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Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.
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We are talking about dairy today. Many conditions are associated with dairy, like prostate and breast cancer, making autism worse, asthma, acne, etc.In this podcast, we will share some factual reasons why that is so and what you can do to fix it. KetoKeto formally means that you have measurable ketones in your bloodstream. People following a ketogenic diet often become very good at tracking their ketones and glucose numbers. They tend to become disappointed, though, when they see their ketone levels dropping to a low level, which happens as their bodies become more efficient at producing and consuming ketones.The heart of keto is about dropping the carbs in your diet lower and lower.William WilderThe ketogenic diet was conceived by William Wilder back in 1921. It was then formulated by Dr. Peterman, who worked with him, and it came out in a research paper in 1928.The ketogenic diet cures people from being diabetic for the rest of their life. DairyDairy is controversial with all the keto gurus because after cutting out carbs, people tend to be able to tolerate dairy. But that does not mean that dairy does not cause problems. A causative feature of A1 dairyOur autoimmune systems recognize bacterial, viral, or other invaders, so they try to inactivate those things and then get rid of them. Our immune systems recognize beta-casomorphin 7 as foreign. Because the beta-casomorphin 7 is attached to the beta cells of the pancreas, it ends up killing the pancreatic cells too. That is a causative feature of A1 dairy.Dairy is part of making things worseThere is a growing trend of people recognizing that dairy is an issue for some people. That got noticed initially with acne. It was found that when people dropped the dairy, the acne went away. Over the past thirty years, it has been suspected that dairy is part of making things like acne worse. We have three hormone-sensitive glands: the sebaceous cyst, breast, and prostate. There is a high incidence of breast and prostate cancers with high dairy consumers, and all of them have been linked, epidemiologically, to dairy intake.Insulin-like growth factor 1The insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) is a generalized stimulant, and it gets synergized by the steroid hormones already present in milk. The IGF may either be absorbed from the milk, stimulated by its ingestion, or both. When ingested, it goes to the liver, and it stimulates glucose neogenesis and produces more IGF.The strongest androgenA component of milk is a precursor to dihydrotestosterone, which is the strongest androgen. Consuming dairy products, coupled with that component in the milk, tends to stimulate a lot of dihydrotestosterone. Links: Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Publication: Acne, Dairy, and Cancer, The 5α-P LinkPublication: Dairy product, saturated fatty acid, and calcium intake and prostate cancer in a prospective cohort of Japanese men 4-2008Blog of Keith Woodford: Farewell to Sir Bob Elliott
Happy New Year to all our listeners!Today’s podcast is an important one for many people and specifically for the lady who sent Dr. Karl an email all about Lipedema, which he unfortunately lost and was never able to find again.This podcast is about how Dr. Karl would approach things if talking to someone who needed help with Lipedema. His method is comprehensive and thorough, and it is way more helpful than just using Keto. Nobody truly knows what causes Lipedema, so you have to take a broad look at the things that affect one’s immune system and the dysregulated ability to produce fat cells. We are sure that you will find all this information very helpful if you are suffering from Lipedema.The causeTo find the cause of most medical conditions, you need to look at your environment, which includes what you eat, what you breathe, what you absorb, what you are exposed to, coupled with your genome.The obstacles to you living a healthy lifeTo live a truly healthy life, you first need to identify and then remove all the obstacles to you doing that.  Four stages of LipedemaThere are four stages to Lipedema. They involve the person getting gradually heavier, more awkward and unsightly, and the inflammatory markers getting higher and higher.When Lipedema typically startsApart from starting in utero, Lipedema typically starts with women due to a shift in hormones. That usually happens around puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Lipedema can also get caused by gynecological surgery or trauma. The programAs part of Dr. Karl’s program, he does a big metabolic panel (or a lot of blood work). Having a broad perspective to look at gives him some clues, so he looks for things that are either way under or way over the normal range, and he also looks for related things that could show him something.IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor)Hormones come into your body when you consume dairy products that come from commercially-farmed cows. From doing IGF for the last few years, Dr. Karl learned how to spot who consumes dairy in their diet and who does not. IGF for cows is the same as that for humans, so when we get IGF from the milk we drink, it amplifies our IGF production.GlucagonDr. Karl has noticed that very heavy people have all come in with low glucagon levels. Those people also tend to be low thyroid or sub-clinical hypothyroid and have autoimmune issues. Low carb dietPeople with low glycogen are the kind of people who tend to have a difficult time producing their blood sugar. They also have a hard time transitioning to a low-carb or ketogenic diet, so they need to pace that change very slowly.CluesTesting the four panels gives Dr. Karl clues indicating how to address someone and move them towards removing their obstacles to cure.Keto If you are suffering from Lipedema, you do not need to jump immediately to a low carb diet. Although Keto is an important part of your future situation, it may not be something that you can do right away.Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Lipedema, the disease they call FAT
There is so much noise and intentional misinformation around keto, low carb, and carnivore that people quit before they even start. How my past has lead to creating the safest, most efficient method for long-term weight loss has meant learning to recognize intentionally misleading information and go around it. Based on labs, data tracking, and the addiction model of treating people due to the industrialization of the food manufacturing industry, the tonnage of processed foods produced primarily in the US is highly addictive. Knowing that the addiction aspect of processed food is created on purpose and by design, processed food is now considered an addictive substance, just like all the other well-known legal and illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, and all of the narcotic derivatives created from heroin, oxycontin.Their goal is to create lifetime customers, and, to be able to legally create processed food items to include known addictive substances has been a ‘wonderful’ windfall for the industrial food complex post-WWII.Carbohydrates (regardless of what they are) are addictive as well.Let's go deeper on what this means precisely.An addictive substance creates a craving. The craving is a demand that you act on the impulse to acquire immediately. Pick your substance - cigarettes, ice cream, donuts, and even to a far lesser degree coffee, but most certainly alcohol as well.Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.
