DiscoverFashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast
Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.
183 Episodes
Partnering music and brands with MAC Presents -- Marcie Allen, President of MAC Presents (music experiential agency , bridge gap between corporate gap and music industry – (bio)), and musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist Taylor Bennett (bio), join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco  for the most applause-laden interview in the show’s history on location at Subculture in New York City. This live audience episode is powered by Peerspace and features music by Casey McQuillen. PHOTO CREDIT: DEREK GARLINGTON
The journey of successful entrepreneur Daymond John...Daymond John (bio), entrepreneur, investor, founder of FUBU, star of Shark Tank, author of the best-selling “The Power of Broke” and founder of Blueprint and Co, joins hosts Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco for a “fireside chat” with Pavan in a special edition of “Fashion Is Your Business LIVE”, on location at the coworking environment, Blueprint + Co. Sponsored by Diaego, Miller/Coors [must be 21 to enter], BarterHouse, and M2M.
The development of people, culture, brand, products, and structure necessary for growing and scaling a business.This MouthMedia Network Live event was recorded in front of a live audience at Experience Knotel, a interactive space located in the heart of Noho in New York City (666 Broadway) designed to showcase the experience of working in a flexible, adaptable, always energized environment. Sponsored by Knotel – Your agile business deserves an agile space. Knotel will find, customize, and operate your ideal office while you focus on your business. Discover more at www.knotel.comPanel:Steven Balasiano – CEO of MHR Advisory, Counsel at Sills CummisTerri DiPaolo – Head of Licensing, Sponsorships, & Endorsements at TKOJodd Readick – CEO of LymeLog, Founder of Roam Coin, Co-Founder of User Centric CommunicationsModerated by:Avani Patel, Co-Founder of Ember, Founder of TrendSeeder
Two words that hold increasing real estate in the vocabulary of retail are commerce and personalization (a.k.a customization). One of the challenges of buying high-end apparel and accessories online (whether it be eyeglasses, footwear, or even tailored suits) is the confidence in both the accuracy of fit and the quality of the workmanship. Tim Aquino, the Head of Sales North America for Institchu (offering tailored made suits both online and in their showroom here in New York) came into the studio looking about as dapper as one would expect, and if that’s any indication, this  company might just be onto how to make personalized commerce work. He shares with "Retail Is Your Business" podcast hosts Chris Hansen and Rebecca Fitts about why fears about the quality of work in China may be misguided, and how this retail company brings their in-person store experience to the online customer.
Designed for women, by women, Of Mercer is an apparel brand building a community of women professionals whose combined voice is a very effective ambassador in the entrepreneurial world. Aligning with successful executives, business leaders, influencers, and innovators, Of Mercer has taken an effective and  bold approach to the growth of the brand. Co-founder Dorie Smith offer insights into the brand's retail strategy so far and looking forward, and an episode of "Retail Is Your Business".
Dalia Lasaite, CEO of CGTrader, the world's largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models, managing two interrelated business lines, shares how augmented reality models can change the fashion industry. Recorded on location at CommerceNext.
Two things any brand needs to grow: the ability to grow and directly engage consumers, and a nimble workforce to grow at the pace the business does. Rob Sanchez talks with two companies filling those roles, recorded on location at eTail East in Boston. First, Sabba Nazhand,  VP of Sales for WorkGenius (an AI powered marketplace for enterprises to engage freelancers - quality, pricing and compliance on enterprise standards), and then Julian Kahlon, CEO of Project Verte (a full circle e-commerce solution built with simple, connected tools that help brands grow and directly engage consumers).
Underwear. Pretty much everybody wears it. It’s the basics. But for the underwear (and more) brand Mack Weldon, reinventing men's basics is keys. They believe in smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. And it’s the building of community and loyalty strategies that make this brand a perfect fit for more and more men. Brian Fesen, Head of Marketing, joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez on location at Commerce Next in New York.
Data is of growing importance for anyone running a brand in fashion. And commerce requires software and web development just to stay at pace with a fast marketplace. Managing that data can be an overwhelming and sometimes impossible task that can be costly and distracting.  Aiven's mission is to allow developers to focus on building awesome applications without worrying about data infrastructure management, by hosting and managing an open-source database and messaging systems for business clients around the world on all major cloud platforms. CTO and Co-founder Heikki Nousiainen joins Rob Sanchez on location at eTail East in Boston.
Let’s talk robots. Or, more broadly, next generation technology. Are you prepared? As we move into an era of AI and 'bots, the interface between human and machine is critical to get right. While many are still figuring out which AI tools to apply and what level of robotics will work, for some they are leading the pack and seizing these technological opportunities now. Shane Lenton, CIO of CUE Clothing and Meg Tonkin, Human-Robot interaction Researcher, Social Robotics, join Marc Raco on location in front of a live audience at Online Retailer in Sydney Australia to  discuss the possibilities and the impact on organizations today that may be ahead,  as the alliance between human and machine grows stronger.
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