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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.
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Drones. There has been a lot of talk about drones and how they can impact retail. It seems inevitable that you will be able to get a package delivered by Amazon or UPS from your friendly drone. And that is not all. What about drone delivery on demand? If you could order something from a local retailer and have it delivered in minutes to your own backyard? A company from Iceland is doing just that. And it is closer to being reality than you may think. Yariv Bash, the cofounder and CEO of Flytrex, takes us through what is on the horizon and we talk through many of the obvious public concerns and questions on location at Shoptalk Las Vegas.
Due to Coronavirus, leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that have already been produced, leaving millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid, and at risk of starvation and without a safety net. From Scotland, CEO/Founder Cally Russell shares how the team at Mallzee created Lost Stock. Customers can get at least three items of clothing chosen for them, with a massive 50% discount off RRP, that supports these workers and prevents waste. Each order supports a worker and their family for a week. He also discusses why the goal to help 250,000 workers and their families can be achieved.
How do you keep a fitting room safe in a pandemic? As apparel retailers move to re-open physical retail locations in a world ravaged by a pandemic, one challenge is that customers simply don’t feel safe in the fitting room. It's crucial to build confidence in the inshore experience with both customers and associates. Two companies, Alert Tech and Healthe Lighting, have brought together their technologies to provide a solution right now for retailers, using Far UVC lighting. It is an effective visible system that cleans the air and surfaces using existing infrastructure. Alert Tech's VP of Sales Brian Laney and Healthe's CTO Fred Maxik unpack the story and possibilities.
As physical retail locations reopen, how do you protect customers and employees alike? Not everyone will comply with mask wearing requirements or expectations, creating a complicated path to keeping people safe while maintaining positive consumer experience. Richard Carriere (Senior VP, Global Marketing & General Manager, US  Operations for Cyberlink) discusses existing technology that has been transformed into a vital mask detection tool and  a real game changer.
How does a family owned retail apparel business survive challenge after challenge after challenge, from 9/11 to a hurricane to a pandemic? Guido Campello, Co-Owner of lingerie retailer Cosabella and Journelle, offers insight into a family history of more than 37 years in the lingerie business, and how he took this time to re-evaluate the business while also giving all locations a facelift before a reopening of physical retail locations.
Spacesuits as a beacon of fashion technology, with the author of “Fashioning Apollo”. Nicholas De Monchaux , author of “Fashioning Apollo” and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco at WEAR Conference 2017 in San Francisco.  De Monchaux describes how he conceived the book by considering the craziest domestic space imaginable -- the inside of a spacesuit. He then wrote a book about the Apollo program and how the Apollo spacesuits were made by industrial division of the same company who made Playtex bras and girdles. The origins of Playtex, the genesis of the book ten years in the making, why it mattered, historical understanding of where technological mindset come from, designing a suit allowing the human body to operate in such a hostile environment. And insights from research, as an architect. A discussion of the next frontier for spacesuits, the trip to Mars, how American spacesuits were more practical than originally envisioned, how Russian spacesuits stacked up, dealing with pressure, the many layers of the Apollo spacesuit, radiation concerns, how by understanding technology as a cultural artifact we can understand how to model designs, and need to think about ideas wrapped up in designs and how they affect our work. Innovations that De Monchaux marvels at, high performance fashion, adapting to different circumstances, and how technology has changed how we operate in the w,orld. Our need to upgrade our human systems with technology, how modern technology is taking cues from the body, and augmenting ourselves via a biological view of technology. Off the Grid Questions cover De Monchaux’s earliest memory of fashion made into forts and spaceships, a Star Wars moment and the incorrect use of the word parsec quiet and peace, and getting to meet astronauts because they would visit their suits which were a part of them.
Customizable dresses made just for women, to empower women, and ethically and sustainably produced in NYC. Founder Kimberly Barasch shares the three core missions of Altress, and why the company has felt a "tail wind" in spite of the impact of the pandemic on apparel businesses.
Anomalie is pioneering a new model in retail supply chains uniquely fit for expansive customization at mass scale. Leslie Vorhees brings an extensive background in mechanical engineering, and career in supply chain management for Nike and Apple,  She joins Marc Raco and guest host Rebecca Fitts to discuss how Anaomalie is thriving in the face of a pandemic, and why a half million women have already looked to the company for a solution to their wedding dress needs.
If you’ve seen the Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems on Netflix, you'll remember the unforgettable high-roller who invites Julia Fox up to his casino penthouse suite. That's Wayne Diamond, in his first major film role. But even though Wayne is definitely having a moment, he isn’t new to the spotlight: he’s a bit of a legend in the Garment District, was a hugely successful dress designer in the '70s, '80s and '90s, and even claims to have designed the dresses Vanna White wore on Wheel of Fortune. In this incredibly (but not usually) candid conversation with Wayne, he discusses his unlikely start in the fashion industry, his deep disappointment with it today, his loathing of everything Trump, Wayne's strong input into his Uncut Gems wardrobe, a possible return to fashion,  a meaningful debt he took care of for his father, and an honor he’s never received that might mean more than almost anything. It's very big opinions, very strong language, and a very wild conversation with "the" Wayne Diamond.
One of the leading design entrepreneurs and experts in the US for home décor and furnishings, and author, Christiane Lemieux (Founder of THE INSIDE a new direct-to-consumer home furnishings brand and author of the new book Frictionless) joins Marc Raco and guest host Rebecca Fitts to share huge lessons on why the "future of everything will be fast, fluid, and made just for you."
