucent is a digital marketing performance agency that is creating seamless cross-channel marketing programs, leveraging proprietary technology and put data into the hands of the right people to make profitability transparent and predictable, and painting a better picture of who the consumer actually is. Jason Roussos, Sr. Vice President of Strategy for Adlucent, joins Marc Raco on location at Shoptalk in Las Vegas.
Drones.There’s been a lot of talk about drones and how they can impact retail. It seems inevitable that you’ll be able to get a package delivered by Amazon or UPS from your friendly drone.And that’s not all. What about drone delivery on demand? If you could order something from a local retailer and have it delivered in minutes to your own backyard? A company from Iceland is doing just that. And it’s closer to being reality than you may think. Yariv Bash, the cofounder and CEO of Flytrex, takes us through what’s on the horizon and we talk through many of the obvious public concerns and questions—on location at Shoptalk Las Vegas.In this episode:Delivering parcels to pick-up points communicated to a user via text message.Users can then receive packages through a drop-down cable from the drone while it remains in the air to combat safety concernsTaking care of safety issuesAvoiding collisions, traffic, having its own ATCPrivacy and noiseWhat business can become knowing instant gratification is possibleEcological impact and safety, lobbying for regulatory support and acceptanceFood can be hotter and fasterLimited weight can be carried
Kelly Derosa, Director of Retail Strategy at IgnitionOne, a marketing technology and services company that offers cloud-based Customer Intelligence solutions to enterprise marketers, joins Rob Sanchez on location at eTail West in Palm Springs, CA to discuss wide ranging conversation about the quickly changing landscape of retail marketing.In this episode:Seeing a changing and shifting retail industry, with every month something newMore channels evolving, brands need to be smart about how they are communicatingThe future of audio in retail marketingBrands will be smart how they can build contentSeeing D-to-C building pop-up shopsFinding more innovative ways to engage with customersSocial networks and loyal customers sharing their impressionsDriving brand story inside collaborationsEmerging channels - being able to properly collect data points from new channelsPlaying with data in creative waysLess partners better for more unified, cleaner data with a fuller lensImportant to still listen to customersLoyalty program considerations, incremental positive experiences minimizing frictionHow retail is fun
Gift registries can play an important red in successful online retail, in fashion and other industries...Since most people become parents at some point, solving how the journey to parenthood can be made easier and less overwhelming with helpful content, a curated store, and universal baby registry could be a great success story, And it has been, thanks largely to founder Natalie Gordon, a former developer at Amazon who decided to create a better baby registry. Today 1 in 5 first-time families create a Babylist registry. Every month more than one million families rely on content to make the most important decisions of pregnancy and early parenthood, and over $12MM in gifts are given using Babylist. Host Rob Sanchez sat down with founder Natalie Gordon on location at eTail West in Palm Springs, CA.In this episode:Building an online registryBeing able to create a list more personalized for each familyHow Baby-sit is invested in its own retail operationsThe original business model was affiliate and Babylist eventually diversified to not just be dependent on the affiliate modelStaying with the family past the birthRecommendation listsThe open opportunity: most people in the US don't have a local baby storeCreating video content to help with purchase details and merchandise infoThe dynamics off offering used productsLeading with the known, trusted brand name, and doubling down on the branding  instead of creating new brands for other functions
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