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The Christian pro-life cause goes far deeper than legislation. We aim not only to change laws and behavior, but to change hearts and eternities.
Satan will try to put us to sleep in prayer. And he does so, most commonly, by tricking us into staying up too late the night before.
Is God present in hell, as John seems to say in Revelation 14:10 — or is he absent, as Paul seems to say in 2 Thessalonians 1:9?
Scripture describes the process of sanctification in many different ways. How can we weave the various strands together into one coherent picture?
Because Jesus loved Lazarus, the Gospel of John tells us, he did not come to him right away, but lingered and let him die. How is that love?
When temptation strikes, we need more than a vague sense of God’s goodness — we need specific promises. Pastor John shares his favorite passages for fighting sin.
If God aims to be glorified in this world, why is human history and the daily news filled with so much that dishonors him?
The love of money often lives where others least suspect, like in the hearts of Pharisees, miracle workers, and those who seem most moral.
Paul speaks of wrestling in prayer, and many of us use his phrase. But what might our prayer lives actually feel like if we wrestled like the apostle?
“Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them,” Paul writes. But what can a wife do if she finds herself with a harsh man?
How does God bring us from the grace of new birth to the glory of heaven? Pastor John explains eight essentials for Christian living from 2 Thessalonians 1:11–12.
Jesus tells us to give to those who ask, but Paul warns the church against giving to the lazy. How might we apply these teachings when we meet a panhandler?
If there is no forgiveness without shed blood, how could Jesus forgive sins apart from the sacrificial system and prior to his own death?
In an age of hate, Christians testify to God’s grace by praying for all kinds of people: high and low, white and black, Democrat and Republican, friend and enemy.
When God grants us a ministry, does his leading come to us through internal impulses, external affirmation, or some combination of the two?
Does Scripture ever command us to pray for unbelievers, or does it only command us to pray for the evangelists who speak to them?
Prayer is the easiest step of love, and it is also the most powerful. God can do far more for others in response to our prayers than we could ever do on our own.
God is honored when we do our jobs with technical excellence, and he is also honored when we give ourselves to the kinds of excellence that cannot be measured.
How can we require obedience of our children without provoking and discouraging them? Pastor John offers eight pitfalls for fathers.
Throughout Scripture, God warns that he will not hear the prayers of the disobedient. So do answered prayers depend on our holiness?
Comments (42)

Jaymie Nelson

Beautifully spoken, Pastor John. Roman's 8:3--that is Christmas!

Dec 30th

May Liszt

I disagree with the pastor. Look at the history of Israel, how they were punished for legalizing sins.

Oct 30th


thanks pastor beautiful... :)

Jun 28th

Shouna Vue

How do I submit a question for Pastor John Piper?

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Jonathan Clemens

Very useful insight, even when I don't always agree.

Jan 13th

Shouna Vue

amen!! thank you Jesus

Sep 11th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Aug 20th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

God. Sin. Christ. Faith.

Aug 13th

Dhishan Kudwalli (Dinky)

Pure Jewels up for grabs. Such great wisdom. God be with you.

Aug 2nd

Steven McLendon II

So good and so true.

Apr 9th

Rachel Lynne

thank you pastor John! this was very helpful and now I have some great verses to help me when I am struggling with this issue!

Feb 10th


thanks so much for this Pastor John , I really needed to hear this . I'm a single mom and head of the household , it can be a bit much at times . Although I'm not married I really had a great understanding with this commentary.

Jan 8th
Reply (4)

Tone Mckie

very informative

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

esther dampson

im 17 and I've been feeling the conviction to give up secular television ever since june 2019 the month I started taking my walk with Christ seriously and I was wondering what would you suggest I do in place of watching tv I want to find my fulfillment and Joy and contentment in Christ only not in secular entertainment.

Nov 22nd
Reply (1)

Riaan van der Westhuizen

Every young man pursuing a woman, MUST hear this! Thank you Pastor John.

Oct 3rd

Amy Rouse

So comforting given some of the extremely harmful technology man is creating and dispersing today to the harm of God's creation! Regarding Babel: I understood the reason God chose to disperse the people is because they disobeyed His command to fill the earth (Gen. 9). They instead migrated east and congregated in one location, defying God, so He did what they refused to do. Is this a correct understanding?

Aug 10th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for tackling this subject in a sensitive manner. One of the ways I am finding helpful in reminding myself of my stature in Christ before God, is to focus more on God's love for me rather than my imperfections before Him. It's a daily battle, but it is one that gets gradually easier the more I focus upon how loved I am by God instead of my efforts before Him.

Jun 27th

Stu Cook

Thank you, Pastor John, for your understanding on this subject. I have only recently heard of these terms so to hear you speak about them so fluidly and fluently gives me a greater understanding of the two should they ever arise in conversation.

Jun 25th

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your wisdom on this subject. It helps clear things up if and when we are asked questions like this what we are able to respond to best glorify God.

May 22nd

Stu Cook

Thank you Pastor John for your inspirational wisdom today. This is a subject that I have often wondered about so to hear it spoken about with such clarity helps remind me that I am to fix my mind upon what is pure as it says in Philippians 4v8. In addition, I know that, as a single gentleman, unless I am focusing on God MORE than any search for a partner, I am risking feeding lusts of the flesh instead of living out the glorious freedom I have in Christ.

May 21st
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