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Choosing the correct mindset to deal with your customers is half the battle, the rest is applying great tools to improve your relationship with them.

Maurice Randall is a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Trainer and Motivational Speaker, focussing on providing the skills necessary to improve Customer Care beyond the acceptable levels.

There is no competition when excellent customer service is the main priority. Selling a loaf of bread or a haircut is no different from one business to another, the customer experience is!

Maurice Randall runs his YouTube channel sharing tips and examples of how to improve your customer service today. His podcasts are audio versions of those shows which you can listen to while you are out and about or unable to stay watching.

To get in touch search Maurice Randall or find him over on, on Twitter - @mauriceArandall, Facebook - @MauriceRandall.Entrepreneur, Instagram - @mauriceArandall and YouTube - Search Maurice Randall.
2 Episodes
This is the first episode of the Maurice Randall Podcast. This is the audio introduction from the YouTube channel introducing what the show is about and how you can improve your Customer Experience. With Tips, Tools and Strategies you will create customer experiences that will retain and continue to benefit your business long into the … 001 Introduction to the Customer Experience Channel with Maurice Randall Read More » The post 001 Introduction to the Customer Experience Channel with Maurice Randall appeared first on Maurice Randall.
The very first episode of Failing to Succeed! It is an exciting to finally know that all through the years that the purpose of one’s life was already set many years before. The excitement to pursue your dreams and be able to lead a life that is full is not far off. It’s almost tangible, […] The post Episode 1 – Introduction appeared first on Maurice Randall.
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