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Greetings, Junkies — Welcome to the TitanCast! Need some classic Sega goodness in your life? Join us as our international hosts (including Brian, Nuno, Camron, Simon and Sam) and guests chat about everything from in-depth retrospectives on random video games, underrated oddities, memories, and other random stuff in our endless quest to discover new ways to enjoy video games, old and new. In all, we’re really just here for the vibes and deep dives. Saddle up, and may Segata Sanshiro guide you in your gaming journey! For more Sega and Saturn love, check us out the Saturn Junkyard blog (, YouTube channel, Twitter (@TheSaturnJunkyard), Twitch, and join the community via our Facebook group!
46 Episodes
Join the TitanCast crew as we wander the haunted halls of the Sega Saturn's library. In this episode, we get into the Halloween spirit with Deep Fear, Lunacy/Torico, the DarkStalkers series, Alien Trilogy, and many more.Link to Nuno's short story:
In this very special episode, Faith Johnson (a.k.a. Retro Faith) joins Simon and Brian to discuss her evolving passion for all things Sonic (and Sonic Team), Sega, and game collecting. At the heart of the discussion, she details her experiences building a career in games journalism while sharing some of the valuable lessons she's learned along the way.Discussed in this episode: Games journalism and game collecting, mostly.Guest LinksFaith's Twitter | @RetroFaith1Host LinksSimon | You'll usually find him gardening but join the SJY Facebook group and he might just find youBrian's Twitter | @VirtuaSchlubThe Virtua Planet (Brian's blog) | linksSaturn Junkyard main website/blog ( Junkyard YouTube channelSJY Facebook groupSJY Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard)The Dreamcast Junkyard website/blogThe Dreamcast Junkyard's Dreampod podcast
In this episode, join Camron and Brian as they recount their ongoing sagas with PSO2: New Genesis and PlayStation VR2. To start, Camron dives right into the current state of PSO2: New Genesis before taking a step back to discuss how newcomers (or old PSO fans) might approach the game today, followed by some Panzer Dragoon Saga and Like a Dragon/Yakuza 7 discourse. In the episode's second half (starting at 1:04:30), Brian gives a detailed rundown of his early experiences with the PlayStation VR2 and impressions of how the hardware and its launch games deliver compared to the original PSVR, with several detours along the way. Discussed in this episode: PSO2 New Genesis (start of podcast), PlayStation VR2, Rez: Infinite, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Shenmue, Tiger (?!), Gran Turismo 7, The Light Brigade, Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge, Resident Evil: Village, Kayak VR, Fantavision 20XX, PSVR1, Hitman: The World of Assassination the mortality of video game hardware, and more.Junkyard linksSaturn Junkyard main website/blog ( Junkyard YouTube channelSJY Facebook groupSJY Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard)The Dreamcast Junkyard website/blogThe Dreamcast Junkyard's Dreampod podcastThe Virtua Planet (Brian's blog) |'s Twitter (@VirtuaSchlub)Camron's Instagram (@Tsundain)
In their first episode of 2023, the TitanCrew is joined by Jon Lee (Saturn and Dreamcast Junkyard community manager) and Lewis Cox (writer and podcast producer for the Dreamcast Junkyard) for a smorgasbord of gaming goodness. Join us as we chat about our favorite games and gaming excursions of 2022 and then look ahead to our gaming-related resolutions for 2023.In this episode: Analogue Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Fallout series, random indie games, Official Dreamcast Magazine (US), Pokemon Legends: Arceus, new TVs, PC Engine, fan translations, Rippin' Riders/Cool Boarders Burrrn!, Dark Summit, random indie games, and moreJunkyard linksSaturn Junkyard main website/blog ( Junkyard YouTube channelSJY Facebook groupSJY Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard)The Dreamcast Junkyard website/blogThe Dreamcast Junkyard's Dreampod podcastThe Virtua Planet (Brian's blog) |'s Twitter (@VirtuaSchlub)Camron's Instagram (@Tsundain)
The TitanCrew wishes you a very nightmaren Christmas! Join Simon, Camron, and Brian as they share the holiday spirit and dive into their favorite seasonal gaming traditions. In this episode, we wax on about our holiday pastimes including: Christmas NiGHTS (obviously), Blue Stinger, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis' winter wonderland and holiday events, Shenmue, Toy Commander: Christmas Surprise, Segata Sanshiro: Shinken Yugi, Clockwork Knight, ruthlessly dropping the baby penguin off of Cool, Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64, Hitman (2016), and our favorite renditions of A Christmas Carol.Plus some non-holiday stuff, including the Pokemon Card Game, Norco, Vampire Survivor, Sega Rally 2, and more!
Lost in Caspervania!

Lost in Caspervania!