Not everyone is ‘on the same page' regarding some topics in the Ketogenic diet community. This podcast is about some of those issues. On some of those topics, they have made me reconsider what my perspective is, and frankly, now I no longer think as I did. Listen in and maybe you too will reconsider some of your previous assumptions about the Ketogenic diet.Links: Buy C8Keto MCT OilJoin Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.
People often ask Dr. Goldkamp about what the “keto rash” is and why they get it. He has never seen it or experienced it himself, so he decided to look into who gets that kind of rash and why. In this episode, Dr. Goldkamp also looks into some new research related to lung improvement with keto and why so many people have reported being able to breathe easier as they get into it. Why Dr. Goldkamp got into ketoDr. Goldkamp got into the ketogenic diet back in 2012-2013 because he was very ill with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s at the same time. He was also severely anemic due to all the medications he was on, and he wanted to feel better. A fungal causeHe thought there was a chance that the Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis might have been caused by a fungus, so he asked the doctor to look into it.MedicineHe then went onto a medicine not prescribed for Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, and he started to get better. The doctor then had to take him off the medication because what he was using it for was not approved on-label use, even though he was clearly getting better.Naturopathic anti-fungal treatmentsDr. Goldkamp then started thinking about revisiting his naturopathic anti-fungal treatments for treating problems like candida, which is a fungal infection of the gut that comes about primarily from eating too many carbs.High ketonesResearch has shown that the keto rash tends to happen when people have high ketones with high glucose, which is associated with advanced diabetes.What causes a keto rashThe keto rash tends to happen when people experience a dramatic and abrupt change from jumping suddenly from a high carb diet into either a no-carb diet or a low carb diet. Another cause of a keto rashAnother time when a keto rash has been known to happen is when people go back and forth between foods that are high in processed carbs and a keto diet. Exogenous ketones could also cause a keto rashAnd another time when people tend to get a keto rash is when they want to get into ketosis very quickly so they gulp down C8 or take other types of exogenous ketones to force their bodies to get into ketosis unnaturally, as opposed to just dropping the carbs and letting their dietary change get them into a measured state of ketosis that they can pick up in their blood with a keto meter.Better breathing and less inflammationWhen people get into the swing of a ketogenic diet, and they start dropping their carbs, moving into a high-fat diet, paying attention to their proteins, and becoming more aware of what they need to be doing, they have found that their breathing gets better and inflammation drops, even in the very early stages of their dietary transition.Lung fibrosisStudies have shown that a ketogenic diet can improve lung fibrosis.Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Article: Ketogenic diet induces autophagy to alleviate bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in murine modelsArticle: Prurigo pigmentosa as the “keto rash”: I’m a believer
Corn oil is like inflammation in a bottle. The problem with it is that it is a high concentration of a very inflammatory fat, linoleic acid, and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fat. In this episode, we finish pulling back the curtain on the Industrial Corn Complex and how it’s ruining your health by compromising your metabolism without you even knowing it. One of the most damaging componentsOne of the most damaging components in our modern diet is processed vegetable oils. Those oils contain excessive amounts of oxygenated Omega-6 linoleic acid. That is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that causes even worse biological damage than gets caused by refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.Chronic metabolic and degenerative diseasesAlmost all chronic metabolic and degenerative diseases are caused primarily by the preponderance of industrial vegetable oils in the diet. When heated, vegetable oils degrade to toxic oxidation products.Boosting your healthReplacing vegetable oils and the foods that contain them with healthy fats will go a long way towards boosting your overall health, reducing risk, and increasing your metabolic health.KetoYou need to know your fats, and the kind of fats you need, for keto. You need to choose your fats wisely and eat good fats.CornForty percent of corn produced in the US gets used for ethanol production. Roughly 36 percent of all the corn, plus the distiller’s grain left over from the ethanol production, gets fed to cattle, pigs, and chickens.Talking to an agronomistDr. Goldkamp spoke to an agronomist, who is someone who studies animal grazing and is an expert in soil management and field-crop production. He thought that the whole case was overblown, and there is not that much of a difference between pasture-raised cows and those that are non-pasture-raised. Survival of the FattestIn his book, Survival of the Fattest, Stephen Cunnane explains that our whole human population evolved along the ocean and riversides on a