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The CYB podcast is a collaboration of Treadstone Risk Management and Liberty Benefit Advisors. The series is dedicated to bringing free and easily understandable insurance and risk management ides and concepts to business owners, organization leaders, families, and individuals.
13 Episodes
The role of risk management and insurance professionals is changing.  Technology is continuing to commoditize or automate certain legacy roles and activities.  At Treadstone Risk Management, we will always look to embrace technological tools that streamline the services we provide to our clients.  In this episode, Treadstone co-founders, Giovanni Mancini and Matthew Struck, discuss the various aspects of Insurtech that are affecting the industry as well as some specific tools and examples of how Treadstone is deploying technology to take better care of our clients.   Find out more about: Treadstone Risk Management -   Liberty Benefit Advisors - 
Dr. William Eickoff of Natural Health Center of Clifton joins us to discuss the role Chiropractic treatment, Eastern medicine, and natural healthcare can play in reducing the total cost of health benefits spending for employers?  Topics discussed include preventative care, nutrition, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and their role within a healthy lifestyle as well as the current healthcare industry. Find out more about: Natural Health Center of Clifton -  Treadstone Risk Management -  Liberty Benefit Advisors - 
Workers' Compensation coverage is a crucial element of running a business and looking out for employee welfare within the workplace.  However, there are incidences of fraud within the system and many ways employers can push back on questionable claims or reduce their overall workers' compensation costs by finding mutual beneficial resolutions for themselves and injured employees.  John Geaney of Capehart Scatchard speaks with us about best practices before, during, and after a workers' compensation claim to help employers reach those resolutions.   Learn more about Capehard Scatchard:  Learn more about John Geaney:  Learn more about Treadstone Risk Management: Learn more about Liberty Benefit Advisors:
Mass shootings are tragic events that take a huge toll on the lives of so many.  However, they are preventable and even when they occur, we can take steps to mitigate the fallout.  We are joined by John More of Response Law to discuss the trends in mass shootings in the US, warning signs, and best practices before, during, and after such an event.   Find out more about Response Law:  Find out more about Treadstone Risk Management: Find out more about Liberty Benefit Advisors:
Nate Reber from PrimeSource investigations joins us to talk about Worker's Compensation claims investigation and specifically the use of Social Media investigation as a tool to help validate, mitigate, or even fight back against these claims.  This is a must listen for any employer and will help them understand how these techniques can reduce overall claims costs. For more information about PrimeSource:  For more information about Treadstone Risk Managment & Liberty Benefit Advisors:  -
Your building has just been damaged by a large fire, flood, or storm.  What are the 8 steps you can take to make sure the recovery process happens as quickly and runs as smoothly as possible?   We are joined by Matthew Battle of Rapid Recovery Services to cover the do's and don'ts following a large property loss.   Rapid Recovery Services - Treadstone Risk Management -
In this episode, we sit down with Leonia Borough Administrator and former Village of South Orange President, Alex Torpey, to discuss the role technology can play in public sector administration. In addition, we discuss a road maintenance planning/mapping provider, Street Scan. Get more info on: Alex Torpey - Street Scan - Treadstone Risk Management - Liberty Benefit Advisors -
Insurance coverage is varied and it can be hard to know what types of coverage are available or necessary. Here is a list of several of the common types of insurance and a short explanation of what it covers. This list is by no means exhaustive so always consult an insurance professional to make sure you have the correct types and amounts of insurance. Related Blog Articles: Property Insurance - Operational Insurance - Worker-related Insurance - Find out more about Treadstone: Connect to Treadstone on Social Media:
CYB Episode 5: Social Media in the Workplace with Guest Kelly Adler of Capehart Scatchard - John and Matt welcome their first guest, Kelly, to speak about the love-hate relationship employers have with social media, federal protections for employers, and some best practices to help avoid messy lawsuits surrounding employee use of social media.
Mailbag Episode #1

Mailbag Episode #1


Ep. 4 - Call Your Broker - Mailbag from 9.27.18 - topics covered include facilities use agreements, volunteer accident coverage, updates from the NJ SHIF and ACA rebates.
The Price is Right?

The Price is Right?


Ep. 3 - Call Your Broker - The Price Is Right. Or is it? How do you decide between a good price and good value? The team discusses the insurance marketing process and how they determine what is really a good deal for the client.
Ep. 2 - Call Your Broker - Collective Bargaining Post Ch. 78 Sunset (NJ) - how will the sun setting of Chapter 78 contributions affect the collective bargaining of teacher and other union benefits contracts? John DiMartino from Liberty Benefit Advisors lets you know. We also discuss a great tool we use to help facilitate CBA negotiations.
Ep. 1 - Call Your Broker - Treadstone & Liberty Intro • Ep. 1 - Call Your Broker - Treadstone & Liberty Intro • Ep. 1 - Call Your Broker - Treadstone & Liberty Intro Get to know the hosts: Matthew Struck - Partner & Co-Founder at Treadstone Risk Management Giovanni Mancini - CEO & Co-Founder at Treadstone Risk Management John DiMartino - CEO at Liberty Benefit Advisors Learn more about Treadstone: Learn more about Liberty:
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