The Halloween festivities continue as the TitanCast crew haunts Simon's spooky seasonal favorite, Casper! Join us as we get lost in Whipstaff manor and discuss why players shouldn't sleep on this exploration puzzle game. Referenced links:Host linksBrian's Twitter (@VirtuaSchlub)Camron's Instagram (@Tsundain)Junkyard linksSaturn Junkyard main website/blog ( Junkyard Twitch channelSaturn Junkyard YouTube channelSJY Facebook groupSJY Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard)The Dreamcast Junkyard website/blog (sister site)The Dreamcast Junkyard's Dreampod podcastThe Virtua Planet (Brian's blog) |
Greetings Junkies!The Halloween season is upon us and Stop Skeletons From Fighting's Derek Alexander joins the TitanCast crew for a retrospective deep dive into Warp and Kenji Eno's cinematic horror adventure game, D.Help us wallow in the spooky spirit and vibe in Kenji Eno’s brain castle!Referenced links:Stop Skeletons from FightingSSFF's Patreon |'s Kenji Eno Past Mortem video | on Twitter | @stopskeletonsNuno's book via Editorial Divergênci (publisher site)Book page | Pela Cabeca do ReiThe Virtua Planet (Brian's blog)Main page |"The Bouncer: Square's Cutscene 'Em Up Sandwich" | Dreamcast and Saturn Junkyard posts | linksBrian's Twitter (@VirtuaSchlub)Camron's Instagram (@Tsundain)Sam's Twitter (@SMylesDrew)Junkyard linksSaturn Junkyard main website/blog ( Saturn Junkyard Twitch channelSaturn Junkyard YouTube channelSJY Facebook groupSJY Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard)The Dreamcast Junkyard website/blog (sister site)The Dreamcast Junkyard's Dreampod podcast
In this pugilism-packed episode, a full-house crew convenes to wax on (/wax off) about some of our favorite fighting games on the Sega Saturn and beyond. Join TitanCast hosts Brian, Camron, Nuno, and (eventually) Simon with special guests Patrick (Sega Saturn Shiro!) and Tom (SJY on Twitch) as we tackle a battle royale of topics!Featured in this episode:Street Fighter Alpha 2 GoldStreet Fighter Alpha/Zero 3Last BronxMarvel vs. Capcom seriesStreet Fighter III: Third StrikeArcade sticksGolden Axe: The DuelFighters MegamixFighting VipersSurgical theatreChocolate & mint-flavored candyTwinkle Star SpritesHeatwavesTomato plant crisesWipEoutBoston, MassachusettsLinks:Nuno (SJY YouTube channel)Simon (SJY Community FB group)Brian (@VirtuaSchlub)Camron (@Tsundain)Patrick (@TraynoCo)Tom (@Jiggle85)Saturn Junkyard websiteSaturn Junkyard Facebook pageSaturn Junkyard Twitch channel
In this episode, the TitanCast crew relives their trip through The House of the Dead Remake, as well as the broader evolution of light gun games. Along they way, Nuno and Brian recount their journeys in Elden Ring, while Camron discovers the joys of using modern gamepads and arcade sticks on classic Sega hardware.Discussed in this episode:House of the Dead RemakeElden RingGunblade NY & L.A. MachinegunsSamurai Shodown (2019)Brook Wingman SD adapter
Ramblings, Exhumed