fish-based diet. The difference will probably never come outDr. Goldkamp does not think that the difference between pasture-raised cows and those that are non-pasture-raised will ever be studied and known. That is because farmers are unlikely to let anyone in to reveal that their meat or milk is not as good as that produced in another way. And the lobbies of the cattle and dairy industries are large and strong.The development of genetically modified cornCompanies like Monsanto and Syngenta developed corn with the use of genetic-modification. The idea behind genetically modifying the corn was that it would need fewer pesticides. GlyphosateRoundup is a chemical pesticide that contains glyphosate. A genetically modified corn got developed to be able to tolerate glyphosate so that the weeds, and not the corn, would be killed by it. After many generations, the weeds also developed a tolerance to glyphosate, which subsequently got banned in Germany and several other countries.Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Book mentioned: Survival of the Fattest, The Key to Human Brain Evolution by Stephen C. Cunnane
Today, we continue with our story about corn. The industrialization of our food supply has resulted in an explosion of calorie-rich, nutrient-poor, and incredibly cheap processed foods. In this episode, we explain how that happened, and we also discuss the consequences. It is a great story that might change your life, so be sure to listen in.The Aztec populationThe Aztec population and the populations before them exploded because easily digestible calories became readily available to them. Amino acidsWhen corn got mixed with other grains, people were getting all eight essential amino acids.  A forgotten processChristopher Columbus felt that the Europeans were far more sophisticated and intellectually superior to the native American populations. He did not place any importance on the way that the corn was getting processed by the Native Americans. As a result, the process got forgotten in Europe because the Europeans thought it was too primitive. A big problemChanging the way that corn got processed created a big problem. Nutrient deprivedIn the US, the populations that were depending on corn as a staple became nutrient deprived. That introduced a level of sickness and nutrient deficiency, along with all the consequences of that, in those populations. Bathing corn in an alkaline bathWhen the process of bathing corn in an alkaline bath with lime and ash does not get followed, the nutrients are not so readily available. Corn on the cobCorn on the cob is not that nutritious when compared with the corn that used to get prepared by soaking it in an alkaline bath. A family cowIn the 1700 and 1800s, people sometimes had a family cow behind their house or a small herd that just roamed around. Those cows did not get fed much else other than hay. Synthetic fertilizersNitrogen is one of the three synthetic fertilizers, which are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Synthetic fertilizers allowed the farmers to grow their grain and corn crops far more quickly. That meant that American farmers could feed the world as well as their cows. The focus towards a higher yield and scaling farmingThe focus towards a higher yield and ever-increasing crop production began, and so did the feeding of inexpensive corn and grain to cows. In the 1950s and 1960s, it became all about scaling farming.A new practiceAs American corn production skyrocketed post World War 2, along with the demand for meat, farmers and ranchers turned to the new practice of fattening their cattle on corn because it was cheaper and more efficient than grass. A new normCorn allowed cattle to get brought to market from as young as fifteen months. And a grain-based diet for dairy cows became the norm. Grass is different, nutritionallyGrass is different nutritionally from today’s contaminated corn and soy, and that makes one wonder how cattle have adapted to that. Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Article: Cheap Corn Permeates Every Facet of the American Diet
For some, this is the long-awaited topic, conversation, that many feel represents their experience most accurately.  It's for the people who have endured the often unnecessary work of getting started with the Ketogenic diet only to have it become a thoroughly frustrating time and effort. For others, this might be too ‘granular’ in terms of talking about the specific variables required to create a successful outcome. For me, it has become a realization in my ‘quest’ of how to have Keto work for everyone (barring specific medical conditions). The realization is that living in a progressively more unhealthy world we have to think about what it takes to be truly healthy in a different light. Please join me in this quick review of some of the main obstacles to achieving great results with the Ketogenic lifestyle. I’m sure some of this will apply to your situation.Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketonesBuy C8Keto MCT Oil on AmazonVisit our website for more podcasts, recipes, and informationUntil next time, Dr. Karl
