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Author: Brett Hawes

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Dissolving illusions and societal conditioning while reorienting ourselves towards a path of vitality, sovereignty, self-actualization, and higher consciousness. My podcast revolves around 6 core themes:
1) Questioning Official Narratives
2) Challenging Our Core Beliefs
3) Sovereignty, Health Freedom & Body Autonomy
4) Health, Vitality & Resiliency (I work in the functional medicine/nutrition space - this is my expertise)
5) Land, Food and Environmental Stewardship
6) Community & Relations
108 Episodes
If you are looking into setting up an intentional community that is largely self-sufficient – Thornbury Acres might be the model to follow. Join the conversation on our community chat here Harley Valentine joins me today to discuss how the idea of a residential, cooperative farming initiative came together. We discuss the challenges, the pushback, […]
Join the community chat here. County’s across Canada have secretly been re-writing their land use bylaws without public knowledge. In this stunning episode, the Thorhild Country Residents share their story about how they discovered these changes, how they are a direct threat to farmland and property rights, and what they did to defeat these proposed […]
This was a live presentation I did at the Whole Health Fair with our local community. I am purposely not adding too much in the way of show notes for obvious reasons. If you’d like to download my slides, you can do that here. Comment on the community chat here Hope this helps someone out […]
Nutritionist and gut health expert, Emily Dawson, joins me today to discuss the ins and outs of restrictive dieting. In this episode, we delve into the topic of restrictive diets, exploring what they are, why people go on them, and the benefits and pitfalls. One of the main points of discussion is how people get […]
Join the conversation in our community chat. Kerri Rivera joins me discuss her extensive work with chlorine dioxide and autism. After her son suffered a vaccine injury, Kerri set out on a mission to help him. This has now transpired into her helping thousands of children and families fully recover from autism. Her work has […]
This is one of the most important podcasts I have ever done. James Roguski joins me to discuss the tabled amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and what this means for us. These sweeping changes (that are happening in secret) give the WHO unbridled power and authority; threatening to strip away the sovereignty of […]
After a brief hiatus, it’s great to be back behind the mic. The podcast is taking a slightly different direction. This episode talks about the upcoming changes, including the big one – a name change to “Beyond Health Podcast”. Check out our new community chat feature by clicking here and let me know who you’d […]
Home testing is becoming more popular as people take their health into their own hands. Vivoo CEO and founder, Miray Tayfun, joins me to discuss their cutting-edge, at home test. Here are the highlights: What is Vivoo? How accurate is their testing? Why test at home? Pros and cons of home lab tests The 9 […]
Brain Retraining and neuroplasticity are often overlooked as a key component in chronic disease. Many people focus on diet, exercise and supplementation, and don’t think about whether the brain is driving their symptoms. Ashok Gupta joins me to discuss how brain retraining can radically transform many chronic health conditions. Here are the highlights: What is […]
#119: Aluminum Deep Dive

#119: Aluminum Deep Dive


This episode is a rebroadcast from 2018. Our previous podcast recording mysteriously vanished from the archives and internet. Professor Chris Exley, aka “Mr. Aluminum”, is the worlds foremost authority on aluminum. His groundbreaking work has highlighted the toxic effects this metal is having on humans and the environment. Since this original recording, his work has […]
Toxic personal care products are often hidden drivers of chronic health issues. In this sponsored episode, Pure Haven chief science officer Miranda Inglis, joins me to talk about this and more. These are some of the highlights: How cosmetics and personal care products are regulated What is “Greenwashing”? Why are toxic chemicals are still on […]
Marcus Bridgewater (aka “Garden Marcus”) joins me to discuss his new book “How to Grow”. Dubbed the “Bob Ross of gardening”, Marcus has unique insights and observations when it comes to gardening, community and people. His positive message of hope, peace, love and purpose has generated a massive social media following. This was a very […]
My prepping skills were put to the test recently after my town was struck by a tornado. I invited some people on the show who are further ahead than I am to talk about “prepping” basics. Here’s what we talk about: Changing our perceptions and mindset around “prepping” Different scenarios require different types of preparation […]
Spirulina is a blue-green algae with numerous health benefits. New research has uncovered the positive impact it has on our mitochondria. EnergyBits CEO and founder, Catharine Arnston, joins me on the show to explore this and more… Get 20% OFF ALL orders from EnergyBits – use coupon code “masterclass” Topics discussed on this episode: Overview […]
#114: HeadTrash

#114: HeadTrash


Successful people aren’t necessarily smarter, happier, or more competent. They are simply better at dumping their trash! HeadTrash shapes our reality, sucks our energy, and shifts our focus from self-acceptance and inner peace to worry and fear. Renie Cavallari joins me today to talk about her latest book: HeadTrash From the book summary – “Renie […]
On today’s show we discuss natural, holistic solutions for seasonal allergies. We take a look at the whole picture and cover the following topics: Symptoms Fixed vs cyclical allergies The links between food sensitivities and seasonal allergies Histamine – production, consumption and degradation Allostatic or total load The barrel effect How detoxification might help How […]
#112: Mind Mastery

#112: Mind Mastery


Tripp Hanson from the Mind Mastery Institute joins me on the podcast. We explore various topics including: How beliefs are created Why we repeat the same patterns over and over Your history keeps circling you The impact of information overload, negative emotions and repetitive messaging Why the laws of attraction and affirmations are woefully incomplete […]
Navigating the world has become increasingly complex. In this episode I share my personal journey over the past few months, and how I have been working on self-development and resiliency. Topics include: Narrative warfare and confusion tactics Being aware but not afraid Two ways people are coping with current events Is ignorance truly bliss? Finding […]
#110: Climate Capitalism

#110: Climate Capitalism


Climate Capitalism refers to the proposed technocratic and corporate solutions to the climate change problem. Paul Cudenec from the Winter Oak Non-Profit joins me to discuss this and more Highlights from this episode: What is climate capitalism? The monetization of activism Fake green movement and what it really means Proposed technocratic solutions The revolving door […]
#TruckerConvoy2022 has been blowing up social media. We are in an unprecedented situation here in Canada. Truckers are descending upon Parliament Hill in Ottawa and plan to occupy the capital until mandates are lifted. This movement is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it could be a major catalyst in the fight against medical […]
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