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Author: Phillip Chapman

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Episodes examine the individual histories of the 45 men who served in the highest office in the land: who they were, where they came from, what made them tick, and where they succeeded and failed. Welcome to our interviews & discussions regarding American presidents.
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In this episode we deal with some of the more substantive issues of Jackson's first term as President including how he badly needed to raise revenue for the Federal Government, how he encouraged western migration, how he battled his enemies and consolidated power, and last how he suppressed those he felt were treasonous during the nullification crisis.
In this episode we discuss how Jackson deals with the election loss of 1824 and the notorious corrupt bargain. We go on to delve into how he was elected in 1828 by a wide margin, his inauguration, and finally his first turmoil in office during the Petticoat Affair.
From Governor of Florida through to his campaign for President in 1824, this episode contrasts Jackson with one of his political forebears Thomas Jefferson. We then discuss the events leading up to the 1824 election and how its consequent political movements ended in the election of John Q Adams, a result that Jefferson famously dubbed the corrupt bargain.
From Colonel of the Tennessee militia to the War of 1812, we discuss Jackson's military career in the southern states against the Native Americans, British, and Spanish in Florida, including an account of his famed victory in the battle of New Orleans.
In this episode, we discuss the early 19th century society Jackson had to make his way in, how Jackson and his contemporaries in Tennessee dealt with expansion against the French, Spanish and Native Americans, and Jackson's vs. Jefferson's view of what America should be.
In this episode we cover Jackson's birth in the Carolinas, the tragedies of his boyhood, his defiance and resolve in encounters with the British, and his prospects as he began his career on the Western expansionary state of Tennessee.
In this episode, Coolidge goes from VP to President after Harding dies unexpectedly and under inauspicious circumstances. We then explore his effective time as the nation's leader and the imprint his legacy has left.
This episode tracks the early history of Calvin Coolidge in New England, and his rise from state office to Vice President.
In this episode we explore McCarthy's influence on the Eisenhower period, the infrastructure projects that Eisenhower passed, his foreign policy approach, the hidden hand, and finally Eisenhower's rank as a president.
Eisenhower becomes president of Columbia University, he gets elected in 1952 and again in 1956. A synopsis of who is around him and what he gets done in his presidency including containment and immigration.
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