We’re taking a whole different direction today. Dr. Goldkamp is going to be doing a series of three podcasts, all to be released separately, around the topic of corn. Most people doing keto increase their fat intake. Using corn oil to do that is not recommended, and if people do use it, they will sorely regret it in many ways. In this podcast, we discuss the risks of consuming corn oil and explain how it has become a source of one of the unhealthiest edible fats because it is seed oil and also due to contamination from the pesticides used in its production.Corn is not ketogenicCorn is not very ketogenic. It is a starchy, seedy food.Corn is in almost all processed foodsThe world has become complicated and sophisticated, and corn is in almost all processed foods. The problemCorn has become a massive crop in the United States. It is so cheap now that it gets used for all kinds of things that it never got used for.Corn oil became popular in the 1960sIn the 1960s, corn oil became very popular, and it was considered the best kind of oil for cooking. Industrial oilsWhen you go out to eat, what Dr. Goldkamp refers to as “industrial oils” like canola oil, corn oil, or possibly even soya oil, are used in your food. Omega 6Vegetable fats contain Omega 6 (the opposite of Omega 3), which is pro-inflammatory. That could cause cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and possibly even some metabolic dysregulation. Vegetable fat is in all sorts of processed foods, including bread, cereal, and chocolate. And people are encouraged to cook with it and put it on their salads and food. Removing corn from your dietBy removing corn from your diet, you will experience fewer inflammatory issues.The corn industryCorn for livestock was one of the first industries ever developed outside of just growing food for people. Corn is a grain. It gets used to feed cattle, and historically, cows have never eaten any grains before because it is unnatural for them. Cows need to eat grass, specifically, grass that has not yet seeded.Why corn is killing potentially you         Corn drives up your inflammation. And when it gets fed to cows, and you eat them, you will get some of what they have. Antibiotics Cows are eating what they should not be eating. And when animals eat something they should not eat, like corn, it makes them sick, and then they require a lot of antibiotics and other medications to keep their inflammation down. Most of the antibiotics used in this country get given to animals, not humans.A studyA study of fatty acids in the blood found a good fatty acid that came from dairy, two types of protective Omega 3s, and also several Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids commonly found in corn, soya bean, and other vegetable oils and processed foods. Links and resources:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Tracking the Ancestry of Corn Back 9,000 YearsHealth Risks of Corn Oil 
By now, most people know that cancer is a metabolic disease that thrives on glucose. What people don’t know is that having elevated fasting glucose levels is directly associated with a risk of cancer. So, the higher the glucose levels are, the more likely the risk of getting cancer is. The surprising thing about that is that it has nothing to do with being overweight or obese.Today, Dr. Goldkamp will share some studies to illustrate that having chronically high blood sugar and glucose levels is an independent risk factor for getting cancer. He will also discuss the risk of non-overweight people with sustained elevated blood sugar and give a foundational understanding of why you need to be in tune with your blood sugar levels.    Glucose Ketone Index When you measure your blood sugar and your ketones, and you put the two together, you get the glucose ketone index. The glucose ketone index has started being used in the last year or two for cancer patients to see where they are.Removing glucose from the body with ketosisIf a cancer patient goes onto a ketogenic diet adjunctively and goes into permanent ketosis for some time, they will be able to remove as much glucose as possible from their body. Starving and destroying cancerRemoving the glucose will give the cancer nothing to feed on, and ketones are directly destructive of cancer.Fasting glucose levelsMost people don’t know what their fasting glucose levels are. Nor do they know what their numbers should be, how often they should test, or how to recognize a pattern.DiabetesThree random checks of blood sugar (not fasting) of over 126 will result in a diagnosis of type-two diabetes. A prospective studyIn 2005, a prospective study exploring the relationship between people’s blood sugar levels and the risk for developing cancer concluded that elevated fasting glucose levels and diabetes are risk factors for several cancers. And the higher the fasting glucose levels, the higher the risk.How sustained elevated glucose levels affect the pancreasIf you have sustained elevated glucose levels, it forces your pancreas to manufacture and secrete insulin for extended periods. Your pancreas will become exhausted and start to wear out, and it will not be able to give you the insulin you require. Your blood sugar will then get even higher and possibly even go out of control.A conclusion to a studyA conclusion to one of the studies revealed that fasting glucose levels and diabetes are also associated with cancer risk in a population that was leaner than populations in other studies. Those associations did not reflect an association with obesity.Find out what your glucose levels areDr. Goldkamp urges you to track your blood sugar. So, go and find out what your glucose and insulin levels are, and assess your risk, even if you’re not overweight. Your results might show that you need to implement some lifestyle changes.Links:JAMA Reference ArticleJoin Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.