Ramblings, Exhumed


In this one, the TitanCast crew dives into PowerSlave: Exhumed, Nightdive Studios' excellent remaster of Lobotomy's classic, first-person Egyptian-themed Metroid Prime prequel. Before that, we ramble about the eShop, Wii U,  Spyro the Dragon, Sonic Adventure, and reassessing how we connect with video games in general.
The Saturn Junkyard is 15 years old, apparently. Holy crap! Where did the time go? Today we invite you to join Simon, Jon Lee, Nuno, Sam (SSG), Camron, and Brian for a jaunt down memory lane and through the last decade and a half of the Saturn Junkyard shenanigans. We reminisce about the SJY as it grew from a scrappy spinoff blog of the Dreamcast Junkyard to a still scrappy Facebook community, blog, YouTube channel, and podcast!Also find us at...Other podcast links: blog: Youtube channel: Facebook group: Facebook page: Twitter profile:!
In this this one, Lewis Cox from the Dreamcast Junkyard joins the TitanCast crew (Brian, Nuno, Simon, and Camron) to chat about a lot of random games, including a few of our Halloween favorites and (of course) Keio Flying Squadron 2. Join us as we hop into this bizarre, one-of-a-kind Saturn platformer!Discussed in this episode (the ones we chat about most are bolded):Keio Flying Squadron 2Keio Flying SquadronBlue StingerGardeningTunnel B1Halloween gamesResident EvilThe House of the DeadDeath StrandingPolicenautsSnatcherSkateboardingNakoruru: the Gift She Gave MeLakeIntrepid IzzyThe House of the Dead: OverkillDeathloop
In this very special episode of the TitanCast, our international podcast team (including Simon from the UK, Nuno from Portugal, Camron from Canada, and Brian from the USA) dives into the spirit of the Olympic Games with the Saturn's summer spectacle, DecAthlete! Join us as we celebrate DecAthlete and all its glorious button mashing, state-sponsored doping, and absurd pole vaulting fails.In this episode: DecAthlete, Virtua Athlete 2000, Winter Heat, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Beach Spikers, Dark Cloud, Quest 64, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and gardening!
The gang (Simon, Nuno, Camron, and Brian) have been playing a bit of Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown lately so we chat about it and reminisce about AM2's iconic 3D fighting series. In this one, we also talk about Hotshot Racing, Dragon Age II, Hi Score Girl, Casper, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (and futuristic racers in general), Ooblets, and Lake.Podcast page link:
Join hosts Simon, Nuno, Camron, Brian, and our guest Peter Malak (from Sega Saturn Shiro!) as we dive fully into Sega's renowned 2D platformer, Astal. In this one, we chat all about various facets of Astal, including its unique mechanics and aesthetics, the likely evolution of its appeal, and ponder what hypothetical future sequels could have been like.Also in this episode: Diablo II, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sega Rally Revo, PlayStation 3 CMOS batteries, and puppies!
Join us (Simon, Nuno, Camron, and Brian) as we shake off the rust and catch up on our recent/random Sega Saturn and gaming misadventures. In this episode, we chat about Exhumed/Powerslave, Wing Arms, Sky Target, Duke Nukem, and other Saturn stuff, plus Mass Effect: Andromeda, StarLancer, old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons, the Tim Horton's coffee empire, and some good ol’ complaining about Saturn game prices.Podcast page link:
Join us for a monumental celebration of SEGA and RGG Studio's Yakuza: Like a Dragon (a.k.a. YakLAD)! In this mega episode, Brian and Camron are joined by special guests KC (host of The SEGA Lounge on Radio SEGA) and Kinsey (YouTuber and Producer at Chuhai Labs) for a lively deep dive into the inaugural adventure of Ichiban Kasuga and friends.For the first half of this episode, we have a spoiler-free chat about our broader experiences and impressions of LAD as a sequel and entry point, and its merits as both a continuation of and departure from the series' legacy. Later in the episode, things take a turn for the absurd and spoilery as we fawn over Ichiban, reminisce about our hypercapitalist tomfoolery in the business sim mini game, and talk mad shit about certain “supporting” characters.Whether you already love Yakuza and Like a Dragon or are curious what all the hoopla is about, join us for a fun time, either way!Games discussed in this episode: Yakuza: Like a Dragon (and not much else)Panelists (Twitter link):Kinsey (@KinsZilla)KC (@KCRadioMan)Camron (@Tsundain)Brian (@VirtuaSchlub)Episode links:The SEGA Lounge podcast site - Sega main site - SEGA Lounge Twitter (@thesegalounge) - Labs main site (w/ Discord link) - Labs Twitter (@ChuhaiLabs) - Saturn Junkyard blog site - Facebook page & community - TitanCast podcast main pageSJY YouTube channel - Twitter (@SaturnJunkyard) - Dreamcast Junkyard home page -'s Shenmue III article on DCJY - World Gaming Facebook group -
After a long summer break, Simon and Brian return to shoot the shit about all the random games they've been enjoying over the Fall season. Join us as we wax enthusiastic over the following games...- Burning Rangers- House of the Dead- Deep Fear- TrickStyle- Blue Stinger- Soul Calibur- Condemned: Criminal Origins- Hitman (2016)- Resident Evil 3 Remake- Gungriffon Blaze
Greetings, Junkies!In this episode, the TitanCast crew dives into the Panzer Dragoon remake! Listen as Brian, Sam, Nuno, and Simon recount their experiences with the original Panzer Dragoon and discuss whether the remake lives up to its acclaimed lineage. Later, the conversation turns to remakes more broadly, what makes them successful, the challenges to paving their own paths in the modern era, and the community's role in continuing iconic Sega franchises.Companion pieces to read/watch:The Panzer Dragoon Remake: Flying Blind Through Familiar Skies (The Saturn Junkyard site)How Panzer Dragoon Remake Fails Its Original (SSG YouTube channel)Games discussed in this episode: Panzer Dragoon Remake, Panzer DragoonOther games mentioned: Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Baku Baku Animal, F1 Live Information, Marvel Super Heroes, Gex, Road Rash, Streets of Rage 4, Yakuza: Dead Souls, Resident Evil (2002), Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed series, Ratchet & Clank remake, Lunar, Black Mesa, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and more
Secluded with SEGA!

Secluded with SEGA!


Greetings Junkies!Holy crap has it been a while since we've done one of these. If the current COVID situation has an upside, it's that we have some more time to tackle the gaming backlog and record podcasts...much like this one.Join us in this episode as Simon, Sam, Brian, and (eventually) Nuno catch up on all the games we've been playing as we cope with the quarantine, SEGA and otherwise.Discussed in this episode: Shenmue III, Death Stranding, Phantasy Star Online 2, Doom Eternal, Elevator Action Returns, Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and other random topics.
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