As businesses in the fashion industry and beyond strategize their next move, how they will navigate the new business climate, and possibilities for growth and success ahead, we’re reminded of wisdom from one of our 2019 conversations with Matt Kaden of MMG Advisors. It still rings true and may be the kind of thing we need to think about right now -- especially Matt’s points on being attentive to the realities of industry evolution, the importance of being always exceptional, and why you must truly try. This look at the current retail landscape and why brands and retailers must evolve to stay relevant features Matt Kaden, Managing Director for MMG Advisors (providing investment banking, strategic and financial advisory services to clients in the retail, fashion, textile, home, jewelry and beauty sectors),who joins Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez, and Nataliya Makulova on location at The Lead Summit in Brooklyn, NY.
With the visions of disrupting the luxury shopping space, beginning with childrenswear, Venezuela-born CEO/Founder of The Collective Child Sandra Makarem has over a decade of experience in the fashion space, including nearly eight years working as a buyer and a planner at Bloomingdale’s where she managed the performance of several omni-channel departments and led the development of new brands, including launching several successful multi-million dollar departments and private label brands to address the emerging millennial market segment. She launched The Collective Child as a side hustle and has helped members discover emerging limited distribution labels from around the world through an unparalleled personalized service to thousands. Her passion, knowledge, and experience come through in every box shipped. With guest host Rebecca Fitts.
As we look ahead to growing, or perhaps rebuilding businesses in this new business climate, one thing is clear: we cannot simply go back to what we did before. Smarter, more thoughtful approaches may be necessary, and gathering insights on how we best connect to the state of mind of the consumer in this moment is crucial. In that spirit, we’d like to share with you an extraordinary conversation  that offers insights into dialing into "neuroeconomics"—or why people make decisions. Dr. Paul Zak, scientist, entrepreneur and author of several books including "Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies.", joins Ritesh Gupta, a host of another MouthMedia Network podcast, Content Is Your Business. We think you’ll get a lot out of this, and we’re delighted to share it with you, in its entirety.
In the new business climate, brands must seek new opportunities to save money, intelligently relocate waste, and be able to access real-time supply chain and sustainability data. Queen of Raw CEO and Co-founder Stephanie Benedetto discusses why enabling fashion brands and retailers to buy and sell unused inventory (from raw materials to finished goods) in the face of the new business realities can provide businesses a quick and easy way to secure discounted inventory based on real-time location and availability while generating revenue and offloading excess stock. She also offers thoughts on why this may be an important moment in setting a tone for the future
Mark Kohlenberg, CEO and Founder of WDM Footwear and Accessories, which is a premium leather footwear and accessories company offering turnkey development for private label production, discusses how the company's footwear and accessory production is all vertically integrated and 100% at their own factories in India. This has uniquely positioned them away from any fallout due to the coronavirus outbreak and, in fact, has led to them being inundated with many retail, wholesale, and DTC brands looking for assistance. With dozens of name brand clients, WDM’s capabilities include licensing, design and development, sourcing, packaging and full EDI capabilities and integration. WDM also owns its own DTC brand Moral Code, offering premium leather footwear and accessories for men.
Special report on how Nineteenth Amendment is playing a leadership role in arming healthcare workers and first responders, and well as the general public, with personal protection equipment during the COVID-19 crisis, how others in the fashion industry can and should similarly activate, and why Nineteenth Amendment was a natural match for this need. With CEO/Co-founder Amanda Curtis.
Shelly Socol, Co-founder of 1R,  co-founded a leading ecommerce agency experienced in creative design and technical solutions for lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands, including L’Oreal, Trish McEvoy, Mara Hoffman, Farm Rio, Marc Cross, Le Sportsac, ABC Carpet & Home.  It's all at the intersection of brand, business and consumer, and lives by the belief that creativity powers commerce, growing a business, and establishing an understanding of what clients need and how to get them there. Shelly's strong background in fashion and online retail, including previously as Creative Director of Accessories at Theory, where she oversaw the design, production and launch of the brand’s accessories collection, makes her an invaluable resource on all aspects of ecommerce -- guiding clients on creative, sales, merchandising, brand extension, marketing and public relations. Shelly offers insights into all of this on "Fashion Is Your Business" podcast, as well as the guidance she’s offering during  the current COVID-19 crisis.
The final episode of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective"  --  a fun example of creative marketing content we are publishing for the first time ever. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at!
We hope you love listening to the three episodes of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective" as much as we loved making them. Here is episode No. 2! To offer you some entertainment, and perhaps inspire you with a fun example of creative marketing content, we thought we'd pull something very different out of the vault that we haven't shared before. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think about them, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at!
A few years ago MouthMedia co-founder Rob Sanchez had been building a new kind of concept for an apparel business named Ralph and Remington, offering a novel approach to transparency, including a groundbreaking look behind the scenes as the business was developing. Because the brand was inspired by the ethos of the 1940's, we worked together to create an old-time radio style show reminiscent of that time, which was intended to be one of the unique ways to bring attention to the brand. Although Rob decided to put the project aside for a while to give full attention to MouthMedia, we had already completed three unreleased episodes of the podcast serial. So this week we have decided to pull them out of the vault, dust them off, and share them with you. We know pretty much everyone is going through a tough time now and trying to make the best of the current new realities at home. To offer you some entertainment, and perhaps inspire you with a fun example of creative marketing content, we thought we'd pull something very different out of the vault that we haven't shared before. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think about them, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at! We hope you love listening to the three episodes of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective" as much as we loved making them. Here is episode No. 1!
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