Is it possible for one to have a predisposition to getting severe symptoms of Covid if exposed to it? People have spoken about this idea. However, apart from merely correlating the co-morbidities that a person has concurrently with Covid, Dr. Goldkamp has not seen much evidence to support that notion.There are some factors other than metabolic health that can make for difficult outcomes. Some blood types are said to be more susceptible to Covid than others, and there are also factors like reactive hyperglycemia, elevated insulin, and high glucose levels that could also get taken into account.And then there is Sweden. Some ideas are not supportedThe co-morbidities of people who die from the flu are ranked in much the same order as they are with Covid 19. That is because Covid 19 is also the flu. There are, however, other ideas that are not supported, and nobody does any research on them because no funding has been made available for that.Blood type and Covid 19The blood types are A, B, AB, and O, and in addition to that, there are also rhesus factors. It would be interesting to see the results if those factors were all correlated with the people who died from Covid 19. The least associated blood type with Covid 19The least likely blood type to get Covid 19 is O Negative, the universal donor blood type. What you can do if your blood type is A PositiveThe most likely blood type to get Covid 19, on a blood type basis, is A Positive, so if you are A Positive, you could pay more attention to the supplements that you take until the pandemic passes over us.Elevated insulinElevated insulin is another idea. It gets caused by consistent and sustained elevated glucose, and it goes along with poor metabolic health.Blood testsDr. Goldkamp suggests that everyone goes to get their fasting blood glucose levels done, together with their insulin and CRP, which is an inflammatory marker.Reactive hypoglycemiaAfter a meal, people with reactive hypoglycemia get extremely low blood sugar. They have a difficult time with the virus because they cannot easily generate glucose.SwedenPeople in Sweden are not wearing masks, and they are doing very moderate social distancing. Comparing Sweden’s numbers with those of Norway and DenmarkSweden has a population of about ten million people. Until the 1st of October, Sweden had about 100 000 cases and 6000 deaths. (About 6%)Norway has a population of a little over five million people. Until the 1st of October, they had about 15 000 cases and 275 deaths. (About 1.8%) In Norway, people have been wearing masks and social distancing, and it is a crime for people who know they are sick to go into a crowd of people.Denmark also has a population of about five million people. Until the 1st of October, they had about 32 000 cases and only 667 deaths. (About 2%)Sweden currentlySince October the 6th, Sweden has had only one case of Covid. The assumption is that they have acquired herd immunity, or the virus that is circulating in Sweden has become progressively weaker, which is normal for the course of any flu season.Links:Join Our Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListVisit our partnersBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.
This podcast is the third part of the series of Covid-related podcasts. Today, we will be covering the list of supplements Dr. Goldkamp has been using while sick. He will talk about the general recommendations, where they came from, and why you might consider taking those supplements.Before getting Covid, Dr. Goldkamp was already taking some supplements. Ordinarily, he takes very few because he tries to meet his nutritional needs with the food he eats.Do supplements make your life healthier?For Dr. Goldkamp, supplements only make his life healthier if he is exposing himself to something or if he has a deficiency. However, when the flu goes around, it is a good idea to ramp up on all the things that you know will support your immune system. ExerciseDr. Goldkamp and his wife go and work out at the gym for an hour-and-a-half early in the morning, twice each week. Going in early minimizes their exposure, and they clean the equipment as they go. On the other days, they do HIT (High-Intensity Training) exercises at home, from a video.Vitamin D3Vitamin D3 needs to get combined with vitamin K2. Taking magnesium will help with the absorption of vitamin D3. 5000 ius of vitamin D a day is a reasonable dose during periods of immune stress. Dr. Goldkamp usually takes vitamin D twice a week when he is well.Vitamin CFor Covid, it is better to take ascorbic acid rather than a buffered vitamin C. If the ascorbic acid makes your stomach feel too uncomfortable, however, it is better to take a buffered vitamin C.N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)N-acetyl cysteine has a history that is more allopathic than naturopathic. It is a mucolytic agent, so it breaks up mucous, and it is a supplement that is currently pulled out of the supplement category and placed back in the medical category. It gets used by the body to build antioxidants, and when you have inflammation, your need for antioxidants goes up. Dr. Goldkamp takes NAC every day, only while he is sick, to keep himself dry and to help his sinuses.The dose for NAC is ideally 600 mg, three times a day. ZincHydroxychloroquine is a zinc-ionophore. That means that it opens up the immune cells in the body to allow the zinc cells to come in to support the immune system, and zinc has a way of killing viruses. Copper deficiency could cause vascular problems. To prevent that from happening, zinc needs to be taken together with copper in a 9:1 ratio. (Nine parts zinc to one part copper.)QuercetinQuercetin is a readily-available supplement that is similar to hydroxychloroquine. It is an extract of various herbs and plants, and it is also a zinc-ionophore, so it also acts as a buffer against viruses.MelatoninMelatonin is a natural hormone, a sleep-aid, and immune support. Take as small a dose as possible to help you sleep. One milligram before you go to bed should be enough.Vitamin A Vitamin A is not fat-soluble, and it is possible to take too much of it. You get vitamin A from eating liver. The livers of some animals have such high levels of vitamin A that they could be toxic to humans if they get eaten. Vitamin A helps in overcoming infections. Multivitamins usually provide enough vitamin A for most Americans.ThymeThyme is an herb that is useful for steaming. You can put a few sprigs of fresh thyme in a pot of boiling water, cover your head with a towel, and inhale the steam. It will break up your sinus congestion, and it also works as an anti-fungal.Stay hydratedYou have to keep yourself hydrated when you are sick.Links and resources:Join our Keto Naturopath Facebook group
