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Author: Sheena Diane

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My name is Sheena and I am a work at home mom, giving you tips and tricks to find work at home jobs and avoiding the scams! From one Mompreuner to another! Support this podcast:
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In today's episode, I do a lot of talking... lol  We discuss what I realized about myself, and the type of worker I am. Thank you Gary V for the insight! I came to the conclusion that although I do love creating my own business, I actually enjoy working for a company as an independent contractor more than going it all alone.  Pretty interesting to figure out, and it definitely has changed my perspective on working. My goal for 2022 is to find a company that shares my beliefs and supports Mompreneurs while allowing me to coach and help people live their best life.  What did you get out of this episode?  Find me on social media and tell me your thoughts: Thanks for listening - Love and light (Sheena Diane) --- Support this podcast:
In today's episode, we talk about an APP called Rover. Rover is a pet sitting app where it connects quality pet sitters with owners who are looking for a loving person to take care of their fur babies while they are away.  During the lockdown, so many people got dogs and now that they are going back to work they need pet sitters more than ever! I honestly love working for Rover it's been nothing but positive for us. They do take 20% of your earnings but I feel it's so worth it because the clients come to me, I am insured, and they take care of payment. Win-win.  If you're interested in becoming a pet sitter for Rover click the link below. I will get $20 if you sign up and you also get $20 off when you use a sitter from the app. It's a great way to make some extra income from home and better yet, play with some amazing animals.  Contact me at: or on my coaching website Also, follow me on social media: Devine Love Coaching --- Support this podcast:
When things go wrong its not always the worst thing. Sometimes it leads to a blessing. Here is my story of the broken dishwasher and how it leads to an even better one! Follow me on Instagram: Sheena.Diane or DevineLoveCoaching --- Support this podcast:
On today's episode, we talk about how Covid and school shutdowns are affecting working parents! --- Support this podcast:
Join me on my car ride home as I tell you my story of how I fired my debt consolidation firm and got myself out of debt. I went from 15K in debt and got it down to 5K on my own.  Because of this, I will be debt-free in the next few months.  Message me on the Anchor app to tell me your story or find me on social media  --- Support this podcast:
I got scammed!!!!

I got scammed!!!!


