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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.
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Bringing his visionary outlook on the future of retail and wealth of knowledge and research in omni channel software and his expertise in innovation technology to his role at Powerfront, Scott Emmons offers insight into a real-time, personalized retailing platform that mirrors in-store luxury-level customer service online. He leverages his expertise to build and circulate ideas and design products that are at the forefront of customer service software. Scott’s motivation to help make magic for customers translates perfectly to Powerfront’s core mission, and his extensive involvement as a Powerfront customer have made him the perfect ambassador. See for privacy information.
Go-to retail expert Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lion’esque Group, an award winning firm of experiential retail strategists and pop-up architects as well as a Principal and Shareholder in global architecture firm MG2, reveals the journey to and through acquisition, navigating leadership through a pandemic, and likely paths of the retail frontier. See for privacy information.
Founder Albert Saniger offers a look inside nate, a digital assistant which transacts online on behalf of consumers, making it the first universal accelerator for mobile checkout. See for privacy information.
The TackHack in Williamsburg MI is on a mission to fuel people's passion for horses by offering their favorite equestrian brands at discounted prices. Founder Lauren Garvey offers a look into why and how the business has grown into a blend of new and pre-used apparel and tack. With guest host Alex Batdorf. See for privacy information.
Karinna Nobbs joins from Berlin and covers the current state and the future of digital fashion, where and how to find those renegades, the current state of CGI influencers, and why some people have a resistance to getting fashion recommendations from them, how blockchain technology is going to be married to the future of digital fashion as an authentication tool in an industry where exclusivity can be key, and why digital fashion may be the next big thing on Zoom. With guest host Simeon Siegel. See for privacy information.
Technology that brings the personalization and convenience of eCommerce shopping to physical stores is exactly in exactly the right moment, and President/Co-Founder Di Di Chan offers a detailed look into why FutureProof Retail is exactly the right company to deliver, as an industry leader in providing retailers frictionless scan and go mobile checkout applications. See for privacy information.
Daftboy is an unapologetically bold, provocative fan company inspired by the LGBTQ community and featuring apparel including an array of light-up face masks, for everyone who is tired of the normal, the acceptable, the P.C.; for those who want to define their destiny instead of being defined by another. and a bit social media, politics, street fashion and history with an engaged meaningful community. CEO Timothy Cochran shares a look in, how the company found a path through the pandemic, what makes successful commerce, and how having a relationship with community has been a driving force. With guest host Alex Batdorf. See for privacy information.
Imagine an end to end platform solution enabling the fashion industry to harvest the full potential of 3D across channels, including a complete range of X-Reality digital commerce Apps (AR, VR, MR, etc.) for fashion using 3D CGI content. Change of Paradigm CEO Henri Mura joins from Paris to share the amazing possibilities and implications which can come from these innovations. See for privacy information.
Co-founder and CRO Tristan Hoy shares how Australian-based Style Arcade helps fashion companies perfect their product offering through analytics and range planning software. See for privacy information.
BrandLab Fashion is the complete global solution designed to streamline the wholesale buying experience, with access to 360 Virtual Showrooms and integrated order processing and payment software. With 24/7 access to BrandLab World, brands and buyers can easily and efficiently connect and transact using our industry acknowledged technology. BrandLab Fashion Founder Dan O'Connell joins from Wales to offer an inside look at why this innovation truly offers next-level, unlimited possibilities. See for privacy information.
Simeon Siegel, Managing Director and award-winning Senior Analyst at BMO Capital Markets specializing in Retail and E-commerce, offers master class-level deep insights into the state of the union for opportunities within retail, what's likely next, and trends to watch. See for privacy information.
Scott Lux, Vice President Ecommerce & Digital, Theory and Helmut Lang & Adjunct Professor of DTC and Ecommerce, Columbia University & FIT, offers insights on moving past pandemic-related challenges and the next chapter in commerce and digital retail. See for privacy information.
Michael Colarossi, Vice President, Innovation, Product Line Management and Sustainability for Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions, discusses how in the changing apparel manufacturing landscape, it is no longer enough to innovate for the sake of innovation. To drive lasting impact, garment labeling solutions must meet the needs of businesses, consumers and the environment, all without sacrificing relevancy. See for privacy information.
Co-founder and CMO of conversational commerce platform, Nyha Shree, offers a look into how Jumper bridges the gap between ecommerce and brick and mortar retail, combines the power of brand advisors with chatbots and automation to enable brands drive engagement, offers sales consultation, enables commerce with payments, sends updates, and gathers consumer insights, seamlessly on popular social messaging and web channels. See for privacy information.
Imagine creating an enhanced product catalogue and effortless product discovery using Ai help fashion business boost sales by creating an enhanced product catalogue and effortless product discovery using AI? That is, and CEO/Co-Founder Abhishek Vohra joins from Australia to share how the company helps fashion businesses boost sales. See for privacy information.
Imagine a plugin that powers video calls from influencers to all their followers at once. Shopify-powered brands can share products to be shopped in realtime (think shoppable FaceTime at scale) AND you can republish your archived videos across social, getting double the value out of your production budget. You could even convert fans to customers by providing participants the chance to interact with creators, influencers and experts directly from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This could be a game changer for online commerce in fashion, right? Well it's real, and The Call List CEO Amanda Patterson provided an inside look into the genesis, power, and future of this innovative technology. See for privacy information.
Mary Cally is an industry veteran who has worked on supply chain and manufacturing logistics issues for many large brands. American Fashion Podcast spoke with her on March 9th, just as the COVID-19 situation was beginning to shut down New York City. See for privacy information.
Drones. There has been a lot of talk about drones and how they can impact retail. It seems inevitable that you will be able to get a package delivered by Amazon or UPS from your friendly drone. And that is not all. What about drone delivery on demand? If you could order something from a local retailer and have it delivered in minutes to your own backyard? A company from Iceland is doing just that. And it is closer to being reality than you may think. Yariv Bash, the cofounder and CEO of Flytrex, takes us through what is on the horizon and we talk through many of the obvious public concerns and questions on location at Shoptalk Las Vegas. See for privacy information.
Due to Coronavirus, leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that have already been produced, leaving millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid, and at risk of starvation and without a safety net. From Scotland, CEO/Founder Cally Russell shares how the team at Mallzee created Lost Stock. Customers can get at least three items of clothing chosen for them, with a massive 50% discount off RRP, that supports these workers and prevents waste. Each order supports a worker and their family for a week. He also discusses why the goal to help 250,000 workers and their families can be achieved. See for privacy information.
How do you keep a fitting room safe in a pandemic? As apparel retailers move to re-open physical retail locations in a world ravaged by a pandemic, one challenge is that customers simply don’t feel safe in the fitting room. It's crucial to build confidence in the inshore experience with both customers and associates. Two companies, Alert Tech and Healthe Lighting, have brought together their technologies to provide a solution right now for retailers, using Far UVC lighting. It is an effective visible system that cleans the air and surfaces using existing infrastructure. Alert Tech's VP of Sales Brian Laney and Healthe's CTO Fred Maxik unpack the story and possibilities. See for privacy information.
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