Faced with our own stay at home quarantine for days here’s what that looks like. A good time to discuss the difference between what a bacterial verse viral infection looks like and what it actually means to feed a fever and starve a cold. That’s old wives tale that is actually true. Link below to a short video and research that Yale did covering that.Also know the difference between a PCR test verses a serum antibody test and which is the better test to get and how they differ.Two ways of getting tested for CovidThere are two ways in which people can get tested for Covid. One way is to get tested for serum antibodies, for which blood needs to get drawn. The other is the rapid or PCR test.Why ten days quarantine?The reason for the ten days of quarantine comes down to a viral versus a bacterial infection. Bacterial infectionsWith bacterial infections, the white blood cell count increases very quickly. That gets accompanied by a rapidly-rising and rapidly falling fever in children and a slightly slower climbing fever in adults, which then remains for a while before breaking.Viral infectionsViral infections have a slower onset. The body cannot dismiss the virus right away, so it invades the whole body, and as it does that, the immune system identifies specifically what the virus is. It takes about a week for the body to create antibodies to fight that particular virus, so you cannot do much about a viral infection other than waiting for your body to fight it.Bacterial infections can be dangerousBacterial infections are potentially more dangerous than viral infections because, if uncontrolled, the high fever that results from bacterial infections can do a lot of damage to the organs and the brain very quickly. Fasting for fever from bacterial infectionsBacteria thrive on sugar, so it is best to fast if you have a fever because fasting creates ketones and shuts down the 95% glucose availability for all the cells of the body, apart from the cells that need glucose as a primary fuel, like red blood cells. Viral infectionsViral infections usually come on more slowly than bacterial infections, and they often attack the upper respiratory system. That then usually moves to the lower respiratory system, creating lung problems and cough. That can also become a superinfection, meaning that you will get a bacterial infection on top of the viral infection.The symptoms of a viral infectionViral infections produce symptoms like fever, chills, aching muscles, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue. You may also have phlegm and sneezing with viral infections.What is a bacterial infection?Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, and the Black Death are all bacterial infections. HIV and flu are viral infections. CovidCovid tends to linger longer than most other viral infections, and it has to run its course. So it’s up to you to take it seriously, take good care of yourself, and conserve your energy once you have had the diagnosis so that you can get over it as fast as possible. Taking a bath with Epsom salts is a good panacea, and hot, steamy showers help with releasing the phlegm from your lungs and fluid from your sinuses. Feed a fever and starve a cold links: our Keto Naturopath Facebook group
We are now both covid positive. I thought our story of how we got here was valuable to share you.And who’s to blame for getting Covid? What precautions were taken or not taken?Should we have done on the trip?Masking or not masking … the controversyThe Sweden experience … is it transferable? They paid a big price for their current ‘heard immunity’ status.Where are the airlines now with covid? And our experience with American Airlines.________________In today’s podcast, Dr. Goldkamp will be covering this controversial topic by not pretending to be an authority, even though he is medically equipped to understand any of the studies out there. This show got recorded on the 9th of October 2020. Dr. Goldkamp and his wife were diagnosed with Covid a few days before that. Today, he will tell the story of what they experienced.Imprecise studiesA lot of the Covid studies that Dr. Goldkamp read were very imprecise and contained some information which is yet to be proven.  Seven months inNow, seven months into the pandemic, nothing relevant, outside of naturopathic protocols, is being used to treat Covid. Before getting diagnosedAbout a month before getting diagnosed with Covid, Dr. Goldkamp and his wife had to go to a meeting.Three flightsIt took three flights to get to their meeting. The last flight was with American Airlines, and it was full, yet there was no social distancing, and no temperatures got taken before boarding. The lady sitting next to Dr. Goldkamp was very sick, and she kept on taking off her mask to blow her nose.Getting sickWithin a day of arriving at his destination, Dr. Goldkamp started to feel off, and it got progressively worse. It was a horrible situation because everyone was aware that he could have Covid, and he did not know when it would be appropriate to remove himself from the group. A Covid positive groupAfter four days, everyone left to go home. The whole group has subsequently tested Covid-positive, apart from two people who did not get tested.No social distancingBefore taking the flight, he and his wife thought that there would be social distancing, but American Airlines stopped social distancing on their flights a week before, in late September, even though the airports were full of people.Getting testedTo get tested, you have to stay in your car, and no one could tell Dr. Goldkamp where to park. After 45 minutes of driving around, two women came out in protective clothing, and they took nasal swabs that were very painful. A few hours later, they called to say that the tests were positive. After that, the state called them to do the tracing, but the people who called could hardly speak any English, and there were no follow-ups whatsoever after that. Self-quarantineDr. Goldkamp and his wife got told to self-quarantine for ten days, but they were unsure of what to do, or when the ten days were supposed to start. All their symptoms were the same as flu, but with no respiratory or lung conditions at all, which Dr. Goldkamp attributes to both of them being in ketosis.The realityThe reality is that it is on you to go forward and get the diagnosis. And if you are positive, there is no quick fix, and it is up to you to manage your symptoms. A perspective changeDr. Goldkamp’s perspective has changed in that he now knows that the Covid virus is alive and well, and it is out there. You need not fear it, but you do need to take precautions.Links and resources:Join our Keto Naturopath Facebook group