Today I share a real story about how I found a work at home customer service job from Zip Recruiter and how it turned out to be a total fraud job! Company Name: Better Solution Logistics. --- Support this podcast:
Daily Dose of Encouragement. Pay it forward and buy someone's meal, share a conversation, talk to a stranger. If you'd like coaching on mindset changes visit --- Support this podcast:
Today we are diving deep into some soul talk. We start off by talking about the question How are you? Do you really want to know when you ask that question? Most people do not want to hear about how you're really feeling and don't have time to listen to the things you have to say, so why ask that question? Some people are all put together, however are suffering on the inside and you'd never know it. Silent illnesses or depression doesn't always show on the outside. We also touch on loved ones who have passed and how they can show you signs they are with you.  Segment 2 - The devil does not cause death, and no the Devil didn't make you do it! I talk about how we have a choice and how we truly are magnificent creators. When we can take responsibility for the things we do and create, then we can refocus that energy into what we do want, not what we don't want.  This was Soul Talk where we go deep into your soul and learn more about who you are. Be sure to like and follow me on social media at DevineLoveCoaching or visit --- Support this podcast:
On Today's episode, I talk about how you can learn QuickBooks online and also a great program that can guide you to become a great Bookkeeper. Above is a link to learn more about Melanie Power's program on how to become a Cash Flow Specialist and start your own bookkeeping business. I am not an affiliate, although I am currently taking her program and so far have gotten a lot of great and vital information.  I'd love to hear from you and get your thoughts on being a bookkeeper or virtual assistant. If you do this for a living now, let me know and I'd love to have you as a guest speaker on one of our episodes.  For more information on contacting me or getting coached by me simple visit and if you'd like to hire me as your own bookkeeper or business coach visit --- Support this podcast:
Join me on one of my favorite Christmas traditions of reading The Night Before Christmas on the night before Christmas  --- Support this podcast:
Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you have to watch every year? One of mine is It's a wonderful life.  In today's episode, we talk about how you have had an impact on someone else's life. How your very existence has touched someone.  Have you ever thought about that? How you have impacted another person? We can learn a lot from George Bailey in It's a wonderful life. I think we have all felt like we have had no impact on the world, but the truth is we really have.  I encourage you to write down all the people you have impacted in your life. Really think about it. Even if it was a small thing like inviting someone to church, or sitting with them at lunch. This exercise can really give you the bigger picture of why you are here, and how you do make a difference just for being you.  If you would like to contact me for life coaching, meditation coaching, or to get an Angel Card reading please visit my website Also, visit me on social media at DevineLoveCoaching You can find all the platforms this podcast can be listening to at --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I give you 2 really easy ways to help you stay positive! 1. It takes just a few seconds - Anytime a bad or negative thought crosses your mind, ask yourself... What am I manifesting? Then picture the things you want to manifest into your life. Focus on an image, person, place, or whatever you desire and see that in your mind. You will have to do this many times throughout the day, but each time you shift your focus to the things you want, it will send those vibrations out into the universe to boomerang it back to you! 2. Listen to a song that makes you smile - We are emotional beings, therefore listening to a song that makes you happy will also raise your vibrations. Sing it all day long if you have to. Play it on repeat or just hum it in your head. It should be a song that gives you positive emotions and not one that might make you think of sad or unhappy thoughts. Here is an example of the song I sing when I need to raise my vibrations - Pure Imagination by  Jackie Evancho. I actually listen to any version of this song I can but the original Willie Wonka one is my favorite! --- Support this podcast:
Did you know you have a superpower? You sure do! You can manifest things just by learning how to raise your vibrations.  Today's audio blog or storytime is about 4 things I manifested without even trying but just by having an attitude of gratitude.  I am a law of attraction life coach and meditation practitioner. For more information about what I do, empaths, or learning about your spiritual gifts visit my website Follow me on social media at DevineLoveCoaching To find all the places you can hear this podcast you can visit  May the true spirit of this season be upon you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas from my family to yours! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Work at home Mom radio (WAHM), today's episode is not about finding a wah job, however, it's about taking action! As a life coach, I strive to help my clients get through some difficult times in their life. I wanted to give you some tools so that you can ask yourself some powerful questions and figure out what you want.  I would love to hear some of your answers so feel free to reach me at or on social media (DevineLoveCoaching).  --- Support this podcast:
Today's episode is all about my health journey and how Intermittent fasting has helped me to feel better and have more energy. I suffer from high cholesterol and have tried many diets. They just don't work. In this episode, I give you some behind the scenes details on what has been working for me and how I feel now with this new lifestyle change. --- Support this podcast:
Are you into wellness, health, and fitness? Then you are in luck, because now more so than ever people are actively searching for your services online!  Many gyms and other fitness places have shut down due to the pandemic leaving a real serious need for those who have the knowledge to step up and give value to those in need. What a great time for you to launch a fitness career. Do you know about nutrition? If so then now is the time to create a plan to launch your online career.  People are searching for you, so why not start posting your services? Now is your time to shine.  For help launching your new business, or coaching in general contact me at  --- Support this podcast:
Do you love animals? Then this episode is for you! Today I tell you how to make money as a pet sitter.  Using the Rover app you can sign up and become a pet sitter from your own home! What a great way to earn money from home and get to play with dogs or cats while doing it! If you sign up with my link you will get $20 to try it out! If you have gotten value from WAHM (Work at home mom) Radio - Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating. This helps me to continue making content for all of you. I love hearing from you so feel free to send a message on the Anchor app or email me  --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to WAHM (Work at home mom) Radio!  Today I have a special guest who happens to be my husband. Johnny is here to show you how he easily made $100 with very little effort in two hours.  Yes, you can do it as well!  To find more info on Johnny and his podcast click the link: We Are Tik Tok He is also a pretty big Tiktoker by the name of Lenny the Lunatik and made money today by taking over a less-known person's account. There is no reason to be broke in today's world of technology!  Instagram: LennytheLunatik Feel free to follow him or me. I am Sheena Diane on all social media.  --- Support this podcast:
Here are my top 10 ways to combat the anxiety monster. Everyone is feeling the pressure with the new world we are living in especially us moms so here are ways I keep myself sane! Feel free to contact me and share what helps you.  1. Meditate 2. Pray 3. Go outside 4. Listen to music and dance 5. Laughter 6. Friends 7. Kids 8. Sex/Masturbation 9. Create a Zoom group 10. Hire a life coach As I said in the podcast I'd love to offer you a 1-time FREE coaching session with me called a Discovery Call. All you have to do is pick a time and date that works best for you. No strings attached. Click on the link and then on Discovery Call (FREE) Follow me on social media either by my name Sheena Diane or Devine Love Coaching  --- Support this podcast:
I'm so excited. Its been one year since I made the decision to go back to school and it was by far the best decision I've made. Life changing. --- Support this podcast:
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