Today we’re talking about the secret to losing weight correctly. Or the reasons why people tend to fail on what they think of as a ketogenic diet.The popular (mis)perception of ketoWe hear a lot about keto currently, and the popular perception is that there are many experts out there who can tell us what to do. The truth, however, is that there is no accountability to the definition of what keto is. About 90% of all the information comes from marketers who have never done keto before, and what they think they know about it is probably wrong.  The definition of ketoKetosis gets gauged by measuring your ketones with a keto meter. So the definition of what keto is can only be determined by whether or not you are in ketosis while you are on it.The start of the ketogenic dietThe ketogenic diet started in 1925. The term ketogenic diet was coined in around 1921 by William Wilder in response to the previous decades of fasting for diabetes and other conditions. The term ‘ketogenic diet’The ketogenic diet was used strictly for epilepsy, mostly for pediatric epilepsy. The term ‘ketogenic diet’ came about because it is a diet that causes people to produce ketones that occur when people are fasting.A new applicationIn the past, the ketogenic diet was only about epilepsy, so the application of keto to diabetes or weight loss is very new. Certain things need to be put in place for you to achieve success with it, and for your body to make the necessary changes.No studies Using keto for weight loss is very new, and there are no studies to prove that keto is effective for weight loss.The common-sense approachThe common-sense approach to keto and weight loss lies in gaining a deeper understanding of how various foods affect the body.Losing weightTo effectively lose weight, you have to move away from carbs. And you have to be kind to your body while doing that, so you cannot do it quickly. It has to be a gradual process.The secretThe secret of losing weight on the ketogenic diet is tracking. Education is also vital.The 1800sIf you look at menus from the 1800s, you will see that they are 90% protein, with very few vegetables.Misinformation about what you should be eatingThere is not much data available currently to inform people about what they should be eating. And a lot of the available information is misinforming people. Facebook groups Within Facebook groups, there is migration and an evolution towards a low carbohydrate (and eventually no carbohydrates) and a higher protein diet. ProteinYou cannot overeat protein, in the whole food sense, by itself as you could with carbohydrates, because you would get too full.MacrosWhen dealing with the categories of the macros of fat, carbohydrate, and protein as whole food areas, you have to remove the grains and root vegetables from the carbohydrate category. Not because they are unhealthy, but rather because they have very high sugar content.Changing your diet in stagesIf you want to lose weight, your body needs to adapt to a high protein and a low or no carbohydrate diet. That means that you have to change your diet slowly, in various stages.StructureThe secret to losing weight with a keto diet lies in tracking your diet, educating yourself, being prepared to make changes, and having a structure. Links and resources:Join our Keto Naturopath Facebook groupThe Charlie Foundation
Nearly every overweight person has an addiction to refined carbohydrates. It is natural and logical that they do. The problem is that it needs to be addressed or itt will gradually begin a metabolic shut down, one disorder at a time. This is how it should be addressed, and can be complete changed with this basic understanding of what to do and how this started.Gaining weight Gaining weight is about storing calories to fat without burning anything, so an obese person could always feel as if they are starving. That is a hard place to be, yet it is possible to change things.Why people are driven to eat processed foodsNow, with all the added chemicals in processed foods, people are driven to eat more of them because they taste good. The chemicals in processed foods have our neurotransmitters down to fine art and, in essence, they are trying to stimulate dopamine deficiency. Dopamine deficiencyDopamine is about anticipation. When you have dopamine deficiency, it is because you have had prolonged periods of too much dopamine from eating a lot, feeling satisfied, and floating on a high as a result. Drugs work in much the same way.Glucose, drugs, and dopamineVarious drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and even glucose, will increase your dopamine. When you do not have those things, your dopamine level will drop, and a low level of dopamine will drive you to feed your addiction to bring your dopamine level back to normal.Keto carnivore addiction and weight lossPeople get hungry. And they usually think that they want very refined carbohydrates, like chocolates, donuts, or candy. What they want, however, is the kick they get from eating those things. And without that, they go into withdrawal mode.Refined carbohydrates in abundanceWhen you have refined carbohydrates in abundance, it drives your glucose and insulin up. It overcorrects, and then people usually have "the fall", where they become hypoglycemic, and they want to eat their way back to normal. In that way, glucose is not getting used for energy. It is getting packed away.Making a transition to ketoBy gradually decreasing the carbohydrates and increasing the amount of fat they eat, people can slowly recover from their carbohydrate addiction. That can happen over many months.MicrobiomeAs a healthy individual, you are here to feed your microbiome, which is primarily your small intestine. That is where all the nutrients in your body are absorbed. And where your vitamins are created for you by your bacteria. Becoming fat-adapted, and a fat burnerBecoming fat-adapted and becoming a fat burner is a huge transition, and it takes quite some time to happen. Your microbiome has to adapt and change its mechanisms to break down the new kind of food that you are eating, especially if you are starting to eat whole foods.KetonesIf your body is producing ketones, it does not mean that the mitochondria in the rest of your body have become efficient in using ketones. Your body has to adapt, and it needs to return to the process of being efficient in utilizing ketones. Your microbiome also has to change.The easiest change for weight lossTo lose weight, you need to get your metabolism off the track of needing carbohydrates. The easiest change you can make will be to increase your fats while decreasing the carbohydrates you eat simultaneously. That could take between one and six months.Once you have made the change, your addiction will come down a lot.Links and resourcesJoin our Keto Naturopath Facebook group 
Keto Naturopath – Using Keto for CancerWelcome to another episode of the Keto Naturopath. Today I will be talking about what I would do, generally speaking, if I had cancer. I will also be discussing the history of the ketogenic diet and sharing what I have learned, personally, from its application.  There is little empirical evidence to prove that the ketogenic diet has cured cancer. So I will approach the topic from the back end and discuss the possible application of the truthful, adjunctive therapy, known as the ketogenic diet.Marketing has destroyed the medical and health integrity of the ketogenic dietIn my view, marketing has destroyed the medical and health integrity of the ketogenic diet. Keto products often get impregnated with poor quality industrial oils containing preservatives, which, by law, have to be added to any public product. This kind of advertising has grossly misrepresented and undermined the concept and application of the ketogenic diet because it is about money first, health care second, and health third.About the ketogenic dietThe ketogenic diet started in Germany at the time of World War 1, with William Wilder, the supposed creator of the diet, and Otto Warburg. The diet has to do with 20 grams, or less, of carbohydrates. The classic ketogenic diet, which came out in 1921, and got completed in 1924, was 25 grams of carbohydrates per day.Cancer as a Metabolic Disease In his book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, Thomas Seyfried explains that cancer has upregulated our ability to burn sugar. And it is a possible breakdown of the mitochondrial system. Otto Warburg thought that environmental toxins caused cancer.Reduction in cancer ratesThe highest reduction in cancer rates is not due to any specific therapy. It is from removing people from toxic exposures, which involves looking at the safety and quality of their food, the safety of their environment, and the quality of the water they drink.Cancer treatmentsCertain cancer treatments have worked for specific cancers. For example, chemotherapy seems to work for testicular cancer but not necessarily for other kinds of cancer. Otto Warburg’s breakthroughWarburg noticed an up-regulation. Even when the mitochondria cannot work well, cancer cells can use glucose. The Genetic Theory of CancerWhen a cell becomes carcinogenic, it starts being able to do things that a normal cell won’t do. And the genetic component of the nucleus gets aberrated, and mutations start to occur. That is known as the Genetic Theory of Cancer.Cancer therapiesCancer therapies focus on the particular mutations that have come about as a result of cancer.Cancer as a metabolic diseaseIf you see cancer as a metabolic disease, your focus will be on the mitochondria to make energy. If that ability is impaired, that cell starts to shut down.Glucose as a fuelCancer cells thrive on their ability to use glucose as a fuel. They upregulate and use more and more glucose.Stopping the glucose to shut cancer downIf you can prevent glucose availability, it appears that it should be an effective way of shutting down cancer. Fasting and the ketogenic dietFasting makes glucose less available. The application of the ketogenic diet, as adjunctive therapy, can be successful in stopping cancer.An expensive medical systemThe US is locked into an expensive medical system with no adjunctive ways to support people’s immune systems.Warburg’s focusWarburg focused on finding out about the glucose dependence of cancer cells and on what could get done about that.The ketogenic dietThe ketogenic diet starves the cancer of the fuel it needs, and it supplies via ketones fuel that cancer cannot use. KetonesYour brain requires some glucose. However, you can run about 90% on ketones, which your body produces when it just burns f&
My personal rant about misinformation about Crohns Disease, Keto, and FMT. Details are both personal and passionate and far from what you’ve most likely heard from other medial. Important to know what you’re talking about.Join our 30-day PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) Challenge HEREBuy C8Keto MCT Oil on AmazonOur Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Visit our website for more podcasts, recipes, and informationFree Keto Food List 
Let's talk about Incretins and the difference between ‘slow carbs’ and ‘fast carbs’. This information will dramatically change the way you eat.  Links our 30 day PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) Challenge HEREBuy C8Keto MCT Oil on AmazonOur Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Visit our website for more podcasts, recipes, and informationUntil next time, Dr. Karl
Your metabolic hormones will determine your ability to lose weight. How and what you eat will immediately affect them. Time to understand what they are and what they do because it will change how you eat absolutely.Join our 30 day PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) Challenge HEREBuy C8Keto MCT Oil on AmazonOur Facebook Group Keto NaturopathSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelDownload our Free Keto Foods ListBuy Keto Friendly Dry Farm WinesGet your KetoMoJo Here and test your ketones.Visit our website for more podcasts, recipes, and informationUntil next time, Dr. Karl
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